EQ Update #20

Site Update

Here are the updates for the past month. Drewinette and Grizabelle have been busy updating all sorts of stuff.

Larth added a bunch of missing TBM achievements and added some wiki pages.

I myself have been busy with college, work and family. I have been keeping up with new comments through the month, which will be caught up by tomorrow from the last time I went through them. I've also been working on SPA info on spells. I've also set expansions on NPC's from the following expansions:

  1. Ring of Scale
  2. Empires of Kunark
  3. The Borken Mirror
  4. The Darkened Sea
  5. Call of the Forsaken
  6. Rain of Fear
  7. Veil of Alaris
  8. House of Thule
  9. Underfoot
  10. Seeds of Destruction
  11. Secrets of Faydwer
  12. The Buried Sea
  13. The Serpent's Spine
  14. Prophecy of Ro

I've added some by hand in Kunark zones but the early expansions contain NPC's from later expansions so some might need to be done by hand rather than by mass setting like I have been doing with these other expansions.


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Updated Items: Wax FlowerIntricate Defiant Plate Wristguard  

Updated Quests: Seductive Subterfuge 

Bestiary Updates: Jelek Icepaw



Updated Items: Shik'Nar WingShik'Nar Legs10 Dose Blood of the WolfRune of ParalysisBurning Wood CoalTears of Prexus 

Bestiary Updates: Possessed Sun RevenantCh`ktoka boglinga bogling scoutChief Groplina saprophyte spawnSun Revenant SmiterSun Revenant Warlocka Coldeye wolf tendera captured dire wolf pupTharvig the HauntedIcea massive sediment delver



Updated Items: Vengeance of the WindwillowShattered Direwind StaffMedium Quality Wolf SkinWolf MeatHigh Quality Wolf SkinFlame of VoxCracked StaffTears of PrexusCrystallized SulfurFroglok Poison GlandMesh HelmNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352Modest Binding PowderWords of the SpectreDecayed Froglok EyeBladesoul's Spiritual PouchGlowing Ice StoneLarge BucklerLarge Tattered SkullcapLarge Tattered BeltLarge Tattered MaskLarge Tattered WristbandsLarge Tattered GlovesLarge Tattered ShoulderpadsLarge Tattered GorgetCustom Templar's CrownTemplar's CrownSmall Patchwork CloakSmall Patchwork BootsSmall Patchwork PantsSmall Tattered DressSmall Tattered ShoulderpadsSmall Tattered GorgetSmall Tattered WristbandsSmall Tattered MaskSmall Tattered BeltSmall Tattered SkullcapWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Chest Muhbis ; Weeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Wrist MuhbisWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Feet MuhbisWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Head MuhbisWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Hands MuhbisWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Arms MuhbisSooty Sortilege SheetOutcast's Journal Page 21LuteFlawless Indicolite ShardInitiate's Brooch of the SpiritedTwig BinderStretched Kobold LeatherLeathery TwineMisty Thicket TwigFaydark TwigBundle of Thicket TwigsBundle of Faydark Twigs 

New Quests: Direwind #5: Severan the Windcaller [Raid] 

Updated Quests: Reactivate the PortalsLizard Tails No 2Watcher TorchesBone Chips (Kaladim)Help the Bladesouls: PaldarSoulstoneFinding Felena #1Direwind #2: The Direwind PlaguebearersFishlord Ring EventLost Souls IICustom Plate Helms - Kael DrakkelBile From BelowSupplies ; Enter MearatasWhat's CookingFurnace FireAt Its Core 

Updated Recipes: Skinning KnifeBundle of Faydark TwigsBundle of Thicket TwigsLeathery TwineStretched Kobold LeatherLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail Gloves 


Bestiary Updates: a minotaur eldera froglok bok knighta froglok crusadera froglok tacticiana saltwater crocPaldar the Dementedthe froglok kinga froglok yun priestan ancient crocCaptain GideenJortreva the CrusaderGrendish the CrusaderSusarrak the CrusaderCharayan the Crusader ; Bittles the LostFerrin Q`NyilJobana Du`AtaKal T`VenRemmen the ShortKal t'Ven (removed)Jobana Du'Ata (removed)ferrin Q'Nyil (removed)Srendon GladetenderMilas An`Reva savage pinewolfan old gargoyleThe Fabled Jortreva the CrusaderThe Fabled Lord YelinakThe Fabled Susarrak the CrusaderThe Fabled Charayan the CrusaderThe Fabled Grendish the CrusaderVahna, Dryad of DirewindSeveran the Direwind CallerDarkfell Chieftain TrallitGruet LongsightThe Fabled JynhadarFabled A Korascian WarlordMaw Lurkera lashtail crocodileBelligerent BiarnFlintikki Peltpile ; Reese the RhinopocalypseOverseer Dal`guurAn Undead BardEmperor ChottalInfinite Horizon StarStonemight Chieftain LongtoothHigh Seer LongechoNightmoon Chieftain Warclaw



