EQ Update #6

How are you and your loved ones doing during this pandemic? Me and my family are fine and staying at home. I am fortunate to have a development job where I can work from home and the business is doing fine.

We support all those fighting to keep people alive and well all across the world. They need our help right now. If you have any PPE used for medical purposes such as N-95 masks, isolation gowns, medical eye protection shields, ear loop masks with shields or Nitrile exam gloves of any size, donate these items to your local hospitals if they are in need of them. Respirators are in very high demand right now as well.

Site News

Listed updates from March 14th through yesterday.

Some fixes for the site were rolled out. One of them regarding the recipe search where clicking on pages was showing the same results.

The Overseer wiki needs some major help for those who are familiar with it. I haven't hardly logged in the past couple weeks but plan on playing some to work on it. If you would like to submit some information on it you can click on the Discuss link at the top of the page here or you can directly edit the wiki if you would like directly submit your info.


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Patch 3-18-2020



March 18, 2020

*** Items ***

- A mysterious presence will only sell McKenzie's Brew's when Veil of Alaris is unlocked.
- You may now only gain one Collection Dispener items from the Overseer system. Also, there are some rewards that only offer a chance at gaining a collection item. The chance is in the name. The rewards that only give a chance offer an amount of Overseer Tetradrachm to make up for the fact that it's only a chance to gain a collection item.
- Overseer Tetradrachms are no longer trade-able. They are still heirloom.
- Overseer rewards of Tradeskill items and Collectibles unlock one expansion behind. I.E. The Burning Lands collectibles are available when Torment of Velious unlocks, the Torment of Velious crafting supplies are unavailable until the next expansion unlocks.
- Increased the price on most items sold for Overseer Tetradrachm.
- You must be a gold member to choose the collection dispensers, ornament dispensers, or tradeskill items from the overseer rewards. Overseer rewards and other rewards are available to all membership levels.
- Added all races and classes to the Common Agent Catalyst.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Updated the calendar event text and alert text to more correctly describe this year's anniversary events.
- Tower of Frozen Shadow raid events - Made the following changes:
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused the 'It's a No Slow from Me, Dog' achievement to always be granted. For real this time.
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused many spells to fail to land on drolvarg NPCs and displayed a message that you had failed an achievement when spells did land on them.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Fixed a bug that prevented one of Tserrina's mechanics from working in her final phase. For real this time.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Moved the key from Tserrina to the reward chest.
- Fixed issues with Discuit's dialogues that allowed players to skip parts of his quest.
- Due to an error in the expected and announced launch day of Torment of Velious tier 3 raids, we have decided to open them in mid-April to allow everyone to be ready.

*** Miscellaneous ***
- Corrected an issue preventing some players from receiving the tutorial Overseer Agent if they had received any Agents prior to opening the Overseer window for the first time.
- Modified the success and fail chances of Overseer quests to succeed more often.
- Fixed a timing issue that could cause dates measured across Daylight Savings Time changes to be off by one.

*** UI ***
- Modified the default width of the Overseer window so that you can select agents on smaller screens.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team

Anniversary News!

It's that time of the year folks. Happy 21st birthday EQ!



Hail Norrathians,

It's hard for us to fathom that it's been 21 years since this grand adventure began The myriad lands and challenges you’ve all completed have brought us an incredible sense of awe time and time again. We couldn't be happier to share another year with all of you and can't wait to see what the next year brings.
We've got some great things in store for the anniversary, some of you’re already experiencing, such as our new Overseer feature and the Veteran AA rewards. We still have a few things we'd like to discuss below as we enter our 21st year, including our annual 50% bonus experience event, which will be from March 16, 2020 12 AM PDT to April 1, 2020 at 1 AM PDT.

New TLP server news?

Yeah, we got that. We are incredibly excited to announce the names and general rule set info for the TWO new TLP servers we will be launching in the coming months. Please put your hands, paws, and claws together for Aradune and Rizlona! Aradune is a new concept for our Truebox server rule set. It's going to have similarities to Mangler's rule set in terms of XP, era locking, and a lot more. Rizlona will also share the Mangler rule set and be our first boxing progression server in a long time. More specific rule sets and how they will function differently than the current TLPs will be shared in the coming weeks!

