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Site Update #5

Plenty of updates for the month of April. Click on Read More to see them all.

Game Update 4-19-2023



All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT* for an update. Downtime is expected to last approximately 6 hours.

Patch notes for this update will be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forums once they are available.

*Convert to your local time


April 19, 2023

*** Items ***

- Runnyeye Adventurer's Head teleport item has had its casting requirement of Depths of Darkhollow removed.
- Heritage crates have been altered so that they will not offer items that are not usable on your server at the time of opening.
- Ornate Restless Great Axe weapon ornament will now fit into 1-hand and hand-to-hand weapons.
- Restless Griffon and Restless Wolf Saddles are now claimable when Shadows of Luclin is active.
- The Mask of Sparks illusion item should now be using the intended Arc Worker appearance.
- Evolving Selenelion cloaks have had their luck stat increased.
- Drop rates for Luclinite Laced Nigriventer, Mamba, Gormar, Taipan, and Choresine venoms have been increased in Night of Shadow zones.
- Fixed some cases of misspelling of the word 'transvergence' in some item and spell names.
- Changed the name of Dentrik's Dementia to Drentik's Dementia to match Drentik the Mad in Valdeholm who drops it.
- The Hammer of Magic line of weapon procs can now be focused by the Sympathetic Alleviation Alternate Advancement ability.
- Updated NPC resistance checks against elemental weapon damage to apply full damage if the NPC is not immune to the resist type.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Misgnomer - While on the quest, Captain Nalot in Iceclad and Welno Tanlonikan in Ak'Anon now have a greater threshold for talking to people they may otherwise dislike.
- Changed the way raid Loot Lockouts work. It should much more reliably apply only to raid basepop going forward.
- The Vintage Toy Ships (Stone Hive) achievement under the Events >> Collections category now grants both AA and XP instead of one or the other.
- The Champion of Night of Shadows achievement no longer requires the following Quest achievements:
- - The Cunning of a Tiger: Cunning Copycat
- - The Strength of a Wolf: Leader of the Pack
- - The Bravery of a Bear: Bearer of Bravery
- Pit Fight (Raid) - The Stay Close achievement works now. Sorry.
- Under Siege (Raid) - We no longer refer to it as Under Seige when sending the success message.
- Myconid Mutany (Raid) - The vibrating crystalkin will now fight back.
- Reetuk the Inexorable - Killing NPCs before reaching the corresponding quest step will now count those kills toward quest completion.

*** Spells ***

- The Setting Sun and Rising Sun spells from the Shadows Move event will no longer zone with the bearer.
- Beastlord - Added all ranks of Ferocity and Shared Ferocity to a spell stacking group to prevent lower ranks from overwriting higher ranks.

*** AA ***

- Paladin - Fixed an issue that could cause Force of Disruption to have no reuse timer.
- Fixed some typos in descriptions for the fighter archetype ability Concentration.
- The Twinproc AA Ability will no longer affect player abilities that trigger other player abilities. Its effectiveness on procs should be unchanged.
- Updated the description for Twinproc to more accurately reflect the types of procs it can twincast.
- Ranks 3-6 of the Shadowknight Focus AA, Hastened Lifetaps can now be auto-granted.

*** NPCs ***

- Decreased the number of placeholders for Rare NPCs in Shadeweaver's Tangle, as well as lowered the health of the placeholders.

*** Overseer ***

- Fixed a typo in the name of the Overseer quest One Kobold's Garbage.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Vaniki Server - Dermott Saltagger in The Foundation and Vendor-Bot Model CM in Kernagir, the Shining City have had their purchase level requirements adjusted.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- The heritage crate art collector achievements will only show on progression servers if the expansion required for any of the components is opened. This restriction lasts through Legends of Ykesha. Any components that require later expansions are optional.
- Campfire and Guild Banner pick zones will now be prioritized over group members' when teleporting to either.
- Updated the /yell command to include your target's name.
- Added a new chat message with the zone name and ID for the group or raid leader when a member requests a new instance.

*** UI ***

- Spells activated from items now include the 'cast as level' when displaying the spell description.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Disabled the disconnect mechanism for pressing the same keys too many times on multiple clients on Coirnav.
- Vaniki Server - Dermott Saltagger in The Foundation and Vendor-Bot Model CM in Kernagir, the Shining City have had their purchase level requirements adjusted.

