Xorbb #1: The Halfling Trail  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
Rain of Fear Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This solo task is the first task in a series of three. It begins with Thistlebrush (map) in the Valley of King Xorbb at location -1385, -970, 107 (a little ways north of the zone-in).

- Level 85
- No tasks

You say, 'Hail, Thistlebrush'

Thistlebrush stares past you, looking to the mountains as he speaks. 'I pray to the fates that they are not lost.' Thistlebrush raises a hand, and a sparrow alights on his finger, hops across his shoulder, and whispers in his ear. Thistlebrush focuses on your face and furrows his brows. '[They] have not been seen within the valley for three days.

You say, 'Who is 'they'?'

Thistlebrush says 'Brantun and Barleyburr-- the last hope of Rivervale, and the vital piece of my [gambit]. Without them the forces of Rivervale will wither under the gaze of Xorbb's evil eye. We cannot hope to defeat such a fiend while he wields the power of fear itself.'

You say, 'Your gambit?'

Thistlebrush narrows his eyes. 'What do you think of our race? Do you believe us to be silly, inconsequential, amusing, buffoonish, or cowardly? You would not be alone in thinking thus. Even the human mercenaries we hired to aid us in this fight laughed as a minotaur tossed about four of Rivervale's brave but diminutive warriors.' Thistlebrush holds out his hand and conjures a ball of floating flame. 'It was our turn to laugh when I enkindled the backsides of those churlish mercenaries. [Brantun] laughed the loudest.'

You say, 'What about Brantun?'

Thistlebrush says 'Brantun never looked upon himself through the eyes of others. If you believe yourself to be weak, it will always be so. This is why Brantun was the strongest among us: He never thought a halfling was less capable of bravery, strength, and fortitude than any other race in Norrath. When he was not adventuring far beyond our borders, he was slaying beasts that threatened the town, driving off invaders, or bringing to justice those who broke our laws. I could not detect a trace of self-doubt within him, and so I knew he would be [immune].'

You say, 'Immune?'

Thistlebrush says 'Xorbb has concealed the essence of fear within this valley. The natural beauty wrought upon the streams, forests, and hillsides conceals an ugly wound in the earth that grows gangrenous with fear. The forces of Rivervale can feel it as we draw near the crater or descend below ground. Those who have ventured too deep have gone mad or never returned. Any halfling with a hint of self-doubt has not withstood the dark power. And that is why Brantun and [Barleyburr] were chosen.'

You say, 'Tell me about Barleyburr'

Thistlebrush says 'Desire can also make a creature weak. Those who wish for fame, fortune, and glory can be broken by the fear that their desires will never be fulfilled, or that they will lose the objects for which they have striven. But Barleyburr has never wished for anything more than a few pigs in his pen and a hock of ham roasting on a spit. He is satisfied with his life. Even with jerky in his pack and a stream to quench his thirst, he savors what is given. Fear, to him, is but a small cloud swiftly passing over Ro, briefly and inconsequentially dimming the light that is Barleyburr's essence. That is why I sent him with Brantun: so that he would be a light if ever the darkness were to fall upon them. Without Brantun's strength and Barleyburr's purity of spirit, my [plan] would not have been possible.'

You say, 'What plan?'

Thistlebrush says 'The Eye amasses an army, preparing to march upon Rivervale, and then upon all of Norrath. We cannot hope to defeat him with numbers as long as he cloaks himself in a shroud of fear. The Eye sees much, but his power has made him arrogant. Surely he pays no heed to creatures as inconsequential as Brantun and Barleyburr, especially when the forces of Rivervale [harass] his minions upon the surface of his realm.'

You say, 'Harass?'

Thistlebrush says 'When the time comes, when Brantun and Barleyburr reach the seat of Xorbb's power, the forces of Rivervale will wage an all-out assault upon Xorbb's minions. This will turn the Eye to the surface while our duo in secret destroys the foundation of this valley. But I begin to [doubt] the success of the plan.'

You say, 'Doubt?'

