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New Mob
# Dec 29 2014 at 3:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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Garu Nokel (Noble Exchange), -22.19, -235.77, -5.50, by banker.

1 item: Noble.
Many changes
# Jul 12 2006 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
There have been many changes over the past 3-4 years that are not accounted for in these very old posts. For one thing, using an ogre mule is easiest done through use of the shared bank, which did not exist when these strategies were written.

Likewise unless you are on a progression server, POK makes most of the reasons to do these faction raisings moot.

I don't have any good current info aside from that, but you might want to take these very old posts with a grain of salt.

However, the reason I was looking is that apparently the spell "alliance" no longer works on merchants, so I need to raise Clurg faction in order to finish the Stein of Moggok quest. At least Clurg doesn't eat my book. :/

Edited, Jul 13th 2006 at 12:36am EDT by lizzee
Exterminator Glurg
# Aug 03 2003 at 2:15 PM Rating: Decent
My guild (Champions of Brell, on 7th Hammer) was raiding Ogguk today, and we came across this guy near the ent and fought him. We were a small raiding party, about 20 people only, mostly level 55 to 65, but a couple mid 40s like me. This guy was dark blue to me, yet he took our group a little over an hour to kill. We figured he had about 500k hps (seems like 5k damage would drop him about 1%). He fought melee only, hit in the 50 to 80 range mostly, and did nothing else special. Dropped a gold band, crude stein, and bone spear. Was kind of funny actually. We were just persistent, and wanted to kill him for the heck of it.

Raising Faction in Oggok
# Mar 05 2002 at 2:53 PM Rating: Excellent
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Barbarian Shamans can buy alchemy ingredients in Halas, Thurgadin, Firiona Vie, and now Luclin. All of those are pretty far away, when you are in the southern end of Antonica. It would certainly be nice to buy alchemy ingredients from the vendors in Oggok.

In addition, Oggok would make a convenient bind point for many melees; and it would be nice to be able to run into Oggok and drop off loot and money at the bank there.


Oggok Guards: the Bouncers who stand watch at particular guard posts, and patrol Oggok and Feerrott. This faction can be raised (see Strategy 2).

Craknek: the Ogre Warrior guild. This faction can be raised (see Strategy 2).

Greenblood: the Ogre Shadowknight guild. This faction can be raised (see Strategy 2, 4).

Shamen of War: the Ogre Shaman guild. This faction probably cannot be raised by KOS characters (but see Strategy 5).

Clurg: Clurg the bartender and Chef Dooga. This faction can be raised (see Strategy 2).

Oggok Merchants: All merchants except Clurg and Doog. It may or may not be possible to raise this faction (see Strategy 3).

Oggok Citizens: Various non-merchant NPCs in Oggok and Feerrott, low level, not dangerous.

STRATEGY 1 BUYING ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS. (Fairly easy, modest cost, does not enable banking. I have completed this strategy successfully.)

1A This strategy does not attempt to raise faction: instead, it goes around the faction problem.

1B Create an Ogre mule. Put max points into charisma. March him out to Feerrott to a safe spot (on the north wall, a short distance from the Oggok zone entrance, is good). Have your main character drop a couple of bags to your mule, and be sure to put some charisma items (crude stein, split paw neck) in one of those bags.

1C Convert 500 - 700 plat to gems. You want four stacks, more or less, all the same kind if you can. Much easier to carry four stacks of gems than all that heavy coin.

1D When you need alchemy ingredients, run to Feerrot and drop the gems to your mule. Have the mule pick up the gems, run into Oggok to the shop at +300 -340, sell the gems, buy your alchemy ingredients, and bring them back out to you. Best price in Halas to buy one stack each of fenugreek, wolfblood, and birthwart comes to 105 plat: your mule will have amiable faction and decent charisma, and will be able to buy those components for about 110 plat. Not bad, and after all it's only play money ... isn't it?

1E I don't recommend that you suffer the extra cost for potions above your skill level, to raise your alchemy. But when someone in Rathe, Guk, or Cazic wants to buy SoW or Shrink Potions and you are out of ingredients, this will enable you to make the sale, because you have created your own "middle man" who will buy alchemy components for you in Oggok.

