Chelsith #2: How Puzzling All These Changes Are  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Rain of Fear Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This is a solo task, the second task in a series of four. It begins with Grulid in the aqueduct area at 1500, -45, 143 (also findable with CTRL+F).

To get to this area, you can jump down the well in the very far northeastern part of the zone or use one of the four portals scattered throughout the zone. For mapped locations, see the image on this NPC entry.

- Level 85
- Completion of "Prove Your Worth, Slave"

You say, 'Hail, Grulid'

Grulid says 'Ah yes, you must be the new _____ that Kilithyr mentioned. Welcome to the camp. Tell me, how long do you think you've been trapped in this city? [Months]? [Days]? [Years]?'

You say, 'Only a matter of days...'

Grulid says 'Then you are truly new. It only takes a week for most people to believe they've spent half a lifetime here. There is a [powerful magic] over this place.'

You say, 'Or, months...'

Grulid says 'Is that so? What if I told you that you've actually been here for less than a day, but some [powerful magic] is rewriting your memories?'

You say, 'Maybe it's been years...'

Grulid says 'Is that so? What if I told you that you've actually been here for less than a day, but some [powerful magic] is rewriting your memories?'

You say, 'Powerful magic?'

Grulid says 'I'm working to unweave its influence over the refugees here, but it is extremely resilient. The source of [this mage]'s power is monumental.'

You say, 'Who is this mage?'

Grulid says 'I believe it is Vyzh'dra, the shissar leader here. He seems to be in charge and his tower is the only part of the city that [never wavers].'

You say, 'Never wavers?'

Grulid says 'Yes, I mean exactly what I said. This city fluctuates, not only along time, but also in space. Parts of it vanish or reappear, seemingly at random. Very few possess the [mental fortitude] to remember these changes. Most succumb to the magic's pressuring influence and believe the city was always the way it is right now.'

You say, 'Mental fortitude?'

Grulid says 'Yes, you might be strong enough to see through the mist. Let's find out. My [apprentice] went missing two days ago. He had planned to visit the canal district in the northern side of town, but something must have gone wrong. [Find him].'

You say, 'Who is your apprentice?'

Grulid says 'A young dark elf I was training to aid me in peeling back the veil over this city. It would be a major setback to our progress here if we cannot [find him].'

You say, 'I will find him'

Grulid says 'You'll have to fight your way through the north tunnel to get to the teleporter that leads to that part of town. After you teleport, take an immediate left and you'll find the gemmed road leading into the canal district. Start your search there.'

You have been assigned the task 'How Puzzling All These Changes Are'.

Something weird is happening in Chelsith, and you're helping the underground slave resistance uncover the city's secrets.

Find the canal district 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: Grulid has asked you to find his lost apprentice who was last seen heading into Chelsith's canal district. He recommends that you start your entrance to the canal district, which can be found along the northern wall of the residential area. Fight your way through the tunnel leading north out of camp, and use the teleporter at the end of it. It will take you right to it.

Head through the north tunnel and into the portal at the end. This places you in the northern part of the zone. Once there, move forward to the gap in the wall (map).

Ask nearby slaves what happened here 0/3 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: You found a gaping hole in the city's wall at the back of the residential area that seemed to disappear into nothingness. Either Grulid lied to you about there ever being a canal district, or it has vanished, like he said some parts of the city have been doing lately. Ask some of the nearby confused slaves if they remember the canal district.

Hail the nearby "a confused slave" mobs. There are three of them near the hole in the wall.

a confused slave says 'This wall has protected the city for countless generations. We'd never build outside of it.'

a confused slave says 'Canal district? There's never been a canal district in Chelsith. Why would we need canals?'

a confused slave says 'Canal district... that sounds vaguely familiar. Didn't there used to be a canal district near here? No, it couldn't have been in Chelsith. I must be thinking of a different city.'

Kill a shissar noble near the disappearing wall 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: One of the slaves you talked to seemed to barely remember the canal district, but the others seemed completely fooled by the magic in the city. You can sense residual magic in the wall's gap, however. You should test its power by luring a shissar noble from a nearby home close to the area and killing it.

Bring "a scheming noble" or "a tranquil meditator" from one of the nearby buildings to the gap in the wall. It will get a debuff on it, weakening it and turning into a crystal hydra. Kill it.

a scheming noble has been slain by _____!
The shissar crumbles into crystallized chunks when it dies near the disappearing wall. Most of them shatter on impact, but you're able to find one preserved piece.

Collect crystal body parts 0/6 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: The shissar noble turned into crystal when you killed it near the wall and shattered into a hundred pieces. You should do this more carefully with other adult shissar in the area, and collect crystal body parts to take to Grulid for study.

Repeat the above process six times with any standard shissar mobs. (These are kill updates; no items involved.)

Return to Grulid 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: You've collected a bag full of crystal body parts. Bring them to Grulid back at the camp so that he can investigate the magic at work in this city. Jumping down the well in the northeastern corner of the zone is probably the safest way back to camp.

You say, 'Hail, Grulid'

Grulid says 'Yes, I can see it in your eyes. You've seen the city change. Quick, _____, give me whatever you've [brought] in those bags.'

You say, 'Just what have I brought?'

Grulid says 'Crystal body parts? A head, a tail, an arm. Are these shissar? How did you [acquire] these?'

