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Expansion Lore

Zone Lore

  • Basilica of Adumbration

Even the shadows need a place to confine those who stray too far.

  • Bloodfalls

  • Ka Vethan

No longer ruins, Ka Vethan is a fortress and temple to Luclin’s might.

  • Maiden's Eye

The Akhevan have spread their influence into Maiden’s Eye, constructing a new outpost to gather their armies and warn Ka Vethan.

  • Shadow Valley

This dreaded path from Ka Vethan to the Basilica of Adumbration is worsened by the weight of the shadows.

  • Umbral Plains

The Akheva have reclaimed the Umbral Plains and cleared out everything that offends them, improving and adding where they feel the need.

  • Vex Thal

Nothing much has changed here over the last several years, other than their strength of purpose.


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