Zalikor's Lair  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Nov 28 22:44:22 2012
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
Rain of Fear Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This is a group mission that begins with "Eyska Va`Ker, the Broodmother" (map) in the Breeding Grounds, found at location 415, 500, 27 (end of the tunnel that extends from the zone's western-most cavern).

- Level 85
- Completed "A Chilling Rescue"
- Completed "Treading Lightly"
- Completed "Eggs As Bait"
- Completed "The Rise of the Ancients" (mission)

You say, 'Hail, Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother'

Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother says 'With Zalikor's undead army defeated, the [entrance] to his lair is now defenseless, though it rests too close to the crystal for me to enter. The fear that emanates from the cluster warps the minds and bodies of all dragons who linger near it, and I will not become a terror to my own kind as Zalikor has.'

You say, 'What about the entrance?'

Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother says 'Only the fire dragons have any resistance to the corruption of Fear, for fear has never had a place in their hearts. They took up a stout defense of the crystal to keep it from those that have been corrupted, at great expense. For they do suffer from that corruption, despite their fiery hearts, and they are forced to kill those of their own that grow too tainted. But with all of the damage your people have done to my lava kin, Zalikor has forced them out and made his lair in the heart of these caverns, close to the fear crystal. He's surrounded himself with dragon eggs to ensure that the when they hatch, the whelps will be born into terror. If your [group] or [raid] wish to aid the Va`Ker, I will show you the way.'

You say, 'I have a group'

Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother says 'Zalikor is aware of our presence, and is likely hiding deep within his lair, though I doubt he'll stay hidden long if we [slaughter] his unborn. His lair is littered with crystal eggs, each with a whelp growing inside that will soon be part of Zalikor's army and must be killed.'

You say, 'Slaughter?'

Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother says 'Although I cannot venture into the heart of the caverns, I will summon the Guardians of Va`Ker. Each holds an artifact that will summon the power of our kind, providing an enhancement to much of your magic, though you must defeat the guardians if you wish to wield their power. When you are ready to [go], I will show you the way to Zalikor's lair.'

You have been assigned the task 'Zalikor's Lair'.

You say, 'Let's go!'

Eyska Va`Ker, The Broodmother says 'May the strength of the Va`Ker flow through your veins.'

You have entered The Breeding Grounds.

Obtain a Va`Ker artifact 0/1 (The Breeding Grounds)

Around the zone are six dragons. Each of these dragons hits for a max ~13,000 and has nothing special about their fights. They each drop an artifact. You need at least one of these to update the task, but you can loot all of them if you want for later use (not necessary, but you may find it helpful).

Each artifact, in the end fight, can be used to spawn an aura that increases your spell, DOT, and ranged DPS.

NOTE: Looting an artifact locks the task.

- Fesik (map -- in the dead-end tunnel west of the zone-in) drops "Fesik's Totem of Might" (aura: ranged attacks).
- Darlak (map -- in the lava cavern due north of the zone-in) drops "Darlak's Flame" (aura: fire).
- Nesifi (map -- in the fear area's treasure room, far north from the zone-in) drops "Nesifi's Bane" (aura: disease/poison).
- Veros (map -- on the ledge overlooking the treasure room) drops "Veros' Talisman" (aura: magic).
- Elsa`Ker (map -- in the basement ice area, south room) drops "Frozen Scale of Elsa`Ker" (aura: cold).
- Isia`Ker (map -- in the basement ice area, north room) drops "Charm of the Va`Ker" (aura: chromatic/prismatic).

Kill cursed whelps to lure Zalikor from hiding 0/1 (The Breeding Grounds)

Task Window Says: Zalikor's egg-littered lair can be found near the large crystal formation. Kill his whelps to lure him from hiding.

Head to the magma cavern in the northeast part of the zone and kill the eggs there to spawn whelps. Upon killing a number of whelps (this may be random?), Zalikor (map) spawns.

Note that Zalikor spawns at the fear crystal. Since the whelps can be pulled out of the lair, you can set yourself up so that you kill them outside his aggro range. You will see this emote once he appears:

Provoked by the slaughter of his whelps, Zalikor appears to defend his lair!

Remaining crystal eggs do not despawn, and will hatch if you step over them.

Defeat Zalikor 0/1 (The Breeding Grounds)

Task Window Says: It's time to slay the dragon!

Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons lowers his head while baring a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. His eyes lock onto yours as he extends his wings, ready for battle!

Zalikor hits for a max ~18,000 (possibly more) and casts "Terror Blast" (note: this AE has a knockback component and can knock you into eggs that spawn adds):

Terror Blast: PB AE 80', Magic (-960)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 38000

At certain intervals throughout this part of the fight, Zalikor will spawn a crystal egg on a random single target:

Seen by all: _____ has been encased in a crystal egg shell.
Seen by target: You are encased in a crystal egg shell.

This egg must be killed in order to free the player (just target the player to DPS the egg, as the egg itself isn't targetable). If this isn't done in time, the inflicted player will be death touched:

Devour: Single Target, Unresistable (-1000)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500000

At 70%, Zalikor flies above the area and the ground becomes covered in a damage aura. You will want to quickly make your way up to the platforms above the cavern.

