Wraith of Jaxion  

Quest NPC

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

  • Spawn Time: 16 minutes

The Wraith of Jaxion has a PH that circles the outside portion of the third platform.

Picture courtesy of Diku Goldenmind.

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Level: 45
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Respawn timer reduced
# Jul 16 2017 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Time to respawn is 16 minutes on Phinigel.
Confirmed as of 2/22/16
# Feb 22 2016 at 8:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Confirmed as of 2/22/16 he spawns at the tower that was mentioned. He does NOT spawn in the tower on the top level but rather outside on the walkway.
Confirmed as of 2/22/16
# Feb 29 2016 at 5:26 AM Rating: Excellent
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ghengisjon wrote:
Confirmed as of 2/22/16 he spawns at the tower that was mentioned. He does NOT spawn in the tower on the top level but rather outside on the walkway.

Thanks for the update.

I'll add (since I didn't see it mentioned in the threads below) that circa 2007 you could pull the Wraith of Jaxion down to the ground level with an arrow shot. An SK in my guild did it, he ran to a specific spot and fired his arrow once. I don't recall if this brought a massive train of NPC down with him, but if it did the SK feigned. Anyways, my chanter did the turn in without going up on the platforms at all.

My first chanter did all sorts of levitating attempts and such as described multiple times in the thread.
spawn location
# Feb 22 2016 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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He spawns at the top of the tower right?
Don't need keys
# Dec 23 2012 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Listen, people are making this harder than they need to. Lev onto a high roof. Lev across to the pseudo invis walkway. When you get to a locked door of any type in this zone, get on a horse.....run at the door while on the horse. Then just click the horse off and BAMMO, you are in the room. To get out, do it again. Any mount works.
Mistakes, I've made a few
# Dec 30 2011 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
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So many options on this one. Here's what I did...
I attempted the whole banner thing. I was able to get to the bar, but couldn't get up on the wall. Rather than throw my keyboard against the wall in frustration, I decided to do it the other way. I killed the Captain of the Guard, took his key, then went to the room with the Black Reaver in the back of the zone. It was cake from there. To get past the locked door in Hut #2, I pushed up against the door in Imp form, then clicked off the illusion. For the Druid, I pushed up against the door in Wolf form then clicked it off.

I've made a few mistakes in this round, and I'd like to share them so it doesn't happen to you.

1. As you approach Hut #3, get rid of your Merc and Pets. Jaxion is outside the hut, and will attack. You don't want your Merc killing him before you can Charm. Once my Merc killed him, I killed the PH nine times before Jaxion spawned again.
2. There are roamers, and random spawns from inside Hut #3. While they can't really kill you, they do generate a lot of push and will push you off the platform. Once you hit the water 20 stories below, they continue to beat on you. Stay awake!
3. If you get bored and decide to enter Hut #3, be careful. The stairs are a false floor. It's a long way down and a hassle to get back.

If you have to camp him, the respawn time is about 21 minutes (19 - 22). His PH is a Gyrating Goo. Jaxion spawns outside Hut #3 on the platform to the left of the door.

Winnee Kooper
77 Enchanter
The Rathe

Locked door
# Jul 16 2011 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
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Locked door solution:
Get into a smaller illusion ex: Dwarf. Hop on a mount and run towards the locked door. Once you can see through it, dismount and you fall right through door. All your locked door problems solved. Unless of course your inside :P
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Locked door
# Aug 03 2011 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Why bother? All you need us get close to the door and while moving forward(put yourself edge of the door frame so you won't move) then click your illusion clickie. It works better with "bigger" illusion though.
Green Jade Broadsword
# Jul 16 2010 at 7:21 PM Rating: Decent
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This mob also dropped the " Green Jade Broadsword" tonight .
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No jumpingt to a banner needed!
# Jun 28 2010 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
I did this on my level 53 Enchanter with a level 79 bard. We did not do the stupid Banner jump method. We tried and failed to many times with the bard. My Drakkin Enchanter however did just fine, with levitate on her. We just did it the old fashioned way! We went in the room in the back of the zone with the Golums and the Black Reaver (who casts a 20 second blind aganst a magic resist of 402), wiped the room, and then went through the door on the right, into the hallway. You take a right outside of that door, go down the hallway and there will be a bend to the right with either an undead or a Golem guarding the turn. You will then take 2 ramps up and be standing in front of a door, do not go through the door, just hang a right and go through the wall. You will now be standing ontop of the spectral bridge, as I call it, and just follow the bridge all the way up. You will then be standing in front of a hut. Follow the path way around, killing or pacifying, your choice. Take the pathway onto the bridge, follow the bridge to the next hut. This is hut 2. Go around that hut, once again Kill the mobs for the EXP or use the pacify. In this hut you will go up the stairs just to come back down them in the back to the side of the top level. Walk down and open the door in front of you. You will then be on a bridge that is broken, navigate around the broken part. Go to the bend. Make sure you are levitated at this point as to get across to hut 3 you will need to cross over the broken part. He will spawn OUTSIDE of hut 3. We stayed in front of the door to hut 3 and killed everything that came close to us that we could pull or poped ontop of us, like the goos. There was no need to go into hut 3 at all. You can just stand outside of the door. He spawned after about 45 minuted of us doing this. Charmed him with my level 53 charm and did my turn in. No silly jump to this and try to play acrobat!
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No jumpingt to a banner needed!
# Jan 19 2015 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Tip : If you have a bard, just picklock the door ...
The Ruby turn in
# Mar 13 2010 at 4:03 PM Rating: Decent
I managed to do this with some help from a few of my Guildies. It is easily done if you bring a mage with you and you got someone who can cast levitation, on everyone. We did the Banner trick and it worked. Then 2 of my Guildies ran to the locked door by the 3rd level. They jumped on the platform on the right side of the door. And levied over to the bridge. Then the mage did a COH to get me over there. Did take me a few hours lol. But It was due to lack of help at first and then figuring out how to get were the Wraith of Jaxion spawns. My friend kill 6 place holders b4 the wraith spawned. I charmed the mob without a shroud on. And did my turn in. Then killed mob and gated to bind point.

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OGRE illusion worked!
# Nov 22 2009 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
Actually, the ogre was the only illusion that worked for me. When you're at that first level, levitate, ogre illusion, get as close to banner as you can (you might be ducking since you're an ogre after all), get on banner (I did an overview so I could be sure I was actually standing on the banner), get to the very left of banner, DROP lev, and jump onto next level (you can't jump while leved). I tried earth elemental, HE, and even troll, but only ogre worked for me. GL!
Map location
# Jul 26 2009 at 4:06 AM Rating: Decent
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P -174.4634, -192.9677, 271.5232, 127, 0, 0, 2, Wraith_of_jaxion
Stupid wall does not work anymore
# May 27 2009 at 4:07 PM Rating: Decent
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OK, now it worked, but not with the tips here

- you can levitate to the banner but an ogre cannot stand on that stupid small piece

Erudite, Darkelf, Barbarian:
- can stand on the banner but does not reach wall or roof

- the only one which worked
- the levitation to the banner and slowly (with light left right and front/up) crawled your toon up the ledge, but only after standing up because its difficult to get there standing.
Stupid wall does not work anymore
# May 27 2009 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
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This is simply so plain stupid!