STRATEGY 2 BANKING, BINDING, BUYING. (Long and involved, modestly expensive, does not enable alchemy or other specialized purchases. I have not yet completed this strategy.)

2A Getting Ingredients

Over time, collect 24 stacks of froglok meat. Every time you are in Feerrott or Innothule, recruit every troll and ogre player under level 10 to collect froglok meat for you. I have offered 1 gold per meat, or 2 plat per stack. I also created an ogre mule to purchase froglok meat that people had sold to merchants in Oggok and Grobb. I have about a dozen young recruits currently saving froglok meats for me.

Combine 1 froglok meat with 1 vinegar and 1 spices to make 1 pickled froglok. You need to use froglok meat, which looks like other kinds of meat, NOT froglok tad flesh, which looks like zombie skin.

24 stacks frog meat @ 2 plat per stack 48 plat
24 stacks vinegar @ 0.16 plat per stack 3.8 plat
24 stacks spices @ 0.16 plat per stack 3.8 plat
total 55 plat

2B Team up with a friendly druid. Invis; zone into Oggok. Have your druid friend cast wolf form on you.

2C Go see Chef Dooga at +200 -259. Turn in 3 pickled froglok and 10 gold. You will get an apron (lore item, destroy it), and +faction with Clurg, Oggok Guards, Craknek, and Greenbloods. 24 stacks is 480 pieces, thus this gives you 160 positive faction hits. I hope that this will be sufficient to raise faction from KOS to threateningly, which will mean the ability to move about Oggok freely, except for the guild houses: you will not get killed by the guard in the bank, or by the guard in Clurg's bar. Cost for 160 rounds: 160 plat in donations to Chef Dooga, plus 55 plat in ingredients, total 215 plat.

2D Various posts on the web suggest that 100 positive faction hits is NOT sufficient to raise you above KOS status. I do not know if 160 will be enough.

2E Is it worth the time and trouble? That's a big question. If it works with 24 stacks, I'll tentatively say Yes, it was worth it. If it turns out to take 40 stacks or more, it's not worth it. It's annoying to run back and forth to Freeport, but no matter how many times you have to do that, it will take less time than raising Oggok Guard faction.

STRATEGY 3 OGGOK MERCHANT FACTION. (If it worked, it would be great, but it appears to have been removed or disabled.)

3A It is reported on various web sites that you can turn in bread to Innkeep Murga or to Morpa in Feerrot to gain faction with Oggok Merchants. Some claim you must buy a Bag of Bread from one of the named centaurs in South Karana; others claim any bread or muffins will work just as well.

3B Giving various quantities of ordinary bread or muffins to either Innkeep Murga or to Morpa has no effect. Neither say anything about a quest for bread when hailed by an ogre character with amiable faction.

3C No named centaur in South Karana appears to be giving out quest bread at this time. Even if one did, and even with binding and gating, it would appear to be an enormous amount of travel back and forth to gain a single faction hit, when it will probably take 150 - 200 hits, or more, to raise faction sufficiently.

STRATEGY 4 GREENBLOOD FACTION. (Can be done while levelling up in Rathe Mountains. Not particularly useful. I have successfully completed this strategy.)

4A Two trolls guard a tower in the valley west of the central bug pillar in Rathe Mountains. One is a Shadowknight, the other is a Shaman. They are both level 35, they hit hard, they have pets, they use their spells fairly well, and the SK has a harmtouch for 351. They also give excellent experience from levels 42 through 47.

4B Killing the Shadowknight, Guard Shiznak, gives positive experience with Greenbloods. After I had killed Shiznak 178 times, I checked faction with Soonog, master of the Greenblood Shadowknight guild. Faction was threatening: no longer KOS. After having killed Shiznak another 136 times (total of 314 times), faction with Soonog had risen to dubious.

4C This does no good for buying and selling, because the merchants inside the shadowknight guild hall are on Oggok Merchant faction, rather than Greenblood faction. Thus even if Soonog comes to love me as a brother, I still won't be able to buy and sell with the merchants who work for him.

