Evantil, the Vile Oak

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Rain of Fear



Level Range:
100 - 100

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When the essence of Cazic-Thule was destroyed, one of the fear shards landed in the barren area of southern Beasts’ Domain. From the center of the crater, Evantil the Vile Oak grew. It quickly enveloped the fear shard in its roots and began to feed off its evil energy. Large, red flowers with fruit as black as night, grow within the fear tree’s canopy. The normally docile creatures of the forest began to eat the fruit and were corrupted. This caused them to mutate into frightening, evil versions of their former selves. (More Evantil Lore...)

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no falling damage?
# Nov 22 2018 at 7:35 AM Rating: Good
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When I jump off this tree, I fall a looooooong way, about as long a fall as there is in EQ, but suffer literally zero damage upon landing. I do have lev on but in this zone lev does not work, supposedly. I have a feeling it doesn't let you "float" but it does seem to protect you from falling damage. I'm debating testing this after removing lev buffs but dying is a PITA---not so much for xp loss but for having to rebuff!

This is a useful benefit, however, as otherwise moving around this huge zone can be annoying.

Edited, Nov 22nd 2018 8:36am by Sippin
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