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Oculus of Persuasion  

Lore Item No Trade Placeable
Lore Group: Epic Weaponry
Charges: Unlimited
Skill: 1H Piercing Atk Delay: 23
DMG: 25 Dmg Bonus: 33 AC: 10
This item can be used in tradeskills.
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
STA: +20 CHA: +20 WIS: 0+2 INT: +30+2 AGI: +20 HP: +190 MANA: +200
SV FIRE: +20 SV COLD: +25 SV MAGIC: +25
Required level of 65.
Effect: Protection of the Eye (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 0.8)
Recast Delay: 360 seconds, Recast Type: 6
Focus: Persuasive Gaze
WT: 2.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ENC
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 8 (General: Raid)
Slot 3, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Lore:A staff mounted with an all-seeing eye dazzles your enemies
Item Type:1H Piercing
Light:Flameless Lantern
Submitted By:Fuzzbal
Lucy Entry By:stormhammer.Fuzzbal
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-12-20 09:41:41
Page Updated:Sun Feb 5th, 2017

*This item is the result of a raid event.
Expansion: Omens of War Omens of War

Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 65

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Enchanter Epic 1.5: Oculus of Persuasion

Obtained From

This item is obtained from NPCs.

Burning Woods
NPC Name Expansion
a sarnak imitator Ruins of Kunark


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Used in 1 recipe.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Burning Woods

Lore Group: Epic Weaponry

Uploaded February 2nd, 2020 by nytmare
Updated February 3rd, 2020
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Oculus of Persuasion and Runes
# Aug 31 2007 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
WOOT! Got my Oculus yesterday.

So at level 68, I have

Ethereal Rune: 1950
Rune of Salik: 1150
epic Rune: 1500
total 4610

and my Eldritch AA Rune which is currently 1500 but overwrites my Ethereal Rune

68 Enchanter
Vxed Trial
# Oct 02 2006 at 11:55 AM Rating: Decent
Looking for any information on the trial. And I am not seeing it. Where can I find the info on it?
1.5 Epic Title
# Sep 01 2006 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
223 posts
I've asked around in my server's "Enchanter" channel, and never gotten a response.

I've asked my Guild's Enchanters, and they can't remember.

I've finished my own 1.5, but was so excited I forgot to check.

So, for once and for all, what the heck is the Title that becomes available after completing your 1.5 Epic? And, for future reference, what's the Title for completing the 2.0 Epic?

Many thanks in advance!

1.5 Epic Title
# Sep 01 2006 at 9:55 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
Vesanus, Eater of Souls wrote:
I've asked around in my server's "Enchanter" channel, and never gotten a response.

I've asked my Guild's Enchanters, and they can't remember.

I've finished my own 1.5, but was so excited I forgot to check.

So, for once and for all, what the heck is the Title that becomes available after completing your 1.5 Epic? And, for future reference, what's the Title for completing the 2.0 Epic?

Many thanks in advance!

Epic Titles
1.5 Epic Title
# Sep 03 2006 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
223 posts
Woot; thanks a million! Been looking all over for some place that might provide a list, never thought to check the quest section!

Epic 1.5 Checklist
# Oct 20 2005 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent

[ _ ] Receive Illegible Tome from Jeb in Burning woods.
[ _ ] Collect the ten Cryptic Pages (no unique item lore), which are all ground spawns that may be found as follows:

[ _ ] Charasis (Howling Stones) at -135, +245, -165.
[ _ ] Old Sebilis in the Ilis jail at -260, +355, -117 (go down the water tube, turn right, and go into the jail cell near the Echo of Sebilis).
[ X ] Cazic Thule at +430, -390 (just north of the wizard spire, in a room with lizards and pillars).
[ X ] Crystal Caverns at +590, -940, -536 (in the queen's room).
[ X ] Skyshrine at +150, +385, +3 (the southwest tower).
[ _ ] Velketor's Labyrinth at +260, -425, +21 (at the first dog tent on the left).
[ _ ] Crypt of Nadox at +785, +1745, -82 (near the broodmother).
[ X ] Najena at -160, -120, -19 (near Rathyl in the basement).
[ _ ] Fungus Grove at +1135, +1275 (Lucid Shard camp in the Shik`Nar tunnels).
[ _ ] Ocean of Tears at +555, +9270 (NW corner of the zone on Sirens Isle).