Updated Items: Supply OrdersBroken Support BeamScroll: Illusion: Goblin ShamanBroken Cart WheelMiner's Head LampSebilisian ProficiencyLcea Katta Leather Feet OrnamentMinor Writ of the CombineBroken PickRed Badge of DeathGreen Badge of DeathSilver Badge of DeathCopper Badge of DeathDrogan Medicinal Herb BundleDistilled Grade AA Nigriventer VenomLiving MudballLcea Katta Chain Helm OrnamentWorn Worker's GlovesConflagrant DiamondSibilisan Viridian PigmentScorching Golem MudScale Touched Sleeve FacetConflagrant OreParamour's Promise RingSpell: Ethereal IncinerationSpell: Claw of SeligScroll of Rain of FireSpell: Lava StormSpell: Tangleweave EnergySpell: Concussive BurstSpell: Phase MarchSpell: Etherroot GuardSpell: Rolling LightningSpell: Velium Chill of Al`KaborSpell: Inizen's FireSpell: Leap of ArclightSkill: Commanding VoiceTome of BackslashTome of Armor of Draconic RunesSkill: Champion's AuraTome of HamstringSpell: Vestax's Spear of VenomSpell: Bloodworg FocusingSpell: Breath of AntraygusSpell: Talisman of the StalwartSpell: Ancestral HearkeningSpell: Thorn WiltingSpell: Ancestral Intervention Rk. IISpell: Spirit of the StalwartSpell: Spirit of VehemenceSpell: Decrepit SkinSpell: Touch of KildrukaunSpell: Bond of the BlackwaterSpell: Maladroit MinionSpell: Touch of DraygunTome of Umbral CarapaceSpell: Grim CovenantTome of Rigor Mortis Rk. IIISpell: Blackwater BiteSpell: Drape of Corruption Rk. IIISpell: Expatiate DeathSkill: Poison Spikes TrapTome of Docent of ToxicityTome of Sneak AttackTome of WaylaySpell: Gnarl of the PredatorSpell: Elddar's GraspSpell: Hornet SwarmSpell: Deafening BladesSpell: Protection of the KirkotenTome: Jolting Heel Kicks Rk. IIISpell: Shield of SpursScroll: Angering Shot Rk. IISpell: RavenscaleSpell: Drifting HazeSpell: Potamide BalmSpell: Bthur's MarkSpell: Force of TimorousSpell: Solemn ForceTome of Discipline HolyforgeSpell: Silent PietySpell: Oathbound ProtectorSpell: Mark of the SaintSpell: Wave of Absolution ; Spell: Last RitesSpell: AtonementSpell: Solemn CleansingSpell: Ruinous VeninSpell: Spine-Chilling ShriekSpell: Visziaj's CommandSpell: Bulwark of ShadowsSpell: Bonestitch Charm Rk. IIITome of OverwhelmTome of Shimmering SilhouetteTome of Wind of ForceTome of Rapid JabSkill: Master's AuraTome of Whirlwind KickTome of Pain StrikeTome of Nerve SpasmTome of Armor CrushTome of Leg SweepTome of Focused AuraTome of Nerve StrikeTome of Phantom WindTome of Echo of DeceptionSkill: Fists of WuTome of Moment of TranquilitySpell: Iceflame Tenement ; Spell: Core of FireSpell: Hungry FlamesSpell: Iceflame GuardSpell: MalosinatiaScroll of Detect InvisibilitySpell: Iceflame Body Rk. IIISpell: Grounded StanceSpell: Core of EarthSpell: Raging ServantSpell: Searing SkinSpell: Summon Mystic DaggerSpell: Skin to MulchSpell: SunsearSpell: Scales of the Reptile Rk. IIISpell: Tempest of the StormbornSpell: Mask of the ShadowcatSpell: Spore SpiralSpell: Viridithorn CoatSpell: Survival of the Fittest Rk. IIISpell: Blessing of the IronwoodSpell: Hoar CrystalsSpell: UpheavalSpell: PuratusTome of Annihilator's Volley Rk. IIISkill: Cry HavocAdoption CoinSpell: Annihilate the Unnatural Rk. IISpell: Beam of Solteris Rk. IISpell: Beam of Molten Slag Rk. IISpell: Bonestitch Fetish Rk. IISpell: Burnout VI Rk. IISpell: Chaos Immolation Rk. IISpell: Entrancer's Aura Rk. IISpell: Iceflame Body Rk. IISpell: Intertwining Energy Rk. IISpell: Kedgefish Venom Rk. IISpell: Mana Recursion Rk. IISpell: Mind Dissection Rk. IISpell: Mind Phobiate Rk. IISpell: Pyre of the Fallen Rk. IISpell: Perplexing Flash Rk. IISpell: Rune of the Kedge Rk. IISpell: Rampaging Servant Rk. IISpell: Tendrilmist Guard Rk. IISpell: Umbra Orb Rk. IISpell: Wildmagic Strike Rk. IISpell: Ward of Mystifying Rk. IIISpell: Mind Oscillate Rk. IIISpell: Mind Phobiate Rk. IIISpell: Multichromatic Rune Rk. IIISpell: Tears of Qandieal Rk. IIIScroll: Anabatic Roar Rk. IIIScroll: Remote Sunflash Rk. IIIScroll: Eradicate the Unnatural Rk. IIIScroll: Unblemished Blood Rk. IIIScroll: Promised Invigoration Rk. IIISong: Serisaria's Chant of PoisonSong: Chorus of Lunanyn Rk. IIEnchanted Celestial Platinum 