- The EverQuest Team

Everquest Producer's Letter April 2023

Another producer's letter was posted today from Jchan. Check out the link below.


Here is a general summary from the post for the rest of the year.

In May, new content will be added for the Tempest Festival event, we'll make sure to get that content up here on the site. 

Also a new Progression server, Oakwynd with a unique ruleset. We'll get it added to our progression server wiki's soon.

In June we'll see new pride month familiars as well. We'll get those items added to the site.

For the rest of the year they'll be working on more zone performance fixes and more work on porting over the default UI to the new UI engine.

I'm quite exicted to dive into the new UI code and start building new interface pieces. I like the scaling slider and can't wait to see what's new for the UI. There is some discussion on the new UI happening over at eqinterface.com if you are looking to contribute to testing the new UI engine.

Also if you know any system designers or artists looking for work, Daybreak Games is hiring for Everquest


Site Update #4

Plenty of updates over the month of March, click on Read More... to see all of them.

Happy 24th Anniversary Everquest!

It's the 24th Anniversary for Everquest and with that, there is new content!

Here are the new 24th Anniversary Quests.

Here is one of the new Brew Day quests, we'll get the other(s) entered as well.


Site Update #3

Click on Read More to see all the updates for the month of February.

I pushed some code fixes out last night for aug slots on items. You should now see type 19's and some slot descriptions were fixed. The advanced item search tool should now pick up type 19's.

Anniversary is just around the corner and new content is coming for it. We will be working on entering in all of those new quests and such.

Game Update 2-15-2023



February 15, 2023

*** Highlights ***

- Added a prompt to the Shar Vahl stone in the Plane of Knowledge to ask if the adventurer would like to go to the original Shar Vahl or Shar Vahl, Divided.
- Made several improvements to the Extended Target Window. See the Miscellaneous section for details.

*** Items ***

- Changed the Contract of the Ancient Shissar to Contract of the Painted Sporali. The associated mercenary changed as well.
- Shar Vahl, Divided coffee shop drinks are no longer marked as quest items.
- Evolving cloaks of the Selenelion now have the appropriate backstab stats.
- Night of Shadows items that grant Alternate Advancement abilities will now correctly grant the appropriate ability.
- Added a 10-level offset on Level Locked Progression servers for spells cast from items.
- Removed various references to the word "Dollar" as there are no dollars in Norrath.
- Fixed an issue with Mollen's Divining Rod using a fire spell instead of an ice spell.
- Keep an eye on the Shar Vahl, Divided Town Crier to have added Shar Vahl Tribune newsletters in the coming months.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Added a recipe for the spell: Song: Warsong of the Vah Shir.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Under Siege (Mission & Raid): Added a message when someone is summoned by the Akheva for trying to avoid the fight. Also, they will be less tolerant of enemies trying to flee down the tunnel.
- Mean Streets (Raid): Increased time available to defeat Jakasharev's illusions. Fixed an issue that could lock Jakasharev's hit points if all illusions were defeated in the final stages.
- Changed the minimum level on all Night of Shadow quests to 100.
- Increased the amount of Tower Keys dropped by Korafax and Tower of Discord raids in Seeds of Destruction by an additional 50%.
- Leaving an instance in a group will now prioritize keeping the group together over going over the zone population cap if the zone is a /pickzone.
- Beltron the Shade King (Raid): Beltron will no longer try to cast Touch of Shadows and Icy Clutch at the same time.
- Carrion My Wayward Sprout (Quest): Corrected an issue that prevented the Undead Essence Extractor from working as expected.
- When attempting to initiate a raid when at least one member already has a lockout from that raid, the raid leader can choose to enter anyways upon confirming to accept the lockout(s) being applied.
- Fixed several Agent of Change instances in Planes of Power where minibosses were giving erroneous replay timers. An example is Gryme the Crypt Guardian in the Plane of Disease.
- Removed the 'Taromani's Blessing' achievement as it was no longer obtainable.
- Myconid Mutiny (Raid): Augments will not longer appear on the corpses of the workers.