Thistlebrush says 'Thistlebrush again looks to the hills and frowns. 'We have lost contact with Brantun and Barleyburr. I know not whether they are living or dead. We had agreed upon a system of encoded writings that the duo would leave behind as a trail of messages for my animal friends to retrieve, but Xorbb has increased the number of his forces, and it has become too dangerous to gather those messages. Of the messages we have recovered, it appears as though the two first passed through the [crater], but from there we do not know what became of them.'

You say, 'What crater?'

Thistlebrush says 'The earth's wound, where the essence of fear pierced the valley. I have sent one of my ravens, Reyalie, to investigate the crater. Xorbb's advance threatens us all. Do not think that because you adventure all across this world you are safe. Once Rivervale falls, other cities will follow. I implore you: [Help] us in this time of need. Go to Reyalie and ask her what she has found. Follow the clues and discover what has become of Brantun and Barleyburr. Without them, all is lost.'

You say, 'I will help'

Thistlebrush says 'I will await your news. Return swiftly and safely!'

You have been assigned the task 'The Halfling Trail'.

Thistlebrush, eminent druid of Rivervale, sent Brantun and Barleyburr into the depths of Xorbb's territory, hoping they can destroy the source of Xorbb's power while the rest of Rivervale's forces distract the gaze of Xorbb's eye. But Thistlebrush has lost contact with the two halflings, and fears that they are dead. He has asked you to follow any clues the two might have left behind and discover their fate.

Speak with one of Thistlebrush's messenger birds, Reyalie. She was investigating the crater in the center of the valley, and she might know where Brantun hid a message.

Speak with Reyalie 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Reyalie (map) is found at -960, -575, 78 (a ways northwest of Thistlebrush).

You say, 'Hail, Reyalie'

Reyalie preens the feathers of her right wing, cocks her head, and blinks at you. Involuntary squawks and caws punctuate her thin, high voice. 'Thistlebrush sent you? Not another mercenary? Did Thistlebrush singe your backside yet? No?' Reyalie flutters around you, inspecting your body for burn marks. 'Pretty looking _____, can you fight minotaurs? No? Flying above, I saw the rock Brantun left, planted in the crater. But minotaurs watch, and I can't fight such big beasts! I can peck eyes, but can I kill? No! Search the rock, pretty _____. If message not there, minotaurs took it, no?' Reyalie goes back to preening her feathers.

Investigate the rock in the impact crater for a note from Brantun 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: Reyalie saw a rock in the impact crater that appears to be a hiding place for one of Brantun's messages. Check the rock to find out whether the message is still there.

Click on the rock on the ground at about -290, -280, -26 (north of Reyalie is a gateway - go through it and into the deepest point of the crater in that area).

The note Brantun left is missing. Perhaps it was taken by a minotaur that knows how to read.

Find and kill the minotaur that stole the note 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Kill and loot a scholarly minotaur (spawns northwestern of the crater location, in the minotaur area).

Retrieve the note from the minotuar's body 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Loot "Brantun's Crater Note" (drops one for each group member on the step), which reads:

From the hand of Brantun:

What manner of beasts are these minotaurs? Taller than two ceilings of a Rivervale home, they stride about the charred sides of the crater like walking trees. Their legs are trunks; their arms are boughs. I do not fear them, but I respect their might.

Forgive my uneven writing, but now it is dark. I sit within the crater, hidden by a night without Luclin. The minotaurs lie around the rim, exhaling low, rumbling breaths, surely dreaming of battle. Barleyburr and I crept across this entire crater, noiseless but for our misjudged footholds, though we could not find an entrance to the depths. When Barleyburr returns from relieving himself, we will slip away from this camp and investigate the forest to the east. We have seen crystals being transported from the east, and we suspect a passage leading below the valley.

From the hand of Barleyburr:

Ham! Would you believe it? The goblins had a shank of ham! Sorry, Thistlebrush and Brantun, the smell found me in the crater and kissed my nose. I couldn't resist her! I followed her past the sleeping trees, as Brantun calls the minotaurs, and saw that fresh-cooked beauty still gracing the spit. I don't know how those goblins could sleep so close to such a stimulating smell! After a brief introduction to my loving hands, she was mine, and I kissed her back as I walked past those dull, snoring trees and into the crater. Now my dear shank of ham waits for me in my pack, ready to aid me in my journey. If all goes like tonight, we will make short work of this Xorbb business and be back to Rivervale in no time. Count on it, Thistlebrush and Brantun! Soon enough there'll be ham for all!