Updated Quests: Lizard DollsThe Tribal ChieftainsTDS Rank II Level 103 Spells: Median Briny EssenceTDS Rank III Level 103 Spells: Median Essence of the Citadel 

New Recipes: Song: Chorus of Lunanyn Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Spell: Mind Phobiate Rk. IISpell: Raging ServantSpell: Spore SpiralSpell: Touch of DraygunSpell: Silent PietySkill: Fists of WuSkill: Commanding VoiceSkill: Cry HavocSpell: Ancestral Intervention Rk. IIScroll: Angering Shot Rk. IISkill: Champion's Aura 

Bestiary Updates: Goob MudtoeEmperor SsraeshzaBeorobin Amondson [Monk Tomes]Wilno LilinMerktal SkriekMumaru Likaeu [Merchant]Piljinn [Monk Tomes]Trader Markus [Caster Spells]Delirious BerserkerSpirit Master WigaueSpiritwatcher ScrollhallowBlood of Drogaa Drogan berserker ; a goblin depredator lorda goblin taskmastera goblin cavehuntera goblin legatea stalwart goblin adepta goblin adept mystica goblin adeptan adept goblin cave lorda devout goblin cookCook Eepviblesa goblin bone ritualistMiner Groundfusean adept goblin sentryShardstubblea goblin mysticMerchant Trialaa goblin adeptA Non-Standard DeviationRepair for Pieces


Updated Items: Rhenium OreStale OleanderFine Sheet of Black OreBinding PowderAqualungEnergized SeaweedModest Binding Powder 

Updated Quests: Pulizzi #2: A Brim TaskAchievement: AnswererTDS Progression #2: Gathering CloudsAchievement: Mercenary of Chardok 

Updated Recipes: Rebreather  

Bestiary Updates: reaver of Xalgoztortured librarianDeathfanga tome keeperMagic Adept XabokSarnak ArmorerWhip Cracker KrazzimDeath Ritualist StromikRock Sneak Nrillipfailed crypt raider



Updated Items: Spell: Burst of FlameSpell: Feet like CatSpell: SickenSpell: Fleeting FuryBright Dragorn MaskBottom Section of an Engraved SignetUncut Combine StarDamaged Muramite Battle BladeRefined Binding PowderRolled Discordant Parchment ; Tattered Ikaav BraidFear Stained TunicEnergized GemstoneGlowing DreadmotePlanar GooFright StoneDragon ScaleFear Stained BracerImmaculate Animal PeltSpell: DecessionShabby Rough Spell ScrollHooligan's MaskChunk of Condensed Flame ; Rune of the HelixDarkplate HelmThick SilkEssence of WindTegi Leader's BladeSpiny MaceCrystallized SulfurRune of ConcussionTrophy of TalendorSpell: Beguiling VisageWords of RetentionPart of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 26Spell: Call of FireSpell: Gift of InsightQueen's ToyAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's SleevesAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsAmorphous Selrach's BootsAmorphous Selrach's WristguardAmorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's BreastplatePrismatic Crystal ; Prismatic CrystalPrismatic CrystalPrismatic CrystalTome of MiragulDiamond DustBeartooth NecklaceAged Robe of the Azure SkyRobe of the Azure SkyThe Sword of RileShield of EldersClaw of Phara DarSurly Shrunken HeadBlackburrow Gnoll Skin ; Blade of Abrogation 

