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This is a list of EverQuest raids, categorized by difficulty (approximate). Links here point to mob entries, zone entries, and quest/event writeups. (A tip if you're looking for loot: Some events, particularly in recent expansions, spawn a chest after completion. Chests have their own entries in our bestiary, so check for a chest if you see a mob with no loot.)

If you can handle "Encounter A" in a stage, you would theoretically be able to handle the others in the same stage and those prior to it.

Disclaimer: Depending on your guild or raid's makeup, you may find these to be +/- a stage. This list is generalized.

Raids from Planes of Power and earlier have no player cap. Raids from Lost Dungeons of Norrath and beyond are capped at 54. Exceptions are noted below (some are capped at 24 and 42).

Quest raids (for example, epic 1.5/2.0 encounters) are not included here.

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Raid Progression

Stage 0 (~Vox/Nagafen)

Stage 1 (~Kunark)

Stage 2 (~Velious)

Stage 3 (~Avatar of War/NTOV)

Stage 4 (~Emperor Ssraeshza)

Stage 5 (~Vex Thal)

Stage 6 (~Elemental Planes)

Stage 7 (~Plane of Time)

Stage 8 (~Uqua)

Stage 9 (~Qvic)

Stage 10 (~Txevu)

Stage 11 (~Kessdona/Rikkukin)

Stage 12 (~MPG Trials; Tacvi)

Stage 13 (~Anguish; Demiplane Tier 1)

Stage 14 (~Demiplane Tier 2; Theater of Blood)

Stage 15 (~Deathknell; Vergalid)

Stage 16 (~AG/FC; Bloodmoon 1/2)

Stage 17 (~Solteris)

Stage 18 (~Meldrath's Mansion)

Stage 19 (~Crystallos)

Stage 20 (~SoD Tier 4+)

Stage 21 (~Fippy in Underfoot)

Stage 22 (~Brath in Underfoot)

Stage 23 (~Brell's Temple in Underfoot)


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