Find the note Brantun hid in the forest to the east 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: According to the message, Brantun and Barleyburr headed to the forest to the east to try to find an entrance to the underground. Search the forest to find any clues the halflings might have left. Perhaps they hid a note near some crystals or even in the trees.

Go to a tree in the eastern valley: Around /location 700, -1180, 155 (you'll see a tree with crystals embedded in it, high up). The note is on a branch (unreachable at this time) - just run over a nearby rock for this update.

Kill the minotaurs guarding supplies 0/3 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Steal a ladder to reach the note in the forest 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: You can see a note sitting on a branch high in a tree, but you cannot reach it. You will need to find a ladder. There might be one sitting among the construction supplies at a minotaur camp along the river, but you will need to defeat any minotaurs guarding the supplies.

On the northwest side of the river at around 920, 520, -39 are three minotaur architects (map). Kill them, then click on the ladder sitting on the ground here. Note that the architects are standard difficulty for general mobs in the zone, but have a fairly quick respawn time.

You pick up a ladder from among the minotaur tools.

Using the ladder you stole, retrieve the note in the forest 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Go back to the tree in the previous update and right-click the ladder, then use it to retrieve the note.

You retrieve Brantun's note from the branch, but while doing so you anger a nest of bats.

You have angered a nest of bats. Kill them. 0/3 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: It appears your climbing the tree has angered a nest of sleeping bats.

4x "a disturbed bat" spawn (appear to be aggro-linked). You need to kill three of them. They AE rampage, but are lower difficulty from standard mobs.

The note reads:

From the hand of Brantun:

I should have kept a closer watch on Barleyburr. Ham? Of all the stupid things he could have done, carrying a pack full of it into a forest infested with bears was likely the worst. Last night we crawled beneath the forest brush and peered behind the rocks and branches, scouting a breach in the hillside. The walking trees were awake, sharpening their axes, glancing into the darkness with watchful eyes. There was no chance we would enter without spilling blood. I considered climbing the hillside behind the brutes and jumping between their horns, staking their skulls from crown to jaw with my sword. But my time of consideration was cut short by a din of snapping branches roaring at us from our left.

I grabbed Barleyburr by the collar and sprinted through the brush as two massive bears charged. We tore through the forest, ignoring our bloodied feet as we stumbled over rocks and downed branches. With few moments to spare, we scrambled up the tree where we now sit. After clawing the bark clean from the trunk for what seemed eons, the bears disappeared into the forest. Ham! They were after that stupid ham Barleyburr stole from the goblins!

It has been a cruel night, trying to sleep sitting up on this branch. It does seem rather silly that right now my anger is being assuaged by the hunk of ham that Barleyburr has just shared with me. Indeed, it is delicious, but was it almost worth our lives? Tonight we will sprint to the waterfall and follow the stream to the lake. Perhaps there we can find an entrance less heavily guarded -- and with far fewer bears!

From the hand of Barleyburr:

Sorry! Who would have thought bears love ham as much as I do? I've never met a bear, but I always pictured them resting in their shaded caves, eating honey all day. But, ah, perhaps they like a little ham with their honey, just like I do! I would have shared if they had been more civil. But no matter: I quite fancy the perch we have here. I am an eagle, surveying my domain, nodding with kind regard to all the small animals on the forest floor who look up to me with reverence.

Here, kind squirrel, have a piece of ham from my beak! Brantun, you really should cheer up. It's a beautiful day, we can see for miles, and we have plenty of provisions. Thistlebrush, when you see us next, please tell Brantun to stop fretting!

Retrieve the note Brantun hid under a rock in the waterfall cavern 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: Brantun and Barleyburr wrote in the message that they were going to swim downstream and try to find an entrance to the underground that is less heavily guarded. Retrace their course, and try to find any message they might have left in the southeast waterfall cavern.

