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Armor Ornaments

Restless Ice


Group Weapons and Shields

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Tier 1

Blizzent's Rod of Wintry Fever Bloodmaw's Axe of Misery Bone Chilled Spear Cold-Forge Cudgel Dirk of the Dark Blizzard Flowstone Cudgel

Fluttering Staff of the Damned Freezing Rain Frost Strike Frostbite Glacial Crystal Tip Staff Greataxe of Frozen Tears

Ice Fiend's Blade Ice Mace of the Soother Immense Ice Slicer Katar of Silent Screams Lament Maul of Restlessness Mender's Shiver Staff

Orc Herbalist Staff Permafrost Lance Stonemason's Hammer Thosgromri's Glacial Axe

Tier 2

Ancient Gold Inlaid Cudgel Blade of Xalgoti Blood Splattered Mace Bludgeon of Shadows Clear Ice Cold Morning

Crystallized Shadow Axe Forgotten Hammer of the Golden Mason Frozen Glory Gold Infused Stone Lance Golden Reinforced Brawl Stick Golden Runed Short Sword

Golden Runed Topaz Battle Staff Granite Boars Head Hammer Hardened Bone Misericorde Hardened Bone Poinard Irrek's Blade Keen Edged Blade

Keldor's Dustin Magnetic Sword of the Knight Rebellious Ruby Handled Fangs Sparkling Soul Bow Spruce Berry Bow Thunder Snow


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Velium Infused Arcane Staff Velium Infused Athame Velium Infused Axe Velium Infused Battle Rod Velium Infused Battle Staff Velium Infused Buckler

Velium Infused Club Velium Infused Compound Bow Velium Infused Dagger Velium Infused Devotional Staff Velium Infused Great Axe Velium Infused Great Hammer

Velium Infused Great Sword Velium Infused Hammer Velium Infused Injection Dagger Velium Infused Katar Velium Infused Kite Shield Velium Infused Longbow

Velium Infused Mace Velium Infused Pick Velium Infused Scimitar Velium Infused Short Spear Velium Infused Spear Velium Infused Sword

Velium Infused Tower Shield Velium Infused Wand Velium Infused War Axe Velium Infused War Fork Velium Infused War Hammer

Raid Weapons and Shields

Tier 1

Agatar, Griklor's Swordbreaker Bow of the Zekarian Destroyer Claws of the Griffin Crash, Darakin's Rod Cryptic Crystalline Mace of Syl'Tor

Divine Military Pick of Zek Godshard Heartsplitter Jibbity Jabber Malificence Omen

Rage of Rallos, Cleaving Edge Restless Axe of Carnage Stormcaller Stormfury The Final Say The Stormboar

Translucent Velium Bludgeoner Velium Reinforced Corrupted Drake Canine Velium War Staff of Zek Velketor's Quill Weather Windweaver


Velium Enhanced Arcane Staff Velium Enhanced Athame Velium Enhanced Axe Velium Enhanced Battle Rod Velium Enhanced Battle Staff Velium Enhanced Club

Velium Enhanced Compound Bow Velium Enhanced Dagger Velium Enhanced Devotional Staff Velium Enhanced Great Axe Velium Enhanced Great Hammer Velium Enhanced Great Sword

Velium Enhanced Hammer Velium Enhanced Injection Dagger Velium Enhanced Katar Velium Enhanced Longbow Velium Enhanced Mace Velium Enhanced Pick

Velium Enhanced Scimitar Velium Enhanced Short Spear Velium Enhanced Spear Velium Enhanced Sword Velium Enhanced Wand Velium Enhanced War Axe

Velium Enhanced War Fork Velium Enhanced War Hammer

Ultra Rare

Ice Encrusted Arcane Staff Ice Encrusted Athame Ice Encrusted Axe Ice Encrusted Battle Rod Ice Encrusted Battle Staff Ice Encrusted Buckler

Ice Encrusted Club Ice Encrusted Compound Bow Ice Encrusted Dagger Ice Encrusted Devotional Staff Ice Encrusted Great Axe Ice Encrusted Great Sword

Ice Encrusted Hammer Ice Encrusted Injection Dagger Ice Encrusted Katar Ice Encrusted Kite Shield Ice Encrusted Long Spear Ice Encrusted Longbow

Ice Encrusted Mace Ice Encrusted Maul Ice Encrusted Pick Ice Encrusted Short Spear Ice Encrusted Sword Ice Encrusted Tower Shield

Ice Encrusted Wand Ice Encrusted War Axe Ice Encrusted War Hammer


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