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Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery Anyone had luck finding the Power of Fire in Solusek's Eye? Trellium EQ Quest Oct 24 8:40pm
Halloween: Rongol #1 - Carry the Torch iksar race makes this hard. dimacusa303 EQ Quest Oct 24 7:42pm
An Epic Request (Druid) Bugged? Keltest EQ Quest Oct 24 12:36pm
Vilefang he is snareable Kythar EQ Monster Oct 24 11:29am
Worn Totem Destroy Philliden EQ Item Oct 24 5:15am
Vicar Lucilia Belyea Strategies? Fayman EQ Monster Oct 24 3:34am
Tower of Rot #5: The Adana Problem Adana and Tower of Rot is ridiculous Fayman EQ Quest Oct 24 2:04am
Argin-Hiz #4: A Dimming Light See invis Exor688 EQ Quest Oct 24 12:45am
Poil Lolp Location for Poil Lolp flambeaux EQ Monster Oct 23 10:26pm
a pledge familiar Faction mods Bofor EQ Monster Oct 23 9:41pm
Tower of Rot #4: Narius' Plan Nasty Bugs Fayman EQ Quest Oct 23 8:40pm
Forest Phantasm drops bag, too. Zaztik EQ Monster Oct 23 8:09pm
Sliggles the Sneak Locs knmgfijnm EQ Monster Oct 23 5:40pm
Save on Station Cash at GameStop! Game stop didn't know anything about a sale CoolBeans News Posting Oct 23 4:10pm
Oxidized Silver Shoulderpads sholders again Plonk EQ Item Oct 23 4:01pm
an initiate familiar ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 23 3:53pm
Cargo Clockwork ... Sythik EQ Quest Oct 23 3:24pm
Alekson Garn agro boontaeve EQ Monster Oct 23 7:39am
Gylton spawning Sebbina EQ Monster Oct 23 7:14am
Staff of Forbidden Rites Staff of Forbidden Rites Danegeld EQ Item Oct 23 6:16am
Halloween: Missing Costume Pieces Plane of Hate REEEEX EQ Quest Oct 23 1:14am
Xulous Prime STRATAGY` Plonk EQ Quest Oct 22 11:01pm
Frost Giant Toes drop rates GraemeFaelban EQ Item Oct 22 10:56pm
The Blightfire Witches Scarlet Witch midnitelady EQ Quest Oct 22 10:53pm
a farmer also drops svann EQ Monster Oct 22 10:34pm
an undead rat ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 22 9:14pm
Taskmaster Abyott Stonebrunt Apudark EQ Monster Oct 22 8:35pm
Axgoreth's Belt of Defense The belt drop now seems to be common alienempire EQ Item Oct 22 7:58pm
Save on Station Cash at GameStop! Game Stop doesn't know about this sale Stickietoes95 News Posting Oct 22 4:49pm
Nate Epitaph Drewinette EQ Monster Oct 22 4:15pm
Red Dragon Tooth costs 21 brews Trellium EQ Item Oct 22 3:42pm
Large Crab Claw Vendor Trash Lilpapei EQ Item Oct 22 3:11pm
Strike Home Toe The Giants Faction COV Kythar EQ Quest Oct 22 12:54pm
Kael Drakkel Bad Zone Kythar EQ Zone Oct 22 12:14pm
Kael Drakkel mob not listed Kythar EQ Zone Oct 22 11:57am
Adventurer's Stone adventurer's stone as a heroic character mixinman EQ Quest Oct 22 9:04am
Bloodgill Steel Weapons Faction Numbers Update nekokirei EQ Quest Oct 22 3:12am
Halloween: Digging Their Graves Field of Scale Locations UnholyCzars EQ Quest Oct 22 2:05am
Tuft of Grizzly Bear Fur Foraged Merf EQ Item Oct 22 12:49am
Al-Metes Forage rate WebNinja EQ Item Oct 21 11:57pm
Tower of Rot #3: Fenn's Job Fenn disappears and no update Fayman EQ Quest Oct 21 11:50pm
Fire in the Hole Shawl 2.0 quest Lamini EQ Quest Oct 21 11:38pm
Water Flask Shroud drink Merf EQ Item Oct 21 11:02pm
Bugglegupp ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 21 11:01pm
Wool Bandages Shroud bandage Merf EQ Item Oct 21 10:58pm
Commander Kurt Ellis Suggestions Fayman EQ Monster Oct 21 9:18pm
Bugglegupp ... Sythik EQ Quest Oct 21 8:50pm
rogue cleaner ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 21 8:16pm
a runaway clockwork ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 21 8:10pm
runaway clockwork ... Sythik EQ Monster Oct 21 8:00pm