*** Spells ***

- Corrected an issue where item procs that scale by level were using the player's level instead of the item spell's level. In general this caused older items to do more damage than intended, and newer items to do less damage than intended.
- Protection of Primal Spirit's description should now be more accurate.

*** AA ***

- Magician - Fixed an issue that prevented Elemental Conversion from reporting its damage.
- Removed the max spell level limiter from the following Archetype AAs:
- - Abundant Healing
- Removed the max spell level limiter from the following Class AAs:
- - Bard - Fierce Eye
- - Bard - Quick Time
- - Cleric - Sanctified Blessing
- - Druid - Group Spirit of the Great Wolf
- - Druid - Spirit of the Great Wolf
- - Enchanter - Chromatic Haze
- - Enchanter - Gift of Hazy Thoughts
- - Enchanter - Phantasmic Reflex
- - Enchanter - Tashan's Lingering Cry
- - Magician - Elemental Form
- - Magician - Heart of Skyfire
- - Magician - Thaumaturge's Focus
- - Necromaner - Funeral Pyre
- - Necromancer - Hand of Death
- - Paladin - Thunder of Karana
- - Shadow Knight - Visage of Decay
- - Shaman - Dampen Resistance (Also increased the min resist modifiers on ranks 12-20)
- - Wizard - Arcane Fury
- - Wizard - Improved Familiar
- - Wizard - Spire of Arcanum
- - Wizard - Trifurcating Magic
- Removed the max spell level limiter from the following Focus AAs:
- - Enchanter - Hastened Mesmerization
- - Magician - Flames of Power (Also reduced the Flames of Weakness max damage reduction to -15% and increased the min damage reduction to -5%)

*** NPCs ***

- Fixed some inconsistencies with shades being able to see undead properly.
- Aten Ha Ra (Vex Thal) - Corrected a very old bug that caused Aten Ha Ra to use generic Akhevan sounds rather than her intended sound effects.

*** Collections ***

- Altered text in the lore on the Citadel Orchids collection items to Citadel Orchids instead of Cauldron Flowers.

*** Overseer ***

- Corrected the misspelling of Dragon Necropolis for the Overseer Collection Item Dispenser.
- Fixed the Overseer Collection Item Dispenser to not allow CoV collections to be claimed unless CoV is unlocked.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Added Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw back to randomized loot on random loot servers.
- Altered the release schedule for Coirnav in anticipation of the server merge in July.
- Chests in raid encounters that drop components for the Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore will now contain these items.
- Mechanics that require players to cast spells of a certain level will now have a 10 level adjustment on Level Locked Progression servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added future planned patch dates to the in-game calendar. These dates may change.
- Added an option to /shownames to display only first and guild names.
- Added options to /xtarget to load and save a target set. Use /xtarget to see usage details.
- Increased the max amount of saved targets sets in the Extended Target Window from 10 to 30.
- Added a prompt to the Shar Vahl stone in the Plane of Knowledge to ask if the adventurer would like to go to the original Shar Vahl or Shar Vahl, Divided.
- Added the percentage gained to raid experience messages.
- Fixed an issue with an erroneous popup at level 61 telling the player about /autoskill when /autoskill had its level requirement removed.

*** UI ***

- Removed the Social Sharing button from the cascade menu.
- Corrected an issue where your UI would be locked out if you confirmed the sale of a bag's contents after closing the Merchant Window.
- The Upgrade Character button on the Inventory Window is now disabled while a heroic upgrade is in progress.
- Updated the Overseer Window so that the Agent area on the Quests tab is always visible.
- Added a message to the Tradeskill Depot Window when your items are being loaded.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when an invalid number of quests in ActiveList in your character's ini file are present.
- Withdrawing a single item from your Tradeskill Depot, Dragon's Hoard, or Item Overflow will now place that item on your cursor rather than directly in your inventory.
- Attempting to delete a Heroic Character that was created on a Heroic-flagged server such as Miragul will now give a warning that the Heroic Character feature will not be refunded.
- Removed the deprecated social sharing tab from the Options Window.
- When turning in a stack of items for a quest, you will now see fewer chat messages about it.
- Updated the Task Overlay Window's default lock status, transparency, and close button visibility.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Mean Streets (Mission) - The Glimmering Illusion spell can now be removed as intended from Jakarashev's illusions.

- The EverQuest Team