Ikkinz Raid #4: Chambers of Destruction  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Gates of Discord
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat May 13 01:12:14 2006
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022

Before Raiding

Before you even think about doing this raid:
- You'll need a Rogue that can pickpocket (unknown skill check)
--- Alternatively, any class can use a Level 70 Goblin shroud to do so (this is confirmed as working).
- You'll need a caster with a Spell Research Kit (no skill required - container must hold at least four items).
- You'll need a priest with a Sewing Kit (no skill required - container must hold at least four items).

Pre-Requisites for requesting this raid:
- Completion of all three Ikkinz group trials
- Completion of Kevren's "Martyrs Passage" quest
- Completion of Kevren's "Temple of the Damned" quest
- Completion of Kevren's "Summoner Ring" quest
- Completion of Tublik's "Pit of the Lost" quest
- Completion of Tublik's "Crumbled Sanctuary" quest
- Completion of the "Icon of the Altar" quest
--- Must have the item "Icon of the Altar" on you to request.

Pre-Requisites for participating in this raid:
- If below Level 65, must have beaten the Tipt group expedition.
- If Level 65 or higher, there are no known participation requirements.

Requesting the expedition requires that you have at least six players in your group or raid. Unlike the first three Ikkinz raid, you do NOT have to be in raid format, and offline players count towards the total.

If you try to request the raid without pre-requisites, you simply get ignored by the Sentinel of the Altar (it has no hail response either way).


- Give your "Icon of the Altar" to the "Sentinel of the Altar" to trigger the expedition.
- Have your Rogue pickpocket the "Stalwart Caretaker" guarding the entrance.
--- Rogue should turn in the "Runic Inscription" to the Caretaker to open the door.

- Kill the two Altar Wardens (one in Twin Struggles room; one in Diabolic Destroyer room).
--- Caster researcher should loot the two Runed Glyphs from their corpses.
- Use the Runed Glyphs to open the next set of doors.

- Kill the two Altar Sentries (one in either hall).
--- Altar Sentries will emote according to which class type should kill it (caster, priest, hybrid, or melee).
--- Caster researcher should loot the two Runed Glyphs from the "a pile of bones" that spawn.
- Caster researcher should combine the four Runed Glyphs in a Spell Research Kit to create an Engraved Rune.
--- Engraved Rune will open the door to the arena (this is the room at the south end of the main hall).

- Kill the Altar Overseer (expect adds).
--- Loot the Geostone from its corpse to open the next door.

- Have a priest (with a Sewing Kit container) speak with the Phantasmal Priest.
--- Minor combine, followed by "north" and "south" to pick up ground spawns.
--- Turn in ground spawns to the two golems to make them aggro, then kill them.
- Move through the door and kill the two Curate Firetenders.

- Down the hall in the Glorification room is the Oracle of the Altar. Kill it.
--- Loot the drum from the Oracle's corpse (key to the next room).

- In the next room down the hall is the Altar Construct. Kill this (expect adds).

- Finally, fight and kill the Keeper of the Altar in the last room (expect many, many adds to be mostly kited while burning down the named).

Requesting the Expedition

This raid expedition is triggered by giving your "Icon of the Altar" to the "Sentinel of the Altar". This is a golem at the top of the giant temple in the northwestern part of Kod'Taz.

The Sentinel of the Altar motions for you to enter the altar through the entrance behind him.

To enter the instanced zone, head down the tunnel directly behind the Sentinel of the Altar and hang a right at the bottom of the ramp. Your compass should handle the rest.

You have entered Ikkinz, Antechamber of Destruction.

Lockout Timers

Unlike the group expeditions, this raid has no lockout timer upon request. Here, you receive a 12-hour lockout timer for each Altar Warden and each Altar Sentry (total: 48 hours for the four). You receive an additional 12 hours of lockout time upon the death of the "Altar Overseer", an additional 24 hours upon the death of "Oracle of the Altar", and another 48 hours upon the death of the "Keeper of the Altar" (for a total of four days if you complete the entire expedition).

Named Mobs

Group-quality named mobs that are confirmed to spawn in this instance:

Scorned Trusik Dissident (loot dropper - appears in crypt behind the arena)

Named mobs have a chance to be up as soon as you zone in.

The Caretaker

You say, 'Hail, Stalwart Caretaker'

The stone worker does not move. It almost seems not to have any purpose at all, yet it blocks the door behind it.

There is a magical force preventing you from opening this door.

