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Magicians are masters at summoning and this includes summoning food and water, weapons and armor, and all sorts of useful utility items. They can also summon powerful elemental beings to serve as their pets. No other class has a pet that can rival that of the Mage.
Magicians also get some powerful fire and magic damage spells which when combined with their pets makes them a very powerful class. They are also are one of the best solo classes especially since the introduction of mercenaries.

Class - Race Stat Comparison

Race Strength Dexterity Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Total
Dark Elf 60 75 90 80 134 83 60 582
Erudin 60 70 70 85 142 83 70 580
Gnome 60 85 85 85 133 67 60 575
High Elf 55 70 85 80 127 95 80 592
Human 75 75 75 90 110 75 75 575
Drakkin 70 75 85 95 120 80 75 600


This list excludes Language "Skills", as they can all be obtains at lv 1 with the proper teaching ;)
Name Level
1H Blunt 1
1H Piercing 1
2H Blunt 1
Abjuration 1
Alcohol Tolerance 1
Alteration 1
Baking 1
Begging 1
Bind Wound 1
Blacksmithing 1
Brewing 1
Channeling 1
Conjuration 1
Defense 1
Divination 1
Dodge 20
Evocation 1
Fishing 1
Fletching 1
Hand to Hand 1
Jewelry Making 1
Meditate 1
Offense 1
Pottery 1
Remove Trap 1
Research 16
Sense Heading 1
Specialize Abjuration 20
Specialize Alteration 20
Specialize Conjuration 20
Specialize Divination 20
Specialize Evocation 20
Swimming 1
Research 25
Tailoring 1
Throwing 1

Major Spell Lines


Magician pets generally come in 5 flavors plus the servant line of swarm pets. Each have their own unique properties. The pets become more well defined after level 50, where their uniqueness shines.

  • Air - One of the preferred solo pets, particularly after level 50, the air pet is perhaps the most well rounded of the pets. It has the second highest HP and AC, the best avoidance, and ranks 3rd for DPS among the pets. It also has a stun spell with a damage component to help it (or whoever) tank.
  • Earth - Also a good solo pet, the earth pet has the highest HP and AC of any of the pets. However it is also the lowest DPS pet, making it better suited to tanking mobs while the mage and others burn down the target. It also casts a short duration root spell, making it helpful to stop fleeing mobs from aggroing friends.
  • Water - The highest DPS pet when fully buffed, water is usually the preferred group or raid pet. It doesn't hit quite as hard as the air pet, but it more than makes up for that shortcoming with the ability to backstab mobs. It also casts an ice based nuke.
  • Fire - The physically weakest of the pets, the fire pet is a caster pet that nukes mobs from afar. Overall it is the second highest DPS, but is the best "out of the box" DPS pet unbuffed. After level 51 instead of running to the mob and meleeing like other pets the fire pet will remain stationary and fling nukes at the target. Because it is immediately useful after summoning and doesn't need to move to its target to do damage, fire pets are often seen on raids during trash clearing or after the mage is rezzed back in. Before level 51 it is also well liked because it casts a powerful damage shield on itself.
  • Monster Summoning - The monster summoning line of pets are more considered "fun" pets in that they don't really excel in any one area, but when summoned take the form of a random creature in the zone.
  • Servant - The servant line of pets are short duration pets that pack a major punch. They do incredible damage, but at a large mana cost to the mage. It is typically cast after a gift of mana proc, though it also serves well for short duration offtanking or for hard burns.


Mages nukes are generally fire or magic based direct damage spells. They also have some AE capabilities in the form of rain spells, point blank AE nukes, and beam spells.

