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Item Name
Blood-Soaked Amice of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Amice of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Amice of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Arcane Staff
Blood-Soaked Athame
Blood-Soaked Axe
Blood-Soaked Baton
Blood-Soaked Belt of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Belt of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Belt of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Bow
Blood-Soaked Broadsword
Blood-Soaked Censer
Blood-Soaked Charm of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Charm of Security
Blood-Soaked Charm of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Claymore
Blood-Soaked Cloak of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Cloak of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Cloak of Security
Blood-Soaked Compound Bow
Blood-Soaked Earring of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Earring of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Earring of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Fighting Staff
Blood-Soaked Flanged Mace
Blood-Soaked Foil
Blood-Soaked Great Axe
Blood-Soaked Great Mace
Blood-Soaked Halberd
Blood-Soaked Hammer
Blood-Soaked Hooked Knife
Blood-Soaked Idol of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Idol of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Idol of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Katar
Blood-Soaked Kite Shield
Blood-Soaked Knife
Blood-Soaked Mace
Blood-Soaked Mask of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Mask of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Necklace of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Necklace of Security
Blood-Soaked Necklace of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Ring of Adroitness
Blood-Soaked Ring of Brilliance
Blood-Soaked Ring of Vigor
Blood-Soaked Spear
Blood-Soaked Spiked Shield
Blood-Soaked Sword
Blood-Soaked Tower Shield
Blood-Soaked Wand
Blood-Soaked War Hammer
Guardian's Blood-Soaked Mask
Summoner's Blood-Soaked Earring


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