Oathbound Hammer useless proc Nikoral EQ Item Oct 21 4:58pm
Stillwillow, the Storm`s Eye Kill his Mini boss friends first DragonVista EQ Monster Oct 21 4:30pm
Argin-Hiz #4: A Dimming Light Getting to the center of the tower Atlans EQ Quest Oct 21 2:45pm
Mercenary Recruitment Already have 7 merc slots DarkarkEQ EQ Quest Oct 21 1:22pm
Worn Totem Worn Totem baltzegar EQ Item Oct 21 1:00pm
Halloween: The Hungry Halfling Reward Drewinette EQ Quest Oct 21 10:42am
a cinderback spider hit me for Shuraz EQ Monster Oct 21 10:35am
Inferno Vortex Three minute fight booshd EQ Monster Oct 21 7:36am
Breakdown in Communication #11: Qvic Can drop more Oaky EQ Quest Oct 21 7:34am
Save on Station Cash at GameStop! Game Stop doesn't know about this sale mtgdragon News Posting Oct 21 5:19am
Tower of Rot #1: The Scions of the Tower Furniture.... Fayman EQ Quest Oct 21 3:15am
Quillmane Proper Camp Trellium EQ Monster Oct 21 2:05am
Rucksack of the Grand Adventurer source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:05am
Resilient Adventurer's Crystal source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:04am
Painting: The Goddess Luclin source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:03am
Seal of the Loyalist source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:03am
Draught of Grand Adventure source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:02am
Medal of Advancement source Tobynn EQ Item Oct 21 12:00am
eq:Call_of_the_Forsaken_Overview Levels and heroic adventure fatbass Wiki Discussion (EQ) Oct 20 11:41pm
Reothe Loot Bijou EQ Monster Oct 20 11:31pm
Save on Station Cash at GameStop! Game Stop doesn't know about this sale Cyliena News Posting Oct 20 11:02pm
The Shade of Cazic Thule faction hits Shuraz EQ Monster Oct 20 11:00pm
Achievement: Planes, Trains and Element-iles Where GOMN EQ Quest Oct 20 10:09pm
Cooper #1: Clearing a Path STEP #4 Search thru containers Trabik EQ Quest Oct 20 7:13pm
Stormfeather Downed On Drinal - 21:00 CST 10.19 nekokirei EQ Monster Oct 20 1:21pm
Earthshaker resell to Marcia Attamilgad (rare item merchant) Vinney EQ Item Oct 20 10:23am
Chocolate Shake Alternate recipe Kreeve EQ Recipe Oct 20 7:57am
Temilotzin the Zealot place holder CaellCelebore EQ Monster Oct 20 7:26am
Essence of Instinct loc Lamini EQ Item Oct 20 2:17am
Rock Candy Wrong zone Merf EQ Item Oct 20 2:11am
Save on Station Cash at GameStop! Game Stop doesn't know about this sale mtgdragon News Posting Oct 20 1:38am
Halloween: Necromancer's Garden Necromancer's Garden Sheldor EQ Quest Oct 20 12:10am
Halloween: Necromancer's Garden 2014 Wreck EQ Quest Oct 19 10:46pm
Ancient Heroes - Lady Vox Loot Willnec EQ Quest Oct 19 9:32pm
Halloween: Rongol #2 - Scarecrow Roundup 2014 Wreck EQ Quest Oct 19 6:46pm
Poisoned Whip drops from... Kythar EQ Item Oct 19 6:14pm
Pure Energeian Metal Orb Stats Stickietoes95 EQ Item Oct 19 5:48pm
Giant Helmets faction hits Kythar EQ Quest Oct 19 4:50pm
Ghoulbane It still drops from Joren Nobleheart Bophed EQ Item Oct 19 4:11pm
Halloween: Trick or Treat for the Old Man Sergeant Ragus Atlans EQ Quest Oct 19 3:08pm
Halloween: Trick or Treat for the Old Man Sergeant Ragus Atlans EQ Quest Oct 19 3:06pm
Cikdew At one time...... GOMN EQ Monster Oct 19 2:56pm
Tome Cover Supplies removed?? svann EQ Item Oct 19 2:54pm
Venril Sathir Venril Sathir snailish EQ Monster Oct 19 1:30pm
Nitram Anizok Re: No Metal Casings! Temperance EQ Monster Oct 19 12:02pm
Dragon Scale Conversion he is not working it seems Shuraz EQ Quest Oct 19 11:12am
Larnik the Recluse Couple of tidbits Gilador EQ Monster Oct 19 10:54am