The waterfall is at about -1200, 1415 (southwestern part of the valley). You can jump down there (or just run through the tunnels). The update is at about -1459, 1311, -299. In this area are two bridges that criss-cross on your map. The update location is on the eastern ledge connecting to the lower bridge.

Click on the rock to receive Brantun's Waterfall Cavern Note.

You retrieve Brantun's note from under the rock.

The note reads:

From the hand of Brantun:

It must have snapped when the falls hurled us against the rocks. The bleeding has ceased, and Barleyburr has placed a splint around my leg. We sit in the half-light of a damp tunnel near the waterfall cavern. We can hear hollow stamping upon the bridge of the walking tree and its goblins as they search the basin of the falls below them. No doubt they see my blood swirling amid the foamy chaff at the water's landing. I cannot fight them. What use am I now with this leg? If they follow the trail of my blood up the ladder and into this tunnel, our quest is over. I have battled beasts and villians across Norrath, and now I am to be felled by a simple fall? Am I to be just another hapless halflings, mocked by all races for his foolish death? I am giving my sword to Barleyburr. If I am to die here, he must finish what we started.

From the hand of Barleyburr:

Courage, Brantun! Courage! You won't die as long as Barleyburr is with you! I'll carry you to the heart of fear if I must; you know how strong a belly full of ham makes me! We will rest here a moment and let you gather your strength. It's a good thing I kept some of the ham, even though it is a tad waterlogged now. Rest, Brantun, and I will tell Thistlebrush of our adventures. You should have seen us, Thistlebrush: At night we descended from our perch. I left some ham for the bears -- but not all of it, Brantun, sorry! Beyond the torchlight of the walking trees, we slipped into the river. And how peaceful it was! We floated on our backs, looking up at the stars, watching the dark forms of hills and giants silently float beyond our vision. I was asleep by the time the river emptied into the lake, and was awakened when Brantun grabbed my collar and started yelling at me about golems and living water. The stars disappeared, and I was pulled into a cave. Water was rushing all around. I was swimming in a mug of frosty ale, upended and poured down the gullet of a troll. A moment of weightlessness passed, and then I couldn't breath. I thrashed about and poked my head above the surface. Oh, I don't wish to recall it, seeing Brantun floating face down, his leg twisted at some awful angle, pulsing blood! It must have been the ham that gave me the strength to pull Brantun from the water and up the ladder. He's resting now, and I'm sure he'll be ready to continue soon, if the walking tree doesn't find us first.

From the hand of Brantun:

Barleyburr lifts my spirits, but I doubt we will make good time with my leg as it is. I foresee capture or worse. If you do not hear from us, assume we are dead or imprisoned.

From the hand of Barleyburr:

If we are taken, I'll leave a trail. Follow the ham!

Follow the trail of ham pieces dropped by Barleyburr 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Follow the trail of ham pieces dropped by Barleyburr 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Follow the trail of ham pieces dropped by Barleyburr 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Follow the trail of ham pieces dropped by Barleyburr 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: It appears Brantun and Barleyburr have been captured. Fortunately, Barleyburr said in the message that if they were to be captured, he would leave a trail of ham for Thistlebrush's helpers to follow. Find the ham pieces to discover where Brantun and Barleyburr have been taken.

From the previous update location, go east into the tunnel. At the first "intersection", turn right (east), and then left (north) at the next connecting hallway. The first "ham" is a ground spawn in the middle of this hallway (about -910, 700, -345: Filthy Piece of Ham).

Follow the same hallway north and turn left for a "Dirty Piece of Ham" ground spawn at about -820, 800, -345.

Follow the hall into the bar area and pick up a "Dusty Piece of Ham" in that room (-780, 750, -345).

In the east room connecting to the bar is a "Fresh Piece of Ham" (-700, 725, -345).

Confront the cook who has been preparing halfling meat 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: Brantun and Barleyburr were taken to a goblin kitchen, no doubt to be prepared as food. Talk to the goblin Chef and find out what became of the two halflings.