Zalikor, in the air, does not need to be tanked. He flies around the room and needs to be DPS'd via ranged attacks.

The artifact(s) you looted in the first part of the task can be helpful here. When clicked, they spawn an aura on the platform that boosts your spell damage, DOT damage, and ranged attacks.

For a map of aura locations, see this image.

Aura locations for your "breedinggrounds.txt" map file:

P 714.6077, -911.3725, -58.4100, 0, 0, 240, 1, cold
P 742.7405, -799.9087, -39.9400, 0, 0, 240, 1, chromatic/prismatic
P 576.6707, -625.3662, -29.5146, 0, 0, 240, 1, magic
P 302.2020, -939.6352, -62.1588, 0, 0, 240, 1, disease/poison
P 384.1714, -609.7662, -63.0402, 0, 0, 240, 1, ranged
P 565.9908, -1110.8364, -62.3940, 0, 0, 240, 1, fire

In-game /locations:

- Fesik's aura (ranged attacks) spawns on the southwestern platform (600, -385, -63).
- Darlak's aura (fire) spawns on the northeastern platform (1100, -565, -63).
- Nesifi's aura (disease/poison) spawns on the northwestern platform (940, -300, -63).
- Veros' aura (magic) spaws on the southeastern platform (625, -575, -29).
- Elsa`Ker's aura (cold) spawns on an east-central platform (910, -715, -58).
- Isia`Ker's aura (chromatic/prismatic) spawns on an east-central platform (800, -745, 39).

NOTE: During the air phase, Zalikor has one emote-based attack:

Zalikor aims its fiery breath toward _____.

Shortly after this emote, Zalikor does a location-based AE in the location where the player was standing at the time of the emote, which also knocks back anyone standing in the location:

Fire Blast: Single Target, Unresistable (-960)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 55000

At 30%, the flying phase ends and Zalikor goes back to the ground. This is the same fight as from 100%-70% (including the crystal eggs).

Kill him to update this step.

Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons has been slain by _____!
Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons's corpse goes limp as it crashes to the ground, causing the cavern walls to tremor.

Take your reward from the Dragonbone Chest 0/1 (The Breeding Grounds)

You have defeated Zalikor, the cannibalistic fear dragon.

150 platinum
Experience (regular exp + 2 AAs)

Possible Chest Loot (1 Item + 1 Dreadmote per task)

Akyail's Precious
Corrupted Brimstone
Cursed Bow of Seros
Dew Scepter
Dragon Master's Lash
Dragoncold Lance
Fabrege Visor
Red Eye of Gosik
Shifting Shanker
Zalifur Scale Belt

Lesser Dreadmote
Median Dreadmote
Greater Dreadmote
Glowing Dreadmote
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Didn't get credit for zalikor kill
# Dec 04 2022 at 1:19 AM Rating: Excellent
203 posts
Killed him after the 30% phase and task didn't update so had to redo the mission. Thanks Sony for another trash bug that wastes an hour of our group's time.

Came back a couple days later to try again, twice the task bugged and wasn't allowing us to break people out of eggs. Melee, pet, spell DPS all failed to break them out.

Edited, Dec 7th 2022 1:03am by rahzel44
how to cheese it
# Jun 20 2021 at 10:06 PM Rating: Good
67 posts
Managed to pull this off but it was ugly: just get the range aura and sit there -- don't move, soak up the hits with an extra merc healer

Wait for him to make his pass and nuke as much as possible each time, eventually you'll get to phase 3

One problem I had is my cleric did all the nuking and got summoned to start phase 3. Got turned into an egg in midair (from levitate) and I couldn't melee it with my war.
Check for optional acheivements!
# Aug 15 2020 at 5:01 PM Rating: Decent
94 posts
There are related optionals during this mission - need to figure out which ones they are

Edited, Aug 15th 2020 6:21pm by Etoile
dont kill him too fast!
# Mar 22 2017 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
340 posts
First time, I killed him right after he landed. He died, spawned a chest, but did not give kill credit in quest log and chest was not openable. When he lands, wait till he summons you then kill him.
tough luck if you leave instance
# Mar 22 2017 at 8:03 AM Rating: Decent
340 posts
2 boxing this at 105 I didnt read the writeup and my wiz died. So bard gated, ressed up and went back. Have to start over cause no matter how many eggs you break he wont respawn.
Aura drop locations
# Sep 16 2015 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
Dragons for Auras in the zone, Aura locations, Ramp locations, and the Exit aura.

Map is also essential for Aura Borealis Achievement. To see Auras you must have
Opacity turned up at least past 50%. Alt-O ,, Dis-tab ,, under Particles click
the Player-tab and crank up Opacity, Set Near Clip to farthest, Density off
and finally, On For Me + NPC (Important) You must log to Server
Selection screen to make Opacity changes take effect.

Copy Save to ""breedinggrounds_1.txt"" file.

