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Night of Shadows is EverQuest's 29th expansion. It launched on December 6th, 2022.

Content & Features

  • 7 Expansion Zones
  • New Raids, Quests, and Missions
  • New Spells, Combat Abilities, and AAs
  • New Collections
  • New Tradeskill Depot - 250 stacks of different tradeskill items shared among your characters on the same account and server.
  • New Weapon Ornaments

Bonus Items

Shadow Ornaments

  • Standard Edition

    • Price: $34.99

  • Collector's Edition

    • Price: $69.99

  • Premium Edition

    • Price: $139.99

  • Friends and Family Edition

    • Price: $249.99

Getting There

You can get to Night of Shadows zones through several ways.

  • Via the Guild Hall portal NPC Zeflmin Werlikanin. Purchase Tri-Spirit Embossed Token from him and give it to him to be ported to Shar Vahl, Divided.
  • Through the Terror of Luclin version of Umbral Plains. You run through the alien tunnels on the east side of the zone, the very far south room has a tunnel that zones you over to Firefall Pass.
  • Druid and Wizard ports.


Here is an atlas of most the zone connections. Click on the image to expand.

Zone Connections

  • Darklight Caverns

  • Deepshade

  • Firefall Pass

  • Paludal

  • Shadeweaver's Tangle

  • Shadow Haven

  • Shar Vahl

You can download Goodurden's Maps here.

You can download Brewall's maps here.


- Firefall Pass is the starter zone.


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