In Everquest, an "Epic" is a specific weapon exclusive to your class. Epic weapons are unique in stats and apparence. Epic weapon quests generally take no less than several days to complete, though there are a few exceptions. Most have a special ability that can be activated. There is an achievement linked to each of your class's three epic weapons (in addition to an "Epic 2.5" achievement that is gained when you finish a specific quest to augment your epic 2.0 stats). There are three epics per class, a 1.0 (from the Ruins of Kunark expansion pack), a 1.5 (from the Omens of War expansion pack), and a 2.0 (also from Omens of War). The 1.5 is similar in appearance to the 2.0 but has weaker stats and is level 65 required instead of the 2.0's required 70. Completion of the 1.0 or a bypass quest similar, but shorter, to the 1.0 is required to begin the Epic 1.5 quest. Completion of the Epic 1.5 is required to begin the 2.0. The 1.5 is consumed upon completing the 2.0. When you complete your classes's epic quest, you also gain a class unique title as well as 5 AA's for 1.5 and 10 AA's for 2.0.

Epic 1.0
Class Epic 1.0 Name Epic Title Earned
Bard Singing Short Sword Composer
Beastlord Claws of the Savage Spirit (Primary),
Berserker Kerasian Axe of Rage Aggressor
Cleric Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh Curate
Druid Nature Walker's Scimitar Naturewalker
Enchanter Staff of the Serpent Mindbender
Magician Orb of Master Thaumaturge
Monk Celestial Fists Apostle
Necromancer Scythe of Shadowed Soul Dark Apprentice
Paladin Fiery Defender Lightbringer
Ranger Earthcaller, Swiftwind Windcaller
Rogue Ragebringer Swashbuckler
Shadowknight Innoruuk's Curse Pain Lord (M) / Pain Mistress (F)
Shaman Spear of Fate Heyokah
Warrior Jagged Blade of War
Blade of Strategy
Blade of Tactics
Wizard Staff of the Four Catylist

Epic 1.5
Class Epic 1.5 Name Epic Title Earned
Bard Prismatic Dragon Blade Wyrmkin
Beastlord Savage Lord's Totem Wildcaller
Berserker Raging Tealosian Alloy Axe Axe Master
Cleric Harmony of the Soul Priest (M), High Priestess (F)
Druid Staff of Living Brambles Forest Scion
Enchanter Oculus of Percussion Coercer
Magician Staff of Elemental Essence Master Elementalist
Monk Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline Enlightened
Necromancer Soulwisper Deathspeaker
Paladin Redemption Redeemer
Ranger Heartwood Blade Earthguard
Rogue Fatesealer Infiltrator
Shadowknight Innoruuk's Voice Archfiend
Shaman Crafted Talisman of Fates Fateseer
Warrior Champions Sword of Eternal Power Conqueror
Wizard Staff of Prismatic Power Scholar

Epic 2.0
Class Epic 2.0 Name Epic Title Earned
Bard Blade of Vesagran Blade Dancer
Beastlord Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral Savage Spirit
Berserker Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe Rageheart
Cleric Aegis of Superior Divinity High Priest (M), High Priestess (F)
Druid Staff of Everliving Brambles Earthkeeper
Enchanter Staff of Eternal Eloquence Enigma
Magician Focus of Primal Elements Primal Elementalist
Monk Transcended Fistwraps of Immortality Ascendant
Necromancer Deathwisper Grand Occultist
Paladin Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant Valiant
Ranger Aurora, the Heartwood Blade Farwarden
Rogue Nightshade, Blade of Entropy Nightblade
Shadowknight Innoruuk's Dark Blessing Darkreaper
Shaman Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah Spiritwalker
Warrior Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power Decimator
Wizard Staff of Phenomenal Power Planeshifter

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