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Raid Progression

Participating in Raids

Raid progression and flagging looks like this:

  • Tier 1a: Ethernere Tainted West Karana
    • No pre-requisites.

  • Tier 1b: Bixie Warfront + Dead Hills
    • Ethernere raid is a pre-requisite for both these raids.
    • Both these raids can be done in either order.

  • Tier 1c: Neriak Fourth Gate
    • Flag for these raids includes Ethernere + Bixie Warfront + Dead Hills.

  • Tier 2a: Tower of Rot + Argin-Hiz
    • Flag for the Tower of Rot and Argin-Hiz raids includes every Tier 1 raid (eight raids total).
      • Tower of Rot and Argin-Hiz can be done in either order.

  • Tier 2b: The Journey Home (The Void)
    • Flag for The Void raid "The Journey Home" includes every Tier 1 and Tier 2 raid (10 raids total).

  • Extra: The Plane of War
    • Not technically a part of this expansion, but it awards Tier 2 currency (no flags for participating or requesting).

NOTE: Anyone lacking in flags can be "85'd" into the event zone, where at least 85% of your force has the flag.

Requesting Raids

To request raids:

  • You must have completed all pre-requisite raids.
  • You must have completed the zone's partisan achievement (storyline task arc) and, for some zones, a mission.

NOTE: Pre-requisite tasks for specific events can be found in the task listing section of our progression guide. (They are the bolded tasks listed under each zone.)

NOTE: There are secondary raids in each of the four Tier 1 zones. If you have the pre-requisites for requesting the primary raid, and have completed the primary raid, then you can request the secondary raid.

Raid Armor: An Alternative

As with Veil of Alaris and Rain of Fear, raid currency is back for the Call of the Forsaken expansion.

Every raid event, of course, spawns a chest at its end with loot. Sometimes, the RNG (random number generator) will be very unkind to you and cause long streaks in which you don't see a particular item you've been waiting for.

Raid Currencies

This currency is used to buy raid gear (both visible and non-visible) from an adventure merchant in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana:

As soon as you complete an event, all items from that event become available to you for purchase.

List of Raids

NOTE: The list here will fill in over time as entries are made into the Allakhazam database. See the quest entries for event details and loot information, the zone entries for the zone overview, and the bestiary entries for individual raid mob listings.

Tier 1 (Primary Raids)

These raids were included with the initial release of the Call of the Forsaken expansion in October 2013.

Tier 1 (Secondary Raids)

These raids were added with the "Hate Rising" content release in January 2014.

Tier 2

These raids were added as staggered releases in mid-2014.


Not technically a part of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, but the Plane of War raid awards Tier 2 currency and quality loot.


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