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the thaumaturgist New drop? GlabVox EQ Monster Jan 09 5:04am
Velium Infused Great Hammer Wrong picture Dragonscale EQ Item Jan 09 4:40am
Achievement: Corruption Catalogued found them.. ElyssandaDesertSong EQ Quest Jan 09 4:03am
Milas An'Rev - CoV triggered by Silfh EQ Monster Jan 09 3:07am
Spiny Fruit remove tradeskill tag? UnholyCzars EQ Item Jan 09 12:14am
Journeyman's Boots Hill Giants kill "a grizzly bear" rja69 EQ Quest Jan 08 11:40pm
Strike of Thunder AE Range? Echoesin EQ Spell Jan 08 11:14pm
a Rujarkian healer Crazy high resists Sippin EQ Monster Jan 08 10:32pm
Dagger of Marnek the thaumaturgist spawn Lionari EQ Item Jan 08 8:55pm
Achievement: Armatalium Odalia (Combine Dredge) drops not only from doomscale.... dagnarok EQ Quest Jan 08 5:43pm
a Rujarkian healer Crazy high resists Gidono EQ Monster Jan 08 5:18pm
Astral Projection respawn Derab EQ Monster Jan 08 4:57pm
Oval Cut Restless Velium Diamond 466 Trivial Rolaque EQ Item Jan 08 3:58pm
Red Flame Additional Drop malabar2020 EQ Monster Jan 08 2:52pm
The Regurgitonic Gem Choppers -50, King Ak'Anon -10 Philliden EQ Quest Jan 08 10:40am
Request of the Arcane Min Faction Required pharoh18 EQ Quest Jan 08 9:09am
Shaded Tunic drop WyreWintermute EQ Item Jan 08 7:16am
White Dragonscale Cloak Isn't it a lot of work...? Zaztik EQ Quest Jan 08 3:30am
Behroe Dlexon Kill Anehan Treol dafdaf EQ Monster Jan 08 2:29am
Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay Additional quest EgatBearskinner EQ Item Jan 08 1:58am
Warrior Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest Killing The Diaku Overseer Lort EQ Quest Jan 08 12:02am
Polished Granite Tomahawk dual vielding PGT bardchandra EQ Item Jan 07 10:46pm
Princess Honeywing 17/11/2017 Lazman EQ Monster Jan 07 10:37pm
Ghoulbane of Twisted Knights drop bardchandra EQ Item Jan 07 9:35pm
Shadowknight Which stats are important? What do stats do? animekenji EQ Class Jan 07 8:27pm
Achievement: Remnants of the Enraptured (Caverns of Endless Song) Sippin's right dagnarok EQ Quest Jan 07 8:06pm
Achievement: The Endless Song (Caverns of Endless Song) drop as well as GS dagnarok EQ Quest Jan 07 7:07pm
The Endless Song Page I not just GS - can drop also dagnarok EQ Item Jan 07 6:53pm
Ralgyn's Promise Taskmaster Not Needed beagoodone EQ Quest Jan 07 4:59pm
Vah Shir Cultural Armor (DoN) Mangler 2021 Furrykitty EQ Quest Jan 07 1:57pm
a Pickclaw Bladestopper Ouch animekenji EQ Monster Jan 07 8:07am
Coldain Shawl #8: Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl Grocery List Pseudofate EQ Quest Jan 06 11:22pm
Remains of Master Marthor remains location cricket182 EQ Monster Jan 06 10:57pm
a ghoul executioner Location Atlans EQ Monster Jan 06 7:04pm
Painting: Haunting Laughter port to shard's landing Quantomtheory EQ Item Jan 06 5:07pm
an old gargoyle Singular PH? Atlans EQ Monster Jan 06 9:49am
a siren beguiler - CoV Mezzable Oymentrubel EQ Monster Jan 06 7:13am
Bloodmoon Warlock Bloodmoon Warlock Camp Theolee EQ Monster Jan 06 5:48am
Vinny D`Vicci progression servers have him live Echoesin EQ Monster Jan 06 4:26am
Jumjum Spiced Beer Broken? Covalerahien EQ Recipe Jan 06 1:58am
White Dragonscale Cloak Isn't it a lot of work...? animekenji EQ Quest Jan 06 12:48am
Protect the Shipyard Not a good reward animekenji EQ Quest Jan 06 12:32am
an undead cyclops Placeholder Covalerahien EQ Monster Jan 06 12:28am
Pikebreath - CoV how to spawn him bardchandra EQ Monster Jan 05 10:55pm
Restless Sack Dropped from Coldears tfnaaf EQ Item Jan 05 7:39pm
Screaming Mace Don't turn in the SBS! animekenji EQ Quest Jan 05 4:00pm
Master Vule the Silent Tear Update! plutoniumcanine EQ Monster Jan 05 2:32pm
Lupine Runed Armband Picked up in WK animekenji EQ Item Jan 05 1:49pm
Ice Encrusted Charm of Vigor CoV, too Silfh EQ Item Jan 05 12:28pm
Totality of War (ToV Earring #7) Task Lock Kraesktael EQ Quest Jan 05 9:03am
Righteous Protector's Earring of Rallos Zek Incorrect Ingredient Kraesktael EQ Recipe Jan 05 9:01am
