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Expansion Lore


WITH A SUDDEN RUMBLE AND ROAR, Norrath and Luclin are on the verge of absolute, explosive chaos. Rumors of an imprisoned Great Spirit have begun to spread. Meanwhile, as other factions reclaim their territories further enraging their counterparts, one particular clan is on the verge of outright panic. With Shadow Haven in ruins, Shar Vhal in complete turmoil, and the recent earthquake that opened a pass in Firefall, things are looking dire and bleak. Everything is putting the entire world at risk, and the call for heroes and heroines to step up is imminent.

According to shadowy voices, key to surviving the unfolding events will be the Vah Shir. But how will any meddling in the affairs of the Great Spirits prevent all-out war? What happened to all the animal spirits that were sent to Luclin and how does that affect what is about to go down?

Zone Lore

  • Darklight Caverns

Deep below Luclin's surface, deeper even than the Deepshade, lies a never-before-seen domain: Darklight Caverns.

Once a simple series of tunnels and caves, the caverns have been greatly influenced by the concentration of mystical animal spirits who have been hiding there since the kerrans were first sent to Luclin. In order to escape a terrible fate at the hands of the Akheva, the goddess Sahteb Mahlni ushered the animal spirits into Darklight Caverns and placed a protective illusion in front of its entrance to keep out those who would enter with dubious intentions. Though they once thought they'd eventually be freed from their confines, they've come to believe, many decades later, they are resigned to their fates in the caverns.

  • Deepshade

The owlbear spirit burst free from its prison where it has been tormented for aeons by an unseen force. Has madness and sorrow overtaken the Deepshade? What other creatures will you find inside the caves? What is that strange chanting? The fungus people of the Deepshade do not welcome strangers, but that doesn't mean some are not curious about the new adventurers that have graced their presence.

SPIRIT PRESENCE has caused this otherwise dark and mysterious cavern—nay, prison—to be littered with bioluminescence. Its inhabitants, however, feed off the glowing fungi and each other giving them untold power.

  • Firefall Pass

The anguished roar of a mighty beast has caused a ground-shattering earth(moon?)quake on Luclin, leaving destruction in its wake. Firefall Pass was once a precarious, mountainous climb through Luclin, but the earthquake was tremendous enough to shatter one of its great mountains completely in two. Though Firefall Pass remains incredibly dangerous, the new path has made it easier for skilled adventurers to trudge across the area.

With their habitat in disarray, the inhabitants of Firefall Pass are hyperaggressive. Saureks, underground insects, and very angry birds once living on top of the mountain, now fight for territory. The quake has also attracted a band of Akheva investigating the wreckage.

WROUGHT FROM THE IMMENSE thundering of an earthquake, Firefall Pass is a rocky, ravaged area of Luclin sure to claim a few lives. Passersby, beware the cracks and crevices!

  • Paludal

The recondite bandits who used to call this cave their home have not left the caves and found a new way to make money. Bellweather, the newest leader of the bandits, has started using more aggressive means, but that hasn't all been well received amongst the bandits. She will have to work extra hard to prove herself. Meanwhile, the miners who have been digging in this cave have had a change in their plans. They were blessed by Brell with the discovery of another cave system, but it has come at a huge cost to them. Finally, the Reichicyben has grown to a terrifying degree. Can it's infestation be stopped? Can it even be hurt?

SINISTER FORCES have been at play, and this former cave of mere fungi and insects has become something far more perilous. Don’t bother asking the bandits for directions.

  • Shadeweaver

DEEP INTO THE DARK SIDE OF LUCLIN, Shadeweaver’s Tangle is a clash of scorched earth and the seeping bioluminescence from below. Only the bravest will venture here and on into the caverns below.

  • Shadow Haven

What is behind the locked door has finally been revealed, but with the revelation came disaster. An enormous spirit creature resembling a giant owlbear rampaged through Shadow Haven, leaving destroyed buildings and many dead in its wake.

Enough time has passed for the residents to clean up, move residences, and put in temporary repairs. To the residents additional detriment Fungal creatures have invaded from Paludal caverns.

Shadow Haven is a mix of combat and non-combat areas. There are teleporters that will let those not interested in combat move around. We tried moving out all of the non-combat NPCs from the combat area. Please let us know if we missed any.

RAMPAGED BY A GREAT OWLBEAR SPIRIT and partially repaired, Shadow Haven is a shell of its former self. Though life has begun to return to the city, the presence of the military and the ruins evoke a darkness.

  • Shar Vahl

SHAR VAHL, DIVIDED HOME TO THE VAH SHIR, this lush city filled with rich architecture has grown. Don’t let its history and beauty fool you, though. Sinister forces lurk below its immaculate facade. Since the time Shar Vahl was rediscovered by adventurers, it has grown and prospered with the re-established connection to Norrath. The city has built upwards, and all has seemed well.

However, recently that hasn't been the case. Once a society that communed with all the spirits, under the Feral One, the people have splintered. The trade lines with Shadow Haven have become interrupted. Some division has been by spiritual paths, others by social constructs, and other citizens have simply become inhospitable in general. The prosperous Vah Shir city has become a shadow of its former self.

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Night of Shadows

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