[ _ ] Combine 10 Cryptic Pages in Tome, creates Complete Illegible Tome. Give it to a sarnak Imitator (Jeb) in Burning woods.
[ _ ] Speak with Grand Librarian Maelin in PoK & Receive a Note to Lobaen
[ _ ] Give Lobaen the note (PoK, /LOC=-85, 1060, -60 Library), Receive Sealed Documents
[ _ ] Give Sealed Documents to Jeb in Burning Woods. Receive book: Assembling the Staff
[ _ ] Tell Jeb, “I would like a chest”. Receive an Ornate Staff Chest
[ _ ] Kill An Enticing Potameid (Natimbi, /LOC=-845, 1560) Loot Sullied Gold Filigree.
[ _ ] Give Anthone Chapin Sullied Gold Filigree (HoH, /LOC=RD basement) You receive a Purified Gold Filigree.
[ _ ] Collect Taste of Enticement in Mistmoore's Castle. It spawns on the table in the same room as the Dark Huntress.
[ _ ] Take this fruit and go to the seventh floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadow, Just outside of this room is the Advisor Svartmane, whom you must charm and hand him the fruit. Receive 1st Piece of the Staff.
[ _ ] Kill / Loot The 2nd Piece of the Staff drops from The Yrendan Scarab, a rare spawn in the Plane of Justice at approximately -1300, -850.
[ _ ] The 3rd Piece of the Staff drops from any named in the Vxed trial.
[ _ ] Kill / Loot The 4th Piece of the Staff drops off of War Caller Kaavi in the Bloodfields in Omens.
[ _ ] *RAID CHEST* Kill Faleniel of Darkwater spawns in Sirens Grotto. Loot Ornate Staff Topper.
[ _ ] Get Abysmal Moonwater (Abysmal Sea at +485, +70)
[ _ ] Combine Abysmal Moonwater, a Vial of Purified Mana, Essence of Sunlight (dropped in various old world zones), and Glow Lichen (foraged in Nektulos Forest) in a brew barrel to craft a Glowing Concoction (< 150 trivial, trivial needed).
[ _ ] *RAID CHEST* Kill the untrackable A Greasy Clockwork in the Plane of Innovation. Loot Glimmering Oil.
[ _ ] Combine Glowing Concoction, Glimmering Oil, Dragon Egg Oil, and Prismatic Dye (not a Vial of Prismatic Dye) in a brew barrel to craft Incandescent Oil.
[ _ ] *RAID CHEST* Kill the All-Seeing Eye that spawns in the middle of the Plane of Mischief hedge maze.
[ _ ] Combine the Purified Gold Filigree, 1st-4th Pieces of the Staff, Ornate Staff Topper, Incandescent Oil, and All-Seeing Eye in the Ornate Staff Chest to craft a Latched Ornate Chest. Give this to Jeb.
You receive the Oculus of Persuasion, a.k.a. Enchanter Epic 1.5. (AND 5 AA’s)
Oculus of Persuasion
# Jun 28 2005 at 9:14 AM Rating: Decent
224 posts
for all those that havnt seen it yet (which I cant imagine there are alot, here's a link:

Oculus of Persuasion

Edited, Jan 17th 2008 3:42am by ghengisjon
# May 15 2005 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
178 posts
This item needs to be changed from Very Rare to Rare or Uncommon. It's hardly in the very rare catagory.
- Vu~
Haven's Edge
# Dec 20 2004 at 5:07 AM Rating: Default
I absolutely love how much SOE thinks things through sometimes. The lore on this item "Item Lore: A staff mounted with an all-seeing eye dazzles your enemies". Now if you will all be so kind to notice the appropriate skill according to Alla for using this item "Piercing". What is this a sharpened stick? Good job, once more SOE.
# May 15 2005 at 1:11 AM Rating: Decent
178 posts
What is a spear? A stick with a piece of sharp metal on the end. Do you hit people with the wood? Or do you pierce them with the metal spike attached to the end?