Wasted my time now over half an hour changing Illusions, jumping, levitating to that **** stupid banner, tried to jump on the roof, tried to jump on the wall, tried to glide up the wall, nothing works. Thats really annyoing.

- Erudite
- Ogre
- Darkelf
- with / without levitation

Jumping to the banner is cake, but to get to roof or wall is simply impossible. It must be something missing here. It worked once, I did the same thing years ago, now it is simply Waterloo. Any comments?
# Aug 12 2008 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
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i wouldnt recomend going alone unless you have to lol
Door Opener
# Aug 05 2008 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
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At level 65, someone can shroud as a Goblin Level 65. With Mechanized lockpicks you can open all the doors.
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Crazy gettng there but it works.
# Dec 14 2007 at 11:18 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Wow.. Lots of comments on this one.. In trying to follow directions of how to avoid ceritan areas by jumping on this and that, I ran into the captian of the guards and looted key and ran all the way back to where I needed to be. I had trouble finding the invisible bridge. The easist way I can tell you is if you find the trap door that you need a key to open, you want to run down the hall that makes you turn right. When you turn right, go till you get to the door but do not open. Turn right to face the wall and bam, you walk right out onto the bridge. YOu will come to a locked door. Invise to vah shir, worked for me, stand on the highest part of the bridge to the left, and jump on the door jam! It sticks out way too far and you then lev and float around the building to the ohter side of bridge. Just clear mobs up the ramp. It is more clear or glass than invisislbe. Hand mob wrong gem on accident, he ate it, gave him right one, he gave back, but keep original one I gave. I killed to see if I could loot, could not.. Sorry if is not up for ya. Easy kill at 78 and no problems in zone, just have atleast on invise on, kill any undead, fenito.

Kyyuss Juxtapose
Enchanter lvl 78
Updated WoJ Summary
# Feb 26 2007 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
All information below is useful...I am going to break it down the way I feel is the most simple, reliable way. I did this as a level 54 Enchanter solo.

This post summary suppliments two posters below that were most useful...Remedian's and Frumious'. It's a combo of the two. Read through those write-up's for additional detail. Other write-up's can cause some confusion.

I use Remedian's method for getting up to platform and I use Frumious' ending, but this method I detail incorporates the least amount of risk and mob killing.

I performed the entire process in Dark Elf form (my default race).
I made sure my far clip plane was turned up to 100% (most important at the end of write up, but helpful throughout).
I used spells: Levitate, Invis. Vs. Undead, Invis, Pacify, Mez, Memblur, Rune (on pet for killing mobs in temple), Gate.

- Temple

Go to temple invis. Go to door on the left facing temple. Mobs just inside the door are always unded. Here I cast IVU (invis versus undead) opened outside door. Then opened the inside door directly behind it and went up ramp to fight two undead mobs on second level of temple.

- Banner

There is no need to risk jumping to the banner if you aren't good at that type of jump. When you have cleared the top temple area there is a guard rail that borders three sides and attaches to the back wall on each side. On the guard rail closest to banner, where it attaches to wall, there is a raised part that looks like you won't fit due to roof being low, but you will.

Here you simply pop levitate up, jump on guard rail, follow it to the back wall and jump on the raised portion just under the roof. From here you run to banner then you'll drop levitate. Make sure, of course, you are above banner and against the wall.

Now, if you are not invis you just agroed the mob below the banner on the outside of the temple....kill it. If you are invis you need to scout what mobs are up on the walkway you are about to jump to.

** Take a minute or so to note pathing of mobs...don't rush up **

If they are undead, you'll need to kill the mob below the banner then invis and jump up (read Remidian's write-up for further detail on jumping up).

If they are no undead just remain invis and jump up, but beware there are undead (and regular mob) roamers almost all the time, so you'll need to watch their pathing and make sure it's clear before you jump up.

When on the banner facing the wall you want to be on left-most part of banner with no levitate then just jump and then push forward and you'll pop up easily. If you fail and fall you'll need to pacify mobs to get back to temple door then re-IVU and head back through temple to top again. Re-pop on upper temple mobs is about 18 minutes I am guessing.

- On the Walkway

Ok, once you jumped up you are immediately by a door and a T intersection in the walk way. Facing away from the door I took the immediate left (east, toward main entrance) and ran down that walkway about 20 feet. There is usually a goo if you go far enough. I positioned myself betwee the goo and the T intersection and waited for the wandering mob to path away (it can be undead or living mob that roams).

Now, looking back toward the T intersection, opposite the door is usually a stationary spawn that can be undead or living. What I did was recast levitate, cast appropriate invis to get past that mob and when the coase is clear run to the roof top directly behind that mob to the east.

- The Ramp

Ok, now for those reading about the "invis" ramp...it's not "invis" as much as it's transparent. So, yes, you'll be able to see it. Go to the top of the roof of this building while levitated/invisible and head north. Run to last section of the ramp near the top...where it meets up with walkway around the building, but don't go all the way up yet.

Now, before you get to the very top make sure the goo that roams to the top has pathed back down because with him out of the way you can simply IVU (because roamers around the building are undead) and then head to the top. Go right, to the back, opposite of the front door, (west) side of building.

- The Reaver Building

Ok, now you are ready to run to the building clear over on the west side of zone with the Reavers and elevator. If you have NO idea where this is it won't matter...just use the Force, er your map. What you want to do is hit your "home" key, or whatever key that resets your view to help you maintain elevation as you levitate. You don't need to look up at the sky like some people insinuate. Just don't look down so you don't levitate downward. You'll head pretty much due west and you want to aim for the west wall in the dead center part.

Once you over here you'll see a building with a peaked roof. You'll want to be on the top of the peak. If for some reason you are down on the platform in front of the peaked roof you can still get on it with levitate. If you for some reason hit the north or south corner of the zone as long as you don't panic and maitain your elevation you can still get on the peaked roof.

From here you'll pull WoJ

- The WoJ

Stand on the peaked roof about 2/3 of the way out from zone wall. Again, make sure your far clip plane is at 100% or you may not be able to see him or the building he paths around. Facing away from zone wall the WoJ is up and to the left (about 10 o'clock position if you are facing directly away from zone wall)....he, or his PH, will wander around that little building.

