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Ring of Scale is EverQuest's 24th expansion. It will launch on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017.

Content & Features

  • 6 Expansion Zones.
  • New Quests, Heroic Adventures, Missions, and Additional Raids
  • An entire new lineup of Spells and AA's
  • Level increase to 110
  • New tradeskill items, including tradeskill gear, weapons, jewelry, potions and more
  • New Armor Ornaments
  • New Collections
  • New Achievements
  • 1 Extra Spell Casting Slot


Getting There

You can get to Ring of Scale zones by going through Empires of Kunark zones since they are linked. You can go through The Nexus portal in the middle to get to Lceanium which is the hub zone for Empires of Kunark.

You can get to The Overthere from Frontier Mountains at the northern zone line.
You can get to Skyfire Mountains from The Overthere in the west.
You can get to Howling Stones from The Overthere in the valley.
You can get to Sathir's Tomb through Howling Stones in the east wing.
You can get to Gorowyn through Skyfire Mountains in the northeast corner.

You can also get to Skyfire Mountains by teleport from a Druid or Wizard. You can buy your port spells from Dermun in Skyfire Mountains in the combine camp located in the southwest corner of the zone.

If you bought at least the collectors edition, you can also get there by using a teleport item such as Gorowyn Translocator Lantern or Gorowyn Translocator Beacon. Those two items place you not far from Gorowyn in Skyfire Mountains.

You can also get to The Overthere docks by using your local guild hall translocator NPC by buying a Miniature Worker's Sledge Mallet from them.

You can't get to RoS zones through the old Kunark zones.


Here is an atlas of all the zone connections. Click on the image to expand.

You can download Goodurden's Maps here.

You can download Brewall's maps here.


Check out our progression guide for Ring of Scale here.

Complete progression Scalebreaker reward mount - Scaled Stonegazer Saddle.


There are 9 raids. They are split into 3 tiers of three raids each. Of course each tier upwards is more difficult than the previous.

In a comparison from raids in EoK raids to RoS raids, the jump from EoK to RoS will be more difficult than all of the tiers in RoS.

Check out our raid guide here.

Group Armor and Raid Armor

To see all group and raid armor visit our Armor Guide.


To see a listing of augments, take a look at our guide at here.


Coming Soon.


Check out all the spells at this link.

Rank 1 spells can be purchased from the following vendors in The Overthere outpost.

Druwdave Nporto (Necromancer, Shadowknight Spells)
Frinshalor (Cleric and Paladin Spells)
Irarae (Enchanter and Bard Spells)
Kris Tawalalin (Wizard and Magician Spells)
Pinskidan (Shaman and Beastlord Spells)
Zowikinski (Ranger and Druid Spells)

Rank 2 spells

Rank 3 spells

Ornaments, Weapons and Shields

Click here to see all sets of RoS ornamentations.

Rare Drops

The official word is - There will be no new rares, but "EoK" rares will also drop in RoS



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