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These are lists of the lowest delay items for each skill type. Since number of swings against experience is mobs is the key factor in determining skill up rate with offensive skills. Damage was ignored, but low damage included as some people prefer to beat on stuff until it's almost dead, then zone, since regen time on NPCs is very short compared to respawn times. Also beating on a pet that's on hold keeps from having to heal the pet as often. There are other ways, such beating on others, including mercs in a PvP area or via a /duel.

A classic NPC for 40s-50s practicing is Erandi Natasu, who has a 72-minute reuse 700ish HP lifetap, then hits with his fists for low damage the rest of the time. He is also located right next to the Warrens zone line, so you can zone when he runs below 20%, and back, med up, and let erandi med up in 2 minutes or less, to do it again.


1HS Weapons
Revultant Whip Alla LucyLN001HS514RAllClassic46
Chopping Sword Alla Lucy 001HS315AllAllDepths of Darkhollow62
Shadow Tendril Alla Lucy N0601HS1016WRBTAllShadows of Luclin60
Bixie Sword Blade Alla LucyLN001HS216PAllClassic60
Bonechiller Alla LucyLN0511HS1417WRBTAllShadows of Luclin58
Blasphemous Blade of the Exiled Alla LucyLN5501HS1317WUBWDESTOHGKCFVShadows of Luclin60
Elphorn`s Cleaver Alla LucyLN0511HS1317WRBTAllShadows of Luclin60
Long Sword of the Ykesha Alla LucyL 0651HS1217WRBTAllLost Dungeons of Norrath61
Swiftblade of Zek Alla LucyL 001HS1118WPRKBAllScars of Velious60
Crafted Velium Warsword Alla LucyL 001HS1018WPRKBTAllScars of Velious53
Poisoned Whip Alla LucyL 001HS718WPRKBTAllScars of Velious50
Oakleaf Scimitar Alla LucyL 001HS1019DUWEHVRuins of Kunark50
Warblade of the Fallen Alla LucyL 001HS1019WPRKBTAllShadows of Luclin55
Lamentation Alla Lucy 001HS919WRKAllRuins of Kunark53
Ceremonial Giant War Sword Alla Lucy 001HS420WPRKDBTAllScars of Velious45
Well-Balanced Scimitar Alla Lucy 001HS521WPRKDBTAllClassic0
Silverish Scimitar Alla Lucy 001HS622WPRKDBTAllClassic25
Solvedi Scimitar Alla LucyL 001HS622DUWEHVClassic20
Skyfury Scimitar Alla LucyL 001HS1323WPRKDBTAllScars of Velious50
Combine Acrylia Scimitar Alla Lucy 001HS1023WPRKDBTAll0


1HB Weapons
Efreeti Standard Alla LucyL 001HB310WCPRKDMBTSNIGEAAllClassic46
Silver-Petaled Club Alla LucyL 0581HB1117WRMBTAAllDragons of Norrath63
Wooden Leg Alla LucyLN001HB1017WRMBTAAllPvP1
Goranga Tribal Warhammer Alla LucyLN001HB817WCPRKDMBTSAAllShadows of Luclin50
Vicious War Club Alla LucyL 0471HB1018WCPRKDMBTSNIGEAAllRuins of Kunark55
Jade Mace Alla Lucy 001HB918WCPRKDMBTSAAllRuins of Kunark45
Iksar Berserker Club Alla LucyL 001HB718WCPRKDMBTSAAllRuins of Kunark25
Ornate Sceptre Alla LucyL 0501HB1319CDSNIGEAllPlanes of Power50
Noble's Walking Staff Alla Lucy 001HB819CDMSNIGEAAllScars of Velious45
Djinni Stave Alla LucyL 001HB519CDSNIGEAAllClassic46
Di`zok Sceptre of Authority Alla LucyL 001HB1020CDSNIGEAllRuins of Kunark45
Surveyor's Rod Alla LucyL 001HB520CDSNIGEAllShadows of Luclin45


2HB Weapons
Runed Fighters Staff Alla LucyL 002HB1920MAllRuins of Kunark50
Bamboo Bo Stick Alla Lucy 002HB820MAAllRuins of Kunark30
Shissar Guardian Staff Alla LucyL 002HB820GAllRuins of Kunark55
Burnt Wood Staff Alla Lucy 002HB820GAllRuins of Kunark45
Shissar Nullifier Staff Alla LucyL 002HB1124EAllRuins of Kunark55
Lost Staff of the Scorned Alla LucyL 002HB1124IAllRuins of Kunark36
Withered Staff Alla Lucy 002HB1124EAllRuins of Kunark50
Water Sprinkler of the Forgiven Alla Lucy 002HB1124CAllRuins of Kunark45
Great Staff of the Dark Apprentice Alla LucyLN052HB1024WPRKMAZAllThe Serpent's Spine5
Ironbound Quarterstaff Alla LucyL 5502HB3225WPRKMBTAZAllPlanes of Power55
Caretakers Shovel Alla LucyL 002HB1427AllAllShadows of Luclin40
Shovel Alla Lucy 002HB427AllAllmany20
Abandoned Orc Shovel Alla LucyLN002HB427AllAllRuins of Kunark1