Heroic Level 85 Character Boost

Ready to try out a new class, want to make a home on a different live server? We're giving all All Access Members a free Heroic Level 85 Character Boost to celebrate our birthday. Start a new life in a new home, or just try something new on your current one. You'll be able to claim the bauble from March 16 through May 10!

Server Merges

To prepare you and your characters for the universal shift, we wanted to let you know what servers are on the list. We don't want anyone getting the matter in their bodies all mixed up, that can get messy.
Lockjaw -> Ragefire
Trakanon -> Vox
Fippy -> Vox
Brekt -> FV

Player Designed Anniversary Quests!

We love the ideas we've gotten from players over the years. The development team worked to implement two player-designed quests that were submitted at Fan Faires over the years. This year for the anniversary quests, prepare to dive into some relationship woes and a culinary conundrum! You can find the following quests and their quest givers below!
Quest: Fancy Feast
Quest Giver: Maitreya the Maitre D’
Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

Quest: I Guess this is Growing Up
Quest Giver: Emissary of Erollisi Marr
Starting Zone: Plane of Knowledge

Thank You

A huge thanks to both players that submitted the quests and to all of you for passionately sharing your ideas and love for the game with us! You've been a huge part of our lives and adventures, and we hope we've been part of yours as well.
Cheers to turning 21, and here’s to seeing you in-game!

- The EverQuest Team



EQ Update #5

Spells have been updated. The spell history has been limited to a few months since the virtual machine that the spell parser sits on has limited resources right now due to being on a new cluster. We'll get that upgraded soon.

Account pruning is coming up soon. We'll be looking at removing the username and any personal information from accounts over 7 years old and keeping everything else such as posts on the forums, wiki entries, pictures uploaded, etc... Logging in will reset the inactive time on the account and save it from pruning.

Also we'll be making an Overseer wiki page soon to go over this new feature of EQ.

EQ's 21st anniversary will be starting on the 16th and will run until May 10th. We have a couple anniversary quests created so far. Fancy Feast and I guess this is Growing Up. Let us know if you find anything new regarding the anniversary.

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Patch 3-11-2020



March 11, 2020

*** Highlights ***

- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. See below for more information.
- All Access members who log in to EverQuest during our 21st Anniversary Celebration (between March 16th and May 10th) will receive a claimable Heroic Character! This character can only be redeemed once per account.
- In celebration of EverQuest's 21st anniversary we have made Veteran Reward abilities available to all players! See below for more details.

*** Items ***

- You can no longer combine items using tradeskills when any ingredient contains one or more augments.
- - Note: Worn visible armor items may have hidden power source augments in them. Unequip your power source before you retrieve the worn item in order to remove the hidden augments.
- Evolving items with the Claim Reward button cannot be claimed until all augments are removed from the item in addition to any other requirements that are present.
- Added AC to the guild tribute Aura of Preservation 14.
- The Claim the Item spells attached to various Iksar, Half Elf, and Dark Elf Heritage Crate items no longer have a spell description that suggests that you will receive a familiar.
- Corrected an issue that prevented high damage 2-handed weapons from dealing their intended damage.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Faded Velium War Hammer recipe will now give the correct product.
- Crystallized Precious Velium Ore now has a chance to drop in the chest in the missions Seeking the Sorcerer and Icebound Avatar.
- - Six months after the release of Torment of Velious there will be an additional chance to gain Crystallized Precious Velium Ore from those two missions, as well as the Griklor the Restless and Restless Assault missions.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Tower of Frozen Shadow raid events - Made the following changes:
- - Increased the health and melee damage of all raid NPCs.
- - Heart of Frozen Shadow - Fixed a bug that caused the 'It's a No Slow from Me, Dog' achievement to always be granted.
- - Till Death Do Us Part - Added a speculative fix to address reports that sometimes characters successfully spoke to the usher and were assigned a side yet they still received a dancer.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Fixed a bug that prevented one of Tserrina's mechanics from working in her final phase.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Reduced lag in this event.
- - Tserrina Syl`Tor - Tserrina's corpse will no longer move upon success of this raid event. This will hopefully prevent problems with looting the Key of Trauma.
- All Access members who log in to EverQuest during our 21st Anniversary Celebration (between March 16th and May 10th) will receive a claimable Heroic Character! This character can only be redeemed once per account.
- New 21st anniversary quests are available! Speak with the Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge and she will guide you.
- New anniversary items are available at the Special Celebratory Goods merchants in the Plane of Knowledge! These new goodies can be purchased with Commemorative Coins.