Update Quests: A ton of quests, too many to list

Updated Recipes: Leather Gorget 

Bestiary Updates: Venril Sathir`s remainsa heartsbane drakeBrother BalatinPhara Dara fatestealer drakea windrider drakea hollow crystalMygaSpirit of Venril Sathira lightcrawler droneThe Shissar MagisterFleshrotXeximoza large undead gnollan ancient constructa method actoran irritating mushroomLhurgoz the DecayedLingering AxefallThe Domineering UkunIkaav SlumbererIkaav DominatorTarvash ScrillerOkahn, Hound of DruzzilPoisonmaker MalizaMaster Ellestellian [Elite Caster Spells]Vizier Zioa tro jeg hooliganBilly the PiperMaster ArcaniaMaster IllumDartain the LostFirband the BlackA Life LeechProspector WersanEdoth the AncientIciclaneStitchesThe Forgotten MurdererThe VisionaryDarkstoneGuardian Roger MacholethQueen Velazul's AideShai'din Warmaster Roh`kiroyal escortThe Stone Callera cral ligi warlorda grol baku leaderPhara Dara helot skeletonan ikaav sorconIkaav SlavetraderIkaav Sorceressan ikaav firebrander



Updated Items: Unspoken Eye 

Updated Recipes: Wind Metal Rings 

Bestiary Updates: Armorer Jean Wenlaris [Tier 1 Raid Merchant]Fluffy (Temple of Droga)



Updated Items: Seafarer's Ticket: Maiden's GraveRevenge on the FallenSecret Dawn Dire 

Updated Quests: Maiden's Grave #1: Mer's Lost LoveMaiden's Grave #2: Piecing Things TogetherMaiden's Grave #3: The Grim NewsMaiden's Grave #4: If You Can't Beat 'em, Bribe 'emMaiden's Grave #5: Never Trust a SirenAchievement: Champion of the Crypt of Decay (Raid) 

Bestiary Updates: Adinel JailbarAmbassador of Loving



Updated Items: Harbingers Spire BlueprintsPendant of the SpireStrangling NecklaceBloodflow StoneEternal Grove Chain Helm OrnamentBloodied Red CloakDirty Runic Spell ScrollRaw Fine Runic HideThick Ice Studded Collar 

Updated Quests: Blackburrow Raid: Stop the AscensionShard's #3: Unusual Goral CoralUrako's Big Mistake 

