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Note: This write-up outlines group tasks and progression. For details about raid progression, see this article: Raiding in Rain of Fear.

There are no locked zones in this expansion. All zones are open.

There are 14 static zones:

In the group game, the Rain of Fear expansion is mostly non-linear. The only task pre-requisites you will encounter are those involved in a zone's individual central task arc. As far as overall zone progression, you can do anything in any order.

List of Tasks

Listed here are all tasks and group missions.

  • Bolded tasks represent that zone's central task arc.
    • These tasks make up a linear series to be completed in the order they're listed below.
  • Unbolded tasks are stand-alone, generally with no pre-requisites other than a minimum level of 85.

Note: Most or all starting task NPCs are findable with the CTRL+F (Find) option.

Note: This write-up will in with links to quest and NPC entries as they are entered into the database.

Tier 1

Shard's Landing

Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening

Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear

Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness

  • Note: Tasks given by Storm Giants require their faction (Dragon Death Keep). In order to gain faction with Storm Giants, you need to kill Frost Giants in the zone (about 30 kills should turn around your faction).

Tier 2

Breeding Grounds

Evantil, the Vile Oak

  • Partisan Tasks
    • Fun With Fungus - shared task from Gevani Willowsprite (-590, 3, 2 -- base of the tree, just west of the ramp that leads upwards from the ground level)
    • What A Mess - solo task from Tally (-140, 70, 971 -- a fair distance up the tree; at the top of the stairs that extends upwards from the ant/3rd floor)
    • Forbidden Fruit - solo task from Bally (80, 10, 1167 -- in the center area of the tree's top)
    • Searching for a Cure - solo task from Yioan in Beasts' Domain (-620, 2755, 10 -- due south of Kalda and Mea Treg who are in the zone's northwestern corner)

Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of Filth

Chapterhouse of the Fallen

Valley of King Xorbb

Tier 3

Chelsith Reborn

Plane of Shadow

Tier 4

Heart of Fear


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