*** Spells ***

- Beastlord - Corrected the name of Griklor's Feralgia.
- Enchanter - Fixed a bug preventing Omica's Animation from taunting.
- Magician - Fixed a bug preventing Riotous Servant, Remote Riotous Servant, and Pyroxenite Bodyguard from taunting.
- Paladin - Concordant Blessing is now available at level 108 from Fairelwil Amsapi, Median Spellbound Lamps, and Median Spellbound Rings.
- Shadowknight - Fixed a bug preventing Minion of Drendar from taunting.
- Shaman - Fixed a bug preventing Grondo's Faithful from taunting.
- Wizard - Fixed a bug where Daveron's Pyroblade and earlier summoned swords were not immune to area damage effects.

*** AA ***

- Rogue - Adjusted all ranks of Etherium Strikes to remove stacking conflicts with the Blinding Speed line of disciplines.
- In celebration of EverQuest's 21st anniversary we have made Veteran Reward abilities available to all players!
- - The restrictions that limited the number of characters that can activate these abilities have been removed.
- - The requirement that your account must be active for 1 to 15+ years has been removed.
- - On progression servers, these abilities will continue to unlock starting with Dragons of Norrath up through Veil of Alaris.

*** NPCs ***

- Sporali in Hills of Shade will no longer cast Chattering Bones XXII.
- Restless Ice Infection now has a longer duration, instead of re-casting itself every six seconds.

*** Overseer ***

- Become the Overseer! Gain the loyalty of iconic Agents and protect Norrath from the ever-present ripples of Discord. Send your Agents on harrowing Overseer Quests, into moments spanning the entirety of Norrath's history, and restore balance where you can. Along the way, you'll gain fabulous rewards and grow in power. You may even draw the attention of Norrath's most famous heroes, and perhaps a few particularly nefarious villains. Do you have what it takes to gain the allegiance of Norrath's elite?
- Access the Overseer interface via the EQ Menu > Quests > Overseer option, or by entering the command /overseer.
- A mysterious presence in the Plane of Knowledge is interested in the coin gained through Overseer Quests.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Fixed the requirements on the door from Drachnid Hive to Dreadspire. Once Secrets of Faydwer has been unlocked for a month, level 70+ characters can access the zone without needing a key.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Added the /shownpcnames command which toggles npc names on and off like the Option Window checkbox.
- In the guild bank, if you try to set an item to be withdrawable by Single Member and that character doesn't exist, the item will now be set to Public If Usable.
- - If the character gets deleted or transferred to another server, the permissions for that item will also get set to Public If Usable.
- Increased the experience bonus for having other players (not mercenaries) in your group.
- Increased the amount of AA experience you get in groups of 4 or more and raids of 13 or more.
- Fixed the spelling of the bartender's name on the map in Timorous Deep.
- Fast Camping can now be done within guild halls.
- The surname command now allows the use of a second capital letter and a single accent character.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to shroud while on a mount.
- Made the following changes to dynamic zone event replay timers:
- - When zoning into a dynamic zone you will now be given an event replay timer for each event that has been completed since the zone was launched.
- - You will not be given replay timers for any event that was already completed when the zone was launched.
- - If you already have an existing replay timer for an event completed since instance launch, your timer will not be modified.
- - You will receive a warning containing the list of replay timers you will incur upon zoning into the DZ when you are invited to join the DZ.
- - You will not be able to loot items off of raid bosses or chests associated with the completion of an event if your replay timer was not received from this instance of the DZ.
- Changed the way Resurrection Sickness works. It no longer reduces stats. It will now increase the cast time of detrimental spells by 10% and decrease your attack speed by 10%. Both of these values will stack with other spells rather than preventing haste or spell haste effects.
- Changed the way the PvP version of Resurrection Sickness works. The cast time increase and attack speed decrease have the same values, but these effects will stack with other spells rather than preventing haste or spell haste effects.
- Changed the way Revival Sickness works. It no longer caps mana and endurance at 4000. Instead it caps at 25% and slowly decreases the cap by 1% every 5 levels starting at 50. For example, the cap at level 85 is 18% and the cap at level 115 is 12%.
- Improved how the guild message of the day is stored.
- Improved how fellowship member names are stored.
- Accessing Dreadspire, Meldrath's Mansion, and Crystallos should no longer refuse entry the first time until you wait or relog.
- Plane of Knowledge is now listed as a destination of type Priest of Discord from Dranik's Scar in the Zone Connection Guide. This will not always be the destination that the Priest of Discord will send you to, but it should be more correct than the guide not showing a way back to Norrath.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue that prevented weapon ornaments that can be placed in all slashing, blunt, or piercing weapons from displaying their slot restriction information in the item inspect window.
- If you zone with the Rewards window open, the rewards now display properly, and no longer require you to close and open the window to see the rewards you have pending.
- Fixed the neighborhood window to always display the name of the guild in the guild plot section.
- The Quest Journal quest selections will now persist through opening and closing the window and zoning.
- Rewards that have a stackable item as one of the reward choices will have a number indicating how many of that item you will receive if the amount is greater than 1.
- Fixed an issue with the Rewards Window where selected rewards could become deselected.
- You can no longer modify the compensation for items or toggle items on and off while barter buyer mode is on. In order to make modifications you will need to exit barter buyer mode.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team