Updated Recipes: Distillate of Immunization XIIIDistillate of Comprehension XIIVial of Prismatic DyeDistillate of Comprehension XIDistillate of Skinspikes XIEffusion of Druzzil XVEffusion of Fennin VIIEffusion of E'ci VIIEffusion of Druzzil VIIIDeep Orc Essence ; Distillate of Immunization XIDistillate of Antidote XIDistillate of Comprehension VIIIDistillate of Immunization VIIIBasic Suspension of Slime VIIDistillate of Regeneration XIDistillate of Antidote IXDistillate of Immunization IXDistillate of Regeneration IXEffusion of Druzzil IXBasic Suspension of Flame IXBasic Suspension of Pestilence VIIIDistillate of Skinspikes VIIIDistillate of Comprehension VIIDistillate of Skinspikes VIIDistillate of Comprehension IXDistillate of Skinspikes IXBasic Suspension of Flame VIIBasic Suspension of Flame VIIIBasic Suspension of Flame XBasic Suspension of Frost IXBasic Suspension of Frost XDistillate of Skinspikes XDistillate of Regeneration VIIDistillate of Antidote VIIIDistillate of Regeneration VIIIDistillate of Immunization VIIDistillate of Immunization XEffusion of Bertoxxulous VIIIDistillate of Antidote XDistillate of Regeneration XDistillate of Antidote VIIEffusion of Fennin XDistillate of Skinspikes XIIDistillate of Skinspikes XIIIDistillate of Comprehension XIIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous XIEffusion of Druzzil XIElixir of the Avian XIElixir of the Avian XIIIEffusion of E'ci XIEffusion of Fennin XIEffusion of Fennin IXEffusion of Fennin VIIIBasic Suspension of Slime XIBasic Suspension of Slime XIIDistillate of Antidote XIIIDistillate of Antidote XIIEffusion of Saryrn XIIIEffusion of E'ci XIIElixir of the Avian XIIDistillate of Immunization XIIBasic Suspension of Frost VIIIEffusion of E'ci XIIIDistillate of Regeneration XIIEffusion of Fennin XIIDistillate of Regeneration XIIIEffusion of Saryrn XIIDistillate of Comprehension XIVEffusion of Druzzil XIVDistillate of Skinspikes XIVEffusion of Fennin XIIIBasic Suspension of Toxin XIElixir of the Avian XIVEffusion of Saryrn XEffusion of Fennin XIVEffusion of Bertoxxulous XIVEffusion of E'ci XIVBasic Suspension of Flame XIVBasic Suspension of Slime XIV ; Effusion of E'ci VIIIElixir of the Avian VIIIEffusion of Saryrn IXDistillate of Regeneration XVBasic Suspension of Slime IXBasic Suspension of Toxin XIVElixir of the Avian VIIBasic Suspension of Flame XIIIBasic Suspension of Frost XIIIBasic Suspension of Pestilence XIIIBasic Suspension of Slime XIIIBasic Suspension of Toxin XIIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous XIIIEffusion of Druzzil XIIIEffusion of E'ci XBasic Suspension of Toxin IXBasic Suspension of Toxin VIIBasic Suspension of Toxin VIIIEffusion of Druzzil VII ; Effusion of Druzzil XEffusion of Druzzil XIIEffusion of Saryrn XIVBasic Suspension of Slime XDistillate of Skinspikes XVElixir of the Avian XDistillate of Antidote XVDistillate of Comprehension XVDistillate of Immunization XVDistillate of Antidote XIVDistillate of Immunization XIVBasic Suspension of Frost VIIBasic Suspension of Frost XIBasic Suspension of Frost XIIBasic Suspension of Frost XIVElixir of the Avian XVElixir of the Avian IXEffusion of Saryrn VIIDistillate of Comprehension XEffusion of E'ci IXEffusion of Saryrn XIBasic Suspension of Pestilence XIDistillate of Regeneration XIVEffusion of Bertoxxulous XEffusion of Bertoxxulous XIIBasic Suspension of Flame XIBasic Suspension of Flame XIIBasic Suspension of Toxin XIIBasic Suspension of Pestilence XIVBasic Suspension of Pestilence VIIBasic Suspension of Darkness IBasic Suspension of Darkness IIBasic Suspension of Darkness IIIBasic Suspension of Slime VIIIBasic Suspension of Pestilence IXBasic Suspension of Pestilence XBasic Suspension of Toxin XBasic Suspension of Pestilence XIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous VIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous IXEffusion of Saryrn VIIIBasic Suspension of Slime XVBasic Suspension of Flame XVBasic Suspension of Frost XVBasic Suspension of Pestilence XVBasic Suspension of Toxin XV ; Distillate of Comprehension XVIDistillate of Antidote XVIDistillate of Immunization XVIDistillate of Skinspikes XVIElixir of the Avian XVIEffusion of E'ci XVEffusion of E'ci XVIEffusion of Fennin XVEffusion of Fennin XVIDistillate of Regeneration XVIEffusion of Bertoxxulous XVEffusion of Bertoxxulous XVIEffusion of Druzzil XVIEffusion of Saryrn XVEffusion of Saryrn XVIDistillate of Antidote XVIIDistillate of Comprehension XVIIDistillate of Immunization XVIIDistillate of Regeneration XVIIDistillate of Skinspikes XVII ; Effusion of Bertoxxulous XVIIEffusion of Druzzil XVIIEffusion of E'ci XVIIEffusion of Fennin XVIIEffusion of Saryrn XVIIElixir of the Avian XVIIBasic Suspension of Flame XVIIBasic Suspension of Frost XVIIBasic Suspension of Pestilence XVIIBasic Suspension of Slime XVIIBasic Suspension of Toxin XVIIBasic Suspension of Flame XVIBasic Suspension of Frost XVIBasic Suspension of Pestilence XVIBasic Suspension of Slime XVIBasic Suspension of Toxin XVIDiluted Ethernere ElixirChronomage's TonicElixir of EthercleansingDeepwater ToxinArx Mentis MedicineCompressed Mana MixtureDistilled Mana TonicAncient Hedgewizard BrewVial of Prismatic DyeElixir of Soothing SandsDragonmagic FocusDraconic Mana Mixture 

Bestiary Updates: The Prime MoverThe Heavy Burdened GolemNoc DeathstalkerGuardian of the Beacona Wrext Mal mundunugua Wrext Mal bloodreapera Wrext Mal ravagerrenewal totemRottrued the Twisteda chest (hard)Nastiria Kithlanan ikaav sorcon ; an ikaav loatheran enraged gnoll reavera Wrext Mal reaver



Updated Items: Polished Bone BraceletScroll: Illusion: Palace EfreetCazic AnglerAged Frozen ZweihanderFrozen ZweihanderPetrified Wooden HandleRecovered Orc BowLevitation CrystalMarnek's Wand of the Burning DeadGolden Rogue's BeltRaw-Hide ShoulderpadsRaw-Hide CloakRaw-Hide SkullcapRaw-Hide WristbandsRaw-Hide MaskRaw-Hide GorgetRaw-Hide SleevesRaw-Hide GlovesRaw-Hide BeltRaw-Hide TunicRaw-Hide LeggingsRaw-Hide BootsBamboo BokkenScuffed Journeyman's Rucksack ; Faded Salil's Writ PagePiece of a MedallionSpell: Sha's LethargySmall Piece of VeliumBlock of VeliumStrange Smelling Oil 

