Raid Expedition: A Cunning Plan  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
This raid expedition begins with Excavator Borga at location -1355, 1305, -16 in Lichen Creep (western part of the zone).

Pre-requisites for requesting this raid:
- "Bonfire of the Adherents" (and its pre-requisites)
- Completion of Brell's Rest, Cooling Chamber, and Pellucid Grotto raids
- Completion of Arthicrex, Foundation, and Underquarry raids
- Must have looted and used the Emblem of Brell from one of the prior tier's raids

Pre-requisite for participating in this raid:
- Must have looted and used the Emblem of Brell from one of the prior tier's raids

You say, 'Hail, Excavator Borga'

Excavator Borga says 'I've been keeping a close eye on the activity of the nearby Mephits. Normally you could call their behavior chaotic, uncoordinated, and unmotivated. Yet recently, this behavior has [changed]. They are working in concert.'

You say, 'Changed?'

Excavator Borga says 'They have [leadership] with a strong organizational structure. They've been mobilizing quickly, and with a unified purpose. I don't know exactly what they're up to, but it has something to do with the rocks they've been harvesting from the cavern walls. And knowing what I do about Mephits, their intent is sinister. Can you help put a [stop] to this?'

You say, 'We will stop this'

Excavator Borga says 'Let me know when you're [ready] to follow me to the Mephits' staging ground. I will show you the way.'

You are assigned the raid expedition "A Cunning Plan".


- Clear the entire area of trash mobs.
- Trigger the event by speaking to the three currently non-combative nameds.
- Fend off the mephit minions and miners while killing keyholders for their portal keys.
- 12 people (per portal, for a total of 24) with keys port up to their chambers and kill their respective named.
- Kill the Taskmaster after he charges the raid from atop the scaffolding.

Triggering the Event

The event is triggered through dialogue, so you can set up around the area however you want. Once ready, you need to say "stop" to at least one of the nameds: Monarch Nene, Architect Mutze, and Taskmaster Yeorick (possibly all three).

With Architect Mutze:

You say, 'Hail, Architect Mutze'

Architect Mutze says 'Ha ha! When the miners are done chopping off useable chunks of the LEVITATION STONE, we'll have the last pieces we need to move forward with the plan. Don't bother getting in the way now. I've burned mortals for less, and there's nothing you can do to [stop] us!'

You say, 'We'll stop you!'

Architect Mutze says 'Some mortals have deigned to interfere with the plan. Send in the miners to harvest the stones!'

With Taskmaster Yeorick:

You say, 'Hail, Taskmaster Yeorick'

Taskmaster Yeorick says 'We've mined more than enough of the LEVITATION STONE to move forward with the Architect's plan. Don't bother getting in the way now. You don't want the taste of my whip, and there's nothing you can do to [stop] us!'

You say, 'We'll stop you!'

Taskmaster Yeorick says 'Get to work, drones! Harvest the stones while fending off the intruders. We have a lot to do before the plan can be realized!'

With Monarch Nene:

You say, 'Hail, Monarch Nene'

Monarch Nene says 'This will be the proudest moment ever to grace Mephit-kind! Brell won't even see this coming, from his keep on high, and he'll have no choice but to acknowledge our genius. Don't bother getting in the way now. You don't want to tangle with the Monarch, and there's nothing you can do to [stop] us!'

You say, 'We'll stop you!'

Monarch Nene says 'Very well! Minions, attack these interlopers! Show them the true meaning of fear and chaos.'

Event Locations & Mob Spawn Points

This event takes place in the area of the two westernmost portals and the two sets of scaffolding (next to a big pile of blue rocks).

You'll want to clear the area of trash mobs. They don't have many hitpoints, hit for a max ~7,000, and are charmable, so can be used for extra DPS.

Event mobs have four spawn points:
- Mephit miners spawn from the Taskmaster's scaffolding
- Mephit minions spawn from the scaffolding next to that
- Mephit keyholders spawn from the two portals next to Monarch Nene and Architect Mutze.

Mechanics & Timers

The entire event is on a timer which starts from the moment it's triggered.

The minions spawn every 60 seconds, as do the miners.

Each portal spawns a keyholder every 50 seconds. The first keyholder spawns at the Monarch's portal. 25 seconds later, a keyholder spawns at the Architect's portal. 25 seconds later, another one spawns at the Monarch's portal. This process repeats itself until 12 keyholders have spawned at each portal (for a total of 24).

Keyholder spawns are accompanied by emotes:

Monarch Nene shouts, 'We need some help up here!'

Architect Mutze shouts, 'We need some help up here!'

