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Rangers were originally envisioned as a hybrid between a Druid and a Warrior. Although they have diverged relatively far from that mark, most of their spells and the general concepts behind their class stem from this idea. Rangers today serve a role as light tanks, moderate dps from both melee and range, and moderate utility such as tracking, pulling and crowd control. Rangers wear chain armor and can wield 2 weapons. In the higher levels they have superior archery capabilities.

Rangers (and Druids) are the class with the longest lasting Snare spells.

Class - Race Stat Comparison

Race Strength Dexterity Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Total
Wood Elf 70 100 105 75 75 85 75 585
Drakkin 75 95 95 90 85 85 75 600
Human 80 95 85 85 75 80 75 575
Halfling 75 110 105 85 67 85 50 577
Half-Elf 75 105 100 80 75 65 75 575


This list excludes Language "Skills", as they can all be obtains at lv 1 with the proper teaching ;)
Name Level
1H Blunt 1
1H Piercing 1
1H Slash 1
2H Blunt 1
2H Piercing 1
2H Slash 1
Abjuration 1
Alteration 1
Archer 1
Bind Wound 1
Channeling 1
Conjuration 1
Disarm 10
Divination 1
Dodge 10
Double Attack 20
Dual Wield 17
Evocation 1
Forage 3
Hand to Hand 1
Hide 25
Kick 1
Meditate 1
Parry 10
Riposte 20
Sense Heading 1
Sneak 10
Swimming 1
Throwing 1
Tracking 1
Fishing 1
Research 25
Baking 1
Tailoring 1
Blacksmithing 1
Fletching 1
Brewing 1
Alcohol Tolerance 1
Begging 1
Jewelry Making 1
Pottery 1
Taunt 1
Triple Attack 46