Also, you can bind here if you want to return and camp later. Or, if you forgot your Summon Companion spell...you could bind here and levitate out safely to the front of the zone, but you didn't forget that did you? :)

The process is simple:

- Target WoJ/PH
- Issue /pet sit
- Summon Companion
- Kill (if it's a PH mob), do turn-in if it's WoJ

And you're done...

e-mail euphorica.sleeper @ gmail.com if you need clarification.

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pull suggestion
# Jul 07 2006 at 3:16 PM Rating: Default
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when i was working on this, i had a wizard friend sit on the ground level throwing a bolt spell up on the PH. the mob dropped down and we had no adds. this was years ago, but the bolt spell didnt require you to see your target.
# May 25 2006 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
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The technique of gliding onto the spiky roof of the west building worked great, charmed the wraith but when he started to come to me he got aggro of some sort and died.

i think his patching is wierd
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Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Apr 10 2006 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
49 posts
Some good info in these posts on how to get to a good spot to avoid a bunch of fighting, i will summarize here from those posts and wish to thank them for the helpful info, for.

This was done solo

1.) Getting there.
After you zone in prceed to the Iron Gates that enter the city. You can either get your pet up or charm one if you prefer. ( I made a pet in pok, and got conviction on it and fully pet geared and then my chanter buffs on it, haste rune etc.) Once you enter gates, you may go left or right, you will want to turn to the right and prceed to the temple. (EQ-Atlas has a map with labels naming the appropriate areas). While facing the temple, there is a door on the left, then a waterfall, then a door on the right. You are going to take the left door, once you enter there will be one mob that will attack, just let your pet kill (keeping your pet runed) prceed forward thru the next door ignoring the rest of the mobs in the room you are leaving. Go up the ramp to the top of the temple, there will be 2 mobs there, kill them. Once to the top look out directly east, turn to the right (south) you will see a wall there and a ledge to the top of the temple, now look slowly back to the right some more almost facing west and you will see another wall with a flag banner hanging on it. If you notice the flag banner is hung to the wall by a bar projecting out. Now you need to get on the ledge, drop levitate if you have it on and jump to that bar (if you are a gnome, illusion your self to a larger race, any will do, i tried most to see if they would work). Once on the bar holding the flag banner you will run and junp again onto the walkway to the west, I had invis to undead on at this point. Once on the walkway I went down the eastward path just a little bit and turned to see the roof of the temple, I re- levitated and ran to the temple roof. Once there turn to the west and you will see the invise ramp/bridge. Pull the mobs you can see (usually 3) they will come to you and you and pet can kill. Once ramp is cleared, just run over to the invis ramp and up to the top. (Great you just bypassed the reaver and golem room and all the fighting you have to do there). At the top ( i did this with the map on so i could see the building i want to run to and was levitated) face west and run, while looking up, to the castle with the first dark reaver (the one with the locked door and Golems and single reaver inside). Watch your map it is the farthest build to the west and is located centrally in north south respect. You want to land on the pointed roof. Once there look to the east and up some, you will see the third platform, that Neh'Ashiir is in. you may see the Wraith of Jaxion up, or you may see the ph, which is a goo.

2)Gettin Wraith if Jaxion
From here as the ph or Jaxion approaches closest to you on the outside ring of the 3rd platform you can reach them with your spells. You can keep your pet up if you wish if you are pulling Ph's, just hit with a dd spell and it will come to you. Or, you can kill the pet and when the ph is in range charm it, have it sit immediately and summon companion and wait for charm to break and nuke it to death ( make sire you are keeping runes on your self, I used uproar and arcane rune both since they stack). Once Jaxion pops, you will need to charm him, and have him sit immediately, (his pathing has changed, he will no longer always drop down and come up to you, and now while charmed, he is attacked byu the other mobs) if you just try tashing od niking he will run off down the ramp and i waited 20 minutes for him to come to me on top of the castle and he never came. So, to repeat, just charm him and have him sit immediately, then use summon companion and he arives at your side. Do the turn in get your enchanted gem and gate out. You are now done with Wraith of Jaxion. It sounds much more complicted that it is. I was able to do this on my first try, if I could then anyone can. This saves a lot of time and saves having to try to get a group together. Hope it helps, worked well for me.

Thanks to prvious posters for the helpful info.
Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Sep 28 2006 at 11:55 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Once you are at the top of the "invisible" ramp you are outside the first platform. From here you can just run to the second platform (the one with the locked door). At this point, you can use levitate (or just jump if you are brave)to stand on the rail of the walkway next to the locked door, then drop levitate and jump on top of the door frame. Cast levitate again, then run around the outside of the platform to the walkway on the other side (its a short run, and since you started on top of the door frame, you have plenty of leeway). You are now on the walkway between the second and third platform (where Jaxion pops). There are 3 mobs on that walkway, easy to kill. You can just run over and sit on his spawn point to wait.
Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Sep 28 2006 at 11:53 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Once you are at the top of the "invisible" ramp you are outside the first platform. From here you can just run to the second platform (the one with the locked door). At this point, you can use levitate to stand on the rail of the walkway next to the locked door, then drop levitate and jump on top of the door frame. Cast levitate again, then run around the outside of the platform to the walkway on the other side (its a short run, and since you started on top of the door frame, you have plenty of leeway). You are now on the walkway between the second and third platform (where Jaxion pops). There are 3 mobs on that walkway, easy to kill. You can just run over and sit on his spawn point to wait.
RE: Changes in Jaxion Pathing
# Apr 19 2006 at 2:03 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
I just tried this with my lvl 70 chanter. (Better late than never.) It worked great. I ended up sitting on the roof for many hours killing the PH. BTW: the pop timer is about 18 minutes.

I was a little slow telling him to sit and he got agro and was killed. But 18 minutes later, he popped again. So as soon as you charm him, make sure he sits...

BTW: It appears Erudites can jumper higher than a Troll...
Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Mar 05 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Excellent
I found an even EASIER way to do this IF you know the WoJ is up--use a ranger. All you need is levitate and invis.

FIRST, levetate (or air-elemental) and invis. yourself.

NEXT, get up to the invisible walkway however you like. (I used the postings below--VERY helpful--especially the one about the phatom wall to walk through).

NEXT, once at the top of the invisible walkway, looking up, run toward the first reaver's house (BIG house on far west edge of zone). Land on the very top--the part with the pointed peak roof.

NEXT, stand on the peak and look up...there's the Wraith of Jaxion. :-) Charm him. He will fall and climb up to you in about 10-20 seconds. Do the turn in and gate out.

