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Armor Ornaments

Name of Set Here


Weapon Ornaments

Shadow Ornaments

These weapon ornamentations can be obtained by preordering Terror of Luclin.

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Shadow Athame Ornament Shadow Axe Ornament Shadow Bardiche Ornament Shadow Basher Ornament Shadow Censer Ornament Shadow Club Ornament
Shadow Fighting Staff Ornament Shadow Fire Poker Ornament Shadow Fist Ornament Shadow Flanged Mace Ornament Shadow Great Censer Ornament Shadow Hammer Ornament
Shadow Hooked Dagger Ornament Shadow Katar Ornament Shadow Longbow Ornament Shadow Mace Ornament Shadow Maul Ornament Shadow Medium Shield Ornament
Shadow Pick Ornament Shadow Punching Dagger Ornament Shadow Rapier Ornament Shadow Riding Bow Ornament Shadow Scimitar Ornament Shadow Short Spear Ornament
Shadow Spear Ornament Shadow Spiral Dagger Ornament Shadow Staff Ornament Shadow Sword Ornament Shadow Tower Shield Ornament Shadow Two Headed Spear Ornament
Shadow Wand Ornament Shadow War Sword Ornament

Group Weapons and Shields

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Tier 1

Banded Luclinite Rapier Basirt's Moonpiercer Bladed Limb Lopper Blood Rite Spike Staff Bloodied Maul of Von Deek
Bow of Nightfall Calamity's Start Captain Double Glaive Colossal Goranga Mallet Cwunkey's Ornate Main Gauche
Darkened Steel Gladius Dazzling Luclinite Axe of Mort Dream Weaver Bow Fleshrend Staff Hex Morningstar
Hooked Staff of Gantru Jeweled Broadsword of Raz Jeweled Worn Buckler Kanabo of Kortiz Luclinite Hooked Knife
Ogchan's Tower Shield Pointed Wooden Enk Precious Etched Scepter Swirling Envenomed Spear Ulak of the Tegi Rebellion

Tier 2

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Aalyr's Backwards Stabber Centi Longsword Clear Shade Darkened Mace of Thoughts Dimmer Durek's Torment
Ego Channeler Glaive of Alkali Energy Great Mace of Pestilence Haunted Staff of Wizardry Implement of Illness Moon Spawn Defender
Oliive Branch Bow Ritual Dagger of the Akhevan Ancestors Rod of Holy Wrath Scepter of Lunark Magic Scorching Death Shade Bow
Shadow Piercer Staff of Akhevan Devotion Starfall Barrier Tears of Shade Tenebrous Basher The Wicked Kiss
Twin Katars of the Diabo Warden's Cudgel of Reconcile


  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Luclinite Ensanguined Arcane Staff Luclinite Ensanguined Athame Luclinite Ensanguined Axe Luclinite Ensanguined Bardiche Luclinite Ensanguined Broadsword Luclinite Ensanguined Buckler
Luclinite Ensanguined Censer Luclinite Ensanguined Club Luclinite Ensanguined Fighting Staff Luclinite Ensanguined Flanged Mace Luclinite Ensanguined Great Censer Luclinite Ensanguined Hammer
Luclinite Ensanguined Hooked Dagger Luclinite Ensanguined Katar Luclinite Ensanguined Longbow Luclinite Ensanguined Mace Luclinite Ensanguined Maul Luclinite Ensanguined Rapier
Luclinite Ensanguined Riding Bow Luclinite Ensanguined Scimitar Luclinite Ensanguined Short Spear Luclinite Ensanguined Spear Luclinite Ensanguined Spiked Shield Luclinite Ensanguined Spiral Dagger
Luclinite Ensanguined Sword Luclinite Ensanguined Tower Shield Luclinite Ensanguined Two Headed Spear Luclinite Ensanguined Wand Luclinite Ensanguined War Sword

Raid Weapons and Shields

Tier 1

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Ashenfall, Labrys of the Penumbra Balance's Radiance Bite of the Vampire Bladed Wand of Night Blessed Akhevan Shadow Shears Bludgeon of the Moon's Favor
Diseased Netherbian Claw Staff Donaskz, Martello of Temperance Dual Partisan of the Shattered Vow Duskcaller, the Master's Herald Edge of Madness Guillotine of Perpetual Moonlight
Holy Akhevan Mace Ilulawen, Longbow of Justice Lethia, the Master's Treasure Lunatic Helix Mace of the Endless Twilight Moonbeam, the Piercing Comet
Night's Templar Rampart of Moonlit Luminosity Shadow Hunter's Bow The Diabo's Persuasion Umbrablade Katar Vexar Ivanieun
Wall of Encroaching Shadow Wisdom of the Fallen Star Wrath, lancia of the Blood Beast

Raid Tradeskill

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Luclinite Coagulated Arcane Staff Luclinite Coagulated Athame Luclinite Coagulated Axe Luclinite Coagulated Bardiche Luclinite Coagulated Broadsword Luclinite Coagulated Buckler
Luclinite Coagulated Censer Luclinite Coagulated Club Luclinite Coagulated Fighting Staff Luclinite Coagulated Flanged Mace Luclinite Coagulated Great Censer Luclinite Coagulated Hammer
Luclinite Coagulated Hooked Dagger Luclinite Coagulated Katar Luclinite Coagulated Longbow Luclinite Coagulated Mace Luclinite Coagulated Maul Luclinite Coagulated Rapier
Luclinite Coagulated Riding Bow Luclinite Coagulated Scimitar Luclinite Coagulated Short Spear Luclinite Coagulated Spear Luclinite Coagulated Spiked Shield Luclinite Coagulated Spiral Dagger
Luclinite Coagulated Sword Luclinite Coagulated Tower Shield Luclinite Coagulated Two Headed Spear Luclinite Coagulated Wand Luclinite Coagulated War Sword


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