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Here is a sneak peek of what weapons, shields and ornaments looks like in Ring of Scale.

Click on the images to see the full size image.

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Arcron Ornaments





We need screenshots of someone wearing the full set of chain, cloth (with robe and with cloth chest), leather and plate from the back, side and front. If there is a suit item for each set, upload the screenshot to the suit.

Arcron Chain Screenshots

Arcron Cloth Robe and Cloth Armor Screenshots

Arcron Leather and Plate Screenshots

Fereth Ornaments

I need screenshots of full sets, upload them to the suit item of each set if we have a suit item uploaded to the site. Front, Side and Back shots.





Di'Zok Ornaments

I need screenshots of full sets, upload them to any of the RoS zone screenshot sections please. Front, Side and Back shots.





Weapons and Shields

Tier 1 Tradeskill Weapons and Shields

Click on images to see a bigger image. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Conflagrant Arcane Staff Conflagrant Athame Conflagrant Axe Conflagrant Bastard Sword Conflagrant Battle Rod Conflagrant Battle Staff

Conflagrant Bodkin Conflagrant Cane Conflagrant Censer Conflagrant Devotional Staff Conflagrant Great Axe Conflagrant Great Sword

Conflagrant Katar Conflagrant Mace Conflagrant Rapier Conflagrant Rod Conflagrant Saber Conflagrant Spear

Conflagrant Staff Conflagrant Stiletto Conflagrant Sword Conflagrant War Sword Conflagrant Tower Shield Conflagrant Buckler

Conflagrant Kite Shield

Tier 1 Weapons and Shields

Aura of Sky Shield Axe of Malevolence Blackened August Warhammer Blackened Blade of Mourning Blessed Shield of Iron Brilliant Blade of Skyfire

Cursed Flames Staff Elegant Maul Ensorcelled Whip Fists of the Fink Gilded Lance of Empathy Impervious Guardian's Buckler
Need Screenshot

Iron Sentinel's Spike Light-Blessed Cudgel Noble Sceptre Ritualist's Recurve Bow Screaming Striker Serene Spirit Spear

Shadowed Saber Staff of Divine Truth The Companion's Dagger Valewalker's Morning Star Vampiric Mace Virulent Stiletto
Need Screenshot

War-Scarred Sword of Sorrow

Tier 2 Weapons and Shields

Ancient Shissar Apothic Staff Blade of Sathir Brilliant One Eye Chamberlain's Sap Club of Kraz Cutlass of the Sebilisian Armada

Draconian Palisade Eldritch Misericorde Elfbone Enchanted Kylong Wand Fathomless Staff of Warding Fereth's Slash

Goo Polished Mace Jade Chokidai Prod of Revenge Kunzar Impaler Kylong Protector Kylong War Knife Lhranc's Burned Club

Pristine Shield of Glory Rile's Betrayal Shan`Tok of Kurm Machta Shimmering Kylong Buckler Slice of Kon The Calm

V'Deers' Rod of the Dragoon Vile Spear of Krissuz Zikatar

Raid Tradeskill Weapons and Shields

Phlogiston Arcane Staff Phlogiston Athame Phlogiston Axe Phlogiston Bastard Sword Phlogiston Battle Rod Phlogiston Battle Staff

Phlogiston Bodkin Phlogiston Buckler Phlogiston Cane Phlogiston Censer Phlogiston Compound Bow Phlogiston Devotional Staff

Phlogiston Great Axe Phlogiston Great Sword Phlogiston Katar Phlogiston Kite Shield Phlogiston Longbow Phlogiston Mace

Phlogiston Rapier Phlogiston Rod Phlogiston Saber Phlogiston Spear Phlogiston Staff Phlogiston Stilleto

Phlogiston Sword Phlogiston War Sword

Raid Weapons and Shields

Acrodont Axe Aegis of Authority Ancient Bow of the Ring Ancient Gaffi of Trorsmang Ancient Malevolent Runeblade Ancient Staff of the Dragonborn

Blade of Caleus Bristle Crasher Dekloaz's Dirk Divine Mace of Chelsith Dreadspine

Fanglory Grave Heresh, Spine of Pain Kunzar Eitchatka Lifestealer's Cudgel Mancatcher's Ketchata Koro Mis

Mercy Rod of Ri`zyr Shield of Spines Shield of the Sebilisian Phalanx Shissar Arcanist's Stylet Soul Bow

Swordmaster's Honor Veltar's Staff of Tranquility Veteran's Ferule


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