Gerbril the Cook (map) is in the adjacent room. Note: He goes aggro after the hail, so be ready for a fight.

You say, 'Hail, Gerbril the Cook'

Gerbril the Cook says 'Come to kitchen, wanting food? Wanting halfling meat? Plenty of halflings here, weak and juicy! Not so tender as ones got away!' The Chef gurgles and spits onto the table. 'Sneaky little halflings kill Grobble. Now Grobble in stew and not halflings! Come to help halflings? Then join Grobble in stew!'

Kill Gerbril the Cook 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

He hits for a max ~33,000 and rampages (has about 3.8 million hitpoints) and casts "Tenderize" on random targets:

Tenderize: Single Target, Magic (-950)
1: Increase Incoming Spell Damage by 100%
2: Limit: Spell (Meat Mallet allowed)
3: Decrease HP when cast by 45000
4: Increase Curse Counter by 65

Gerbril the Cook has been slain by _____!

Retrieve the note Brantun left under a pot of stew 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

This is in the same room as Gerbril the Cook. Click on the pot sitting on the floor.

You retrieve Brantun's note from beneath a pot of stew.

The note reads:

From the hand of Brantun:

If you ever read this, Thistlebrush, you will know my rage. You will see it in every jagged stroke my pen makes. The goblins found us. Barleyburr stood with my sword brandished, ready to defend me, but the large goblin with a club knocked the weapon away and threw Barleyburr to the ground. I could do nothing, so weak was I with loss of blood. We were dragged through the tunnels and berated by the goblins. To them, Thistlebrush, we are nothing but food. No fear did the one with the club show when he locked us within this kitchen and began beating us.

"Tenderizing the weak little halflings," he called his task. He has left us here, unbound. No doubt he thinks we are no threat. The cleaver he carelessly left on the cutting board will prove him wrong!

From the hand of Barleyburr:

I cannot watch. It is horrible! Thistlebrush, I have taken refuge under a kitchen table and in this message. If only I could write without taking my fingers out of my ears! I can still hear the thuds and smacks of metal cutting deep into clammy flesh. When a small goblin burst into the kitchen, Brantun leapt to his feet and was upon the creature in a moment -- I don't know how Brantun managed with such injuries! He sprawled the goblin out atop one of the tables, next to -- I wish it weren't so -- one of our halfling brethren already gutted and skinned. I never saw such rage in my life as Brantun smashed the cleaver into the middle of the goblin's face, cutting a valley that flooded with black blood. The goblin kept jerking and shrieking as Brantun cut and cut, turning that hideous goblin face into a black slew of broken flesh and bone. Even now, after the goblin has long stopped moving, I hear the swinging and plunging of the cleaver as Brantun takes revenge on behalf of our kind. I wish he would stop, Thistlebrush. This is not good for one's soul! But he is coming toward me now, limping, hands and arms covered in blood. He's grabbing for the bo--

From the hand of Brantun:

It is done. It may not have been the one with the club, but the goblins will know better than to think us defenseless. We are making our escape now, pressing deeper toward our goal. Thistlebrush, if Reyalie or Feltwine have delivered you this message, we need your help. Give to us a distraction. Preoccupy the goblins that we might delve deeper toward the heart of terror. We will remain in hiding, if possible, until you can accomplish this. And tell Barleyburr, when you see him, that some things, though terrible, must be done for the sake of survival and the pride of our kind.

Speak with Feltwine 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb)

Task Window Says: According to the message, Brantun and Barleyburr overpowered a goblin guard and escaped. Now the two want Thistlebrush to create a diversion to draw away the goblins' attention, allowing the two halflings to delve deeper. Tell Thistlebrush's messenger, Feltwine, that Brantun and Barleyburr are still alive, and that preparations must be made for a diversion.

Feltwine (map) is found at about -1500, 1170, -85 (just inside the caverns entrance in the southwestern part of the valley).