Minimal casting, minimal danger, no fighting. Plus, it leaves the Wraith alive for the next chanter to come along...
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RE: Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Aug 09 2005 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Exellent! this does work, verified 8/9/2005. I invised my way to the top of the invisible walkway with only having to kill like 5 see-inviso mobs along the way. Then took the leap of faith and headed west-ish to the first reaver room (where you either have to pick a lock or have the key from the captain of the guard). Once I was there I had a little problem targeting him, but once his pathing brought him close enough to target (f9 helped in giving me a better camera angle to get him targeted) I had to go the very edge of the roof to cast on him, once I did though, he just walked his way to me and was there in no time, turn in done rather easily for a part that has held up alot of chanters.

Thanks again for the post...

70 Enchanter of Mith Marr (bah! Saryrn)
RE: Wraith gets even EASIER...
# Apr 28 2005 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Thank you thank you thank you!! This made my life so much easier.

Just to add though. I actually camped Jax and his ph from this ledge. I timed every 18 min after a death and would watch the ledge. The Goo (ph) dribbles over the edge a bit, target and cast Psychosis.. he comes right down for a visit all alone. Kill him and wait for the next ph.

Now... to get Jax to come!
Additional NOTES
# Jan 29 2005 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
If your fortunate enough to have a Druid partner that can SOE you and your pet this is cakewalk. I followed the very detailed info and got my epic piece from the wraith following the wonderful info. YOU CAN GO AROUND SECOND BUILDING WITH SOE EASY. I camped the mob till he spawned. SOLO IS SO EASY
Charm Tips
# Dec 25 2004 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
People have posted some very good guides to getting there, and I found those guides VERY helpful. One thing I had to do with trial and error, though, was work out a charming strategy.

Lately, I've fallen deeply in love with charm solo-ing. The basics are as follows: Find a mob, paci around it, tash it, and then cast Color Slant as it comes at you. Color Slant is just long enough to stun a mob for the entire cast of Boltran's Agacerie, which I've found to be a *very* dependable charm. It almost always lasts the whole duration, provided the mob is tashed.

Whenever the mob breaks charm, simply cast Color Slant and recharm. It will be a sitting duck. Since CS is a PBAE, it will also hit the mob you were attacking, but I always keep that mob rooted just in case. Another helpful thing is to always, always keep your pet targetted during battles. That way, you don't have to mess around with the nearest mob key when it breaks charm.

Anyway, now to specific information about CoM.

What to Charm: Do not charm undead mobs. This is unfortunate, because they appear to be the strongest mobs in the zone, but they have very high MR. They are not good pets at all, even tashed, because they break charm so fast. I knew this would happen because they resist my slows so much, so when I first tried soloing, I went for one of the berserker madmen, or whatever their names are. The human, living mobs.

This did not work out, because these mobs are extremely weak. Undeads made short work of them. Goos would probably have worked fine, but you need to charm a mob as soon as you enter the zone, for reasons outlined in the next section. The perfect pets are those lovely mist golems. The best part? There is one there as soon as you enter the zone. It's very convenient. The other problem with the madmen was that they did not respond to stuns, while the golems were perfectly fine to sit still during recharms.

When to Charm: There are two times when it is a good idea to charm. I find it, personally, to be more convenient to charm as soon as you zone in. As I mentioned, there is a golem sitting right at entrance for you to grab. But most people, myself included except in this case, are lazy. Therefore, you can just invis up to the first tower. Inside the tower, there should be a golem up with a bunch of undeads. Paci the undeads and take the golem. If there isn't one, go back and get it from that platform area... it's worth it, they're such perfect pets.

From there, follow the banner strategy. You can mess around with paci when you're running down the catwalks, but I got fed up with paci wearing off so fast and just slaughtered my way through. A blend of paci, mez, root, and killing made it easy to get through. Also, Rune is very important... do not attempt to solo this part of your epic unless you are at least 61 and have Arcane Rune.

One other note: on the third hut, WoJ pops outside it, on the platform around it. The thing is, though, his PH seems to be inside. So what I did was got on my horse and poked my head through the door... the skele inside, the roamer, will soon get close enough to the door to see you. He will aggro you and come through the door, where you can kill him. I killed him twice before WoJ spawned. It was a very easy, fast camp. (watch the duration on your lev, though, and keep it up all the time- I died once because it dropped at the most unfortunate time...)

Good luck!

Edited, Sat Dec 25 22:01:49 2004
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# Oct 25 2004 at 4:09 PM Rating: Decent
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OK, I did this while two boxin a highelf cleric and a gnome chanter, not that race is an issue w/ chanter.
As most of you have read in the forums, you can get to the second level (bypass the reaver room) by jumping off of a banner while looking up ..

Don't spend your time trying to jump from banner to ledge. Instead get on the banner and then jump to the roof of the pagota. From there levitate to the roof of the room next to you and from there to the invisble bridge. It is a cake walk.

Then needlessly slaughter everything on your way to the second locked door. Both my cleric and Chanter only have run 3. What you do is jump on the white step, then jump to the top of the DOORthen jump to the top of the DOORbehind you. From there you can levitate around w/ no fear of not making it what soever. I did it in Orge illusion but High elf works fine too. Then you are right there .. get jaxion to pop and be done w/ CoM

Enjoy peoples

If you are on Druzzil Ro and need a hand msg Lukye
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Lev around second platform
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I was able to levitate around the second platform. I have swift journey 1 as my runspeed modifier. I also had illusion ogre on and well...of course lev.

A little tip...when you are at the locked door of platform 2 right on the ledge there is a little block that goes up about half a character height higher than the rest of the ledge...stand on that when you start your run around platform.

Hope this helps
Easy Stuff
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Here's What I did. after having a ranger make sure jazion was up, I invised and ran up to the landing described in other posts. I killed the 2 mobs on the landing. Then with ogre illusion, levitation, sow, and invis I jumped on the banner. While facing the wall and looking up if you move forward you will slide right onto the top of the wall. No jumping required. From here I just ran out on to the top of the stone roof. If you go to the top of the roof you can simply run to the invis ramp and forget about going through the building. But I even eliminated that. I targeted jaxion and ran to the roof of the pagoda looking building next to the stone roof. From there you can hit Jaxion with a tash and he came right down and attacked me. I charmed, did the turn in, he didn't aggro, and then gated out with an encanted ruby. Hope this helps.
You all must be crazy
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Got him to spawn 3 minutes before server went down.
Anyways, I have not read all of these posts, but for the most part, it seems like pretty crazy tactics to be using. Here is what I did, all solo:
Get a key for the first door, is all you need.
Invis past Black Reaver and golems into right door. Run into the hall and hopefully undead won't see you. Continue to the invisible ramp, keep going to first tower. Now, what I did is charma mob, attack another and let them beat eachother. With no help, the charm should be close to dead or vice-versa, simply break charm and kill pet or finish off the mob if pet was killed. Do this all the way up. Cast lev, if not already on, stand on the post at base of bridge and tower 2, hug wall while looking up to next bridge. Charm something and continue same tactic for killing. Just rune yourself constantly if you are getting hit and colour stuns are godly spells against lowly mobs such as these. Get to tower 3, kill the goo and SIT THERE. Get full life, full mana, read a book, whatever. Just wait for repop, if a goo, kill it and do the same thing again, just wait. Boring, but big deal, better than being killed. Level 57+ should have NO problems getting up there and just use the mobs to kill eachother. Roaming goo on tower 3 is PH, that's it, just have to kill him. If you know how to play your class, this is a simple part if your epic, can just take time, as all the parts can.

