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About Underfoot

Underfoot is EverQuest's sixteenth expansion.

  • It was announced on July 1, 2009, and will be officially launched on December 15, 2009.
    • Completion of three "Road to Underfoot" tasks allowed for early access to the expansion beginning on December 8, 2009.

  • The initial announcement may be found here and the early-access expansion release patch message may be found here.

New Features

  • Expansion Progression Window – You'll be able to easily see what you have accomplished through Underfoot and which objectives you should achieve in order to travel in your desired progression path.
    • This Achievement System allows you to display and manage your progress through the world of Norrath.

  • Focus Target Window – This new target window will let you add specific targets to your list which will be helpful to monitor the health of Friends or Foe.

  • All Inclusive - The expansion includes all features and content from the 15 previous expansion packs.

  • More Weapon Models - Underfoot will have twice as many weapon models as any of the previous 15 expansions.


  • See this page for a list of zones in Underfoot.
  • The first tier(Tier 6) is a step above Korafax in terms of difficulty.

  • Tier 9:
      • Volska's Husk (opened after completing Tier 8 missions)
      • Convorteum (opened after completing Volska's Husk mission)

  • A screenshot of the in-game map of zone connections can be found here.




  • Rank I spells result from group tasks.
  • Rank II spells result from gem trade-ins (details here).
  • Rank III spells are gathered through raiding (details here).

Getting There

Underfoot Lore

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December 15, 2009

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