Each mephit keyholder drops a key (either "Monarch's Key" or "Architect's Key", depending where the keyholder spawned from). Four strong groups (two per portal) in your raid should loot these keys.

Two minutes after the final keyholder spawns (the 24th in total), Monarch Nene ports up to his chamber. 30 seconds after that, the Architect ports up to his own chamber. You'll see emotes when this happens:

The Monarch steps into the nearby teleporter, retreating into his chamber.

The Architect steps into the nearby teleporter, retreating into his chamber.

The people who looted the keys from the keyholders need to port up to those chambers and kill the those two nameds.

You can port up any time. You don't have to wait for the Monarch or Architect emotes, so you can port up ahead of time and set up before they get there.

5:30 (5 minutes, 30 seconds) after the Architect's port-up, Taskmaster Yeorick attacks. This will happen regardless of your status with the Monarch and Architect, so you'll want to have them killed before that timer runs out.

The Taskmaster hisses, stepping down from his vantage point aloft the scaffolding.

From here, you just need to kill the Taskmaster for the win (fight details are in a section below).

Phase 1: Minions, Miners, and Keyholders

Mephit miners don't fight back, but cast a large spell damage shield on themselves:

Mephit Magma Skin: Self 0', Fire (0)
1: Spell-Damage Shield (-3000)
2: Increase Damage Shield by 75
3: Increase corruption counter by 9

Mephit minions hit for a max ~14,000.

The keyholders also hit for a max ~14,000.

If left idle, the minions (and possibly the keyholders as well) will summon random people to their location and kill them. You'll want them on aggro at all times to avoid this from happening.

There are two ways to approach this phase: Have your raid in one central location and pull all mobs there, or split your raid into four parts for the four spawn locations. You'll have to figure out what works best for your raid.

NOTE: Minions and miners continue spawning through the entire event (right up to the death of the final named).

Phase 2: Monarch Nene & Architect Mutze

Monarch Nene

Monarch Nene hits for a max ~15,500. There are two emotes you need to watch for while fighting the Monarch:

The Monarch's skin glimmers with magical sparks.

This means he's about to cast a spell damage shield:

Monarch's Incinerating Aura: Self 0', Fire (0)
1: Spell-Damage Shield (-35000)
3: Increase corruption counter by 9

The Monarch's skin shimmers with physical heat.

This means he's about to cast a melee damage shield:

Monarch's Burning Body: Self 0', Fire (0)
2: Increase Damage Shield by 5000
3: Increase corruption counter by 9

The Monarch also has a charm spell that he casts on 2-3 random people at a time:

Monarch's Directive: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Charm up to level 99
6: Increase corruption counter by 76
7: Add Proc: Fiery Fist rate mod 400

Architect Mutze

Architect Mutze hits for a max ~15,500. There are two emotes you need to watch for while fighting the Architect:

The air near the Architect heats up dramatically.

This means you need to back away from the Architect.

The edges of the room heat up dramatically.

This means you need to stay close to the Architect.

If you step into either of these auras, you'll be chain nuked for 20,000 damage.

NOTE: Architect Mutze's emotes only appear as text across your screen, so audio triggers don't work for them.

Phase 3: Taskmaster Yeorick

Taskmaster Yeorick hits for a max ~18,500. He has a few tricks.

He casts the spells "Pain" and "Suffering" randomly:

Pain: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Trigger Effect: Suffering on Fade
2: Skill Damage Amount (-1000)
3: Inhibit Melee Attacks by (200%)
4: Increase corruption counter by 36

Suffering: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Additional Damage to Spell (-5000)
2: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
3: Trigger Effect: Pain on Fade
4: Increase corruption counter by 36

"Pain" inhibits melee attacks. "Suffering" inhibits nukes. If you're a caster and get "Suffering", you'll want to get a cure (doing so will give you "Pain" instead which will do you no harm). If you're a melee and get "Pain", you'll want to get a cure (which will give you the harmless "Suffering" instead).

The Taskmaster will also AE the spell "Bullwhip Grab" on random people:

Bullwhip Grab: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Slow Push (-20)
2: Decrease HP when cast by 10000 to 20000 (random)

You'll see this emote when it hits you:

A whip wraps around your limbs!

A few seconds after "Bullwhip Grab" hits you, it changes into "Bullwhip Pull" and attempts to pull you in closer to the Taskmaster. If you have "Bullwhip Pull" on you and are in the Taskmaster's melee range, you'll be chain nuked with an AE. You can avoid this by moving away from the Taskmaster until the Bullwhip effect wears off.

NOTE: If you're far enough away from the Taskmaster, the pull effect won't affect you.