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Just a few changes
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Remedian's post is great, but of course after doing this I have a few minor improvments. I'll break it into stages, so his post can rule, and you have another option

Getting from wall to roof via Banner:
First Invis, run up left stairs to mob and kill it. Then Ogre illus, Levitate, re-invis and go to tunnel door, invis undead, enter and go up to the roofed platform where 2 skellies are. Jump on corner, and lev to banner.

Getting to 1st hut:
No need to pac, mez all the way to the hut. After you are over the wall by the banner, go left and left and face the roofed platform where the skellies are. Lev over to the peak, lev over to the roof of the building where he says pac the mobs. Here drop Invis-undead and invis, then lev to the invis ramp and walk by all the goos to the top. Here you will see 2 roaming phantoms, they can't see you. go right around the hut, pac the one skellie and goo that can see you and you can walk by all the mobs around the first corner. Also if you prefer not to go alone, get some ogre potions in the bazaar, and just plough through the mobs for expo. Ogre seems to be the key to get up the banner. If you want to have your enc clear, you can have other cast heals and nukes from the roofed platform and if you get aggro they will come over to you. GL, again good post since the sight thing seems to be nerfed.
No tracker necessary.
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If you zone in to CoM and use shifting sight, you can shift from one mob to another to check on weather WoJ is up.

I never used this spell before lvl 65. I found out tonight that you can target from anywhere in the zone and use this spell. You can even use NPC and player's corpses.

Using the different perspectives you can play around with the view enough to target mobs and leap frog from one to another eventually winding up where you want to.
Is it broken?
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i have been helping a guild mate for a few days now and nothing, no pops and we have spent hours out here. killed everything and then some but no pop. anyone else have this problem?
Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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First, confirmed the WoJ was up by tracking. Couldnt track it from entrance with Ranger (max tracking) so ran in just a bit. The WoJ is at the back end of the zone on one of the platforms (third one,to be exact). You can target it from the ground but I couldnt cast anything - "Cant see Target".

Sooo...this is how I got him...Solo'd!

You cannot just walk up to the third platform and do the hand in. There is at least one locked door (at second platform) and the Reaver room (where invisi bridge starts). A very nice and cleaver Troll SK showed me a "secret" way to the invisi bridge that goes AROUND the reaver room and negating the need for two groups and a rogue.

This is the tricky part, after this it's a cake walk...

Gonna try to explain thoroughly. After you zone in run until you come to the Iron Gates that enter the city. You can either get your pet or charm one if you prefer. Once you enter gates, there will be a mob right there (unless cleared of course). Path goes left or right, go right. Run about 3 seconds to the right and you will see a set of bricks with a tunnel, door between them on your left (looks like a pyramid starting) and there is a waterfall to the right of the door. Ok, you there yet? Should only of had 3-4 mobs to kill at this point OR you could invisi up to this point and THEN get your pet out (which is what I did, am lazy). Once you enter the door there is a skellie that you will have to kill. Kill it, then run straight ahead through door (leave the other two undead alone - they wont agro at all). Once you go in the second door, do up the ramp/stairs until you are on the observatory. There are two undead mobs up here that you will have to kill as well.

THIS IS THE TRICKY PART...but after this, you are almost home.

as you are facing looking out the gaurd tower thing with ramp to your back, there is a wall to your right ATTACHED to the guard tower, not the wall ABOVE the guard tower that is further away. If you are confused, just run until you hit the small wall (about 1 second...LOL). Jump up on this wall and you should see a large walkway just out of jumping range. Well, if you notice there is a BANNER on the wall that juts out JUST enough for you to stand on. So, while standing on the wall of the Guard tower, levitate yourself and float over until you are standing on the top ledge of this banner. If you are a short race (Ima gnome) you will have to use illusion troll/earth elemental/or any other large race illusion...I choose earth elemental and it worked for me. IF YOU ARE A SMALL RACE YOU WILL HAVE TO ILLUSION YOURSELF BEFORE FLOATING OUT TO BANNER ON WALL. Otherwise you will be too short to make the required jump.

Ok, assuming you did what I did (Earth elemental and leviated self) float out to banner. There will be a mob directly below you hitting you. Just cast one insanity nuke and he will be dead. So, now you are standing on this banner sticking off the wall. Face the wall that the banner is jutting off of, not the wall further away (banner is almost in a corner). While facing this wall, look up and hit jump and forward...you will jump up onto the ledge of a walkway. There will be lots of mobs up here most stationary but some wanderers so have Paci and Mezz/memblur up before you jumped. I timed it to when there were no roamers so had no problem.


Now, there is a door immediately to your right...open, but dont enter, there are three or four mobs inside. Paci or Mezz/memblur them (I like paci). There are two doors at opposite end of room, take the door to the LEFT! PAY ATTENTION HERE.....As soon as you enter that door, there is a FAKE WALL ON THE LEFT, dont run down hallway, enter door, face left, go through invisi wall.

Once you did this you are on the invisi bridge that takes you to the platforms...CONGRATS! YOU JUST BYPASSED THE REAVERS!!!

There will be some goo things on the invisi bridge so just Paci or Mezz/Memblurr and follow invisi bridge. After you get to bridge between the first and second huts/platforms, there are a series of about 6-8 mobs. Some are undead so you cant invisi or invisiU and run past them...have to paci. I had to mezz/memblur one goo that is a wanderer but made it without even getting touched. At the second hut is, the bridge ends. You cant go any further cause the door is locked. Previous posts suggest you can just levitate around the second hut and end up on the otherside but this IS NOT POSSIBLE, I tried a couple of times. YOu get close, but not far enough.

This is the final part. As you are standing in front of the locked door, levitate yourself. You WILL get agro from one mob inside the locked door but just mezz and memblur him. With Levi on, float out to the right of the second hut, towards the third hut. Be looking up and you will remain afloat high above the city. As you are floating above the city, look towards the third hut and target the WoJ...cast a nuke (or any spell that will get you agro) and he will FALL FROM THE PLATFORM TO THE GROUND below.

once down there, levi down to him, charm him and do turn in. There will be mobs below, from where he lands but dont worry, just mezz them on the way down or have your new pet attack them. Will only be 2-3 below you, where he drops so dont freak out. Have gate up and *POOF* you done.