A Rogue (or Goblin Rogue Level 70 Shroud) should pickpocket it until they receive a "Runic Inscription". Hand it the item:

Stalwart Caretaker motions towards the door behind it. You have passed the first test.

Stone grinds against stone and the door slides open.

At this time, you also receive a message in flash text:

Only research can solve the mystery of the runed glyphs. (Only a pure caster should loot the runes here.)

Altar Wardens

Kill the Altar Wardens in the first rooms encountered (one is inside the left [Twin Struggles] room and the other is inside the right [Diabolic Destroyer] room).

Each hits for a max ~2,500; has ~350,000 hitpoints; single-target rampages; randomly mem blurs itself; and casts "Fling" (knockback), "Throw" (dmg+knockback), "Bury" (feign death), and "Stone Explosion" (dmg proc). They are tethered to their rooms (reset health, aggro, and debuffs if pulled outside).

Altar Warden has been slain by _____!
Altar Warden's corpse crumbles to pieces almost instantly. Whatever is the driving force behind this creature must be siphoning the energy back into itself.

Between them, they drop "Runed Glyph: Noxit" and "Runed Glyph: Aexit". Have your designated researcher loot the runes from the Wardens. These runes are used to open the next two doors in the main hallway (Noxit opens the east door; Aexit opens the west door).

Dust falls around you as the glyphed rune causes the door to shake and open.
The runes on the glyph cause the door to open without any hesitation.

Altar Sentries

Altar Sentries hit for a max ~2,750; single-target rampage; mem blur; and cast "Earth Wave" and "Strike of Glory". They each have ~390,000 hitpoints.

Each Altar Sentry gives off an emote indicating who needs to get the kill shot:

Combined strength and ingenuity (Hybrids)
Strength and cunning (Melees)
The creature cannot stand up to the power of healers. (Priests)
The creature will perish under the strength of intelligent magic. (Casters)

Altar Sentry has been slain by _____!
The stone worker crumbles to the ground, its energy drained.

Each Altar Sentry, upon death, spawns "a pile of bones". This 'mob' drops "Runed Glyph: Grexit" and "Runed Glyph: Truxit" between them. Have the researcher loot these items.

The researcher needs to combine the four runes in a Spell Research Kit to produce "Engraved Rune" which will unlock the arena door.

You hold the Engraved Rune up to the door. The magic on the door recognizes the rune and opens for you.

Altar Overseer

Next up is a battle in the arena/pit room. The Altar Overseer is your target. Upon engaging, the Altar Monuments become active. If you keep your raid close to the center with the Overseer, you may reduce the amount of adds you get. Be prepared to kite them.

The Altar Overseer hits for a max ~4,100; single-target rampages; and casts "Bury" (feign death + 6,000 single-target DD), "Throw" (single-target DD for 3,000) and "Rain of Stone" (AE for 1,500). It may also mem blur a bit and summon other targets to its location.

Altar Overseer has been slain by _____!
Altar Overseer's corpse crumbles to pieces almost instantly. Whatever is the driving force behind this creature must be siphoning the energy back into itself.

Once the Overseer is dead, the Monuments become inactive. The Overseer drops an "Overseer's Geostone" and one item of stat loot. The Geostone is used to open the next door (doesn't matter who loots this).

The Phantasmal Priest

Head through the locked door west of the arena, and see the Phantasmal Priest (non-aggro at this time).

You say, 'Hail, Phantasmal Priest'

Phantasmal Priest says 'You seek to move beyond this door, yet I cannot allow that until someone with a like mind as me comes forward. Only they will understand the calling and only they can do what is necessary to proceed. If there be anyone who matches my ambitions, step forward to [answer the challenge].'

You say, 'I will answer the challenge!'

If you're not a priest, you see:

Phantasmal Priest says 'You are not of a similar mind as me. You will not understand the hardships. Be gone.'

If you're a priest, you see:

Phantasmal Priest says 'You are a priest. It is your ability -- in fact, your very calling -- that requires you to be able to manipulate it. You must sew these together and return to me the product so that I can verify the truth in your words and in your soul.'

You receive 4x "Dried Segment of Flesh". Combine these in a Sewing Kit (no skill required) to create a "Parchment of Flesh". Hand in this item.

Phantasmal Priest says 'Well done, _____. You have proven you are indeed the priest you claimed to be. This test is not yet over though. As a priest, you must be able to command stone. Before you can command them, you must find that which they lack. You must look to the [north] and to the [south]. Speak return and you shall be back.'