New Quests: Explorer of The Broken MirrorConqueror of The Broken MirrorPlane of Health TravelerSul Vius: Demiplane of Life TravelerSul Vius: Demiplane of Decay TravelerCrypt of Decay Traveler (TBM)Crypt of Sul Traveler 

Updated Quests: Crude SteinRanger Test of ThunderBreakdown in Communication #0: Pre-FlagDestroy Marnek's WandBeginner Potter TestNo Small ThingSolteris Access #1: Knowledge for PowerOpen Sea: Hired Hands on the Open SeaFrostcrypt #2 Event: Beltron the Shade KingAchievement: Leechy KeenAchievement: Quit Dragon Your HeelsAchievement: You Keep Dragon Me Into ThisAchievement: My Golden BootsAchievement: Spin Me Right Round15th Anniversary Plane of War Mission (10 Points)15th Anniversary Plane of War Mission (Bonus) (10 Points)Shadows of Lxanvom (5 Points)Achievement: Hunter of Velketor's LabyrinthThe Darkness Howls 

Updated Recipes: Spellshielding GeneratorScroll: Diminishing Helix Rk. IIScroll: Stifle Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: a banished kerrana kerran ghulama kerran pasdarkerran tseqa kerran `amira kerran mamluka kerran awrata kerran ispusara kerran ademzada shamana kerran amira guardiana kerran amira priestessa kerran amira protectora kerran ghazia kerran gorillaa kerran gorilla shamana kerran mujaheda kerran puzhala kerran ghazi shamana kerran pazdarSkeletal Wardera rogue shamana forest giant verdanta dry bone skeletonTarbul EarthstriderXygozNexonaAdinel JailbarGregendek Icepawa rancorous ghastbrownie scoutThe Kerran Sha`rrA Netherbian SwarmcallerTijoelySoul SiphonSorcerer C`GazinWind DancerThe Fabled Frenzied GhoulTebarinkerran tiger spahia kerran sha`rr apprenticea forest giant verdanta kerran ademzada`amira swirling black massa kerran protectora kerran mamluka kerran ghulama kerran ghaziamirIsabeauMaster Pokk [Elite Energeians]a ringed sea snakea sea snakea kerran mujahedMarnek the Burning Licha deepwater goblinRitualist Blezona kerran ahmad shamana briarweb spiderNastiria KithlanXygoza mortiferous golemTattersBrother Saldar



Updated Items: Revenge on the FallenCanineFine Steel ScimitarRough Adept's WandRough Defiant Nihilite ShardCrystallized SulfurThe FuryBlightDawnThe LionNightTranquility 

Updated Quests: An Epic Retelling (Berserker)An Epic Retelling (Monk)An Epic Retelling (Necromancer)An Epic Retelling (Paladin)An Epic Retelling (Rogue)An Epic Retelling (Warrior) 