Account Pruning

Folks, if you haven't logged into your account in 7 years on allakhazam, we are about to prune old unused accounts. If you want to save your account, then log in and that will save it from the pruning.

Producer's Letter 2-27-2020




Greetings fair adventurers!

Time for an update on the immediate Norrathian horizon! We’ve been furiously planning the year, including expansions, holidays, and the future.

Can you believe EverQuest is entering its third decade? 21 years old this year! For this year’s anniversary in mid-March this year, we are releasing a new feature that has been a passion project for us that should enhance the lives of many around Norrath. We call it “Overseer.”

As an Overseer, you will be able to send out agents that you earn on Overseer Quests to gain rewards. This new system is designed to help players catch up to current content by giving access to rewards that are found in past content. Its goal is to help you build up your characters faster. Overseer is accessible starting at level 85 and with its launch we will grant all members a free level 85 heroic character. More details on Overseer will be coming very soon.

What about new progression servers? Not today! But we are planning to launch in late spring/early summer. We have some work to do on tech and game health overall as well as fully rounding out the rule sets before we can launch them. Part of this work includes tackling some server merges between now and late spring to position us well for new progression servers. We’ll give more detail when we have it, of course.

Forever spells and swords, friends,

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale


EQ Update #4

In this update,

- The item collector has been patched as of today. 2-23-2020 - Click here if you are having trouble patching the item collector.

- Some summoned items that weren't previously linked to a spell were fixed and some missing summoned items were added.

- Coverted http links to https for several areas of the site.

- A bunch of ToV content has been updated.

- Updated items on ToV spell/tome vendors to their correct items.

- Some updates/corrections were made to the progression server wiki.

- An issue involving users who are not subbed premium viewing quest pages was fixed for about 80 quests. The issue was there were images in those quests that were wider than the quest text area and pushing the quest up underneath the ad area. Let us know if you find anymore quests like this.

- Code was added to fix some persistent effects to their parent spells, mainly ToV spells. This will be fixed on the next spell update.

- Missing spell description text for over 1000 spells was added.

- Much more content was updated, check out the updates below.


Click Read More to see all the updates.

2-14-2020 Patch


February 13, 2020

*** Items ***

- Corrected the AC and endurance valus and of Lute of the Wanderer, Horn of the Stormcaller, Flute of the Siren, and Drums of the Warlord.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Tower of Frozen Shadow progression - The large frost-bitten gnoll can again be found on the first floor. The shadow beast necromancer can again be found on the sixth floor.
- Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission) - Fixed issue that was causing Griklor to suddenly go to full health when on his mount.
- Griklor the Restless (Mission) - Griklor will stop getting on his mount once below 30% health. This should fix the issue that could cause him to get stuck on his mount and more closely matches the raid event.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fixed an issue with raid groups disbanding randomly.

- The EverQuest Team 

February 2020 Patch

Patch hit today. Here are the patch notes for it.