Totality of War (ToV Earring #7) DON'T DO THE AUDIENCE WITH RALLOS ZEK TOO EARLY Kraesktael EQ Quest Jan 05 8:56am
a Broken Skull adherent Dropped Torn Scroll vaszak EQ Monster Jan 05 5:36am
a Loda Kai poacher Great for time locked progression servers animekenji EQ Monster Jan 05 2:50am
Captain Hiran Group #1: Stop the Contamination use a tracker! dagnarok EQ Quest Jan 04 11:55pm
Familiarity is Key which zone? dagnarok EQ Quest Jan 04 10:54pm
Thelin's Torment (Access to the Lair of Terris Thule) Relative beginnings. ArtulynStarsummoner EQ Quest Jan 04 9:35pm
an ancient gargoyle loc Atlans EQ Monster Jan 04 6:39pm
a Chetari Darkling Dropped Nothing Kinadafz EQ Monster Jan 04 5:08pm
Steelslave Infiltrator 652 Rujarkian Hill runs Suzzi EQ Monster Jan 04 4:23pm
Burynai Cutter Thorough Analysis Treb EQ Monster Jan 04 12:57pm
Even Grand Bone Dragons Fight (10 Points) Even Grand Bone Dragons Fight Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 04 11:51am
Webber's Dictionary (10 Points) Webber's Dictionary Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 04 11:49am
Ancient Fractures (10 Points) Ancient Fractures Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 04 11:48am
Sparkly Shinies (10 Points) Sparkly Shinies Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 04 11:47am
Hunter of Dragon Necropolis (10 Points) (CoV) Hunter's Guide to Dragon Necropolis Wadin EQ Quest Jan 04 11:45am
Manisi Herb Took an hour Lionari EQ Item Jan 04 8:15am
Scaled Mystic Cloak Forrest Giant Hammer drops Ardnahoy EQ Quest Jan 04 6:45am
Velium Composite Scale Unlocking your Composite Rank Spells tanalos EQ Item Jan 04 5:06am
Kirezelbough - CoV Anyone able to spawn this one? Veludeus EQ Monster Jan 04 3:23am
Trial of Flame soloable halfridge EQ Quest Jan 04 1:59am
Abu-Kar's Arcane Solution Where to get? halfridge EQ Item Jan 03 9:01pm
Lord Gimblox Consider Cleaning the Whole Camp CreativeExpanse EQ Monster Jan 03 8:51pm
Lady Mirenilla - CoV faction!!! Gidono EQ Monster Jan 03 5:11pm
Silverwing Cloak Prog servers? Gidono EQ Item Jan 03 4:10pm
Faded Restless Velium Ingenuity minimum skill required Anoka EQ Recipe Jan 03 3:51pm
a Rujarkian healer Crazy high resists Sippin EQ Monster Jan 03 3:36pm
Iksar Dakoit Spawn and path (and some PHs) Treb EQ Monster Jan 03 3:06pm
Shrapnel - CoV Loot sabat EQ Monster Jan 03 2:49pm
Lunch Feast Lunch Feast recipe yield is 4 RondorNorador EQ Recipe Jan 03 8:35am
Lady Mirenilla - CoV faction!!! Shuraz EQ Monster Jan 03 12:30am
Erg Bluntbruiser Missing PH heelyaz1989 EQ Monster Jan 03 12:10am
Silverwing Cloak Prog servers? GlabVox EQ Item Jan 03 12:09am
Necromancer Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest 10k kick Gidono EQ Quest Jan 02 11:35pm
Impressed Report Found in Grove EQ Item Jan 02 10:27pm
Shaman Epic 1.5: Crafted Talisman of Fates Eternal Spirit spelunkersrock EQ Quest Jan 02 9:41pm
Scout Madu (Arms): Madu Needs More Supplies Snake fangs rshackleford EQ Quest Jan 02 8:36pm
Stonehand Sandals Egg Sac is req'd Jarod997 EQ Quest Jan 02 7:44pm
Old Frostbeard ph is the storm Gidono EQ Monster Jan 02 7:23pm
Eralynn the Shadow Witch shadow witch buggkiller EQ Monster Jan 02 2:15pm
Atkru's Tome Drop Kepness EQ Item Jan 02 1:59pm
Necromancer Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest 10k kick Xhartor EQ Quest Jan 02 7:47am
Dain's Throne Replica Perfect teleport to retrieve Ornate Velium Pendant. Ringkeeper EQ Item Jan 02 7:43am
Cleric Epic: Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh Updated for 2020/2021 RavenneXYZ EQ Quest Jan 02 6:58am
Crystal Caverns Memories cannonballdex EQ Zone Jan 02 2:36am
Master Jeweler Test getting trophy to evolve Kynsh EQ Quest Jan 02 1:05am
A Guide Beyond the Rift Lore Bobbybick EQ Quest Jan 01 11:30pm
Journal of a Lost Druid I have been told Shuraz EQ Item Jan 01 7:00pm
Sorrowsong Boots ? bardchandra EQ Item Jan 01 4:38pm
Danger Zone (Raid) Any info? GOMN EQ Quest Jan 01 4:34pm
