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Call of the Forsaken is EverQuest's 20th expansion. It was announced on August 5, 2013, and officially launched on October 8, 2013.

Additional expansion content is expected to be released throughout 2014.

  • The third update consisted of new spells and AAs, and was released on June 18, 2014.

Content & Features

Initial Release

The expansion's officially announced features (released October 8, 2013):

  • Mercenary AA – Increase the skill of your mercenary with new alternate advancements.
  • Mercenary Gear – Raise the effectiveness of your mercenary with by earning new items they can use.
  • Heroic Adventures – Delve into our mission-style content that allows for unique experiences each time you play through them, including a chance at new loot, rares, and currency you can collect and spend at special merchants!
  • Shared Bank Slots – Share more with an increase in shared bank slots!
  • New Crafting Recipes – Take your craft to new heights with new recipes for all!
  • More Spells, AAs and Items – Further your skills and power.
  • New Raids!

Hate Rising

The first update to the Call of the Forsaken expansion was Hate Rising (released January 22, 2014):

  • New content (same Tier) expands upon the current COTF storyline
  • Tier 1 Breastplates, Vambraces, and Boots are in
  • 3 new group missions (Ethernere, Neriak Fourth Gate, Dead Hills)
  • 4 new raids (Ethernere, Bixie Warfront, Neriak Fourth Gate, Dead Hills)
  • 15 new heroic adventures (6x Ethernere, 6x Neriak Fourth Gate, 3x Bixie Warfront)
  • 15 new nameds spread throughout the heroic adventures
  • 5 new collection sets
  • Lower level vendorbought gear (using the same Marks of Valor currency):
    • Level 85 (variety of Underfoot gear and weapons)
    • Level 90 (variety of House of Thule gear and weapons)
    • Level 95 (variety of Veil of Alaris gear and weapons)
  • All heroic adventures (new and old) now scale down in difficulty to Level 85
  • Note: No new zones, AAs, or spells in Hate Rising
    • New sections of the Bixie Warfront and Neriak Fourth Gate are now open (accessed in heroic adventures)

Tower of Rot

The second update to the expansion was Tower of Rot (released Wednesday, May 21, 2014):

  • 1 new zone (the first Tier 2 zone in COTF)
  • 10 named mobs
  • 6 quests
  • 1 heroic adventure
  • 2 missions
  • 1 raid
  • 4 collection sets
  • Note: No new AAs or spells with Tower of Rot.

The opening of the Tower of Rot (this is the structure seen here in the Dead Hills) was preceded by pre-launch events emanating out of Qeynos and the Dead Hills.


The fourth update to the expansion was Argin-Hiz (released Wednesday, July 16, 2014):

  • 1 new zone (the second of two Tier 2 zones in COTF)
  • 10 named mobs
  • 6 quests
  • 1 heroic adventure
  • 3 missions (one of these missions isn't expected until July 23)
  • 2 raids (one of these raids isn't expected until July 23)
  • 4 collection sets
  • Note: No new AAs or spells with Argin-Hiz

What's Going On

Initial Release

The once peaceful plains of West Karana have been disrupted by a series of cataclysmic events, all leading up to the abrupt arrival of a powerful dragon from another thread, known as Lady Lendiniara. The force of her entry has torn an invisible seam that binds together countless realities, exposing what ancient texts refer to as Ethernere.

Without knowing how or why the dragon oracle arrived in their world, many Norrathians view Lady Lendiniara as a threat, while others interpret her arrival to mean the end of times is near. Factions begin to form, some prophesizing the demise of the world, and others uniting to confront the dragon invader.

Whether this winged harbinger is friend or foe, one thing is certain – she did not travel through Ethernere alone. There is only one within this world who possesses the knowledge to send Lady Lendiniara back to her home, but can you really trust the ramblings of a madman?

In your quest to send Lady Lendiniara back to her world, you will travel to many previously undiscovered areas within Norrath, searching for artifacts of great power, while also encountering familiar faces many thought to be lost in time.

Hate Rising

With Lady Lendiniara’s presence threatening the existence of Norrath, an unlikely alliance has been forged with The Forsaken to send the dangerous dragon home. At Zebuxoruk’s request, the bravest will fight their way through recently discovered lands to recover magical artifacts that contain the power to return Lady Lendiniara to her world.

Adventurers will face adversaries at every turn, from those who refuse to release the magical artifacts, to others who are determined to see the dragon dead at all costs. Before all comes to a close, a familiar face will emerge with a new directive, leaving the fate of Norrath with one decision: Will you put your trust in the sly speech of a Teir'Dal or the endless ramblings of a madman?

Tower of Rot

The lead-up to the Tower of Rot's opening began with Captain Russell Cooper's heroic adventure chain.

After having cleared a path to the excavation site in the Dead Hills, you got a look at the Descending Tower...

In time, you would encounter a rather angry Undead Lord by the name of Kyle Bayle, the apparent long-dead leader of the original ill-fated Qeynos expedition into the Dead Hills many years prior. While you managed to defeat Kyle Bayle's Captain and Sergeants, the Undead Lord managed to retreat back into his tower.

Meanwhile, the guards of Qeynos have been trying to remedy the disaster site that is West Karana. This situation has gone unresolved, however, and creatures of the Ethernere (having initially appeared due to the time ripples caused by Lady Lendiniara's appearance) have managed to breach the Qeynos Hills and the city of Qeynos, itself.

Captain Deidre Harath arrived to deal with the problem in Qeynos, and Gahlith Wrannstad - one of the Qeynos caster guildmasters - was tasked with finding a way to rid Qeynos of the Ethernere creatures for good. The citizens of Qeynos aren't the only ones having a problem with the Ethernere invasion, however. These creatures have also begun to invade the site of the Tower of Rot, itself, and are being fought off by the tower's undead forces (Erron Ailspoc was sent to recover some samples from these beings).