You say, 'Acquire?'

Grulid nods without looking up at you, his hands sliding along the crystal, 'Yes, yes, whatever you said is good. Leave me to study these. Oh, I almost forgot, shissar [invaded the camp] while you were gone.'

You say, 'Invaded the camp?'

Grulid says 'They kidnapped several recruits. Kilithyr wants everyone to help get them back. So, um, go do that while I study these.'

Kill Shissar invaders and rebel informants in the north and west tunnels 0/10 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: While you were gone, Vyz'hrda sent guards into the resistance camp, and they kidnapped several slaves. Help the camp get revenge by killing the guards invading the north and west paths in the aqueduct.

Kill 10 shissar in the north and west tunnels.

Find the kidnapped rebels in the market area 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: You've carved a path through the shissar-infested aqueduct, but did not find the kidnapped resistance fighters. Use the teleporter at the end of the path to go to the surface and search for them in the buildings near the marketplace above.

This updates on the rooftop of the northeastern-most building in the zone (2460, -820, 358).

Free slaves in the market area 0/12 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: All of the kidnapped resistance fighters are dead. You stumbled across their bodies in the market area. Avenge their deaths and acquire new recruits by killing slave traders in the market area and freeing the slaves there.

Kill slave traders (map) to update this step. (Note that the slave must be alive when the trader is killed.)

a slave trader says 'I'll see you in chains.'
a bruised slave says 'This has to be done!'

Slave traders and bruised slaves are aggro-linked. Each "a slave trader" is linked with 0-2 "a bruised slave". The traders hit for a max ~13,500 while the slaves hit for a max ~5,500. They are susceptible to mez, stun, and roots. As you kill the traders, you see this as the slave(s) stop attacking:

a slave trader has been slain by _____!
a slave trader's corpse collapses.

A slave stops fighting you when the slave trader falls, and looks at you with thankful eyes.

a bruised slave says 'The _____ has freed us! Let's escape to the aqueduct and join the rebels.'

Return to Grulid 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: You've freed a lot of slaves, most of whom seem eager to join your cause. Report your findings to Grulid in the resistance camp.

You say, 'Hail, Grulid'

Grulid says 'Did you find our kidnapped compatriots, _____? Shissar can be [ruthless].'

You say, 'They are pretty ruthless...'

Grulid says 'Well that's a shame. There were good men and women in that pack. But, let me tell you what I [discovered] about these crystals!'

You say, 'What was discovered?'

Grulid says 'This crystal material is the core essence of the shissar here. Most of them, at least. The guards, the scientists, the slave drivers, they're [all fake]!'

You say, 'All fake?'

Grulid says 'Whatever power is fueling them is very real, but these are not real people. It's not even a real city. It's all made of this crystal stuff. I was able to successfully trigger their disguise again, making the crystal appear as flesh before reverting back to crystal again. Do you know [what this means]?'

You say, 'What this means?'

Grulid says 'We're prisoners in an artificial world! That's why the canal district disappeared and guards continually replenish when we kill them. We needn't be held back by [petty morals] here.'

You say, 'Petty morals?'

Grulid says 'Kilithyr will know what to do. Find him in the room behind me and tell him the big news.'

You've discovered that this version of Chelsith that you're trapped in is fake. It appears to be constructed at least partially out of crystals, including most of its residents, although you have no idea how that's possible. Shissar guards have increased their brutality and aggressiveness in response to your meddling.

Experience (4 AAs + 3% regular exp. at Level 100)
300 platinum
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Quest text was changed
# Nov 03 2013 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
44 posts
FYI the quest no longer says to kill mobs in the east tunnels - it appropriately says the West tunnels.
a tranquil meditator updated the task
# Sep 28 2013 at 11:24 AM Rating: Good
94 posts
was clearing trash, pulled a tranquil meditator to the camp (at the wall) and it turned into a hydra and updated the task.
Slave Traders
# Jun 23 2013 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
51 posts
The slave traders are immune to changes in run speed. The bruised slaves are not.
Scheming noble
# Apr 23 2013 at 3:44 AM Rating: Excellent
53 posts
If you don't find any, just hitting or casting on one that's taken by another group, is enough apparently for the body part update.
note about hydra
# Apr 23 2013 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
For anyone at the scheming noble part. If you pull it to the invisible wall. the noble will get a debuff called dissipating. But they will not turn into the hydra. Until they are dead. The wall is at the teleportal A or loc 2625.59, 105.10, 323,71 or there about. hope this helps

Edited, Apr 23rd 2013 3:50am by kikyoo
Some corrections
# Apr 21 2013 at 7:04 AM Rating: Excellent
53 posts
Kill 10 Shissar invaders and rebel informants

Kill 10 shissar in the north and east tunnels.

Find the kidnapped rebels in the marketplace 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

This updates on the rooftop of the northeastern-most building in the zone.

Avenge the killed rebels by freeing slaves in the marketplace 0/12 (Chelsith Reborn)

Kill slave traders (map) to update this step. (Note that the slave must be alive when the trader is killed.)

(Edit: just corrected like the quest log listed the update info)

Edited, Apr 21st 2013 9:04am by DanyellaDangerhugs

Edited, Apr 23rd 2013 5:41am by DanyellaDangerhugs
# Apr 18 2013 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
reward is 300 PP and 4 aa and some xp
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