Snake Venom Sac Blightfire dafdaf EQ Item Jan 01 4:04pm
Crypt Crimes Step 1 Loweball EQ Quest Jan 01 2:16pm
a Tae Ew aggressor Stats ... Firecobra EQ Monster Jan 01 2:04pm
Drake Scales (10 Points) Scavenger Guide to Drake Scales Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 1:04pm
More Lost Journals (10 Points) Scavenger Guide to More Lost Journals Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 1:03pm
Draconic Artifacts (10 Points) Scavenger Guide to Draconic Artifacts Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 1:02pm
Crystallized Anatomy (10 Points) Scavenger Guide to Crystallized Anatomy Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 1:01pm
Hunter of Skyshrine (10 Points) (CoV) Hunter's Guide to Skyshrine Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 12:59pm
Flame-Licked Clothing (10 Points) Flame-Licked Clothing Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 12:03pm
Lost Journals (10 Points) Lost Journals Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 12:00pm
Hunter of The Temple of Veeshan (10 Points) (CoV) Hunter of The Temple of Veeshan Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 11:58am
Ethereal Relics (10 Points) Ethereal Relics Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 11:56am
Dragonkin Hunting (10 Points) Dragonkin Hunting Guide Wadin EQ Quest Jan 01 11:56am
Shadowjade Fern Seeds Druid Armor Quest Gibberringfool EQ Item Jan 01 4:37am
Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's Curse Finished tonight vremis EQ Quest Jan 01 3:30am
Minotaur Hero Roamers AekiMal EQ Monster Jan 01 2:24am
Achievement: Planes, Trains and Element-iles Frostfell FennyMT EQ Quest Jan 01 1:48am
Pikebreath - CoV Dropped Walrus Bone Bludgeon Tutankamenzek EQ Monster Jan 01 12:14am
Restless Ice Cloth Robe Ornament Found also on... Gam3rJo3 EQ Item Dec 31 11:53pm
The Kly The Kly Pop Amber2017 EQ Monster Dec 31 11:44pm
Distillate of Skinspikes VI 1 x Distillate of Skinspikes VI worrdawg EQ Recipe Dec 31 10:45pm
Zlandicar Reborn Pipers Drakang EQ Quest Dec 31 8:42pm
Scourgetail Scorpion One spawn spot Treb EQ Monster Dec 31 6:50pm
Velium Threaded Gem of Striking Wrong container! HSishi EQ Item Dec 31 5:46pm
Icetooth LOC Deenor EQ Monster Dec 31 5:40pm
Invading Ice Buggy, a bit long, but not too bad. Obilaan EQ Quest Dec 31 5:34pm
Quartermaster Grik Spoiler? kenten EQ Monster Dec 31 4:30pm
a grizzly bear North Karana Grizzly Bears kenten EQ Monster Dec 31 4:06pm
a grimp Original? Dogpaw EQ Monster Dec 31 1:53pm
a grimp Original? animekenji EQ Monster Dec 31 1:20pm
Journey Into Terror Faction Veludeus EQ Quest Dec 31 10:50am
Old Frostbeard ph is the storm FennyMT EQ Monster Dec 31 8:11am
Potion of Unlife Awareness still available post kunark Hithiquen EQ Item Dec 31 7:15am
Phinigel Autropos there is a video for the way Aleahna EQ Monster Dec 31 6:45am
Netherbian Swarmfiend repop cd iZealot EQ Monster Dec 31 5:56am
Kirezelbough - CoV Anyone able to spawn this one? Cylius EQ Monster Dec 31 2:54am
Oil of Fennin Ro Timorous Deep Sippin EQ Item Dec 31 12:26am
Fight Fire Lieutenant Strategy FalconiiPerigrinis EQ Quest Dec 31 12:11am
Pemawen Vorana Location kenten EQ Monster Dec 30 10:50pm
Chief Librarian Lars Deluge Drops Phatcat EQ Monster Dec 30 10:36pm
a dracoliche - CoV parse Silfh EQ Monster Dec 30 10:27pm
Restless Warmaster Ultvara - CoV level 119 Silfh EQ Monster Dec 30 10:26pm
Ellen Kwiklen #3: Endless Silence A little more help to make it go smoothly.. tatankaseventh EQ Quest Dec 30 9:36pm
Misty Acorn Used for ToV Baking Now icdeadpeeple EQ Item Dec 30 7:11pm
Crypt of Sul Not a bad solo spot LuckyPoseidon EQ Zone Dec 30 7:00pm
Ranger Epic: Swiftwind and Earthcaller Venril drops more than just 2 pulsing green stones ValentyneH EQ Quest Dec 30 6:24pm
Bane of Decay Totem AOE LuckyPoseidon EQ Quest Dec 30 5:04pm
Razorwing Razorwing Veludeus EQ Item Dec 30 2:30pm
Pure Sapphire Trade Gem Vendor Trash zippergut EQ Item Dec 30 2:05pm