Discord Tower Event #7: Edge of Destruction  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Title
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Seeds of Destruction
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Dec 15 21:36:24 2008
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
This is the seventh event in the raid expedition "Citadel of the Worldslayer".

This event takes place on the top of Discord Tower. To get here, click on either Riftseeker portal from Event 6 (a one-way click). Lord Brekt, Rider of Discord, stands at the center of the roof. He is live, but will not aggro you if you stay at the click-up area. (If you are in the event area too long without aggro'ing him, he may start summoning people. This is not confirmed, nor is it known how long a period you have before this happens - it is at least several minutes.)

Lord Brekt

Lord Brekt shouts, 'So, you deign to follow me here? Ha! You've misplaced your valor and replaced it with pure madness.'

Lord Brekt hits for a max ~15,000 (normally); flurries; single-target rampages; AE rampages (mitigated to ~8,000 and usually much lower); and enrages. He has a few emote-based tricks.

Meteorites and Auras

Lord Brekt shouts, 'Listen closely. The sound of crashing stone is your deathknell. The citadel will soon pass through a belt of meteorites.'

Lord Brekt shouts, 'The falling debris will shatter your bones or roast you alive!'

Every so often, a random player receives the emote...

A shadow passes over you.

...which indicates a pile of rocks is about to fall where they're standing (they may want to move out of the way). The pile of rocks AEs for 15k as it lands and has an aura attached to it until it eventually dissipates:

Meteorite Heat: Single Target, Fire (-500)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 15000
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 8000 per tick

This occurs through the entire event.


The emotes...

Chaotic, whirling winds of discordant energy blow across the pinnacle of the broken tower, generating a haunting and deafening howl.

Lord Brekt shouts, 'A pity! I won't hear your screams in this wind.'

...indicate a silence aura up around Lord Brekt's melee range:

Deafening Winds: Single Target, Magic (-1000)
1: Silence

This occurs through the entire event.

Discordant Rage

The emote...

Lord Brekt prepares to unleash his fury on the mortals at his feet.

...is a 5-second warning for the AE "Discordant Rage" which'll hit anyone within melee range:

Discordant Rage: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 30000

This occurs through the entire event.

Final 30%

As his health winds down to around 30%, you'll see this:

Lord Brekt shouts, 'Think of all we could have accomplished if you had joined my side. Given the decision to rule eternally or perish, THIS is your choice?'

...At which point he begins casting on random people one of two spells (he casts these in bulk, hitting 6-12 people at a time):

Discordant Detritus: Single Target, (-1000)
2: Increase corruption counter by 1
3: Trigger if Cured (Discordant Self-Destruction)

Discordant Doom: Single Target, (-1000)
2: Increase corruption counter by 1
3: Trigger if Not Cured (Cazic Touch II)

You must cure Discordant Doom (you'll only have 10-15 seconds, so it must be quick).

You must NOT cure Discordant Detritus. It will fade on its own, causing you no harm.

Failure to react appropriately results in a death touch.

Deaths & Power-Up

Too many deaths during the fight will cause Lord Brekt to increase in strength, sometimes greatly, hitting for upwards of ~40,000 per hit (perhaps more).

What exactly causes this, or how many deaths over what period of time, is not known for sure. Keep everyone alive as much as possible to avoid this occurrence.

It's possible this may also occur if you take too long in killing him. This emote may indicate your raid is in for some hurt:

Lord Brekt shouts, 'Enough! I will crush you all!'

If you wipe out, you'll most likely need to get another instance. There are power-up and aggro issues upon the event's reset.


Lord Brekt dies (you get experience for the kill) and disappears without a word or a corpse. A chest spawns in the middle of the roof. On your first kill you get a suffix title "of the Time Lords".

Loot (Normal: 54-player version)

Chest loot consists of 1 Tower Key (zone flag) + 2 Glowing Entropic Runes + 2 armor pieces (first list) + 2 other items (second list):

Phased Coeval Incandessence (chest)
Phased Coeval Luminessence (chest) (See this armor guide for essence use)

Blood Bead Talon Cord
Chaotic Bloodthirst Band
Chaotic Ritual Cowl
Choker of Sel'Tak
Cloak of Darkest Night
Eternal Gaze Mask
Eternity Edge Band
Shield of Pure Discord

Loot (Hard: 36-player version)

In the hard version, the chest contains 2 Glowing Entropic Runes + 1 armor piece (first list) + 1 other item (second list):

Phased Coeval Incandessence (chest)
Phased Coeval Luminessence (chest) (See this armor guide for essence use)

Brekt's Girdle
Discord Rider Shield
Krisz's Ring
Meteor Stone Ring
Reflection of Discord
Scryer's Belt
Taromani Eye
Taromani's Veil
Visage of Brekt
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Suffix on win
# Feb 24 2021 at 6:55 AM Rating: Good
2,540 posts
"of the Time Lords"

The more you know...
# Feb 02 2010 at 8:26 AM Rating: Decent
263 posts
A couple of things about this event that is not included in the write-up of the synopsis above:

1. At the start of the event, Brekt is initially permarooted to the center of the room. When he is in this state, meteors will attempt to hit random people in the raid, so pay attention to the "shadow" emotes. He interchanges states multiple times during the event.

2. When Brekt activates his Silence aura, he becomes unrooted and can be maneuvered around the room. Careful of the push though; you don't want him being pushed near the healers and have them eat ramp or SILENCED. He interchanges states multiple times during the event. Note that when his silence aura is activated, tanks CAN NOT proc their hate spells from their weapons. Melee dps, be wary.

3. The comets appear to be broken at the moment - well, their supposed "dot aura" is anyway. I tested myself and they don't appear to cause any damage once the meteors have landed on the floor... So, um, this part of the event is broken.

4. He summons at 100%.

5. The DTs - this part of the event is what will most likely determine if your raid survives. An easy way to tell what needs to be cured is:

Discordant Detritus (DO NOT CURE THIS!) - skull icon with a blue background
Discordant Doom (CURE THIS!) - skull icon with GLOWING RED EYES (the skull icon is slightly shifted to the left side of the icon picture, if you take the time to notice).

These fade very very quickly, so be ready to call-out for cures to your designated healer, if needed.

6. Deaths = massive power-ups for Brekt. Don't die, bring heal potions, TURN OFF ATTACK if you get on Brekt's target window (if you're DPS). DEAD DPS = NO DPS

7. Despite the posts below, this guy does hit HARDER than anything in the Citadel. Good defensive tanking rotation and attentive healers is a must.
# Sep 02 2009 at 6:07 PM Rating: Decent
See here, Some of the things I picked up on. He will sent out a number of Emotes. One sends down a pile of rocks (randomly near where u fight him). 2 Dots (randomly on the raid). And an AE Slince Aura(rather big AE Slince) which will pop up and down time to time.

Edited, Sep 2nd 2009 10:27pm by Falower
# Aug 13 2009 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
so any info on this fight yet?
# Aug 22 2009 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
224 posts
appearently not <sighs>
Chests contain
# Jul 22 2009 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent
Hard Raids get 2 Runes 1 loot 1 essence

Brexkt dropped
Discord Rider Shield

Edited, Jul 23rd 2009 12:11am by DarrkinSkies
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