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Blade of the Black Dragon Eye Marcia Attamilgad foreveratrum EQ Item Oct 02 5:21am
Gorelaz Verilak dropped arkadykappa EQ Monster Oct 02 5:08am
Brraaaaainss! blah UnholyCzars EQ Quest Oct 02 4:08am
Marcia Attamilgad yeah still a joke Reincarnation EQ Monster Oct 02 3:14am
Supple Loam not tradeskill anymore svann EQ Item Oct 02 3:14am
Where is Marcia Attamilgad? Offers... Cylius EQ Quest Oct 02 2:12am
Tijoely spawn Zaztik EQ Monster Oct 02 12:08am
Chelsith #4: Ready The Killing Blow loot Nukchuu EQ Quest Oct 01 11:58pm
a frosty gargoyle watcher spawn Zaztik EQ Monster Oct 01 11:44pm
King's Court Casino Guise of the Deceiver (& Being a Dark Elf) Sparxx EQ Quest Oct 01 11:41pm
Marcia Attamilgad SOE's attempt bruucce EQ Monster Oct 01 11:41pm
Gold Ticket Guise of the Deceiver & Being a Dark Elf Sparxx EQ Item Oct 01 11:40pm
Guise of the Deceiver Guise of the Deceiver Sparxx EQ Item Oct 01 11:38pm
The Brood Master loc Zaztik EQ Monster Oct 01 11:37pm
Lost Lumpling If you mess up on steamwork gardener part RaykuanIxion EQ Quest Oct 01 11:22pm
Argin-Hiz #4: A Dimming Light Getting to the center of the tower araisfeld EQ Quest Oct 01 11:07pm
Sorcerer's Blade You need to scribe this first... kshipper EQ Item Oct 01 10:21pm
Marcia Attamilgad Locket of Escape Stickietoes95 EQ Monster Oct 01 10:18pm
BladeStorm, Katana of Steel Sleet 90 Nobles Drewinette EQ Item Oct 01 10:07pm
Where is Marcia Attamilgad? more info on Marcia Zaztik EQ Quest Oct 01 10:04pm
Marcia Attamilgad more info on Marcia Zaztik EQ Monster Oct 01 10:02pm
Marcia Attamilgad Joke Reincarnation EQ Monster Oct 01 9:52pm
Marcia Attamilgad Today sale EMIAG EQ Monster Oct 01 9:43pm
Facing Your Fear Person with quest must pull Drakang EQ Quest Oct 01 8:48pm
tainted seafury cyclops current tainted/corrupt spawn JTStorm EQ Monster Oct 01 7:30pm
Marcia Attamilgad anyone? Amio EQ Monster Oct 01 6:29pm
Grawrarawr ph Shuraz EQ Monster Oct 01 5:11pm
Noble umm- another "plat sink" nekokirei EQ Item Oct 01 3:12pm
Marcia Attamilgad anyone? Kaladume EQ Monster Oct 01 2:55pm
Noble umm- another "plat sink" iyeni EQ Item Oct 01 2:32pm
Where is Marcia Attamilgad? More infos MikuRBD EQ Quest Oct 01 1:30pm
Tome of Manipulation Firiona Vie Baeddon EQ Item Oct 01 1:25pm
Duriek Bloodpool spawn timer Shuraz EQ Monster Oct 01 9:49am
Familiarity is Key No repeat, no fragment if you destroyed? Altara EQ Quest Oct 01 3:36am
Broken Nokk Insignia No mensa members here abduhl EQ Item Oct 01 3:13am
a drakonine opportunist a drakonine opportunist snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 2:24am
Kildrukaun the Ancient Kildrukaun the Ancient snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 1:43am
Zeixshi`Kar the Ancient Zeishi'Kar the Ancient in Sleeper's Tomb snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 1:32am
Vyskudra the Ancient Vyskudra the Ancient snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 1:23am
Tjudawos the Ancient Tjudawos The Ancient snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 1:14am
The Final Arbiter The Final Arbiter snailish EQ Monster Oct 01 1:05am
Brodhas Stratagy Plonk EQ Monster Oct 01 12:29am
Raw-hide Gorget South Ro is the place to go, Mucktails are no good hullan EQ Item Sep 30 8:14pm
Achievement: Champion of Blackburrow Minimum level to get Bijou EQ Quest Sep 30 7:36pm
Black Chaos Gauntlets Location of where I found my gauntlets psycolawson EQ Item Sep 30 7:06pm
Decree of Quellious Also from the drakes on island 7 SooronexVZ EQ Item Sep 30 6:15pm
Guard Donlan phs Shuraz EQ Monster Sep 30 10:29am
Tower of Rot #6: The Source of Rot Fujari Docat EQ Quest Sep 30 4:11am
COTF Rank III Spells: Captured Essence of Ethernere Wizard spells Moosetoe EQ Quest Sep 30 3:57am