What links the Tower of Rot with those time ripples is not yet known for sure, but rumors suggest something inside the tower will lead to an answer.


Warm winds begin to blow in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana and the South Desert of Ro. Winds like these must portend the arrival of something or someone. Stay alert for when the time comes!

A hot ash wind is blowing from the portals that have appeared in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana and South Ro. Creatures of ash have ventured out of the portals and are roaming menacingly throughout South Ro and North Ro. Guards from Freeport have come here to bring order to this region and are beseeching powerful adventurers to travel here to assist with quelling the blaze.

Lanys T`vyl is waiting for you in the Ethernere-Tainted West Karana. She would like for you to further investigate this situation. The last artifact needed to send Lady Lendiniara back to her home may be located beyond the ash portals that have appeared in these areas, and the only way to know for sure is to gather other powerful allies to your side to investigate for yourself.

Expansion Lore

For more lore surrounding the Call of the Forsaken expansion, check out this wiki article.


  • Check out this link for a list of zones in the Call of the Forsaken expansion.

  • One tier of zones came with the expansion's initial release:

    • Tier 1b (released January 22, 2014):
      • No new zones included with Tier 1b; content expands upon Tier 1a zones.

    • Tier 2b (scheduled for July 16, 2014):

  • A screenshot of the in-game map of zone connections can be found here.

Getting There

  • How to get to "Call of the Forsaken" zones:
    • In the regular West Karana next to the Qeynos Hills zone line is a bonfire that, when clicked, zones you into the Ethernere.
    • Ethernere Tainted West Karana has portals to the other three Tier 1 zones.
      • In order to use these portals, you must attune yourself to them. See this quest entry for details.
    • Ethernere Tainted West Karana has a portal The Void (H).
      • No attuning necessary to zone into The Void.
    • Druids and Wizards have port spells to the Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
    • The Guild Hall portal can be set to the Ethernere Tainted West Karana.


  • In the group game, there are no locked zones in this expansion. All zones are open.

  • None of the kill tasks have any pre-requisites for requesting (although you'll need a Dark Elf illusion to request those in Neriak Fourth Gate).

  • None of the heroic missions have any pre-requisites for requesting.
    • Note: The heroic missions, themselves, are progressive, meaning you have to do one heroic mission to request the next in its storyline. There are six such storylines as of the initial release (17 heroic missions in six progressive storylines).
      • "Hate Rising" added 15 new heroic adventures.
      • "Tower of Rot" added one new heroic adventure.
      • "Argin-Hiz" added one new heroic adventure.

  • Each zone has a central story arc (a zone's partisan tasks and missions). Partisan tasks for a particular zone have to be completed in a certain order.
    • The partisan task arc in Ethernere Tainted West Karana can be started at any time.
    • The partisan tasks in the Dead Hills and Bixie Warfront both require you to have completed the partisan tasks in Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
    • The partisan tasks in Neriak Fourth Gate require you to have first completed all partisans in the other three zones.
    • The partisan tasks in Tower of Rot and Argin-Hiz don't have any pre-requisites.

Heroic Adventures

Heroic adventures are customized shared tasks (1-6 players) that take place in instanced zones and scale in level, difficulty, and loot quality (based on the highest level player in the group) down to Level 85 (note: with the initial release, they scaled down only to Level 95, but a Letter From the Producer in December 2013 indicated a change). They are designed for groups of 2-3 players and their mercenaries, and shouldn't take an average group any longer than 45-60 minutes to complete.

What do we mean by "customized"? Well, instead of a standard shared task with an unchanging set of steps to run through, heroic adventures have a randomized component to them whereby there are multiple options (or 'possible directives') for each step in the task. In other words, you can complete one of these heroic adventures, and then the next time you run through the same adventure, you could have a different set of task steps and encounter different NPCs.

Loot-dropping nameds (such as the Dreadmole of the Bixie Warfront or the Monstrous Minnow of the Dead Hills) can also appear in these adventures, and completion results in group currency that can be used to buy gear (both player and mercenary) and spells from vendors in the Ethernere.

It should be noted that there is plenty of content outside of heroic adventures as they are but one facet of Call of the Forsaken (there are also regular partisan and mercenary tasks, as well as regular group missions), and every zone has a static (non-instanced) version.


Named Mobs

  • These are links to in-game Hunter Achievements. Known map points (for .txt map files) can be found on the achievement listings, and maps with known spawn points can be found on NPC listings (linked from the achievement displays here):


  • Armor is produced in a similar manner as previous expansions, except there is no template to buy, and the adorning agent is ALL/ALL.

Mercenary Enhancements

  • You can boost your mercenaries' strength and overall usefulness in the form of gear (four slots: primary, secondary, head, and chest) and passive AAs.
    • For a look at the mercenary AA window, click here.

  • Mercenaries will gain AA experience with you (you'll have to have them spawned in order for them to gain experience), and gear can be purchased from Mercenary Morloro (map) in the northwestern Qeynosian camp of the Ethernere Tainted West Karana. This gear is sold for Marks of Valor, which is rewarded from doing heroic adventures.

  • Mercenary gear can also drop from named creatures.


  • There are no locked AAs. All AAs are immediately available.


  • Rank II Spells
    • Some Rank II spells (tradeable) are found in Heroic adventures (in chests or as random drops).
    • All Rank II spells (no trade) can be purchased via group currency (Marks of Valor).

  • Portal Spells
    • Wizard portal spells are bought from Jimmar Kadd (map) in the east-central part of Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
    • Druid portal spells are bought from Well Wailet (map) in the north-central part of Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
      • As part of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, Wizards and Druids can also purchase a Guidestone from this vendor (used to set a tertiary bind location).


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