  • Bolt - The highest base damage spell of the mage, bolt spells are line of sight fire based spells. They have a decent damage/mana ratio.
  • Shock - The shock line is a magic based DD. It is a very straightforward spell and has a decent damage/mana ratio, but doesn't pack as much punch as the bolt line.
  • Fickle - The fickle line is a fire based DD with a 25% chance to recourse the buff flames of power. This buff gives a 1-100% focus effect to the next mage nuke. It also has a 1% chance to proc a detrimental buff that reduces DD effectiveness for a short time. It doesn't quite pack the punch of bolt, but the recourse effect makes it very useful.
  • Sands - A line of fast casting low damage fire nukes. These have poor damage/mana ratios but are very fast casting.
  • Fire and magic rains - The rain lines of AEs come in either a magic or fire variety, but work essentially the same way. Three waves of damage fall around the area of the target when cast, hitting up to 4 times. Against a single opponent they will only be hit once per wave, but if multiple targets are in the area then the spell will hit a total of 4 times. If it lands 4 times these lines have an excellent damage/mana ratio.
  • PB AE - Unlike the rain line, the point blank AE line has practically no limit to the number of mobs it can hit. However it is generally considered less useful at higher levels, since the chances of getting aggro are high when using this line due to the number of targets often involved. Still it can be used to great effect at lower levels in conjunction with an enchanter chain casting AE stuns. It potentially has an incredible damage/mana ratio.
  • Beam - The beam line is similar to the PB AE line in that it has no practical limit to the number of mobs it can hit. Instead of firing in a small area around the caster, it emanates in a cone arc from the front a short distance away. It also has great damage/mana potential.
  • Anti-summoned - This is a spell line the mage shares with druids, and at lower levels can only be used against summoned and elemental types of mobs. At higher levels this line includes constructs, clockworks, and golems as well. The higher level forms also include some possible recourse effects. The first (10% chance) is a resist debuff, and the second (2% chance) is a 32K nuke. These spells are low mana cost, but they don't pack quite the punch that other mage nukes do. However they are also the only mage spell line with a significant resist modifier, giving excellent damage/mana ratio with little chance of being resisted.
  • Jolt - An interesting spell line, jolt hits the target with multiple small nukes. The number of nukes is dependent on the number of pets attacking the current target. Useless with only a couple of pets attacking, this spell becomes fairly powerful when large numbers of pets are attacking, such as on a raid. It casts 1 nuke per pet up to 6, and then a 7th nuke if 10 or more pets are attacking. Swarm pets do count toward this total. It is very fast casting and can have an excellent damage/mana ratio.

Buffs and Debuffs

The mage isn't really known for their buffs, though they do sport the strongest damage shield line in the game. The Malo line is also highly desired by casting classes.

  • Damage Shield - The mage can cast a moderate duration damage shield on players and pets alike, causing any mob that hits them to take a small amount of damage. The damage from a DS is unresistable. Though low damage, over the course of a fight it adds up to be a decent amount.
  • Short duration damage shield - In addition to the normal DS, mages also get a couple types of short duration limited to a few hits damage shields. These provide the mage with a way to do unresistable damage to a mob, though the effect cannot be focused as DDs can. Some of these can only be cast on PCs, making them less useful to the solo mage who uses their pet to tank.
  • Malo - The malo line of spells, shared with shaman, reduces a mobs resistance to most forms of magical assault. At higher levels it also grants a bonus to magic based damage. Magicians also get an AA form of malo with a resist modifier at higher levels, usually replacing the normal version in all but raid situations.

Summon Spells

The mage can summon a plethora of useful items for players and themselves, including arrows, weight reduction bags, thrown weapons, and other items. Listed below are the more exotic items and summoning abilities.

  • Modulation Rod - This line of summoned items allow the user to click the rod to convert a portion of their health to mana. At low levels they only have one charge, but higher level versions have 3 charges and give back progressively more mana. However they can only be clicked once every five minutes, limiting their use.
  • Focus Jewelry - The mage can summon items with focus effects to give to other casters or use themselves. These armor pieces and effects are typically inferior to those acquired through normal grouping, but can help patch holes of armor with effects that the user has outgrown.
  • Pet weapons/armor - The mage can summon weapons and armor usable only by pets to give to other pet classes. These provide a strong boost to pet tanking and DPS.
  • Muzzles - The Muzzle of Mardu and later the Muzzle of Mowcha are haste masks for pets. These provide a worn haste bonus for pets that stacks with castable haste. Any mage pet summoned with a pet focus effect will come with a muzzle and armor already equipped, but useful to give to other pet classes.
  • Clicky Nukes - At higher levels the mage can summon fire and later ice click items that have limited charges of nukes. The mana cost on these items makes it better to summon them before fights, as their damage to mana is poor. The higher level ice clickies are also usable by wizards. They are, however, very useful in that they can be clicked while waiting for normal spell gems to refresh after a cast, adding DPS when mages normally can't cast.
  • Call of Hero - One of the signature mage spells, CoH will summon a group member in the zone directly to the mage. If the group member is far enough away from the mage it will also remove them from the hate list of all mobs. Useful for helping pull mobs or bring a lost member to the group. It is however restricted in some zones where it could be used to bypass keying or progression.