Complete Spell List

Level: 1 Salve Level: 51 Strength of Nature Level: 66 Nature Veil
Level: 2 Glimpse   Resistant Discipline   Displace Summoned
Level: 3 Flame Lick   Ensnare   Shield of Briar
Level: 4 Lull Animal   Tangle Level: 67 Locust Swarm
Level: 5 Tangling Weeds Level: 52 Falcon Eye   Sylvan Water
Level: 6 Snare   Icewind   Guard of the Earth
Level: 7 Skin like Wood   Extinguish Fatigue   Strength of the Hunter
Level: 8 Minor Healing   Firestrike Level: 68 Briarcoat
Level: 9 Endure Fire Level: 53 Storm Strength   Frost Wind
Level: 10 Dance of the Fireflies Level: 54 Drones of Doom   Hunter's Vigor
Level: 11 Hawk Eye   Jolting Blades   Tranquility of the Glade
Level: 12 Feet like Cat   Skin like Diamond   Hail of Arrows
Level: 13 Cure Poison   Fearless Discipline Level: 69 Nature's Denial
  Thistlecoat Level: 55 Cinder Jolt   Howl of the Predator
Level: 14 Camouflage   Chloroplast   Hearth Embers
  Burst of Fire   Call of Fire   Nature's Balance
Level: 15 Grasping Roots   Fire Swarm   Earthen Shackles
  Invoke Lightning   Trueshot Discipline   Warder's Wrath
Level: 16 Panic Animal   Resist Cold Level: 70 Onyx Skin
  Ward Summoned Level: 56 Mark of the Predator   Ward of the Hunter
Level: 17 Firefist   Greater Wolf Form   Call of Lightning
  Bind Sight   Chill Sight   Ancient North Wind
Level: 18 Endure Cold Level: 57 Greater Healing   Scorched Earth
Level: 19 Ignite Level: 58 Eagle Eye   Elddar's Grasp
Level: 20 Words of the Skeptic   Call of Ice Level: 71 Shield of Needles Rk. II
  Enduring Breath   Shield of Spikes   Cloud of Wasps Rk. II
Level: 21 Light Healing   Nullify Magic   Sunderock Springwater Rk. II
  Skin like Rock Level: 59 Dustdevil   Drifting Fog Rk. II
Level: 22 Cure Disease   Skin like Nature   Nature's Entropy Rk. II
  Harmony Level: 60 Call of the Predator Level: 72 Jolting Kicks Rk. II
Level: 23 Invigor   Warder's Protection   Strength of the Forest Stalker Rk. II
Level: 24 Shield of Thistles   Weapon Shield Discipline   Icefall Chill Rk. II
Level: 25 Stinging Swarm   Enveloping Roots Level: 73 Potameid Salve Rk. II
Level: 26 Strength of Earth   Thorncoat   Snarl of the Predator Rk. II
Level: 27 Eyes of the Cat Level: 61 Annul Magic   Volcanic Ash Rk. II
Level: 28 Spirit of Wolf   Exile Summoned   Vinelash Cascade Rk. II
Level: 29 Riftwind's Protection   Circle of Winter Level: 74 Summer's Dew Rk. II
  Flaming Arrow   Entangle   Obsidian Skin Rk. II
Level: 30 Cancel Magic   Earthen Embrace   Eyes of the Owl Rk. II
  Barbcoat   Counteract Poison Level: 75 Heartshot Rk. II
Level: 31 Calm Animal   Counteract Disease   Protection of the Minohten Rk. II
Level: 32 See Invisible Level: 62 Chloroblast   Thundering Blades Rk. II
Level: 33 Dismiss Summoned   Call of the Rathe   Yar'Lir's Sleetshards Rk. II
Level: 34 Bramblecoat   Strength of Tunare   Consumed by the Hunt Rk. II
Level: 35 Levitate   Shield of Thorns Level: 76 Shield of Spurs Rk. II
Level: 36 Call of Sky   Drifting Death   Horde of Hornets Rk. II
Level: 37 Nature's Precision Level: 63 Circle of Summer   Dragonscale Aquifer Rk. II
  Careless Lightning   Bladecoat   Drifting Haze Rk. II
Level: 38 Healing   Earthen Roots   Skylight Sagacity Rk. II
  Skin like Steel   Frozen Wind Level: 77 Jolting Snapkicks Rk. II
Level: 39 Burning Arrow Level: 64 Regrowth   Strength of the Gladewalker Rk. II
  Harmony of Nature   Nature's Rebuke   Rimefall Bite Rk. II
Level: 40 Swarm of Pain   Spirit of the Predator   Cloak of Scales Rk. II
Level: 41 Spirit of the Shrew   Brushfire   Jolting Strikes Rk. II
Level: 42 Spikecoat   Feral Form Level: 78 Potameid Balm Rk. II
Level: 43 Shield of Brambles Level: 65 Natureskin   Gnarl of the Predator Rk. II
Level: 44 Immolate   Spirit of Eagle   Galvanic Ash Rk. II
Level: 45 Ensnaring Roots   Mask of the Stalker   Deadfall Rk. II
Level: 46 Resist Fire   Protection of the Wild Level: 79 Summer's Viridity Rk. II
Level: 47 Superior Camouflage   Cry of Thunder   Ravenscale Rk. II
Level: 48 Force of Nature   Sylvan Light   Eyes of the Peregrine Rk. II
  Wolf Form   Sylvan Burn   Arc of Arrows Rk. II
Level: 49 Pack Shrew   Sylvan Call Level: 80 Heartsting Rk. II
  Call of Flame   Ancient Burning Chaos   Protection of the Kirkoten Rk. II
Level: 50 Call of Earth       Deafening Blades Rk. II
  Jolt       Aimshot Discipline Rk. II

Secrets of Faydwer Spell Info

  • 77 - Tome of Jolting Snapkicks Rk. II
    • Faction: Rebel Brownies
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Karri
    • Zone: The Steam Factory
    • Location: -25, 485, 115

  • 79 - Arc of Arrows Rk. II
    • Faction: Fangbreakers
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Derak Fangbreaker
    • Zone: Loping Plains
    • Location: -1450, -3210, 700

  • 79 - Summer's Viridity Rk. II
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

  • 80 - Tome of Aimshot Discipline Rk. II
    • Faction: Ak'anon Strike Force V
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Automated Vending Unit II
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 3695, -2555, 30

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