Say "north" to be ported to a small room with a ground spawn in it. Pick up "Stone Fragment", and then with nothing targeted, /say "return" to be ported back to the NPC. Repeat again with "south" for another "Stone Fragment".

Hand the "Stone Fragment" to each of the Guardians:

The guardian stirs slightly before settling down.

The two guardians come alive as the priest disperses! Your attempt at commanding them has failed!

The Priest, himself, disappears, while the 2x "Phantasmal Priest Guardian" mobs attack. These each hit for a max ~2,600 and frequently cast "Earthen Shrapnel" (an AE for ~500). They also cast "Fling" (AE knockback). Each has about 250,000 hitpoints. Kill them both, and then make your way down to the feasting den.

Phantasmal Priest Guardian has been slain by _____!
Phantasmal Priest Guardian's corpse cannot sustain itself anymore and crashes to the ground.

The Firetenders

The two Curate Firetenders each hit for a max ~2,500 and has about 200,000 hitpoints. They proc "Fire Burst" and AE the spell "Flames of the Fiend" (AE for ~2,700 dmg).

Curate Firetender has been slain by _____!
Curate Firetender's corpse is burned by embers before finally laying dead upon the ground.

Have someone with an open container slot loot the Glowing Chunks of Coal from their corpses. They'll have to loot a container further into the event.

Oracle of the Altar

You can range-kill the two Altar Sustainers behind the Oracle of the Altar. If you do this, be prepared for the Oracle to charge at you. It's leashed to the room, but may get a few hits in on people before it leashes.

Kill the Oracle of the Altar. It hits for a max ~2,900; flurries; has ~500,000 hitpoints; and AEs "Throw".

Oracle of the Altar has been slain by _____!
Oracle of the Altar's corpse crumbles to pieces almost instantly. Whatever is the driving force behind this creature must be siphoning the energy back into itself.

It drops a container called "Stone Drum of Cohesion" which needs to be looted by the person who looted the Glowing Chunks of Coal. Combine the Coals inside this container to produce a "Fused Trusik Signet". This key opens the next door.

The door reacts to the signet's aura. The ground trembles as the door opens.

Altar Construct

Be prepared for many, many adds with the Altar Construct. You'll want a few kiters prepared to handle the adds while the rest of the raid kills the Construct.

The Altar Construct hits for a max ~3,000; has ~550,000 hitpoints; single-target rampages; and casts "Crumbling Stone", "Cataclysm of Stone", and "Earthen Shrapnel". It spawns emote-based adds (waves of four at a time):

Altar Construct trembles violently as lesser constructs emerge from the ground.

This signals the spawn of 4x "Lesser Altar Construct" (hits for a max ~1,600 each; each has ~30,000 hitpoints).

Once the Altar Construct is dead, you can leash the adds.

Altar Construct has been slain by _____!
As the construct falls, you sense that a very powerful protector of the altar is waiting for you.

Keeper of the Altar

The Keeper of the Altar is found in the next room over. It's permanently rooted in place (summons when damaged); is immune to slow; hits for a max ~3,000; has approximately 1 million hitpoints; AE rampages; procs "Earth Wave" and "Kneeshatter"; and casts "Throw", "Bury", and "Earthen Shrapnel".

Earth Wave: PB AE 100', Prismatic (-350)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 1350
2: Stun (1.00 sec)

Kneeshatter: Single Target, Unresistable (-100)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 400
2: Decrease Movement Speed by 50%
3: Decrease Endurance by 600
4: Increase Poison Counter by 18

Bury: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 6000
2: Feign Death, 87% Success Rate

Earthen Shrapnel: PB AE 100', Magic (-300)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500

Throw: Single Target, Magic (-1000)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 3000

It also spawns numerous adds, in waves of 11 at a time (10x "Altar Assailant" + 1x "Altar Adherent"):

Keeper of the Altar quakes violently as lesser assailants form from the ground to join in battle!

The Assailant adds hit for a max ~1,100. If kited, they will fall to the ground:

The assailant runs out of energy and crumbles to the ground.

The Adherent add hits for a max ~2,000 and is immune to slows. Adherents have the same kill requirements as the Altar Sentries you encountered earlier:

Combined strength and ingenuity (Hybrids)
Strength and cunning (Melees)
The creature cannot stand up to the power of healers. (Priests)
The creature will perish under the strength of intelligent magic. (Casters)

Keeper of the Altar has been slain by _____!

The Keeper of the Altar has been defeated! You have found a way to do what even the trusik priests of old had trouble with. You are well on your way to uncovering the secrets that Txevu has holed up inside its walls. Congratulations!