Gates of Discord Progression #4a: Martyrs Passage Ground spawns also Oaky EQ Quest Oct 19 8:39am
Minotaur Horns ... Sythik EQ Quest Oct 19 6:49am
Corporal Gravlin Torch Sheldor EQ Monster Oct 19 6:00am
Red Dragon Tooth Marcia Attamilgad FromTheFuture EQ Item Oct 19 4:26am
South Karana NPC's Fleven EQ Zone Oct 19 3:06am
Minotaur Horns ... Sythik EQ Quest Oct 19 1:34am
Air Tight Box ... Sythik EQ Quest Oct 19 12:51am
Halloween: Skeleton Zapping Barsin, the Bonecollector aeryna EQ Quest Oct 18 11:35pm
Storm Rider Cap Re: studs can be bought? Yther EQ Recipe Oct 18 9:47pm
South Karana NPC's GOMN EQ Zone Oct 18 8:42pm
King Tormax Faction Zarmak EQ Monster Oct 18 8:27pm
Tower of Rot #2: The Tower's Victims Inside crates twoma EQ Quest Oct 18 7:51pm
Storm Rider Cap studs can be bought? svann EQ Recipe Oct 18 5:50pm
Xounii's Journal Page 1 Dropped Oaky EQ Item Oct 18 5:40pm
Marcia Attamilgad Item GOMN EQ Monster Oct 18 4:40pm
Daosheen the Firstborn [Raid] Strat for boxing/using min people kaoriknights EQ Quest Oct 18 11:11am
Vkaak faction hits Kythar EQ Monster Oct 18 10:56am
Halloween: Skeleton Zapping Repeatable Drewinette EQ Quest Oct 18 10:13am
Mercurial Metal (AKA Mecurial Metal) Don't kill Goralf too fast Kalevalatar EQ Quest Oct 18 8:55am
Solenium Ore how rare? Shuraz EQ Item Oct 18 8:37am
Necromancer Epic 1.5: Soulwhisper Respawn on Biddliss Salvado EQ Quest Oct 18 7:02am
Cooper #3: The Descending Tower WHERE ARE THE CHESTS Plonk EQ Quest Oct 18 5:26am
Achievement: A Sight for Sore Eyes Alternative GOMN EQ Quest Oct 18 3:10am
Achievement: A Sight for Sore Eyes Alternative GOMN EQ Quest Oct 18 3:10am
Enchanter Epic: Chalice of Kings Prince Selrach Di`zok davieJones EQ Quest Oct 17 11:10pm
Brexx Darkpaw Named fahey EQ Monster Oct 17 9:09pm
Stained Fine Runic Sortilege Sheet Drops... Cylius EQ Item Oct 17 7:56pm
Vigorous Turncoat Dropped Winiddar1 EQ Monster Oct 17 6:03pm
Shakey Scarecrow new drop foreveratrum EQ Monster Oct 17 5:18pm
Gylton spawning aidanflynn EQ Monster Oct 17 4:29pm
The Crimson Bat must be super rare... dimacusa303 EQ Monster Oct 17 3:40pm
Halloween: Under Your Skin No more door Diani EQ Quest Oct 17 1:59pm
Fireshard Ring Required level on effect or just to wear? WebNinja EQ Item Oct 17 1:46pm
Vigorous Turncoat Dropped Winiddar1 EQ Monster Oct 17 10:15am
The Voidsoul Possessed Still on but LONG camp hullan EQ Monster Oct 17 6:26am
Marcia Attamilgad smells of oakwynd? skinned many gnomes i tinkered me a mask? FromTheFuture EQ Monster Oct 17 3:51am
Raid Expedition: A Council Divided min # Stickietoes95 EQ Quest Oct 17 1:37am
Chestplate of the Dark Flame Frightful Aura effect HotshottX EQ Item Oct 17 12:34am
Access to the Yxtta Primal Caves: The Riddles Works booshd EQ Quest Oct 16 11:53pm
Ethermist Robes que es? svann EQ Item Oct 16 9:02pm
Achievement: Legendary Creatures PoTime Trabik EQ Quest Oct 16 7:42pm
Where is Marcia Attamilgad? In my honest opinion Vinney EQ Quest Oct 16 6:46pm
an Enraged Bixie Drone Scuffed Journeyman's Rucksack Eckar EQ Monster Oct 16 6:28pm
Calcified Filament Vendor jnhalley EQ Item Oct 16 6:01pm
Halloween: Find the Black Cat the cat PnzEYJkc EQ Quest Oct 16 5:14pm
Halloween: Bone Mask of Horror completion dialog Tobynn EQ Quest Oct 16 4:23pm
Champion of the Vah Shir Faction Hits Sizes MikuRBD EQ Quest Oct 16 1:29pm
Gribble #3: Disrupting the Ritual mission aeldar EQ Quest Oct 16 12:32pm
Halloween: Under Your Skin No more door Diani EQ Quest Oct 16 12:31pm
Mass Enchant Clay How many? Nitlaan EQ Spell Oct 16 5:48am
The Invasion of the Defilers required 65 fistofice EQ Quest Oct 16 3:15am
Dragon Skull Fragments quest dialogue bugged. aeryna EQ Item Oct 16 2:32am