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The wizard's forte is doing massive amounts of damage in a short time. Wizards also get the best area of effect spells. Typically speaking,

Wizards are frequently desired in groups for:

  • DPS (In situations where OOC is liable to be reached, wizards can often outdamage other classes in groups, even over time.)
  • Evac and snare (Wizards do not have a single target snare, only an AOE. This can be used in most situations to the same effect.)
  • Incredible burst DPS capability
  • Group ports (Wizards can port to 33 different zones and got 6 so called evacuation spells, that works like ports.)
  • Group invisibility

Wizards are also frequently desired in raids for:

  • Burst DPS
  • AETL
  • AE damage (wizards got some of the best AE nukes in the game, which are used in some raid's strategies.)
  • Translocation (though it is slow, wizards are occasional used to transport a raid to one of the 33 locations of translocation spells.)

Soloing Guide

The wizard has several ways of soloing.

Single root kiting

This strategy becomes available at level 3, when the wizard gets the first spell in the root line of spells. The wizard root the npc and the move to max distant for the nukes. The nukes until root breaks or the npc is dead. If the root breaks, then the wizard move to max distance again and starts nuking again.

Single snare kiting

The wizard targets a single npc. The npc is pulled with snare, first snare becomes available at level 27; bonds of force. The basic strategy is to keep distant to the npc and nuke, then run to safe distant again and nuke until the npc is dead. Adds are snared and rooted.

Quad kiting

In theory this strategy becomes available at level 15 with the first pillar spell; pillar of fire. But it really is not viable until level 27, when the wizard gets AE snare. There are two ways of quad kiting. First: Pull 4 npc's with snare, then run around them until they are packed tight together, then snare them again and run a little away from them and cast a spell from the pillar line. Do this until all four npcs are dead (the pillar line has a max number of targets at 4, that is why 4 is the magic number).Second: Agro 4 npc's with Staff of Temperate Flux (from quest available at level 25), then bunch them up, so they are close together. Run to max distance and cast AE snare on them. Them same method as first for the rest. Method one is safer, than method two, but method two is faster. The npc's you are killing might be far apart to start with, so getting them packed, while snared, can take quite a while. There are many guides on how to kite in Graffe's Library (see link at the bottom).

Instant kiting

In theory this becomes available at level 71 with cloudburst strike, but this has a chance of backfiring a root on the wizard, so first good spell for this is cold snap, which is level 73. The strategy is simple; pull your selected npc with the instant nuke, then run around with it and fire your instant nuke, whenever it is ready until the npc is dead. The good thing about instant kiting is, that the wizard don't have to snare the npc, the bad thing is that instants uses more mana per damage, than other spells and the time between you can fire your instants is long.

Beam kiting

This strategy becomes available at level 72 with the spell beam of solteris, which has a max number of targets at 8. The basic strategy is to agro 8 npc's and then bunch them up and run backwards with front towards the bunch of mobs and fire the beam spell until the npc's are dead. To make this safer the wizard can snare the npc's.

Group guide

The wizard role in a group is to do damage, that is the primary role of the wizard in groups. Wizards do bring a little more to groups than dps, like snare, ports, group invisibility and evacuation. When in groups the wizard needs to think about which spells to use. Some spells deal huge amount of damage, but costs a lot mana per damage dealt. Other spells deals less damage, but have a better damage per mana ratio. In groups the wizard is judged by how much damage the wizard deals over time, so just firing the big nukes and then med etc might not be the best strategy, while using the nukes with good damage per mana is more sound, this also have the benefit of the wizard being available to do some fast and high dps at all times, if the group should get in trouble and needs a npc (or more) dead fast. If everything looks like it is falling apart, cleric oom or tank is dead, then the wizard should use either aa evacuation or spell evacuation.


Secrets of Faydwer

Rank I - Some are bought from vendors and others are dropped from npc's in the SoF zones.

Rank II - Those that are bought as rank I drop as rank II in SoF zones. Those that drop from npc's as rank I are bought as rank II, but only after earning enough faction with the vendors.

Rank III - These spells are gotten in order from turning in item(?) to a npc(?).

  • 76 - Wildmagic Burst Rk. II
    • Faction: Bertoxxulous' Chosen
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Lanika Shadestepper
    • Zone: Hills of Shade
    • Location: 285, -550, 50

  • 78 - Funnel of Frost Rk. II
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

  • 79 - Chaos Conflagration Rk. II
    • Faction: Rebel Brownies
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Karri
    • Zone: The Steam Factory
    • Location: -25, 485, 115

  • 79 - Ethereal Rime Rk. II

  • 79 - Flashflames Rk. II
    • Faction: Fangbreakers
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Derak Fangbreaker
    • Zone: Loping Plains
    • Location: -1450, -3210, 700

  • 80 - Tangleweave Energy Rk. II
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

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