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Monks are a leather-wearing melee DPS class. They avoid better than any other class, and mitigate passably as well. They are distinguished by their ability to feign death which allows them to be far better at pulling then most other classes.

Pulling Strategies

The task of pulling involves three distinct phases:

  • Splitting the mob(s) you want from other nearby ones
  • Moving the mob to the tank
  • Passing aggro safely on to someone else

Monk abilities by level: Monk abilities

Monks have a unique set of skills to help in each of these tasks.

  • Splitting : Sneak, throw, and the 'silhoutette' and 'echo' disc lines.
  • Moving: Run speed, the 'walk' disc lines, stunning kick/crippling blow.
  • Passing: Feign and imitate death.

Secrets of Faydwer Rank Two Disc Info

  • 80 - Tome of Wheel Fists Rk. II
    • Faction: Ladies of the Light
    • Faction Level: Ally
    • Merchant: Seridyn
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 1450, 1740, 270

  • 80 - Tome of Delay Death Rk. II
    • Faction: Ak'anon Strike Force V
    • Faction Level: Kindly
    • Merchant: Automated Vending Unit II
    • Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    • Location: 3695, -2555, 30

Safefall: Monks have safefall skill so they don't take too much dmg from falling short heights. Don't jump off a high bridge or cliff though!! To practice safefall you can auto-train in Erudin at the zone in. Take the first 'warper' up to the balcony and face one notch north of east on your compass the idea is you run off and fall down to the warper again using auto-run. Set yourself to run mode as walk mode wont allow you over the rail. This will make you run forward, leap over the railing, fall down for a skill attempt, move forward to the warper to put you back up top again and heading for the railing again.

The dmg you take is between 50-120 for under 107+ skill, 25-60 for 107-141, and 0-10 dmg for 141-151, and zero for 151+. You can keep training until your max here but don't auto-walk unattended when your skill is below 151.

Safefall is helpful for some pulling situations where it is better to leap out of a building to bring a mob back to your group than to run down the stairs and hallways the long way and getting beat on the whole way. The mob usually takes the stairs and you are sitting at the group watching for adds (FD early and cancel the pull) or for the tank to tag the pull.

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