February 11, 2020

*** Highlights ***

- Modified the Restless Ice spell cast by many creatures in Torment of Velious. Restless Ice is no longer recast when it wears off. Now when Restless Ice wears off it leaves behind Restless Ice Infection, which can be cured with a disease cure.
- Three merchants have appeared in Eastern Wastes, selling augmentations for your spells from Torment of Velious.
- Addressed a world stability issue related to raids.
- Detrimental spells displayed in the target window will now have a yellow border around their icon if you are the caster of that spell.

*** Items ***

- Removed mana, mana regeneration, and clairvoyance from Righteous Assaulter's Earring of Rallos Zek, Blooded Righteous Assaulter's Earring of Rallos, and Endowed Assaulter's Earring of Rallos Zek.
- Improved the proc rate of Forceful Shout on Dreadstone Guardian's Blade and Possessed Dreadstone Guardian's Blade.
- Rallos Zek Devotee's Assault, Rallos Zek Devotee's Stealth, Rallos Zek Devotee's Strategy, and Rallos Zek Devotee's Fortification will only fit in type 19 augmentation slots.
- Rallos Zek Devotee's Strategy now has the intended mana and endurance.
- Updated the descriptions for Rallos Zek Acolyte's Casting Ice, Rallos Zek Acolyte's Protecting Ice, Rallos Zek Acolyte's Warding Ice, Rallos Zek Devotee's Casting Ice, Rallos Zek Devotee's Protecting Ice, and Rallos Zek Devotee's Warding Ice to indicate they work with cold (or all) spells, not fire.
- Increased the base damage of Orc Herbalist Staff, Golden Reinforced Brawl Stick, Blizzent's Rod of Wintry Fever, and Thunder Snow.
- Updated type 18 and 19 augments to fit into any armor slot, most notably earrings.
- Added the appropriate focus to Icebound Mindlock Wristguard.
- The Torment of Velious charms will increase in stats as you complete the elements each one requires. For real this time.
- Fixed an issue where Explorer of Torment of Velious did not count for granting Journeyman's Speed via the Journeyman's Compass.
- Adjusted the skill damage mod on Velium infused gear.
- Added Attack, HP regeneration, and mana regeneration to Torment of Velious Type 7 augments.
- Ry`Gorr Parley Totem, Velium Wood Chisel, and Marrow Hardened Etching Tool are now place-able.
- Velium Spear Ornamentation will display its graphics in two-handed weapons. You will need to remove and re-socket this ornament for it to update.
- Increased the amount of coin on Torment of Velious NPCs.
- Created new instruments for bards and added them to a few rare Torment of Velious NPCs.
- Corrected several items that were marked No Trade on Firiona Vie and Brekt.
- Reworked racial drops in Omens of War so that higher tier drops are always associated with higher level NPCs.
- Updated several Snowbound armor icons to better match what they look like.
- Fixed several typos in the names and descriptions of Torment of Velious items.
- Corrected items and recipe names with incorrect hyphenation and capitalization of Half-Moon.
- Fixed incorrect lore on fourteen Faded Velium Weapon containers.
- Fixed a typo in the lore of Chisel Set.
- Servan't Belt is now Servant's Belt.
- The Mount Key Ring feature is now available to all players starting with Shadows of Luclin. Additional Mount Key Ring Slots are now visible to all players in the Marketplace.
- Elemental Minion V will now summon a swarm pet as intended.
- Updated the name of the proc effect on the spell Potion - Restless Focus to Restless Strike.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Evergreen Leaf spawn locations in Greater Faydark have been spread out so that they are less predictable. The leaves are now much larger and easier to see against the ground.
- Created a recipe to make Myrmidon's Sloth XIX with Torment of Velious components.
- Changed the poison used in the Faded Velium Injection Dagger recipe to Bite of the Shissar XX.
- Updated the recipe for Faded Velium War Hammer to better represent a hammer instead of a sword. It is also now fletching instead of smithing.
- Increased the drop rate of Velium Laced Nigriventer Venom.
- Corrected the typo in the Torment of Velious fish dressing recipe for Velious Angel Fish.
- Wurms and kodiaks in Torment of Velious will drop Velium Infused Pelts.
- Changed the paper used by recipes Song: Pulse of Salarra Rk. II and Scroll: Word of Renewal Rk. II to Rough Sortilege Sheet.
- Imbued Black Sapphire Silver Necklace is no longer an auto-learned recipe. This will allow it to count towards a skill of 350.
- All Aneuk NPCs in Omens of War now have a chance to drop an Aneuk Eye.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Servant of the Sleeper - Velium Sentries will drop Construct Binding Gel even if the raid has a loot lockout.
- Restless Assault (Mission) - Added wurms, tizmak, and Coldain (of the restless variety) to the zone. These creatures will drop collection items.
- Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission) - Slightly altered the speed of flight and path of Griklor's mount to require more effort to bring him to ground.
- Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission) - Griklor will now clear all buffs before he gets on his mount. This is intended to fix the issue where Griklor does not get on his mount when he should, which might be caused by his reaching his buff limit. This should also fix reports that he can die while on that mount, causing the event to break.
- Griklor the Restless (Mission) - Made the following changes changes to this event:
- - The message that occurs when Griklor's mount is killed will now show up in the chat window.
- - Griklor will now stay on the ground after being brought down for at least 10 seconds.
- - Chilling Sleet will stop once Griklor is killed.
- Restless Assault, Icebound Avatar, and Seeking the Sorcerer (Missions) - The corpses of the bosses in these events will no longer disappear upon success of the event.
- The Morale of Despair - You can no longer get credit for killing 'those that have come back' by clicking the mirror to the mirror room.
- Nature Walker's Scimitar (Druid Epic 1.0) / Swiftwind and Earthcaller (Ranger Epic 1.0) - The Dark Elf Corruptor and Dark Elf Reavers will now be loot locked to the character that hands in the Braided Grass Amulet to Teloa.
- Ashengate North raids - Lethar's AEs will no longer hit Veldyn and vice versa.
- Fibblebrap 1-5: Bellfast should now offer the appropriate Fibblebrap tasks.
- Dragons of Norrath raids - Hostile NPCs in these raids will stop spawning once the raid has been successfully completed.
- To be consistent with other mercenary tasks, Restless Orc Syndrome, Glacial Apophysis, and Invisible Complement no longer offer experience.
- Last of the Storm Boars - Enemies will now remain for 20 minutes before leaving. Also, if you speak with Yealdin and ask to try again, he will reset all aspects of the encounter at the bridge.
- Anniversary Fabled - Made the following changes to fabled:
- - Fixed a bug that prevented some fabled NPCs from using the correct stats.
- - Fixed a bug that prevented some fabled NPCs from applying their new spell innates.
- - Fixed a bug that could allow some Planes of Power fabled NPCs to spawn multiples simultaneously.
- - Fixed a bug that caused NPCs that failed to become fabled to heal to full HP every tick while idle as if they were fabled.
- - Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs in some Agent of Change instances from becoming fabled.

