Chelsith #4: Ready The Killing Blow  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Rain of Fear Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This is a solo task, the fourth task in a series of four. It begins with Kilithyr in the aqueduct area (findable with CTRL+F). He is at 1520, 50, 143.

To get to this area, you can jump down the well in the very far northeastern part of the zone or use one of the four portals scattered throughout the zone. For mapped locations, see the image on this NPC entry.

- Level 85
- Completion of "Prove Your Worth, Slave"
- Completion of "How Puzzling All These Changes Are"
- Completion of "Hold Nothing Back"

You say, 'Hail, Kilithyr'

Kilithyr says 'You've done good so far, _____. Our [scars] will not be in vain. We're not free yet, but the time is right to [make our final move].'

You say, 'Make our final move?'

Kilithyr says 'We need to storm Vyzh'dra's tower if we're going to break his spell over this place and free ourselves. I've been readying what few fighters we have here for the coming battle, but I need you to [weaken the tower defenses].'

You say, 'I will weaken the tower defenses'

Kilithyr says 'Take this sheet of paper. I've written down the biggest threats we need you to weaken, and the scouting info we need to make our strike count. Good luck out there.'

You have been assigned the task 'Ready The Killing Blow'.

You've discovered that Vyzh'dra has built this fake version of Chelsith from some evil power stored in his tower, and have volunteered to lead the forward team that will lay the foundation for an invasion of the tower.

Locate Vyzh`dra's labs 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: Kilithyr believes Vyzh'dra keeps his laboratories near his tower in the western quarter of the city. Find them so you can see what technology and magic your army will be up against.

The labs are located just west of the giant tower (map).

Collect research papers from shissar scientists 0/10 (Chelsith Reborn)

Rip a volatile tumor from the corpse of an infected test subject 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Use the tumor to pour volatile chemicals onto shissar in the laboratory area 0/5 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: You've found the laboratories and the science and magic going on here is way beyond your comprehension. Steal 10 research papers from scientists in the area. Kill infected test subjects until you find one with a tumor filled with volatile chemicals that you can cut off without damaging. Use the volatile tumor to melt away the outer crystallized bodies of shissar in the laboratory area, preventing their regeneration. You will need to get them close to death before the chemicals will be effective.

For the research papers, you need to kill shissar in the area (any diabolists, lab assistants, mistshapers, etc. from this area seem to count).

Kill "an infected test subject" (in the same area) until you receive a "Volatile Tumor".

The test subject falls to the ground and you're able to carve an infected hunk of flesh off of its corpse.

With the tumor in hand, weaken any shissar from the labs area to 20% health or lower. Then right-click the Volatile Tumor on them. This changes them into a crystal hydra and updates the step (you'll need to do this five times).

If you try clicking on a shissar that's not low in health, you see:

This shissar is strong enough to resist the effects of the volatile chemicals. Try weakening it before using this item.

If you try clicking on a shissar that isn't from the labs area, you see:

Your current target is immune to the effects of the volatile chemicals. Try pouring them on shissar in the laboratory area.

If you try clicking on a shissar that's already been clicked, you see:

That guard has already had its outer covering melted away. Find a shissar that hasn't been revealed as a crystal.

A successful click looks like:

The volatile chemicals from the tumor pour into the open wounds of the injured shissar, quickly infesting its internal crystalline structure. It will not be able to rebuild for a long time.

Find the gladiator training camp near the arena 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: Many slaves have reported of being forced to fight as gladiators in the arena for the shissars' amusement. Find the gladiator training arena down the hill to the south.

Head south to this area (map).

Defeat renowned gladiators to increase your reputation among the fighters 0/3 (Chelsith Reborn)

Collect armor sets from the gladiator training area 0/5 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: There are a lot of strong slaves training down here that you could recruit for your cause. They only understand the language of violence, so find the named gladiators and defeat them in combat. Defeating famous gladiators will earn the respect of other fighters in the area, and will earn you a following that will fight for the slave rebellion. The armor stored down here is of surprisingly high quality. Grab a few pieces off the armor racks in the area for your compatriots in the sewer.

To recruit gladiators, you need to fight three named mobs in the area and kill them. They spawn throughout the above area:

Akazz the Blood Goddess (map)
Alassh the Cannibal (map)
Death Fang Teraz (map)
Iross the Sledge (map)
Katazz the Twisted (map)
Korizar the Neckbreaker (map)
Nendor the Daunting (map)
Nentassh the Blade Queen (map)
The Steel Serpent (map)
Ulga the Elfeater (map)
Zurul the Bonecruncher (map)

These mobs are a little more difficult than your standard trash mobs. They hit for a max ~17,000 and tend to flurry, rampage, and/or AE rampage.

Nendor the Daunting falls to the ground, defeated for the first time in months. Other nearby gladiators look at you with respect and offer salutes. They will join your cause.

While you are in this area, click on armor stands (image) in the area until you have five updates. These spawn inside and around the buildings.

You grab a sturdy piece of roughly forged armor from the stand.

The gladiator armor hanging on this rack is nothing special. What you're already wearing is bigger, better, and way more expensive.

Deliver stolen goods to your contact at the base of Vyzh`dra's tower 0/1 (Chelsith Reborn)

Task Window Says: Everything is in place. Return to your contact who is lurking at the base of Vyzh'dra's tower to the north and inform them that you've accomplished everything.

Speak with Calvin Tresc (map) at the base of the giant tower (northwest side). He's findable via CTRL+F, at 1340, 885, 321.

You say, 'Hail, Calvin Tresc'

Calvin Tresc says 'Great work, _____. Kilithyr told me you'd be coming. I'll take these goods back to camp.'

You've set the stage for a large-scale invasion of Vyzh'dra's tower. You've weakened its defenses, stolen research notes, recruited fighters, and acquired better equipment for your troops. It's time to strike.

Experience (4 AAs + 2-3% regular exp in Level 100)
300 platinum
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Nentaash dropped a fear washed leggings tonight. didnt think these names would have loot at all.
Recruiting Gladiators
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Recruit 5 gladiators 0/5 (Chelsith Reborn) should say 0/3 instead
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