Pet Weapons

  • Hand of Ixiblat
    • Required Pet Level 10
    • 220 Fire Proc

  • Blade of the Kedge
    • Required Pet Level 40
    • 220 ice Proc

  • Blade of Walnan
    • Required Pet Level 40
    • 220 Wind Proc

  • Dagger of the Deep
    • Required Pet Level 60
    • 220 Ice Proc

  • Fireblade
    • Required Pet Level 60
    • 220 Fire Proc

  • Staff of the North Wind
    • Required Pet Level 60
    • 220 Wind Proc

  • Summon Elemental Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 65
    • Icefall Icicle
      • 285 Ice Proc
    • Jagged Ragesword
      • Increase Hatred towards you
    • Searing Torch
      • 285 Fire Proc
    • Windwoven Dreamwatcher
      • 285 Wind Proc

  • Summon Prime Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 70
    • Blazing Brand
      • 306 Fire Proc
    • Jagged Ragesword
      • Increase Hatred towards you
    • Tonfa of the Northwind
      • 306 Wind Proc
    • Winterbane
      • 306 Ice Proc

  • Summon Ethereal Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 75
    • Blazing Brand
      • 333 Fire Proc
    • Jagged Ragesword
      • Increase Hatred towards you
    • Tonfa of the Northwind
      • 333 Wind Proc
    • Winterbane
      • 333 Ice Proc

  • Folded Pack of Spectral Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 80
    • Jolting Mindblade
      • Decreases Hatred Towards you
    • Spectral Fireblade
      • 400 Fire Proc
    • Spectral Iceblade
    • 400 Ice Proc
    • Spectral Ragesword
      • Increases Hatred Towards you
    • Spectral Shortsword
      • 400 Wind Proc

  • Folded Pack of Manaforged Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 85
    • Manaforged Fireblade
      • 700 Fire Proc
    • Manaforged Iceblade
      • 700 Ice Proc
    • Manaforged Mindblade
      • Decreases Hatred towards you
    • Manaforged Ragesword
    • Increases Hatred towards you
    • Manaforged Shortsword
      • 700 Wind Proc

  • Folded Pack of Frightforged Armaments
    • Required Pet Level 90
    • Frightforged Fireblade
      • 950 Fire Proc
    • Frightforged Iceblade
      • 950 Ice Proc
    • Frightforged Mindblade
      • Decreases Hatred towards you
    • Frightforged Ragesword
    • Increases Hatred towards you
    • Frightforged Shortsword
      • 950 Wind Proc

  • Wave Thrasher (From the Cauldron of Endless Goods)
    • Required Pet Level 75
    • 373 Water Proc

Secrets of Faydwer Rank Two Spells

  • 77 - Shock of Many Rk. II
    • Faction: Rebel Brownies
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • NPC: Karri
    • Zone: The Steam Factory
    • Location: -25, 485, 115

  • 78 - Summon Cauldron of Many Things
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: ?
    • NPC: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

  • 80 - Monster Summoning VI
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • NPC: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

  • 80 - Rancorous Servant Rk. II
    • Faction: Rebel Brownies
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Karri
    • Zone: The Steam Factory
    • Location: -25, 485, 115

  • 80 - Fickle Pyroclasm Rk. II
    • Faction: Ak'anon Strike Force V
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Automated Vending Unit II
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 3695, -2555, 30

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