P 714.6077, -911.3725, -58.4100, 240, 240, 240, 3, COLD
P 742.7405, -799.9087, -39.9400, 240, 240, 240, 3, CHROM_/_PRISM
P 576.6707, -625.3662, -29.5146, 240, 240, 240, 3, MAGIC
P 302.2020, -939.6352, -62.1588, 240, 240, 240, 3, DIS_/_POI
P 384.1714, -609.7662, -63.0402, 240, 240, 240, 3, RANGE
P 565.9908, -1110.8364, -62.3940, 240, 240, 240, 3, FIRE
P -154.1866, -926.3678, -45.4016, 240, 240, 240, 3, Darlak_(fire)
P -67.2442, -1232.2761, -39.0159, 240, 240, 240, 3, Nesifi_(Dis/Poi)
P -175.1688, -1734.8291, 131.3589, 240, 240, 240, 3, Veros_(Magic)
P -414.7778, -111.6993, 35.3935, 240, 240, 240, 3, Fesik_(Ranged_Attack)
P 27.1606, -171.6094, -145.8075, 240, 240, 240, 3, Elsa'Ker_(Cold)
P 27.0449, -666.1925, -142.1939, 240, 240, 240, 3, Isa'Ker_(chrom_/_Prism)

P 532.8488, -862.0546, -123.7811, 240, 240, 240, 3, ZALIKOR
P 373.5473, -844.8894, -119.1894, 240, 240, 240, 3, (X)
P 646.6129, -775.3233, -58.7915, 240, 240, 240, 3, EXIT!!!
P 507.8254, -1018.2276, -117.6990, 240, 240, 240, 3, (X)
P 634.9238, -981.5029, -115.6106, 240, 240, 240, 3, (X)
P 624.2468, -743.4395, -114.7897, 240, 240, 240, 3, (X)
P 449.5201, -713.6469, -117.7036, 240, 240, 240, 1, (X)
P 496.8238, -687.2205, -104.5493, 240, 240, 240, 1, (X)

The (X) marks ramp entrances to upper levels. EXIT means exit the mission
so be careful around the CHROM / PRISM or you'll zone out and fail mission.
Don't get the auras confused.

Edited, Feb 27th 2016 8:44pm by Zolmazz
Quest is buggy
# Apr 21 2014 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
328 posts

this stupid Quest is now completely bugged...


Now the eggs are sometimes not nukable/dotable and sometimes even punching on them does not work. What a mess.
Last time I got this mission smooth up to 30% with that working. Every nuke worked at the plateaus and AE was no problem. Every nuke freed the PCs from the eggs.

Difference was that now we completely cleared all eggs with the spawning dragons to avoid being knocked into the eggs again at 30% when the dragon summons players from the plateaus.

Either the dragon gets stronger the less eggs are present or this is also bugged.

This mission sux... hints appreciated...
perhaps Raid-Geared groups can do that now but as always at some points it makes no sense needing raid geared groups to do group stuff.... no balancing in the game....
Notes on Zalikar
# Apr 13 2014 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
328 posts
Zalikar spawns at loc 871 neg511, directly near the small notch/arc at the big crystal in the middle of the cave.
He is surrounded by eggs which should be removed because in the third phase they will kill you. They cannot be mezzed, but tash/slowed.

We tried to kill him via pets/mercs from one of the places high above where he is in reach for the ranged attacks and dots/nukes. The mercs/pets will hatch the eggs but the drakelings don't aggro until a player gets close.

When somebody was encased in the egg a simple nuke did also the work, so if you have some nukes up then its no problem.

At the phase till 30% all is about getting out of the way every time the message comes. At lvl 100 it surely is no problem to get the AE of 38k but if you only have a healer merc he will be oom very fast but because the part with the range attacks needs its time he is full at the beginning of the third part.

At 30% it got nasty. Because we didnt removed the eggs he summoned us directly down. The eggs hatched and besides the named we had a bunch of 6 hatched drakelings, unmezzable and the stupid tank merc was not fast enough down to catch up aggro and we wiped.

So why do it right from the beginning? Because SoE made again a stupid ridiculous timesink and don't let you do the fight to the end. Zalikar does not spawn again even when killing all remaining eggs. What a mess... if you have a life then this games sux sometimes really bad....
How i killed him
# Jun 19 2013 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
77 posts
After many failed attempts with my 2 chars i have finally boxed Zalikor and here is how. I started off by clearing out the eggs in one area to make a safe spot to kill him and then I cleared the eggs around his spawn point. After clearing about 7 of the trash mobs he spawned. The first 30% is all about watching for the emote saying when someone is trapped in an egg. To break this person out of the egg you will need to target that person and hit them once. Once that 30% is done you need to go up one of the ramps asap. For 70-30 i loaded up some throwing knives on my monk and 5 DoTs on my shammy. It's hard to keep consistent dps on him during this part because he will fly out of range very quickly. I was only able to cast 2 or 3 dots each time he passed by. Also during this part there will be another emote to follow. The emote is: Zalikor aims his fiery breath toward ______. This means there will be a damage aura coming in a few seconds where that person was standing. As long as you follow this emote you will take no dmg for this part of the fight. When i finally got him to 30% i used all of my burns and followed the egg emote like before. It can be a very annoying fight but as long as you follow the emotes it can be done. Did this with my 100 monk / 100 shaman with tank / cleric merc.
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