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In Torment of Velious, there are 3 Tiers of raiding.

For this expansion we are trying a new thing when it comes to raid progression. We have three tiers of raids, and each tier will open one month per tier after the expansions launches. So, tier 1 will become accessible one month after the expansion launches. Tier 2 two months and tier 3 three months after the expansion opens. No other "progression" is required. So one month after launch anyone can attempt any of the raids in tier 1.

We know this is a pretty significant change for some folks. The goal is to remove the "requirement" for folks to raid during the holidays. It also removes any potentially tedious progression work, allowing you to choose how many times, if any, you wish to complete a raid before moving on to the next.

    • Prerequisite Quests to Obtain:
NONE are needed to request or to raid so far as I know their is only ONE KEY that drops in raids but it is not a FLAGGING KEY per say. need more info on this raid key that drops in the Tower.

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Raid Progression

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

NOTE: The list here will fill in over time as entries are made into the Allakhazam database. See the quest entries for event details and loot information, the zone entries for the zone overview, and the bestiary entries for individual raid mob listings.


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