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Bonus Items

  • Standard Edition - No extra items are given.

  • Collector's Edition

    • Claimable once per account:
    • Muhbis of the Expansive Void (Available on TLP servers)
    • Guise of the Crystalline Construct (Available on TLP servers)
    • Carpet of Stratos
    • The Burning Lands Painting
    • Fire Slug Familiar (Available on TLP servers)
    • Experience Potion (Available on TLP servers)

  • Premium Edition

    • Claimable once per account:
    • Muhbis of the Expansive Void (Available on TLP servers)
    • Guise of the Crystalline Construct (Available on TLP servers)
    • Crystalline Construct Familiar (Available on TLP servers)
    • Carpet of Stratos
    • The Burning Lands Painting
    • Fire Slug Familiar (Available on TLP servers)
    • Saddle of the Lava Snail
    • Experience Potion (Available on TLP servers)
    • Shared Experience Potion (Available on TLP servers)


The Burning Lands is EverQuest's 25th expansion. It launched on December 11th, 2018.

Content & Features

Beta reward will give a Djinn hat.

Shared Bank Slots

2 More Shared Bank Slots

Free AA'

Clinking on the Free check mark will give your toon Free AA up to TDS.

Luck Stat

- Luck Stat – A brand new stat that influences just how lucky you are! This stat will randomly increase the amount of gold in your split, the amount of critical damage you do, your chance to succeed at a trade-skill combine, and much more!

- this new Stat will only be in The Burning Lands and forward Expansions. In TBL, the Luck stat exists on non-visible items

-Luck will work on total luck thresholds. At the lowest levels all things that luck can affect will not trigger, but by the time you have max luck, all of the things luck can effect will be triggerable. These thresholds will be additive, so affects you already have won't stop working.

-Luck by itself doesn't trigger, as a player in this thread suggested. Instead, when one of the abilities that luck effects is used/triggered/etc a luck roll is made, If you are lucky, the luck effect happens. - Will be putting a cap on how effective these abilities can be. (This cap will still be near 100%, but we won't be allowing people permanent immunity)

DEV post - The threshold for lucky Forage is 20 (with another boost at 50)

- yes Max LUCK - UI will show the max Luck value

- items have LUCK - can take two items with LUCK and merge them using ( Crystallized Luck) and it would take the highest and add +1 to the highest if not at MAX.

- Luck does not affect item drops in any way. Only Coin. And that's individual.

- Coins -The split is done first, thus everyone gets their normal "deserved" share. Then, as each person gets their split, each person gets their own roll and magical coin is created from thin air if they win their roll.

Faction Window

What is the Faction Window?

The Faction Window will display various factions from the game as well as your current standing, the max standing that you can have and the minimum standing that you can have with those factions. This window will not work if you are shrouded.

How do I open the window?

There are two ways to open the window: 1. /faction 2. Follow the EQ menus, EQ-> Character->Faction Standings

What features exist?

1. The window updates with your information, so if you have it open the faction status will update with your changes.

2. Faction messages (such as those seen when killing or /con-ing an NPC ), will create a link that will open and select the designated faction.

3. The window has tooltips that will tell you various information:

a. If you hover over the faction name it will tell you your current reaction (what an NPC on this faction will /con to you) as well how many points you need for the next reaction.

b. If you hover over the gauges it will tell you the min and max total standing (how many points you have helped or hurt members of this faction) values, and your current standing overall.

4. The window supports search functionality:

a. Typing any text into the search bar and hitting 'Search' or the ENTER key will search the window

b. Clearing the search bar and hitting 'Search' or the ENTER key will return the window to the previous state

c. If you click on a category button on the left of the window, it will open that categories factions and turn off your search

d. If you click on a faction message that links to the window, that will also turn off your search

e. You can type /faction FACTION_NAME and the window will open and search for the FACTION_NAME

5. The window supports /outputfile:

a. Type /outputfile faction

b. You will generate a file that contains the faction ID, the faction name, your current standing value, and how many points you need to get max standing.

c. You can also type /outputfile faction FILE_NAME and generate a the same file but with the name you choose

NOTE: You will not need to own TBL to use the faction window, it is a feature available to everyone on all servers.

-Examples of entries not included: 1. Placeholder factions 2. Factions whose standings cannot be adjusted (Racial, Deity, Class, and non-adjustable factions) 3. Factions that functionally no longer exist (NPCs factions exclusive to Legends server content) 4. Factions with no universal relevancy (Tutorial factions / 1 time quest factions)

How /con reacts to you is a factor of all of the following: Your race Your class Your deity Your standing (+/- values made to the group) Whether SPA 19 is applying a temporary adjustment (currently not accounted for in the window) Your total SPA 368 value for that group Your heroic charisma value (how a faction responds to hCha depends on that entry's data)

Standing values having a non-uniform minimum/maximum made it additionally complex to try and convey all that information in a small amount of space.

Our thought process in the design of the window was that players will want to know: 1. The faction name 2. What that faction will /con to you 3. How much you can do to affect your standing +/-

Getting There

  • Stratos is the starter zone and has a Zone line in from Plane of Tranquility near the Plane of Air entrance through a rift.

  • There are Wizard and Druid ports to Esianti that are locked behind TBL progression.

  • Guild Portals can be set to Stratos using the portal stone Burning Lamp cost 393P 7G 4S 9C


Here is an atlas of all the zone connections. Click on the image to expand.

Zone Connections are,

\ Esianti
\ Plane of Smoke

\ Mearatas

Plane of Smoke
\ Empyr

\ Aalishai

You can download Goodurden's Maps here.

You can download Brewall's maps here.


-Stratos is the starter zone. - 3 group tiers, 2 raid tiers


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