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Item Effect Recipe
Draconic Mana Mixture 1: Decrease Hitpoints by 8000 to 12000 (random) Recipe
Dragonmagic Focus 1: Trigger on Cast: Dragonmagic Spell (100% Chance)
2: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
3: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)
4: Limit: Min Level (75)
5: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
6: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
10: Screech
Elixir of Soothing Sands 5: Increase Mana by 30 per tick
8: Increase Hitpoints by 30 per tick
9: Increase Endurance by 5 per tick
Gorowyn Fortified Drink 1: Increase CHA by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
2: Increase DEX by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
3: Increase AGI by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
4: Increase STA by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
5: Increase INT by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
6: Increase WIS by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
7: Increase STR by 1 (L1) to 56 (L110)
13: Increase -1 Cap by 1
Lacertilla Toxin 1: Decrease Hitpoints by 4000 per tick
2: Decrease Chance to Hit by 5% with All Skills
Lifesoothing Potion 1: Increase Hitpoints by 10000 to 12000 (random) Recipe
Purified Mana Tonic 1: Decrease Spell Mana Cost by 5%
2: Limit: Max Level(110)
3: Limit: Spell (Complete Heal excluded)
4: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (100)
5: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
6: Limit: Min Level (80)
Seaport Cure-All 1: Decrease Poison Counter by 27
2: Decrease Disease Counter by 27
Xygoz's Tonic 1: Increase Hitpoints by 7000 to 9000 (random)
2: Increase Mana by 3000 to 5000 (random)
3: Increase Endurance by 2000 to 4000 (random)


Item Recipe
Athletic Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Athletic Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Conflagrant Necklace of Adroitness Recipe
Conflagrant Necklace of Security Recipe
Conflagrant Necklace of Vigor Recipe
Crushed Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Duo Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Duo Conflagrant Necklace Recipe
Duo Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Fleet Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Fleet Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Half-moon Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Ingenious Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Ingenious Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Marquise Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Oval Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Pear Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Perfect Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Quick Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Quick Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Round Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Savvy Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Savvy Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Secure Conflagrant Ring Recipe
Square Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Summoner's Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Trillion Cut Conflagrant Diamond Recipe
Vital Conflagrant Earring Recipe
Vital Conflagrant Ring Recipe


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