I tried all the other tips and tricks and nothing worked for me. Spent two days here doing this and I promise, this is the less hassle way to get it...You can target him from the ground but I could not cast anything on him, "cannot see target", even with extended range IV!! If you can target him AND cast a spell, he should drop right on you...he doesnt path down the invisi bridge like other posts say, he falls right down to the ground.

By the way, I am a 65 chanter on Tunare...send me a tell in game (if you on Tunare) and I will take you there...takes less than an hour I promise (if he's up - get tracker to check first). I also used low level spells like Pacy and Boltran's Charm rather than the mana intensive 60+ spells Pacification and Command of druzzil (700 mana!). Good luck...you can do it!
RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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Some added comments to my first post...

I have now done this "solo" several times showing other chanter friends and like Tenniel posted, it IS possible to levi around second hut to the walkway...woohoo! If you cant, dont worry, pulling by levitating and targeting WoJ still works fine. By Levitating around the hut, you can camp the spot and dont need the use of a tracker to make sure that WoJ is up.

Some added comments:
If you dont successfully levi around the locked hut on the first attempt, dont worry...just run through the air back over to the invisi bridge and repeat the steps....but if you do it Tenniel's way, it works everytime!

Also, when trying to "bypass reavers" the best way I have found is to keep levi on when you land on the ledge and use OGRE illusion...then, all you have to do is use the up arrow from the bannor ledge and you will move over the wall to the walkway...just be sure to stop pushing up arrow or you will go over the entire walkway, which is what I did the first time...DOH : )

Keep up the hard work chanters...this entire epic is almost entirely soloable (making up my own words as I go) so dont give up!!

RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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YES, THERE IS A WAY TO LEVI AROUND THE 2ND HUT. I am actually writing while camping this WoJ. Here is how I did it.

When you come to the locked door of the 2nd hut, u notice that there isn't a ledge surrounding it like the first hut. What I did was:
1. Turn off Lev
2. Illusion Ogre form becuase they can jump higher
3. Walk on the ledge that runs along each side of the walkway, till u hit the 2nd hut. Be careful not to fall.
4. Now you notice, there is a (white) step up as u reach the ledge/hut wall and u can step up it... Do so.
5. Now face the locked door of the 2nd hut and you notice that there is a (grey)ledge outlining the door that you can jump onto. Do so.
6. Take off Ogre form, and cast lev on urself, or imp or air illusion. (for speed, i used J-boots)
7. Now hug the wall as close as u can and run around to the other path. Its really not that difficult. Just remember to look up, or have ur finger on keypad 9.

(note) before Levitating around the 2nd hut, a good idea would be to pull mobs on the other ledge and kill them otherwise you might get bonked a couple of times on the other side.

Believe me, this works
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RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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I used your technique today and it pretty much worked. I couldn't get on top of the door though so I just tried it from the white step. I amde it around to the other walkway without a problem. Thanks
RE: Ok, here is how I did it SOLO...
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I just had lev on, hopped up on the highest portion of the bridge railing, and leved around the right 2nd buildling looking up. Didn't have a problem at all.

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Correct Spawn Time
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The Correct Spawn Cycle time...as of April 10th, 2004...is 22 minutes. It IS the 3rd Hut and she spawns on the ledge. She IS charmable. I personally watched 2 Enchanters do the turn in.

Hope this helps you!

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Recently while on a raid in CoM for a guildies shammy epic we got up to Mr. Jaxion, here. Well anyhow, some one jumped the gun and attacked him off the bat. (Hes right next to the elevator, so I cant blame them for getting jumpy.)
Someone said mez him, so I tried GoK on him a few times with lotsa resists.
Lukily, a cleric got a good atone off. (Had a clicky, I believe.) Unfortunatley, not soon enough for me. =(
The lvl 62 chanter said afterwards that all of her mezzes were resisted, and charm didn't work at all.
I noticed he con'd amiable before I started mezing. So... do you still indeed need to charm him, or, can you just hand in the gem?

Another guild happened to be there, at the time, although I'm not sure how they would make him become amiable to everyone... My only guess would be someone dire charmed him, but I'm not sure if that makes everyone else or amiable, or indifferent and just you amiable like other charms. And even then, how could he attack all of us?

We sat next to him for about an hour waiting for someone to MQ, who never showed. On top of that, I neglected to look up what I need for my epic because I was in a hurry, and didn't pick up my gems yet.. So overall, an "interesting", but waisted evening. =/
Upon further inspection, I've realised I'm talking about a COMPLETELY different mob. so.. Ignore everything I've said, lol.

Explains a few things...

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some info
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when facing the final tower on 3rd level the goo spawns on the left hand side. The timer for the PH/Jaxion is about 18 minutes.

Due to the pain that getting this guy to spawn can be (I was there for about 3 1/2 hours before he came in and it was the last cycle everyone was going to do before leaving) if there are multiple chanters who need this piece take all of them up. One chanter can charm and everyone can turn in off that one charm. Good luck!
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Spawn loc and PH
# Dec 15 2003 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
Confirmed loc.
PH was a Goo for us circling the very topmost tower (Neh Ashiir's tower). Think theres only one roamer there max 2.
He spawned right after one PH.
Grats to our chanter.
Whenever your pet falls gate out or have a new one ready...
Why pull down when you can sit on his PH
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Just levitate and go around the locked 2nd tower to the 3rd. You get aggro, but you're a chanter deal with it.
Blah you makin too hard
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Blah you makin too hard

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Filter the GARBAGE!
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I am going to restate this from a post somewhere in this mess to save a TON of people a TON of time! First off, when I camped this guy I tried sooo many methods posted below. Eventually, with the stupid charm/pull him down/get him to drop thing, got him killed. That day was one of the darkest days I've seen in a long time. I spent the next TWO WEEKS, every time I signed on I would be there in the middle of CoM waiting for him to spawn, clear the whole area up there a few times via the charm, put mobs up against eachother method, beating myself over the head for having gotten him killed. FINALLY, I came back to this board in total frustration and read a post below that has since never been mentioned, and VERY surprisingly so...


When the Wraith spawns, Bind sight on him. (no casting limit range to bind sight)

Fear him, then drop Bind sight, but KEEP HIM TARGETTED and you'll come back to yourself. No hurry, run over to the spot that would be JUST after the first building up above that WoJ would pass through (that's full of mobs) and stand below the ramp. A good spot is just before the turn in the ramp on the way to the second floating building up there. CAST BIND SIGHT again (you remembered to keep him targetted) and keep trying to recast fear on him until he's in range. The fear will wear off RIGHT as he's just about over you. (It's perfect timing. I don't remember if I tashed him first, I don't think I did though so don't worry about doing that.) And since you just recast it he'll be feared again and continue his path.