Bestiary Updates: a spectral couriera wraitha kly evokera berserk fienda drolvarg snarlera giant swamp leecha swamp leecha drachnid reclusea drachnid silkmistressa drachnid silkstrandera drachnid webmastera drachnid widowa drolvarg gnashera drolvarg ragera glacier yetia mountain giant craiga mountain giant steepa petrafier cockatricea tundra yetia voracious brutegem cutter skeletongreater plaguebonea mountain giant braea harbinger of frostgreater spurbonegreater spurbonespurbone skeletona shadowa phantoman army behemotha mist golema vapor goleman apparitiona haze golemgyrating gooa fog golemwraithbone championCaptain of the Guarda kly cohorta kly followera coerced dwarf (female)a coerced goblina coerced Teir`Dala kly acolytea kly believera kly invokera ravenous nibblersmoldering gooa coerced gnomea coerced Eruditegyrating gooa coerced Iksarlumpy gooan undead blacksmitha spectral crusadera coerced penkeepera coerced channelera wry kly imprecatorThe Klya wulfware lonewolfArch Duke Xog [Shadow Knight Guildmaster]A BarracudaBrewer Prixal [Brewing Supplies]Clerk DovalCrusader CotatCrusader DaehodCrusader GoliaCrusader Hitola froglok slavean iksar outcasta pygmy barracudaa scorpiona coerced crusaderBlack Scarplaguebone skeletonplaguebone skeletonLhrancWraith of JaxionNeh`AshiirTime Torn AcolyteShadowed Invokera coerced smithGrand Herbalist Mak`haSarnak Collective AuditorAn Iksar TrusteeKurron Nian Iksar prisonerNexus Sciona plaguebone overlorda plaguebone thiefan Apprentice HerbalistKlok F`tshai [Task Master]Veltaran Iksar crusaderBaldric Slezafrotting skeletona young scaled wolfRemnant SpiritTerror WraithMighty GolemSpectral Beguiler ; a savage mutantan aberranta lost onea bewildered wanderera rambling fanaticGyrating Green Slimea deranged madmana tormented tradesmana loyal followerBugrin the Gatherera coerced revenant peta coerced gnome peta coerced erudite petan Iksar prisoner peta coerced Teir`Dal petKilidnaByllella VoonBosellana SkyspeedRaobez KraykruKorriz StillrippleHoobert Flinkl [Task Master]Matranisu SladThe Fabled GorenaireThe Fabled Neh`AshiirFallstan MythmoorArtisan Sieeva Koan [Trade Skill Quests] ; Sarvil AmberstoneThe Fabled Rotting SkeletonThe Fabled Lord Rak`Ashiira corrupt spiritualistHoobert Flinkl petChaos ElementalTime TerrorEnraged ResismusFurious JailorLoremaster Yoakuma coerced dwarf (male)a chest (Chaos Elemental)Assassin Meerloka raging golema War Bone Overlorda mountain giant lorda sarnak enforcera human skeletona raving lunaticgreater war boned skeleton (City of Mist)Haggle Baron DalnirJelly Legs JaneClive the InfectedJake No-Bearda siren spinefina Blacksail dockworkera Blacksail captaina Blacksail ship mastera tormented researcherundead wizarda rabid jaguaran angry turtlea diseased turtlea savage raptora goblin fishera reanimated researchera deadbone sharka Tidewater defendera galigaba wirringan ; a haunted scientista stone turtleSaggin` Jowls BaileyButch DawkinsAgnostic Eugene KiddDisastrous Hester StrawSwabbin` Davy TeachFerdinand JellybonesAvalon CookeEdmund the MalformedJessie MowhawkSwabbin` Bernice TeachFruitless Finn StrawAdele Rotguta stonegazer cockatricea mosquitoPriest of Discorda drolvarg growlercharbone skeletona stoneleer cockatricegreater plaguebonea Sunstone pyranist petDeckarn Mystgladea cliknar scoutTrapped SpiritSeeker LeesaWebmaster Katila mercenarya spidera drachnid webstranderAgent of Change (Dreadlands) [Karnor's Castle Expedition]a spell research merchant #1 (female, East Cabilis [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant #2 (male, East Cabilis) [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant #3 (female, East Cabilis [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant #4 (male, East Cabilis) [Research Supplies]Lord KizaulLady IxtarizDark InvokerGrand Forge of Dalnira sly kly imprecatora shy kly imprecatorQunard AshenclawSpacial Distortion ; Blackwings



Updated Items: Velium DaggerGrimy PapyrusQuick Descending Moon EarringIngenious Descending Moon RingIngenious Descending Moon EarringDescending Moon Charm of BrillianceDescending Moon Idol of VigorGuardian's Descending Moon MaskIngenious Descending Moon BeltAthletic Descending Moon BeltVital Descending Moon EarringDescending Moon Cloak of SecuritySharpened Security BarMinotaur Battle Axe 

Updated Quests: The Rise of Smoke (raid) 

Bestiary Updates: Brahhma seahorse patriarchQuillmaneRijoelyA Wrulon SentryOverseer HenxsaKrizznot BonewalkerDeath Knight DonkotSlani VeekilaleekiA Protector of ValorTribal Mineralista rusty old chest [The Darkness Howls]



Updated Items: Sambata BoulderGrade B Oleander ExtractSambata Tribal WarhammerSteel Re'Stek 

New Quests: Adventurer of The Broken MirrorHeroic Adventurer of The Broken MirrorGreater Spirit ArmorPartisan of The Plane of HealthPartisan of Sul Vius: Demiplane of DecayMercenary of Crypt of SulPartisan of The Crypt of Sul Hero of Sul Vius: Demiplane of LifeHero of Sul Vius: Demiplane of DecayHero of The Crypt of DecayHero of The Crypt of Sul 

Bestiary Updates: Tribal ShamanWarlock GuragHierophant Ginaia crystalline corrupter



Updated Items: Shield of the WayDi`Zok NecklaceHeavenly Glorious Void Binding Head Muhbis 