*** Spells ***

- Three merchants have appeared in Eastern Wastes, selling augmentations for your spells from Torment of Velious.
- Scribing a new rank of a combat ability will now update the corresponding hotkeys in your hotbars and your Combat Ability Window.
- Fixed a bug that caused some lifetap spells to return less HP than was intended.
- - This primarily impacted the Necromancer and Shadowknight pets' Spectral Lifetap spells.
- Increased the damage of Bite of the Shissar Poison Strike XII which increases the damage of the normal and consigned version of Bite of the Shissar XX poison.
- Druid and Magician - Modified descriptions of the Exterminate the Unnatural spell line to indicate that the spells will also work on constructs.
- Druid and Magician - Annihilate the Divergent will now deal more damage when Annihilate Havoc is triggered.
- Druid and Magician - Eradicate the Unnatural will now deal more damage when Eradicate Destruction is triggered.
- Cleric - Fixed an issue that caused Purified Ground to fail to cast.
- Druid - Fixed an issue that caused Icerend Aura to fail to cast.
- Bard - Increased the base duration of Song of the Dryads, Requiem for the Lost, and Requiem for the Dead to one minute.
- Magician - Increased the base duration of the Searing Skin line of damage shields to one minute.
- Necromancer - Increased the base duration of the Necrotize Ally line now to one minute.
- Wizard - Corrected a bug that caused the Secrets of Faydwer item Irae Faycite Shard: Pure Wildmagic to focus the incorrect spell.