You run to where that invis-like ramp is in the sky coming out of the second building. Wraith of Jaxion will run through the second building and start running down the inviso ramp, fear will wear off with PERFECT timing, and Wraith of Jaxion will come after you immediately dropping down off of the inviso ramp!!! Charm/turn in VOILA! Simple, add free, hassle-free, and I just saved you from kicking yourself like I did for TWO WEEKS because i hadn't learned about this technique earlier and failed with the other methods getting him killed.

He's a LONG, obnoxious spawn. This would be the best way to get him down. And IF you fail with THIS method (which would be hard to do cause it's almost fool proof) you can easily evac, Wraith is still at spawn spot and you can go back and try him again.
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RE: Filter the GARBAGE!
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JESUS! someone read my post! LOL! since it was forever go, and almost at the BOTTOM of this page, let me repost it here....
this is super easy! ive seen it done twice just today (one was me).

you need the following:

YOU (enchanter)
62+ Necro

he walks along this small bridge waaaaaaaaaaay up in the air, hehe, its high.

The hardest thing to do, is targeting him.

ANYHOW, get the necro to target him, then cast his highest fear.

the necro then runs to the mouth of the castle, and continues to fear him. he'll walk all the way down the path, to you! There, you charm him, and IMMEDIATLEY tell him to sit.

You then hand in your emerald, and Blammo! you have it completed.

You need a 62+ so you dont take aggro, its awesome.

Thanks to Hopesn for telling me about this (and all her help through my epic), and to Prance, that WONDERFUL necro with nothing but kindness!

If you ever see Uccello (me) on Prexus, Ill be there to help you, with anything


Heres what id admend and change about that post. When i did it, i was like, level 56 or somthing... i dont remember it was a while back... 2k2.... hrm, man, i might ahve been just 51.... ANYHOW, you yourself can do it now, Use your fear, be a higher level (id advise around 60+) and just fear the mob, hes not hard. you DONT need to tash, he'll walk right out to you. hes not on your faction like he would be with charm, so hes not KoS, he doesnt get buddies, he just comes out alone. PLEASE, im trying to help you guys, this is SO easy!
okay, i posted that almost a year and a half ago, i have since gotten my epic, and have gotten about 3 server wide tells about this method. Im suprised there hasnt been more.

Guys, if you EVER need epic help, ive done it all, i can try to help you out.

;tell prexus.uccello hi! i need help with suchandsuch!

just earlier today, i had a chanter ask me how to do this, i was afk, but responded, she already had it done, but needed to know how to get to the lady in teh hole. i logged onto her server, made a rogue, and LEAD HER TEAM through the hole.

Please, dont be afraid to ask! im usually bored as is! i tend to play at nights, CST, try to get me sometime!

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spawn point after revamp
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I just completed this part of the epic on 10-22-03. I had a hard time trying to find out if his spawn point changed after the revamp, well it didn't. He spawned at approx pos 104 pos 157. PH was the goo that circles the last building. It is possible to target the goo from the floor level, but didn't try casting on him, so I had to find a LFG rogue that wanted to tag along. Only door he had to pick was castle entrance, and then the 2nd building up top. Once through the 2nd building myself 65 enchanter with DC pet and 65 mage easily kept the 3rd tier cleared. Halfway during the day I decided to start killing the goo that circles the last building. 2 PH's later Wraith of Jaxon spawned and I did my charm/turn in.

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I hate this guy Ph or not he sux i couldn't get him to spawn for nothin...

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It's not entirely difficult to do the turn in from the ground; I did it pretty much the same way as the others but I found those posts ambiguous so hopefully this will clarify one method. Go to loc 250, 200 and look up toward the final platform. You need to wait for a wandering goo to be sitting on the edge of the crack in the bridge on the opposite side as Wraith. If you walk around you'll eventually find a spot where you can cast charm without getting the "you cannot see target" message, so charm the goo, tell the pet to guard here, and cast sight on the goo. Go to third person view, target Wraith, and tell the pet to attack him. Once they're fighting, repeatedly click pet back off and the goo will slowly move toward you. Eventually both the goo and Wraith will fall off the edge and end up around loc 200, 70, so all you need to do after that is mez wraith, invis, mez the goo, charm Wraith, and turn in the dull ruby.

This is obviously more difficult if Wraith is not up. You either need to leave and try again when he happens to be up (my preferred method), or use charm to try and kill everything on the final platform (except the reaver inside), which is a PITA, and will probably take like 6 hours due to anti-camp. I was level 62 for this and didn't have any problem with adds, but if there are any other mobs around your goo pet while it's still on the platform they will attack the pet. However, even if they do, it shouldn't be a big deal; just mez everything and you'll be fine. The area on the ground is conveniently completely clear. I was also completely unable to cast offensive spells on anything except that goo when it's right next to the crack due to "cannot see target" messages. How you'd be able to directly charm Wraith when he's still up there I don't know. So good luck enchanters, and may the schwartz be with you.

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RE: Wraith
# Oct 20 2003 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the great info. I have a feeling you need an Extended Range focus item to do this. I tried today, was able to target the mob by the wraith, and was able to fiddle around enough to not get the "you cannot see target" message. I instead got the "target is out of range" message though.

I will be going back with an ER item equipped. I'll update this post to let you know how it went.

WoW Priest
# Jun 17 2003 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, just got done with Jaxion in CoM. First of all, let me preface this with, i can't say it will happen for you, but it worked for me. Yes, Grav Flux is nerfed. So here is what it did- Cleared the upper platform, using bind site charm and turn the mobs against each other. When only Jaxion and the last mob were left i made the charmed mob follow me to his death in the 2nd house. Now for Jaxion, i casted Howl on him, took him to the geo sticking area, then charmed him told him to follow, moved to the back of the middle house before the bridges and WHAMO, he fell off the bridge to me! Turned in the ruby and was off. Some thoughts, you might have to play around with him a bit, what i mean by that, is have him guard, follow guard follow, to get him to fall. I was prepared to do that. No rogue needed for this, just some creative thinking and patience ).
Good Luck.
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RE: Fluke..
# Jul 26 2003 at 3:08 PM Rating: Decent
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How did you get the mobs to not come after you when they finished each other off?