In addition to the above, the Taskmaster spawns multiple "a mephit lackey" in waves of 5-8. These appear about every 30 seconds. They each hit for a max ~5,600 and have a relatively low amount of hitpoints.

Taskmaster Yeorick has been slain by _____!

All mobs despawn upon the Taskmaster's death and the blue rock pile can now be opened like a chest.

What Not to Do

Once the Monarch and Architect port up to their chambers, they have to remain aggro'd. If they're left idle, the mobs in the event become much tougher:

"a mephit minion" will start spawning as "a mephit overminion" (hits for a max ~18,000). "a mephit miner" will become "an invulnerable mephit" (you won't be able to kill the miners, leading to an eventual reset).

In addition, the minions begin casting "Pulse of Ash":

Pulse of Ash: PB AE 300', Unresistable (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 20000

You'll want to keep the Monarch and Architect on aggro until they're dead.

If you're not able to keep up with killing the mephit miner spawns, you'll see this emote repeat itself:

A mephit miner announces, 'We have collected another satchel of the stones. It won't be long until we have enough to enact the plan!'

This can happen 14 times with no consequence. On the 15th occurrence, the event fails and resets:

The mephits rejoice in unison, 'Haha haha! They will all float! The plan is a success!'

In the event of a reset, all mobs despawn.


Loot includes 2 armor pieces (first list) + 2 other items (second list) + 2 Amulet of Brell (flag for Audience) + 1 Emblem of Brell (backflag) + 2 Sparkling Precandescent Runes + 2 Brilliantly/Brightly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shards + 0-1 Crystallized Ball of Cosgrove Clay:

Iridium Encrusted Brachial Clay
Iridium Encrusted Carpal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Cephalic Clay
Iridium Encrusted Crural Clay
Iridium Encrusted Phalangeal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Tarsal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Thoracic Clay (see this wiki article for armor use)

Ashen Loop of Bone
Battle Staff of Torment
Bladed Shield of Havoc
Firelight Earring
Growling Visage
Hammer of Ravenous Lichen
Lichen Draped Stud
Lichenweave Cord
Living Lichen Mask
Lodestone Band
Magma Seared Band
Mephit's Tear
Mephit-hide Cowl
Runed Mask of the Creep
Torn Sash of the Overminion
War-torn Axe of Mayhem
Winged Axe of Rebellion
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Basic mechanics
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86 posts
Phase One

There's 2 mini's: Architect Mutze, and Monarch Nene. Each of them will spawn "mephit keyholder" mobs at timed intervals. These drop keys which you'll need in phase two. 24 keys drop in total: enough for two groups to get into each of the mini's rooms. At the same time, you'll need need to kill miners that are trying to mine ore from the stack of blue rocks near Mutze's position. These do not fight back, but they do have a nasty spell damage shield so let the melee folk kill them. If at any time during the raid they're allowed to mine enough ore, you fail the event. Lastly you'll get occasional mephit minion adds. Not very important, but they're trying to kill you so it's best to kill them instead. As a shaman, I can tell you the keyholders near Mutze are neigh invulnerable to your magic-based spells. The ones from Nene aren't.

Phase Two

First of all, if at any point you encounter a mephit overminion here, you have failed the event. Gate, evac, whatever. You cannot recover from this.

Once you've got 4 groups keyed up, head into the portals on the pedestals the mini's were on. After a little bit, Nene will appear in her room and go active. Shortly after, Mutze will do the same in his room. Both have emotes you need to follow. Nene switches between a huge spell ds, and a huge melee ds. Mutze switches between a massive damage aura on him, and on one on the walls. So when it says the air around him begins to heat up, get up on the walls away from him. He doesn't move or summon though, so this is a free pass to pincushion him with your ranged damage. When it says the air near the walls heats up, stand near the table. Not ON the table, though. The other members of the raid won't have much to deal with... the minions and miners will continue to spawn, but mostly they just wait for the 4 chosen groups to finish off the mini's.

Phase Three

The Taskmaster will go live. It's a burnfest. He has a spell that pulls you toward him and does massive damage. This is very bad, and he does it very often. You counter this by tanking him away from the raid and having anyone that can do their job at range, do so. If you're far enough away from him you'll still get the spell but it won't do anything. He'll also be spewing mountains of adds. Fortunately they have low hp and low dps. AE them down as you can. Also, when the Taskmaster first goes live everyone will get hit with with Pain or Suffering at random. If you cure it (cured with corruption), you'll get the other one. Pain kills your melee dps while Suffering kills your magic dps. So do single target cures on those that need it.
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