Lore Groups

Accursed Grin of Malevolence
Accursed Mask
Adamantine Component Bag
Alchemist Carry-All
Alchemist Trophy
Ancient Treasures
Annealed Mana Conductors
Azure Mind Crystal
Baker Carry-All
Baker Trophy
Beer Goggle
Bipolar Interlocks
Blade of Aphotic Rites
Blade of Strategy
Blade of Tactics
Blazing Euphoria Casting
Blazing Euphoria Combatant
Blazing Euphoria Defence
Blazing Euphoria Skill
Blazing Euphoria Warding
Bloodblade Dagger
Bloodstained Shoulders
Brass Gear
Breakdown in Communication
Brewer Carry-All
Brewer Trophy
Brewmaster's Component Bag
Bronze Gear
Bronze Oscillator
Burden of Truth
Circlet of Umbra
Clay Flinger's Component Bag
Cloaks of the Selenelion
Coldain Historical Seal
Combine Signet Ring
Contraption Component Bag
Councilman's Signet
Crestra's Earring
Curio of Ondine Force
Denmother's Component Bag
Djarns Amethyst Ring
Dragonscale Skystrider Saddle
Drops of Focused Sunlight
Efreeti Boots
Eldritch Ring
Epic Weaponry
Eron's Jewelry
Ethereal Component Bag
Eye of Decay
Eye of Life
Eyes of Shade
Fate-Touched Spear
Fireworks Focus
Fist of the Master
Fletcher Carry-All
Fletcher Trophy
Fletcher's Component Bag
Frost Covered Whetstone
Frozen Grommet
Frozen Orbs
Glowing Gem of Stone
Gold Gear
Gold Spring
Greater Bloodied Intellect or Might
Greater Remnants of War
Greater Restless Intellect or Might
Greater Spiritual Intellect or Might
Greater Torment Brains or Brawn
Hardened Steel Spurs
Honed Wurmslayer
Incandescent Scepter
Intellect or Might of Greater Resolve
Intellect or Might of Lesser Gallantry
Intellect or Might of Perpetual Reverie
Ionized Pinions
Iron Gear
Jade Chokidai Prod
Jeweler Carry-All
Jeweler Trophy
Jeweler's Component Bag
Kijarl's Ring of Negation
Krasnok's Baubles
Lance of Neverending Light
Left Eye of Gyrup
Lesser Bloodied Intellect or Might
Lesser Remnants of War
Lesser Restless Intellect or Might
Lesser Spiritual Intellect or Might
Luclinite Ensanguined Intellect or Might
Luminous Restless Ice
Mantle of Inasch
Mechanist Carry-All
Mechanist Trophy
Mephit Keys
Merchant Alliance Prayer Shawl
Modulation Shard
Moonfang Shield
Mortal Corporeal Gusting Zephyr
Mortal Corporeal Light Zephyr
Mundunugu Component Bag
Mystical Component Bag
Necklace of Woven Bark
Objects of Creation
Orb of the Arch Magus
Peerless Component Bag
Phantasmal Luclinite Intellect or Might
Phosphorescent Rapier
Pile of Rubble
Platinum Gear
Potter Carry-All
Potter Trophy
Radiant Pridewing Bridles
Rage of Rolfron
Rallos Zek Acolyte's Casting
Rallos Zek Acolyte's Combatant
Rallos Zek Acolyte's Defense
Rallos Zek Acolyte's Skill
Rallos Zek Acolyte's Warding
Rallos Zek Devotee's Casting
Rallos Zek Devotee's Combatant
Rallos Zek Devotee's Defense
Rallos Zek Devotee's Skill
Rallos Zek Devotee's Warding
Rallos Zek Tribute Earring
Researcher Carry-All
Researcher Trophy
Ring of Zek
Ripslice Claws
Rune of Tallon
Sanguine Mind Crystal
Scale Shroud
Shadow Scarab Sliver
Shroud of the Forgotten
Shrunken Head
Sigil of Thokk
Sigil of the Blade
Signet of Gannar
Silver Gear
Silver Steamwork Gears
Sinister Ring
Skull of Null
Small Manisi Branch
Smith Carry-All
Smith Trophy
Soul of the Grandmaster
Spiked Scale Whip
Spirit Cloak
Staff of Second Sight
Stone of Judgement
Stone of the Dar Clan
Stones of Power
Stones of the Crystal Circle
Summoned: Elemental Shard
Sunstrike Mace
Sword of Brell's Wrath
Sword of Glacial Power
Sword of Screaming Souls
Tailor Carry-All
Tailor Trophy
Tanglevine Scimitar
Tears of Alaris
The Heart of Narikor
The Seafarer's Ticketing System
Tome of Obulus
Toxicologist Carry-All
Toxicologist Trophy
Underfoot Prayer Shawl
Velium Empowered Baubles
Velium Empowered Gem
Velium Empowered Protection
Velium Empowered War Implements
Velium Infused Brains or Brawn
Velium Infused Gem of Devastation
Velium Infused Gem of Striking
Velium Threaded Intellect or Might
Vibrating Gauntlet and Hammer of Infuse
Wayfarer's Emblem
Wegar's Lantern
Weighted Tabard
Werewolf Skull
Whispering Midnight Casting
Whispering Midnight Combatant
Whispering Midnight Defence
Whispering Midnight Skill
Whispering Midnight Warding
White Satin Gloves
Wishing Lamp
Wretched Skull Ring
Yngvar's Battleaxe
Zueria Slide