No, it's not a sharpened stick.

It's a staff with a sharp metal topper on it. Hense, the reason you pierce people with the tip.
- Vu~
Haven's Edge
# Feb 11 2005 at 4:54 PM Rating: Excellent
551 posts
Perhaps you're such an uber enchanter that you don't have to swing your weapon to do damage with it... you simply wave it in your enemy's direction and the "Piercing Gaze" of the eye on top of your staff damages them...

Have an imagination and enjoy your new stick!... sheesh... be glad it's not 2HB
Pain Lord Darknyss Grimscale
92 Iksar Crusader of the Greenmist
# Oct 30 2004 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
When Protection of the eye goes off, it lowers aggro on all mobs that you have aggro on. However, it adds you to the aggro list of all mobs in the area. So it loweres the aggro on some, and increses the aggro on all the others. Thus the epic item is seriously flawed, and many chanters who have it wont carry it, or click off the effect all the time.
# Feb 11 2006 at 6:16 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
You have to remember that this isnt the final item, the whole point is to keep working towards the 2.0
# Oct 21 2005 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
I was hoping it was just a group rune

CLR get group heal
WIZ get group resistance modifier
WAR get group HP increase

Those are only ones i've seen so far, si assumed all were group benefits... how lame, I get hit rarely enough that that arcane rune / eldrich rune keep me alive. What a waste.
what's the rune effect?
# Sep 24 2004 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
Can anyone better explain the Protection of the Eye effect to me? What's the 4: slot effect "Trigger on Fade" mean? Is this simply a 1.5k rune, and is it stackable? thanks

Edited, Fri Sep 24 23:12:13 2004
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 25 2004 at 12:51 PM Rating: Good
No, if you look up the trigger on Lucy, you'll see that it's a 500 pt AE hate reducer. So when you take 1500 damage, it auto-jolts everything around you. Very nice.

(It's not "Trigger on Fade", it's "Protection of the Eye Trigger on Fade"... "Protection of the Eye Trigger" is the name of the effect and it activates when the buff fades).

Edited, Sat Sep 25 13:58:34 2004
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 25 2004 at 10:36 PM Rating: Decent
Yup Baal appears to be correct...if a mob beats down the 1500-point rune, you proc a PB AE jolt, reducing hate by 500 points! It's not obvious to find on Lucy though, you need to look for "Protection of the Eye Trigger" or a substring.

AND if you look on Lucy's Stacking Data it does appear to stack with our normal 1950-pt. rune, no?
So that's 3450 points of runage? ...assuming you don't burn components for more.

Amazingly good, if I read correctly.

Edit: ...something else I don't understand. It appears to be instant cast, and the recast time is listed as zero. What's to keep you from clicking the crap out of it and being invulnerable?

Edited, Sat Sep 25 23:45:48 2004
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 28 2004 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
You're forgetting the 1.5k possible Eldrich rune. We're just getting more and more shielding, because we're just that famous for pumelling.
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 27 2004 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
With the new epics most of them have a 10 min recast timer. Since gates items has been able to have a recast timer on them.
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 25 2004 at 1:19 AM Rating: Default
It just recast it self if it fades...example, you are POK and you want to go afk for 2 hours, you rune will still be there. So it can only go away by getting hit or you clicking it off.
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 24 2004 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
This is just a guess, and I have no evidence to back it up, but from the description it sounds exactly like what Thott suggested last year in this article:

Again, just a guess.

Edited, Sat Sep 25 14:51:04 2004
RE: what's the rune effect?
# Sep 29 2004 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
he's got some great ideas in that article
Enc Epic 2.0
# Sep 24 2004 at 1:03 PM Rating: Default
NICE Epic Piece!
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