Flickering Jewel . Zaztik EQ Item Sep 30 3:43am
Achievement: Mercenary of Al'Kabor's Nightmare Incorrect information DarkVendetta EQ Quest Sep 30 3:34am
Achievement: Piecing Together History Check list? mixinman EQ Quest Sep 30 3:22am
Chesgard Sydwen find the guy next to him svann EQ Monster Sep 30 2:22am
Raw-hide Gorget South Ro is the place to go, Mucktails are no good svann EQ Item Sep 30 1:32am
Kerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb) Sleeper's Tomb snailish EQ Zone Sep 30 1:00am
Drakeen Protector Drakeen Protector snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:48am
Drakeen Apprentice Pops snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:46am
Drakeen Controller Drakeen Controller snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:45am
Forbidding Gargoyle Forbidding Gargoyle snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:35am
Wyvern Fanatic Wyvern Fanatic snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:32am
Furious Phantasm faction snailish EQ Monster Sep 30 12:22am
Familiarity is Key No repeat, no fragment if you destroyed? RickeySnakes EQ Quest Sep 30 12:08am
Ruaabri's Fist Stacking araisfeld EQ Item Sep 29 9:04pm
Keeper of Souls Bring an SK Sekhista EQ Monster Sep 29 7:57pm
Necromancer Test of Power Quest Dialogue and Whatnot Fleven EQ Quest Sep 29 7:06pm
Sanctus Seru A Caravan Master Temperance EQ Zone Sep 29 11:45am
an Argathian legend Not mezzable KaaiofLuclin EQ Monster Sep 29 3:48am
Jelly of the Cliknar Queen EITHER bottom or smaller room Fayman EQ Item Sep 29 1:00am
Necromancer Test of Power Quest Dialogue and Whatnot Sekhista EQ Quest Sep 29 12:09am
A Guide Beyond the Rift Updating requirements Exor688 EQ Quest Sep 28 11:12pm
Mask of the Chetari Dropped in Breeding Grounds dafreman EQ Item Sep 28 10:32pm
Shabby Lobby Door Shabby Lobby Door Guilds ONLY Fleven EQ Item Sep 28 10:15pm
Darkside Way to chat filter the effect in lobby. Bofor EQ Spell Sep 28 9:22pm
Argin-Hiz #2: The Reclusive Collector Group-friendly dafdaf EQ Quest Sep 28 7:05pm
Efreeti Death Visage Puzzle Solver WyreWintermute EQ Quest Sep 28 5:54pm
Rune Binding Powder drop info, a crystalline sphere, korascian warrens svann EQ Item Sep 28 4:01pm
Elegant Summoner's Earring Pet power 40 focus item benetoll EQ Item Sep 28 3:34pm
Doomscale Diabolist doomscale vazzeraal EQ Monster Sep 28 3:21pm
A Gem Collector Exact spawn locations Xyroff EQ Monster Sep 28 12:27pm
Tower of Frozen Shadow An Enraged Relative directxbear1 EQ Zone Sep 28 2:14am
Shabby Lobby Door Shabby Lobby Door Guilds ONLY Merf EQ Item Sep 27 11:42pm
The Doomscale Horde waves Baeddon EQ Quest Sep 27 11:30pm
Achievement: Nature's Corrupted Candy location skully EQ Quest Sep 27 8:24pm
Eldak Howlingbear Seen him... killed him dead, plus his buddy. plugit EQ Monster Sep 27 6:28pm
Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Backpack Transcendent Bags CorwyhnXev EQ Recipe Sep 27 11:42am
Garik's Secrets of Bag Expansion Transcendent Bags CorwyhnXev EQ Item Sep 27 11:24am
Xorbb's Caged Hatred Tunnel Slither booshd EQ Item Sep 27 7:17am
Fertile Earth Where? midnightrider2 EQ Item Sep 27 5:20am
Wrathpaw /loc Winiddar1 EQ Monster Sep 27 3:52am
Raid Expedition: Deepscar's Den Entrance Meesay EQ Quest Sep 27 1:36am
September 26, 2014 omg yaaaay increase spawns!! seizmik News Posting Sep 27 12:02am
The Sklyg The Sklyg Lilpapei EQ Monster Sep 26 10:39pm
Bizzzzt Not real MikuRBD EQ Monster Sep 26 12:24pm
Drink of Timeless Energy Guide event item RondorNorador EQ Item Sep 26 7:58am
Decadent Jumjum Cake Guide event reward RondorNorador EQ Item Sep 26 7:56am
Hermit's Hideaway Hideaway available for viewing RykontheBlack EQ Item Sep 26 6:27am
