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In Empires of Kunark, there is 1 Tier of Raiding.

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Raid Progression

Participating in Raids

Raid progression and flagging looks like this:

List of Raids

  • Lceanium
Requires Quest: Disappearing Dragons, Sneaky Sarnak, Concerned Citizens and Contacting the Leadership.

  • Temple of Droga

Requires Quests: Corrupt Before the Fall, Purifying the Purifier, Corrupting to Corrupt, Pure Success and Rebellion of the Pure.

  • Chardok

Requires Quests: A Lost Chokadai, Hermit's Paradise and Violence for Silence.
Requires: Complete any of the Droga or Lceanium raids a total of 12 times.

  • Kor-Sha Laboratory

Requires Quests: Investigating the Mysterious Sarnak, Methods of Sarnak Destruction and Testing and Research.
Requires: Complete any of the Chardok raids a total of 16 times.

NOTE: The list here will fill in over time as entries are made into the Allakhazam database. See the quest entries for event details and loot information, the zone entries for the zone overview, and the bestiary entries for individual raid mob listings.


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