"a pile of bones" spawns nearby with "Sliver of the High Temple" (Gates of Discord progression item). Note that hostile adds do NOT despawn upon the Keeper's death.


The Altar Overseer and Oracle of the Altar each drop 1 item:

Aegis of Blackscales
Bloodlink Chestmail
Darkglint Blade
Mantle of Mending
Overseer's Geostone
Ring of the Brutish Beasts
Stone Drum of Cohesion

The Keeper of the Altar drops 4 items from its loot table:

Bauble of the Forlorn
Blazing Stone of Demise
Bloodied Ritual Trinket
Bloodstone of Force
Darkened Coldstone
Gem-Inlaid Ritual Cloak
Glyph-Lined Vrex Cloak
Incantor Mask of Death
Robe of Destruction
Sharp Irestone Fragment
Stone-Worked Pauldrons
Veil of Entrancement
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Ikkinz Raid #4 - typo
# Sep 17 2021 at 5:46 PM Rating: Excellent
170 posts
Write-up says that "Stalwart Custodian" should be pickpocketed, mob's actual name is "Stalwart Caretaker".
# Aug 29 2016 at 10:12 AM Rating: Good
474 posts
I was able to pickpocket the Runic Inscription from the Stalwart Caretaker with a lvl 65 goblin shroud that had 200 pickpocket skill. The Runic Inscription is not Lore or No Drop so I tried to get two and not have to bring the goblin shroud if I wanted to do the expedition again but I didnt have any luck. I got the item on the first pick and had a dozen unsuccessful picks after that.

Also, I only got an emote to the correct class type needed to kill the Alter Sentries upon their death if I was unsuccessful at killing them. The class type needed to kill each one never rotated or changed upon each of their deaths.

I only had 5 skill in tailoring on my priest and failed the Parchment of Flesh combine many times. If you repeat the phrase "answer the challenge" you will receive 4 more Dried Segment of Flesh to try again. It took about a dozen times and I happen to be successful with a skill of 13.

Quest Item Stone Fragment is used during the encounter with the Phantasmal Priest.
# Jul 16 2014 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
You do not need to be in raid format, but you do need 6 players in your group to do the trade-in request.
Rogue, Resercher and Priest required
# Sep 17 2008 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
48 posts
You will need a rogue, a researcher and a priest-class tailor. I don't know exact skill levels, another post says trivial skills. but my necro had 300 (345 with trophy) research and my druid 300 (forgot his 15% trophy) tailoring.

The first door is guarded by a Stalwart Caretaker. Have a rogue pickpocket a Runic Inscription from the golem. Give the inscription to the golem to unlock the door.

The two Altar Wardens are not blocked by any additional doors. As noted above the kill shot must come from a specific class or they respawn. Between them, they drop Runed Glyph: Noxit and Runed Glyph: Aexit, which MUST BE LOOTED BY THE RESEARCHER, and which open the next 2 doors.

Have the researcher open the next two doors by holding a rune and clicking the use button (default U). Inside each door is an Altar Sentry, similar to the Altar Wardens. Between them, they drop Runed Glyph: Grexit and Runed Glyph: Trusit, which MUST BE LOOTED BY THE RESEARCHER.

The researcher then combines the 4 runes in a Spell Research Kit to make the key for the next door. The fight with the Altar Overseer goes as above. We got in close, killed the Overseer quickly and only fought one Altar Monument. The Overseer drops the Overseer's Geostone, which opens the next door. We looted with the druid, but it doesn't seem to matter who loots this key.

The Phantasmal Priest wants to talk to a Priest class. Follow the dialog to get a couple items to combine in a sewing kit. My druid used a Fier'Dal Sewing Kit, so which kit doesn't appear important. Return the resulting combine and he'll prompt you to say "north", "south" and "return". "North" and "South" take you to closed rooms with a ground spawn. Take the ground spawn and say "return" to get out. You can go back to these rooms again, but you can't get out with "return"; luckily my priest was a druid who could evac. Give the ground spawns to the Phantasmal Priest Guardians and they attack. The Phantasmal priest might too, couldn't tell, it happened fast and we were surprised.

The two Curate Firetenders were simple fights. They each dropped a Glowing Chunk of Coal. Have someone with an open container slot loot these, as he'll need to combine in the next drop, a container.