*** AA ***

- The AA Ability Window's Buy All button now works as expected when purchasing abilities that have a cost of 0.
- Removed an additional 'a' in the spell landed message for Gift of Mana (115) to ensure uniformity between all ranks of the spell.

*** NPCs ***

- Modified the Restless Ice spell cast by many creatures in Torment of Velious. Restless Ice is no longer recast when it wears off. Now when Restless Ice wears off it leaves behind Restless Ice Infection, which can be cured with a disease cure.
- Updated body types for NPCs in Torment of Velious zones so that they are more consistent.
- Updated see through invisibility and see through invisibility to undead for NPCs in Torment of Velious zones so that they are correct for their body type(s). This change means that several NPCs that could see through all kinds of invisibility will no longer be able to do so.
- The shipwright in Nedaria who was hopelessly lost under the world for 16 years has found his way back to the docks.
- Fixed an issue in Eastern Wastes where some roaming NPCs could spawn under the world.
- Eldervine the Twisted in Fortress Mechanotus will now cast Mind Numb on his target and not himself.
- The windchill sprites in Great Divide have returned to their winter home.
- Fixed an issue where elite drolvargs were spawning on the first floor of The Tower of Frozen Shadow. Also fixed an issue where the NPCs that drop the key to the second floor were spawning on the sixth floor.
- Made it clearer which NPCs are placeholders for rare NPCs in Eastern Wastes and Great Divide.
- Reduced the damage done by Drake Fireball, the spell cast by the drakes in Skyfire Mountains.
- Yealdin, beloved resident of Kael Drakkel, will no longer attack the undead giants and vice versa.
- Corrected some of Crusader Vraket's grammar and spelling.

*** Mercenaries ***

- The mercenary Auto Assist toggle button will no longer default to on after changing zones.
- Reduced the amount of experience required per Mercenary AA for levels 112 to 116.
- Corrected an issue where caster mercenaries would not equip an earring, resulting in less stats and damage than was intended.
- The caster DPS mercenary will now choose spells more appropriate to its level.

*** Collections ***

- Moved an out of bounds collection spawn point in Velketor's Labyrinth to be reachable.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Reduced the standard expansion unlock time for Lost Dungeons of Norrath from twelve weeks to eight weeks.
- Players can now forage dragon crystals in Skyfire Mountains when Luclin opens.
- All of the spiroc and pegasus (-es-esses) in the Plane of Sky will now spawn in the Agent of Change instance of this zone.
- Corrected the eras for some global tradeskill drops. In most cases, this made them available earlier, but level 75 and 80 drops are available later.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Increased the Personal tribute cap to 2,500,000.
- Increased the Guild tribute cap to 20,000,000.
- Fixed an area in Velketor's Labyrinth where you could get stuck in a gap between the floor and a wall.
- Many Call of the Forsaken and The Darkened Sea zones now have load balancing enabled.
- Corrected issues with logging into the server select screen after being disconnected for going idle, and leaving the character select screen.
- Fixed an issue that caused raid member notes and raid MotDs to not update.
- Addressed a world stability issue related to raids.
- Fixed a bug that caused pick zones to spam players every second that the zone was shutting down.
- Added an achievement for the Torment of Velious long tradeskill quest.
- It will no longer snow in the Torment of Velious version of Tower of Frozen Shadow.
- Removed the achievements for Lyricist's Casting Proficiency, Level 110 and Lyricist's Casting Proficiency, Level 115.
- Addressed an issue where characters and objects were not properly handling fog and would not match the environment in older zones.
- Fixed some incorrect audio on the Pridewing mount. Most notably, it will no longer sound like splashing water when turning to the right.

*** UI ***

- Detrimental spells displayed in the target window will now have a yellow border around their icon if you are the caster of that spell.
- Added Besieged Citizens of Froststone and Besieged Crystal Denizens to the faction window.
- Fixed the main cause for guild names displaying as Unknown Guild after first entering a zone.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a player's guild tag to display as empty.
- The copy layout command now copies chat filter and chat window settings.
- Modified the Manage Loot Window to use the value in the quantity box instead of the default slider value.
- Adjusted the position of the scrolling banner on the login server chat screen to not overlap buttons.
- Added the count of active quests to the Quest Journal.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Task Cap Increase is no longer for sale in the Marketplace.

- The EverQuest Team