You say, 'Hail, Feltwine'

Feltwine caws several times and flutters further away as you approach. 'Here to help, bringing words from Brantun and Barleyburr? Pleased! Dead, dead I thought them.' Feltwine blinks rapidly and hops toward you. 'But they live! I will take their messages to Thistlebrush. Yes! Brantun will have his diversion. Thistlebrush will tell you what is to be done. I will see you at his side. Yes!'

You have discovered that Brantun and Barleyburr are still alive, although Brantun is wounded. In Brantun's message, he said that he wants Thistlebrush to create a diversion to allow him and Barleyburr to go deeper in Xorbb's underground.

225 platinum
Experience (3 AAs)
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wrong map
# May 15 2015 at 8:36 AM Rating: Good
121 posts
Map link to Reyalie is map for Feltwine
# Oct 10 2014 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Update for Note in the Eastern Forested Area....
Please note the loc listed is close there is a Tree with crystals on it high up and a rock beside it nearly at that /loc, just run over rock for update

Edited, Oct 10th 2014 2:43pm by shorinLB
# May 22 2013 at 1:07 AM Rating: Decent
68 posts
4 boxes done this, 2013//5/22(Wed)

1. Kill three Minotaur Architects, invis and get ladder, don't need to train them away. one member got = whole group got
2. 4x disturbed bats have low HP, AE rampage and un-mezzable, just burn them down asap.
3. 3rd piece "Dusty Piece of Ham", invis can get without aggro. (one member got = whole group got)
4. You don't need to kill any goblin in the hall for 4th piece ham and the final fight. The see invis goblin (I met "a shamanic goblin") will move to the corner of the bar, it's the right time to run through the door with invis, get into Gerbril the Cook's room directly to get 4th piece "Fresh Piece of Ham".
5. When you arrive at Gerbril the Cook's room, stay at NE corner, Gerbril the Cook will not aggro until you hail him, even he's ready to attack when you /con him.
Stick at NE corner when fighting him, burn him down asap.
# Feb 17 2013 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
641 posts
can train them away to get the ladder (of course, you still need 3 kills but can be same respawn). Also, both my toons got the ladder (the trainer and the "looter")
Silfh V'Ester - Holy Defender of Koada'Vie
Mahlah Tohsis - Spiritwalker
A strong challenge
# Jan 05 2013 at 2:22 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
Not sure how much this helps, but my impression was of a tremendous challenge.
It is not simple at all to break the bar room and be able to pull the see invis goblin.
As on the last post, kill the two goblins on the left first. Then, you can also kill the two ones on the corner to the right.
It is very unlikely that you will fight one goblin at a time, even having a monk to pull for you.
The warmaster may aggro.
After that, wait for hungry goblin to despawn, and then kill the see-invis.
When engaging the last mob (Gerbril), be sure your group is very close to him and away from the door, because you will aggro the goblins on the other room.
Good luck!
See Invis Mob
# Dec 25 2012 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
160 posts
To get the 3rd piece of ham, you must first kill the Woundhealer Goblin that is behind the bar. Best way is to kill the 2 mobs on left side of bar, then hop behind bar and solo pull the see invis. Once it is dead, a Hungry Goblin and the piece of ham will spawn. Invis and go through doorway behind bar, pick up 4th piece of ham behind Hungry Goblin there, then advance into room where Gerbril the Cook stands. He does not see invis. Marshall your forces and burn him down, then get note from stew pot at side of room. From there, it's out to do turn in with Feltwine.

Edited, Dec 25th 2012 8:43pm by Nenyagumba
Gebril the Cook
# Dec 06 2012 at 1:39 PM Rating: Good
33 posts
The cook is no pushover. Dual-hit our lvl 100 SK, close to 10k AC for 33k/30k...ramps...only parsed at 3.8 million HP, though, so a quick burn works.

Edited, Dec 6th 2012 2:48pm by FlibFlop
# Dec 06 2012 at 1:36 PM Rating: Good
33 posts
You have angered a nest of bats. Kill them. (Valley of King Xorbb)

"a disturbed bat" (how many?) spawns and attacks.

4 bats spawn. Need to kill 3 for the task update. They're aggro linked, too, so there's no real splitting them. The whirlwind mobs will socially add on bats as well, though the bears and snakes will not.
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