And can a 64 chanter and a 51 chanter use the strategy that Liahanna posted? This is the last piece I need for Test of Charm and itd be appreciated. Thanks!
# Jun 11 2003 at 7:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Oh, and by the way, they completely nerfed gravity flux. It doesn't send anything in the air in any zone. I tested it on myself and on mobs in levitate and non levitate zones, nothin. Didn't get 2 inches off the ground =\
Some Techniques
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Here are some techniques I found useful to kill the wraith of jaxion's place holders. Kill yourself a little path back to right underneath that last building, its not hard, there's only about 8 greenies in the way. Just pacify and single pull them. When your under a building there, target a goo and bind sight up, then target the place holder, whatever it may be, and bind sight to it, then proceed to charm it. When you charm it, any mob that's near up there will aggro on it, so keep telling your mob "back off" and he will keep collecting more and more mobs on him. Eventually, you'll get 12 mobs on him and he'll go down pretty fast. At this moment, if your not sure he was the placeholder, run under to where the collection of mobs are (make sure you have one previously targeted) charm it, and bind sight, that one will go down too. I just did this a few minutes ago, and for some odd reason, a skeleton was the PH. Oh well, i took down that skele, and 3 goelms from the bottom. A technique to get the actual wraith of jaxion down w/o killing him would be this. Pacify other mobs around him, charm the wraith, and make him stop by hitting the guard button over that gap in the walkway, then un-charm. I did this with a goo once, and he "bugged" his way down, and just fell on the ground, if your there for him to hit you, he won't go back up. At that point, you can mez, charm, and be on your way.
Easy way without grav flux
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Go to where you would normaly grav flux up, but look up towards the third turret. Eventually you will be able to target a wandering ooze. Cast shifting sight on that ooze, then hit f9 a couple of times and pan the camera around. If wraith is up you will be able to target him this way. Then to get him down you need to cast invoke fear directly underneath him, and do it again when hes midway between turrets 1 and 2. Go back and wait at the grav flux place and he should come to you.

I did this at 65, so no trains. Not sure how high youd need to be for this. 60 might get ugly.
Enchanter can do this part solo (if it's up)
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Uses pacify to get yourself into CoM roughly +240,-240.
Gravity flux yourself up onto the semi-invisible ramp. Get as fae west on that ramp as you can.
Cast levitate on yourself.
If Wraith of Jaxion is up, you will be able to target him from there. Target him.
Use levitate to avoid mobs and get to roughly +200,+200.
You will be able to land Tash on Wraith of Jaxion from there.
Go back to the corner with the semi-invisible ramp, and wait for him. It may take a minute or two, but he will find you.
Other CoM mobs do not assist the Wraith of Jaxion because he is an epic quest NPC :o)
So when he finds you, charm and trade. Then gate.

Mission accomplised.

Wikkin Ka'Boom
62 Enchanter
Firiona Vie server
RE: Enchanter can do this part solo (if it's up)
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Well, I succeeded just now (with the wonderful help of the Legends of Westwood guild on Xev). I tried a couple of times to use the Gflux and pull technique. I also tried targeting him and nuking from below. Neither worked and the folks I was with informed me that he will NOT come alone, regardless if he is an epic NPC, he will bring company.

I wish this technique worked for me, but it seemed like tagging along on a Reaver raid was the only way plausible.

Ethyre Iri'Descent
Lions of the Heart
RE: Enchanter can do this part solo (if it's up)
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I tried this technique several times. Took me a while to get the hang of landing after Gflux, but once on the ramp I was able to target Jaxion. I had a couple problems with this technique though:

No matter what I tried, I got a message that my target was out of range. I have Ext Rng III focus item too. I tried lev-ing as close as I could but still got that message. When leving to 200,200 as recommended I sank and couldn't get back on ramp - I had to Gflux myself again.

I landed on the ramp 4 times. 2 of those times I ended up with a huge train piling down on me. I have no idea why sometimes I got trained and other times I did not.

Seemed like I was so close too...

Enchanter Turn in WITHOUT the big raid
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Tourterelle from FV server can confirm this. She is a lvl 62 druid. Targeted him from bottom floor, directly under him and snared him...then she followed the path of the upper ledge (always on bottom floor) till she got to the place where other poeple would G-Flux on top to by-pass having a rogue. You'll need anyther person to clear the floor, and of course the enchanter who has to do the turn in.

So finaly on the other side, Wrath came down to main floor. Enchanter charmed - did the turn in, then we called on every chanter we knew to get this part done.

Hope this helps.
Chain charm/turn in
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Ok, just so you know...

The placeholder does roam outside the last platform.

The placeholder was "a wraith" so far as I can determine.

The placeholder was reportedly on an 18 minute timer (might have been 15, was very busy... level 47 druid as main healer for raid...)

Third pull was Jaxion (two PH's) and he was easily charmed by Enchanter spell Allure.

My husband (51 Enc) was third in line. First guy charmed, handed in... no agro. First guy invised, second guy charmed, handed in... no agro. Second guy invised, hubby charmed, handed in, no agro... so hubby invised, we beat Jaxion down like any other "a wraith" and moved on.

So, just join a big enough raid for reavers/neh for druid/ranger/shaman/mage epic and have dull ruby in inventory. All the Enc along for the ride can complete the charm easily.
yennia tocs
of Bristlebane
Jaxion success finally
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Caitnop, the raid you saw get wiped was prolly ours. At 1:30 am Monday morning, after camping the area and killing everything in sight since 3:30pm Sunday afternoon, Jaxion finally popped.

Our force had dwindled by that time to 6 ppl. Which I believe were two Chanters, one Beastlord, one Pally, one Mage, and one Druid (myself).

The Reaver popped and was pulled in from outside and we nail'd it, another popped as usual, we nailed that one... then Neh popped as usual... Neh never agro'd any of the other several times he had popped that nite.

We buffed up to get ready to take out Neh... suddenly, out puller calls out that Jaxion has finally popped outside... he pulls him in to room, Chanter from my guild charms him, and does the turn in, and gets what she needs, then b4 the other chanter can do his turn in, Neh agro's, and another mob pops, and pandimonium ensues....

Our chanter goes down so fast that I can't even get off a heal, other chanter madly trys to mez, charm anything, but to no avail... I try to heal chanter but can't keep up, he goes down... Mage goes down... at that point with the Pally and Beastlord and me down to two bubs, I Lessor Succor us, and we three survive, myself with less than half a bub.

Then begins the CR, we call in a Necro from our guild, who summons the bodys. One of our Clerics logs in to Rez. But we have no luck finding a Rogue. I track and can't see Jaxion anywhere, tho Neh is still up. Some from our party got back to the room where we were, but still no Jaxion, so perhaps he despawned.

You lucked out at anyrate Cait, tho weather you were truely lucky, or actually smarter that we, remains to be seen... hehe. I truely hope that the one to two person method is the correct one, because holding the area for hour after hour after hour killing everything in sight is dreadfull.

Zoomorfius Fleetfoot, lv 56 Druid of Tunare, Dark Rain
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