2HS Weapons
Monstrous Flamberge of Alacrity Alla LucyL 0532HS2523WPRKZAllRuins of Kunark53
Silver Swiftblade Alla LucyL 002HS1624RAllRuins of Kunark47
War Marshall's Bladed Staff Alla LucyL 0562HS3128WPRKZAllPlanes of Power62
Efreeti Battle Axe Alla LucyL 002HS1528WPRKZAllClassic46
Efreeti War Axe Alla LucyL 002HS1228WPKZAllClassic46
Ornate Rune Blade Alla LucyL 002HS1930WPRKZAllRuins of Kunark52
Nathsar Greatsword Alla LucyL 002HS1730WPRKZAllRuins of Kunark58
Tribal Warblade Alla LucyL 002HS2331WPRKZAllShadows of Luclin45


Piercing Weapons
Willful Dirk of Domination Alla LucyLN051P1416NIGEAllShadows of Luclin58
Dagger of the Eye Alla LucyL 00P516WRKBTNIGEAllShadows of Luclin50
Sunflower Thorn Alla LucyL 00P516WRKBTAllShadows of Luclin44
Mindpuncture Alla LucyLN051P1517NIGEAllShadows of Luclin58
Shadow Heart Alla LucyLN00P1117WPRKBTAAllShadows of Luclin55
Fayguard Parrying Dagger Alla LucyLN00P917RAllRuins of Kunark52
Despair Needle Alla LucyL 00P517WCPRKDMBTSNIGEAAllScars of Velious50
Forged Deathsteel Dagger Alla Lucy 00P618WPRKBTNIGEAAllRuins of Kunark0
Combine Acrylia Dagger Alla Lucy 00P618WPRKBTNIGEAAllShadows of Luclin0
Mithril Feir'Dal Dagger Alla Lucy 00P318WRKBTNIGEAAll?0
Rune Etched Icewurm Fang Alla LucyL 00P1219SAllScars of Velious44
Poorly Balanced Dagger Alla Lucy 00P519WPRKBTNIGEAAllGates of Discord40
Sand-Covered Slate Dagger Alla Lucy 00P419WPRKBTSNIGEAAllProphecy of Ro62

2H Piercing

2H Piercing Weapons
Two Tined Corpse Pitchfork Alla LucyL 0532HP2622PKZAllPlanes of Power56
Rujarkian Goblin Spear Alla Lucy 002HP423WPRKBAZAllLost Dungeons of Norrath20


Crude Defiant Bow Alla Lucy 010Bow624WPRKTAllSecrets of Faydwer15
True Bow of Balance Alla LucyL 050Bow1525RAllPlanes of Power50
Simple Recurve Bow Alla Lucy 020Bow425WPRKTAllSecrets of Faydwer25
Ykeshan Spirit Bow Alla LucyL 065Bow2427WPRKTAllLost Dungeons of Norrath60
Turretkeeper's Bow Alla LucyL 060Bow2828WPRKTAllOmens of War65
Sturdy Wrapped Bow Alla LucyL 026Bow1528WPRKTAllLegacy of Ykesha31
Shissar Bow Alla Lucy 00Bow2035WPRKTAllShadows of Luclin55
Double Recurved Velium Bow Alla LucyL 00Bow3037WPRKTAllScars of Velious53


Thrown Weapons
Sifaye Dart Alla Lucy 00Throwing v2310WRKMBTNIGEAZAllScars of Velious40
Underbulk Claw Alla Lucy 00Throwing v21015AllAllShadows of Luclin35
Razor fungus claws Alla Lucy 00Throwing v21015AllAllShadows of Luclin35
War Javelin Alla Lucy 00Throwing v2515WRMBTSAZAllClassic0
Longflight Javelin Alla Lucy 00Throwing v2215WRMBTSAZAllClassic0
Silvered Shuriken Alla Lucy 00Throwing v2523WRKMBTNIGEAZAllClassic0

Column Notes:

  1. Item - Item Name and Link to Lucy (and/or Alla) page.
  2. L - Lore (L).
  3. D - No Trade (Drop) (N).
  4. Req - Required Level of Item.
  5. Rec - Recommended Level of Item.
  6. Type - Item Type.
  7. Dmg - Damage.
  8. Dly - Delay.
  9. Classes:
    1. Z - Ber - Berserker
    2. B - Brd - Bard
    3. A - Bst - Beastlord (Animal)
    4. C - Clr - Cleric
    5. D - Dru - Druid
    6. E - Enc - Enchanter
    7. G - Mag - Magician
    8. M - Mnk - Monk
    9. N - Nec - Necromancer
    10. P - Pal - Paladin
    11. R - Rng - Ranger
    12. T - Rog - Rogue (Thief)
    13. S - Shm - Shaman
    14. K - Shd - Shadowknight
    15. W - War - Warrior
    16. I - Wiz - Wizard
  10. Races:
    1. B - Bar - Barbarian
    2. D - Def - Dark Elf
    3. V - Drk - Drakkin (Veeshan)
    4. S - Dwf - Dwarf (Stout)
    5. R - Eru - Erudite
    6. F - Frg - Froglok
    7. G - Gnm - Gnome
    8. E - Hef - Half-Elf
    9. H - Hfl - Halfling
    10. I - Hie - High Elf
    11. U - Hum - Human
    12. K - Iks - Iksar
    13. O - Ogr - Ogre
    14. T - Trl - Troll
    15. W - Elf - Wood Elf
    16. C - Vah - Vah Shir (Cat)


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