New Recipes: Heavenly Glorious Void Binding Head MuhbisHeavenly Glorious Void Binding Head MuhbisHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood CowlHeavenly Glorious Void Exarch BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Exarch BracerHeavenly Glorious Void Exarch Breastplate ; Heavenly Glorious Void Exarch GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Exarch GreavesHeavenly Glorious Void Exarch HelmHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire BracerHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire BreastplateHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire GreavesHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire HelmHeavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire VambracesHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator BracerHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator BreastplateHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator GreavesHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator HelmHeavenly Glorious Void Illuminator VambracesHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood ArmwrapsHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood TunicHeavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver CapHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver PantsHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver RobeHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver SandalsHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Flameweaver WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire CapHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire PantsHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire RobeHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire SandalsHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire Wristguard ; Heavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker ArmwrapsHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker CowlHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker TunicHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Lifewalker WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster BracerHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster BreastplateHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster GreavesHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster HelmHeavenly Glorious Void Loremaster VambracesHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock CapHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock PantsHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock RobeHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock Sandals ; Heavenly Glorious Void Mindlock SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Mindlock WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward CoatHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward CoifHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Natureward WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale CoatHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale CoifHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge ArmwrapsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge Boots ; Heavenly Glorious Void Soulforge CowlHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge TunicHeavenly Glorious Void Soulforge WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender BracerHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender BreastplateHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender GreavesHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender HelmHeavenly Glorious Void Soulrender VambracesHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer CapHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer GlovesHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer PantsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer RobeHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer SandalsHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Soulslayer WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Spiritwalker LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Spiritwalker SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Spiritwalker WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger CoatHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger CoifHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Warmonger Wristguard 

Updated Recipes: Elixir of the Beast XElixir of the Beast VIIIElixir of the Feline VIIElixir of the Beast VIIEssence of OrcElixir of the Ursine VIIIElixir of the Beast IXElixir of the Simian VIIIFormed Suspension of Darkness IIFormed Suspension of Flame IXFormed Suspension of Frost XElixir of the Ursine IXFormed Suspension of Darkness IFormed Suspension of Darkness IIIFormed Suspension of Flame XIFormed Suspension of Frost XIFormed Suspension of Flame XIIElixir of the Serpentine XIElixir of the Feline XIElixir of the Simian XIElixir of the Beast XIElixir of the Cetacean XIElixir of the Ursine XIFormed Suspension of Frost XIIElixir of the Serpentine XIIElixir of the Cetacean VIIElixir of the Feline XIVElixir of the Simian XElixir of the Ursine XIIIElixir of the Serpentine XIV ; Elixir of the Simian XIVElixir of the Cetacean XIVElixir of the Beast XIVElixir of the Feline XIIElixir of the Ursine XElixir of the Ursine XIVElixir of the Serpentine VIIIElixir of the Simian XIIElixir of the Cetacean IXElixir of the Cetacean XElixir of the Cetacean VIII ; Elixir of the Cetacean XIIIElixir of the Cetacean XIIElixir of the Beast XIIElixir of the Beast XIIIElixir of the Feline XIIIElixir of the Simian XIIIElixir of the Serpentine XIIIElixir of the Simian VIIElixir of the Simian IXFormed Suspension of Flame XIVElixir of the Ursine VIIElixir of the Ursine XIIElixir of the Ursine XVElixir of the Simian XVElixir of the Feline VIIIElixir of the Feline IXElixir of the Feline XElixir of the Feline XVElixir of the Cetacean XVElixir of the Beast XVFormed Suspension of Frost VIIFormed Suspension of Frost VIIIFormed Suspension of Frost XIIIFormed Suspension of Frost XIVElixir of the Serpentine IXElixir of the Serpentine VIIElixir of the Serpentine XFormed Suspension of Flame XVFormed Suspension of Frost XVFormed Suspension of Flame XFormed Suspension of Flame VIIIFormed Suspension of Flame VIIFormed Suspension of Flame XIIIElixir of the Feline XVIElixir of the Serpentine XVElixir of the Serpentine XVIElixir of the Cetacean XVIElixir of the Beast XVIElixir of the Simian XVIElixir of the Ursine XVI ; Elixir of the Beast XVIIElixir of the Cetacean XVIIElixir of the Feline XVIIElixir of the Serpentine XVIIElixir of the Simian XVIIElixir of the Ursine XVIIFormed Suspension of Flame XVIIFormed Suspension of Flame XVIFormed Suspension of Frost XVIFormed Suspension of Frost XVIIEthernere Potion GrenadeEthermana PotionEthernere Restoration TonicEssence TinctureElixir of the SeasHeavenly Glorious Void Binding Hands Muhbis 

Bestiary Updates: Jorvash the Usurper


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