You can range kill the two Altar Sustainers, but be prepared for the Oracle of the Altar to make a run at you. He will leash back, but we took a few casualties each time he charged. Then kill the Oracle of the Altar and have the person who looted the Coal take the Stone Drum of Cohesion and combine the Coal inside. No skill appeared required, but my druid did the combine and is 300 in all but Fletching (270). The resulting key opens the next door.

The adds with the Altar Construct nearly wiped us. We tried ranger kiters but they were caught and killed quickly. Th adds then rampaged thru the rest of the raid. Luckily my 60 Necro Resarcher, useless in the fight, was feigned throughout. The second time we had the main tank kite and the secondary tank on the Altar Construct. The kiter died just before we killed the Construct and everyone who could ran back down the hallway outside of leash rabge. All the healers were killed and again the necro rezzed a cleric.

The final fight wasn't nearly as bad. We again had the main tank kite, and again lost most healers and the 2 tanks just as we killed the Keeper of the Altar,

Our raid force by the end was down to about 4 groups of mostly level 70-80 to0ns. Main tank is newly level 80 wearing Elegant Armor. Second tank was 76. We had 3 clerics and 4 druids healing at the end. We hold an open raid on the AB server weekly and get quite a variety of folks. On long raids like this, many Euro players drop out near the end, but some get replaced by US players. Send a Mage outside the instance to COTH from the Natimbi entrance to Kod'Taz.
Rogue, Resercher and Priest required
# Aug 08 2010 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
The result of the research combine is Engraved Rune.
Rune combine
# Jan 22 2008 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
With the change to Research. You have to have the new container: Spell Research Kit
# May 29 2007 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
The first duder can be pickpocketed by a level 70 Gobbie shroud....just an fyi

Edited, May 29th 2007 9:23pm by Fastjackle
A few additions to the Ikky 4 guide
# Mar 15 2007 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
Just wanted to add something that is important for guilds still running through this. You need to have a researcher with a skill over 200 for combines, thats already stated. You'll also NEED a HEALER class with a tailoring skill at least above 100 (maybe more) to make combines to get through a door. We were almost out of luck the other night when we realized we didnt have one.

*Thanks a mil to joxril(pardon me if I've misspelled) of Faux Pas for coming to help us!

Vive los Chosen Champions of Maelin
A few additions to the Ikky 4 guide
# Mar 12 2008 at 3:32 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
We just plowed through this raid with 12 level 80 toons. The combines aren't no-fail, but you don't need anything in either research or tailoring for it. Our Mage combined successfuly the first time on runes at 52 research and the cleric that actually remembered the tailoring kit now has 17 tailoring, having gotten all her level ups retrying this for standing in the wrong spot...
To start Ikky 4
# Mar 07 2007 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
606 posts
You hand your completed Icon of the Altar to the Sentinel of the Altar inside the temple where you zone in to Ikky 4.
Aanuvane Bristlecone 350 Baking, Brewing, Jewelry Making, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Fletching, Pottery, Research, 250 Fishing
Muertenie Petitmort Master Tinker
Kadcea Master Alchemist
Orelinde Master Poison Maker
Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife

Keeper of the Alter strat?
# Nov 05 2006 at 11:26 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone know or have a good strat on killing the Final mob in ikky4 (keeper of the alter)??? if so please post or direct me to it. thanks
Keeper of the Alter strat?
# Feb 14 2007 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Runes and combines
# Aug 15 2006 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
ok info i have gathered is the runes must be combined in the LoY expansion Tomb

Wizards: Sorcerer's Lexicon
Enchanters: Phantasmal Tome
Necromancers: Warlock's Book Of Binding
Magicians: Arch Magus Grimoire

Door blues
# Aug 13 2006 at 12:08 AM Rating: Decent
1,272 posts
Okay second time doing the raid. We pickpocketed the first dude, opened the door, killed the two following names, and had an int caster loot both glyphs they dropped. So we head on to the next mob, who's behind a door. The int caster clicked on the door to open it, only to receive the message "You do not have the proper component to open this door". The guy tried with and without either rune on his cursor, he tried both doors, others tried clicking the doors too, all without success. We eventually had to gate out and do something else.

Anyone else had this problem or can offer any causes/solutions that may apply?
Door blues
# Aug 24 2006 at 2:29 AM Rating: Default
I had a simular problem with the door to the last golem in ikki 3
Door blues
# Nov 04 2006 at 4:26 PM Rating: Decent
66 posts
You need to have the rune looter hold the rune and USE. One of the very few times that command is needed, but this is one.

Sliggoth, druid/ tradeskiller of 7th Hammer
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