A Step in the Wrong Direction  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Money
Related Creatures:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Nov 28 21:03:15 2012
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
Rain of Fear Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This is a kill task that begins with Baffod the Wayward (map) at 485, 775, -210 (this is on the zone-in side of the Ry'Gorr area).

You say, 'Hail, Baffod the Wayward'

Baffod the Wayward says 'Ach! 'Tis good to see a fellow adventurer here in this Brell-forsaken, orc-infested pit. What brings yeh to a pit like this, though? Surely yeh've not come fer the [smell] - though there's plenty of it. Whew!'

You say, 'What smell?'

Baffod the Wayward says 'Aye. Dunnae tell me yeh haven't noticed. This place reeks of orc sweat! 'Tis a cryin' shame, too. Otherwise the place might be livable - though it'd never hold a candle to the splendors of [Kaladim]. As I always say: fer beauty, ye cannot beat a place decorated entirely in earthy shades of brown!'

You say, 'Kaladim?'

Baffod the Wayward says 'Aye, I hail from thereabouts. Mind ye, I'm travelin' righ' now wi' some friends. Or at least I would be, if I could find me way [out] of these blasted orc-riddled tunnels.'

You say, 'A way out?'

Baffod the Wayward says 'What's tha'? Ye know the way out, do ye?! I dunnae s'pose yeh'd mind makin' a trail fer me ta follow, then? If yeh can make it in orc-blood, I would'na mind payin' ye fer yer trouble. I'm feelin' none too fond o' the foul things right now.'

You have been assigned the task 'A Step in the Wrong Direction'.

Baffod has asked you to leave a trail of orc blood leading to the exit, so he can find his way out of the cavern.

Kill orcs to create a path of orc blood leading towards the exit 0/6 (Crystal Caverns)

You'll want to concentrate on killing orcs around Baffod the Wayward. It's not known for sure whether updates are random, or if they are given only to the first person to aggro the mob.

Return to Baffod 0/1 (Crystal Caverns)

112 platinum, 5 gold
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just do this..
# Jun 08 2020 at 9:42 PM Rating: Excellent
42 posts
Just kill the orc in the room where Bafford is at, then use that as the pull room. The orcs have to die infront or on him. easy to do. No you can't pull the orcs to the back of the room, you wont get the update, need to be in his line of sight.
Lady Ivei Veil of Tarew Marr
Kill on top of Baffod the Wayward
# Aug 03 2014 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
1,255 posts
We read all the posts and tried all the different strategies to get updates. We managed 1/6 kills after about 30 mob kills. We then tried killing orcs we positioned as close to Baffod as possible and got all remaining 5 updates in just a few minutes. During that time we occasionally killed mobs away from Biffod as a control for the experiment and sure enough no update. So pull the orcs that wonder around Baffod in the direction of the zone out (even mobs pulled from the other direction worked though) and make sure they are standing on top of Baffod when they die.

I guess he wants more than your word that they were killed!
Kill on top of Baffod the Wayward
# Aug 26 2017 at 8:02 PM Rating: Default
We had originally given up on this quest because of killing between my wife and my self more than 50 mobs and getting one update. Fjollowing your instrucrtions we got 7 dead orcs and 6 updates. Awesome and thank you
# Jul 13 2013 at 5:16 PM Rating: Decent
It matters who is first on the aggro list. Not necessarily who pulls. If you pull and fade/drop aggro, whoever next on the aggro list (not hate list) will get credit. I pulled on my bard and got all 6 updates then pulled and faded and the tank got all 6 updates.
Position is the key
# Jun 01 2013 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
We have killed mobs for hours in the dead end courtyard behing Baffod, in the dead end corridor near Overseer and not a single update.

We moved to Baffod again but corridor side, on the path directly and we have had all the updates in very few minutes for 3 toons.

PĆ¼ller got updates first, rest of the group got them when puller is done.
# Apr 16 2013 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
This is a royal pain in butt, very few updates, we did this with 4 characters and one always got left out. we killed for 4 hours around NPC and one person gave up at 3AM trying to get last update. We killed everything, miners, oversears, watchman, oracles.....waste of time as far as the task went. if it wasn't for getting xp and killing named twice would have been a COMPLETE WASTE. Didn't matter who pulled or who killed. SOE obviously fixes nothing.
Still not Fixed
# Mar 13 2013 at 12:44 AM Rating: Decent
12 posts
3/12 -- Puller is still the only one who gets credit, not terrible unless your doing it with an undergeared character, Pulled from behind Baffon and back up towards Grydon's spawn loc. Got updates the whole way. Not sure where the guy got the info that its fixed, because, its not.
Good Spot
# Mar 04 2013 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
151 posts
Best spot for most consistent updates seemed to be the intersection at Overseer Grydon where the dead end meets the main passage. Pulling orcs near there gave almost constant updates, but only for the puller.
Buanu Connoy
Champions of Norrath
Strict Criteria
# Mar 01 2013 at 5:51 AM Rating: Decent
91 posts
Broken or intentional, this quest has very strict criteria to get credit for it. For one, you have to only pull the orcs between the high landing where Jexlplix the "really, again" spawns and the opening to Baffod little cove. and as mentioned, the one who wants to get credit needs to do the actual pulling. Love it or leave, that's what it is
Not Fixed in Patch
# Feb 23 2013 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Fixed in a Patch my foot.... As of today the puller had to Aggro the mobs to get credit again.

Just pull with the toon doing the quest to be on the safe side...
Roglol Rustyacks of Karana
My-Teeist Oger Warrir

this crap task is broken
# Jan 25 2013 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
This crap task is broken. It has to be otherwise it's rediculous. I've pulled 50 mobs between Baffod and zone in and got 2 updates. Does that sound right?
this crap task is broken
# Feb 18 2013 at 9:43 AM Rating: Decent
240 posts
Stick to the mobs in/around Baffod. Updates are random. I did this today with my rogue and box shaman. Rogue made the pulls, but shaman beat him done with the same quest, finishing before rogue. Updates are random. Miners, oracles, diggers, and watchmen in the close proximity of Bafford all had the chance to update this task.

Edited, Feb 18th 2013 10:45am by dojia
Mobs are the ones near bafford.
# Dec 30 2012 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
69 posts
Mobs are the ones near bafford.

~Azgoth of Drinal

Edited, Dec 30th 2012 3:27pm by exsplicit
~Azgoth of Forged in Fire of Drinal, originally of Tarew Marr
Kill credit location
# Dec 28 2012 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
You have to kill the 6 mobs in the same area that the Messenger paths. Any mob will count.

Just be aware that near the PIt drop-in point, there are 4 Miners that spawn when a certain task is updated. Not a good spot to kill.
# Dec 11 2012 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
Puller seems to get the updates.
# Dec 22 2012 at 1:03 AM Rating: Decent
259 posts
To get credit for the task, you must be the one to aggro the mobs. It matters not who makes the actual kill, but you must be the one to get initial aggro to have a chance at an update. Also the "kill" message will indicate success or failure, it's random as to whether or not the "blood trail to the exit" happens.
# Dec 19 2012 at 10:10 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
/agree the puller got all the updates. Nice twist SoE
# Feb 18 2013 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
240 posts
No longer true. Fixed in a patch.
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