Hermit's Hideaway Where to find a Hermit's Hideaway on Bristlebane RykontheBlack EQ Quest Sep 26 5:49am
Rings of Fire Not enough Journal page drops. Majique EQ Quest Sep 26 4:29am
Solteris Access #2: Locating the Statue closing statement RaykuanIxion EQ Quest Sep 26 3:53am
Rings of Fire Additional information for the guide. Olurane EQ Quest Sep 25 10:56pm
Jumjum Stalk Another merchant Mark100 EQ Item Sep 25 10:37pm
Razortooth wrong mob Zaztik EQ Quest Sep 25 8:26pm
Achievement: These Boots Were Made For... The Great Caiman Issue Zaztik EQ Quest Sep 25 8:22pm
Shroud of the Forgotten misc curse effects Rezzie EQ Item Sep 25 6:43pm
Noble HUH? Drewinette EQ Item Sep 25 6:34pm
A Guide Beyond the Rift Requirements SklakXegony EQ Quest Sep 25 4:39pm
Enraged Gorilla Patriarch Chest Thump Suxors! gutsuya EQ Monster Sep 25 3:44pm
Cazel Scumbags hullan EQ Monster Sep 25 2:34pm
Skal's Waking Nightmare Quest should have a level cap KC13 EQ Quest Sep 25 2:12pm
Skal`s Waking Nightmare Level 80 KC13 EQ Monster Sep 25 2:07pm
A Patrolling Recruit level clue and loot Videri EQ Monster Sep 25 12:37pm
Cooper #2: Excavating an Answer tank needed Plonk EQ Quest Sep 25 11:18am
HoT Rank II Level 90 Spells: Glowing Nebulous Dream Fragment 89 and 90 Rk2s are tradeable and no longer lore (stackable). hexeez EQ Quest Sep 25 11:05am
Coldain Shawl #7: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl Prayer to Brell easy as Pie Lamini EQ Quest Sep 25 2:57am
Achievement: Crystal Circle Builder Small Glowing Fear Shard mixinman EQ Quest Sep 25 1:34am
Feir'Dal Forge This is mispelled Kynsh EQ Static Container Sep 25 1:18am
Scuffed Journeyman's Rucksack Drop in Grounds Anudar EQ Item Sep 24 11:01pm
Noble Other Noble Exchange locations. Merf EQ Item Sep 24 10:37pm
Research Research tips svann EQ Skill Sep 24 10:27pm
Only The Blind Will See (Level 65) Ambush in Firiona Vie Nexxius EQ Quest Sep 24 10:25pm
Deputy Fozon Double Duty Deputy Merf EQ Monster Sep 24 9:50pm
Deputy Heepo New job Merf EQ Monster Sep 24 9:49pm
Noble HUH? Merf EQ Item Sep 24 9:06pm
an angry gorilla patriarch Hit for... gutsuya EQ Monster Sep 24 8:57pm
Wizard Epic: Staff of the Four VS down RaiderZnoob EQ Quest Sep 24 6:47pm
Venril Sathir Gnarled Staff - Wiz Epic RaiderZnoob EQ Monster Sep 24 6:26pm
Worker Sledgemallet Found error on the stats guated EQ Item Sep 24 11:02am
Venril Sathir Gnarled Staff - Wiz Epic RaiderZnoob EQ Monster Sep 24 6:19am
Possessed Dreadstone Assassin's Knife proc rate USNLazarus EQ Item Sep 24 1:47am
Battle Fury proc rate USNLazarus EQ Spell Sep 24 1:46am
Scaled Avatar's Boots Nice Boots AanilEci EQ Item Sep 24 12:41am
Modest Binding Powder acrylia caverns svann EQ Item Sep 23 10:59pm
Phase Spider Carapace Still dropping, Confirmed! Shuraz EQ Item Sep 23 8:24pm
Olethros, Runestaff of Calamity graphic? silarius EQ Item Sep 23 7:31pm
Refined Grade A Caladium Extract Also results in... GOMN EQ Recipe Sep 23 2:20am
Library Book ... guated EQ Quest Sep 22 10:27pm
Packed Picnic Basket items summoned Merf EQ Item Sep 22 9:55pm
Decadent Jumjum Cake random reward Merf EQ Item Sep 22 9:51pm
Deklean Korgad Repeatable +2 Faction Increase nekokirei EQ Faction Sep 22 4:44pm
Deepspores for Deklean +2 Faction Increase For Turn Ins nekokirei EQ Quest Sep 22 4:42pm
The Doomscale Horde waves bryson1613 EQ Quest Sep 22 4:22pm
Weathervane of the Dragon Someone should have looked at a map or globe or something. Delicose1 EQ Item Sep 22 3:50pm
Flask of Melon Juice Triv Zaendol EQ Item Sep 22 2:40pm
Holgresh Metamorph Totem What is this for Temperance EQ Item Sep 22 1:34pm
Achievement: Piecing Together History Check list? lovguild EQ Quest Sep 22 9:58am
Chunk of Ice Chunk of Ice Fleven EQ Item Sep 22 4:55am
An Epic Request (Shaman) Shaman completion. cikanle EQ Quest Sep 22 2:58am