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Expansion Lore

-The longstanding peace between the jann is over, and war has broken out between the djinn from the Plane of Air and the efreeti from the Plane of Fire! What has sparked this dispute and who will emerge victorious? Will you survive the Trials of Smoke and help end this conflict?

-It is time to head back to the Planes and unravel the mysteries that await you there!

-The Burning Lands is EverQuest’s 25th expansion and features new zones, dungeons, must-have in-game items, and more!

Zone Lore

  • Stratos

Stratos is on the outer edge of the realm of air given to the djinn. Here is where they built portals to the other elemental realms and Norrath. It sits upon a massive everlasting tornado. Floating islands connected by magical bridges can be followed all the way up to Esianti, though you will have to earn the right to enter the djinn capital, or any other of the elemental realms.

This is the first zone you encounter in the expansion, and you can get there from a rift that has appeared in the Plane of Tranquility. You should speak with Grieving Soul Scent to get your adventure started.

  • Empyr

Empyr is the outer realm of the efreeti. It exists around the cone of a great volcano. Here is where the efreeti connect their realm to those of the other jann, though they have no portal to the mortal realms at this time.

  • Esianti

Sitting atop a floating island is the city of Esianti, the center of the djinn realm where the diplomats of all jann come to make deals and argue rules with the djinn. Air elementals prefer open spaces, and only use solid materials to build for the convenience of guests, and to frame vistas of open air. At first look, tall, ephemeral towers will draw your eyes towards the skies, appearing to anchor the clouds to the city.

The solid land is lush and teeming with life, but you'll never see a tree blocking the view of the sky. At Esianti's center is Glimpse of Eternal Blue, a castle of sorts, where the king of the djinn will sometimes hold court. This impressive structure includes a number of floating gazebos, which must be reached by climbing stairs into the sky. Though it may seem intimidating, Glimpse of Eternal Blue is also beautiful - truly a sight to behold.

Throughout Esianti, you can find housing that has been built out to accommodate all sorts of visitors. To the southwest is Boldness of Great Substantiveness, a mansion built by the djinn to house their duende visitors and their servants. To the southeast lies Fastness of Transient Light, built for the efreeti, and Isle of Radiant Mist in the northeast for the ondine. Confluence of Gracious Incandescence lies in the northwest for the rare mortal visitor.

  • Aalishai

Aalishai is the center of the efreeti realm. Here is where the ambassadors of the other jann come to meet with the queen and her minions. All around are structures built by the efreeti that they think will be comfortable and welcoming to their guests. Beautiful sulfur pools and simple holes in the ground. Some suggest that these were intentionally created to be slightly uncomfortable to their guests, but the efreeti deny any such accusations.

Aalishai is the glowing center of the efreeti realm, where the ambassadors of the other jann come to meet with the queen, Heart of Flawless Brass, and her minions. Aalishai is meant to serve as a place for negotiations, but in recent times these "negotiations" tend to feel more like altercations. All around the area, you can find structures built by the efreeti that are intended to be comfortable and welcoming to their guests. Beautiful sulfur pools are scattered around the land for the ondine, and some simple holes in the ground serve as caves for the duende. Buildings of various sizes stand for the mortal visitors, which are uncomplicated living spaces with obsidian furniture.

You're unlikely to spot any djinn here, as it's no secret the two races hate each other. When they do visit they reside above the land in floating clouds of ash. Some have even suggested that these dwellings were secretly intentionally created to be slightly uncomfortable for their guests, but the efreeti deny any such accusations.

A grand palace that lies in the center of the expanse serves as the main palace for the efreeti. It is elaborate, with great towers and heavy doors, inlaid with bronze, onyx, and even lava, meant to both impress and intimidate visitors. The palace is home to several conference rooms, and of course, a striking throne room.

  • Mearatas

Mearatas is the capital of the duende realm. They have purposefully closed themselves off to all but the most persistent jann. They are clearly displeased with the intrusion of mortals, though they do admit they have the right to earn the privilege of entry. Some few have gained proper entry, but you probably won't. So don't expect a friendly reception.

Structures in Mearatas are built of rock and gemstone, with no windows. The capital's layout mimics that of an attractive crystal - symmetrical, with most activity radiating from a central hub in the middle of the city and five seperate quadrants surrounding this. However, no matter where you are in the capital, things have a tendency to feel enclosed and often uncomfortable. This suits the duende just fine, as getting rid of unwanted visitors is usually their primary political goal.

The duende refuse to budge the gates to Mearatas, so you'll have to get creative with your entry. The efreeti have opened a hidden gate to Aalishai in one of their visitor's rooms, which will have to be your in.

Few mortal Norrathians have gained proper entry to Mearatas, and it is unlikely that you will - don't expect a friendly reception.

  • Trials of Smoke

Here is where the planes of fire and air have clashed. Smoke swirls about where you might hope there would be a bit more air. Victims of the battles have been trapped here and slowly become part of the realm of Smoke, this plane of conflict. If war between the elements were to resume full scale, the plane of smoke and the other planes of conflict might be all that remain of the Planes of Power. The djinn and efreeti use this horrid place as a proving grounds. Some of those that break important contracts may be sent here to prove themselves. This is generally considered a death sentence.

Where the Planes of Fire and Air have clashed, the Trials of Smoke now exists. Where you might hope there would be a bit more air, smoke swirls, dark and dense. Unfortunate victims of previous battles that have become trapped in this plane of conflict have slowly become permanent part of the realm of Smoke.

Everything that exists in the Plane of Smoke is the result of the fighting and clashing that merged Air and Fire into one. Unlike the other Planes you'll visit, nothing here has been made with accomodation in mind. Those that have become residents of the Plane have to make do in order to survive the surrounding environment. If you wander off too far, you'll find that the thick smoke is uninhabitable - lethal, even.

If war between the elements were to resume full scale, the Plane of Smoke might be one of the last realms that remain of the Planes of Power. The djinn and efreeti use this horrid place as a "proving grounds" for those accused of crimes to fight for their worth, but being sent here is generally considered a death sentence.

  • Plane of Fire

You know... the plane of fire. Where Fennin Ro lives. That plane of fire.

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