4D Now that I am not KOS I can do the lizard meat quest with Soonog, turning in lizard meats 4 at a time. Doing this yields a rusty 2 hand sword and +faction with Greenbloods and Clurg. Lizard meat is easier to come by than froglok meat, and you can hand it in directly instead of having to cook it first with other ingredients: but having better faction with Clurg has no particular value.

STRATEGY 5 SHAMEN OF WAR. (Impossible for KOS to fulfill? I have not attempted this strategy.)

5A It is reported that the Oggok Guild NPCs see through wolf form: if this is true, then even with wolf form it will not be possible to do this quest to raise faction with Shamen of War. But here's the quest, for those who want to try.

5B Obtain 32 stacks froglok tadpole flesh. These can be purchased by a mule in quantity from various vendors in Grobb. They do not have an unlimited supply, but they often will have multiple stacks because this is a common drop sold to merchants by newbie players. At an average price of 2 gold per stack, 32 stacks will cost 6 plat and change.

5C Turn in 4 froglok tad fleshies to Zulort, head shaman in the Oggok shaman guild. Yields burst of flame (level 1 shaman spell: just destroy it) and +faction with Shamen of War. 32 stacks is 640 pieces, 160 positive faction hits.

5D But for what? Shaman alchemy vendors are still on Oggok Merchant faction, not Shamen of War faction. With high enough faction I suppose I could train here in Oggok, but even if the quest were possible, it does not seem worth it to me.

Edited, Thu Mar 7 09:25:16 2002
Ogre factions
# Jul 26 2006 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
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Muffin Quest:
The bread/muffin quest was an event based quest. The Bloodsabers had started a plague in the Karanas, causing a bread shortage. Merchants all over Antonica were asking for bread (spawns in the Karanas) or miuffins. The event is long over and the quests are gone.

Shamen of War:
Very hard to increase faction with these. They don't even like other ogres. You must be amiable to do the quests. An agnostic Bard, in Dark Elf illusion, singing the like-me song, can get to amiable. The song wouldn't land on the shamen, but it woked on the beastlords (thus affecting the shamen as well). Enchanters should be able to use alliance to the same effect. One of the rare All/All items that cast Alliance should allow other agnostic classes to also raise this faction.
Where to bind?
# Oct 21 2001 at 4:35 PM Rating: Decent
I am a level 12 mage on the Firiona Vie server. For those unfamiliar with that server's rules, just to let you know, bind points are the same for all classes. I'd like to hunt in Innothule swamp but I have the same bind points that a warrior does who wants to do the same. I can invis myself easily enough. But is there a safe place to bind inside of Oggok? I know I'll die a few times - but don't want to come back to a death-loop. Any advice would be welcome.

- Zlikabus Gnomomatic
Firiona Vie server
whats the best way to raise Ogguk merchant faction?
# May 13 2001 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
I need to buy Herbs in oggok and the prices at Apprehensive is killing my already small pockets! can someone pl post whats the best way to raise faction?

Peeaceful Troll Shammy
Talon Zek
whats the best way to raise Ogguk merchant faction?
# May 01 2005 at 10:32 PM Rating: Decent
3,212 posts
whole sale slaughter of lizard men and save the non stackable tales and shaman dolls to turn into the SK gm.
# Apr 24 2001 at 11:55 AM Rating: Default
where is marda and the emissary slib?
# Aug 24 2000 at 3:58 AM Rating: Excellent
85 posts
First I gotta start by saying you misspelled Oggok, there's no "u" in it.

If you're planning on hunting in Oggok you're either a newbie ogre killing the second level armadillos or you're killing bouncers. Those new to hunting bouncers in this zone will want to stay right next to the zone line and set their camp there. Bouncers are almost as tough as hill giants, they hit just as hard but don't quite have as many hitpoints so don't plan on easy fights if you have trouble with giants.

For group formation you'll be looking for a dungeon group configuration here because you won't be doing much kiting if you want to stay alive, the exception here is that an enchanter is not usually necessary since you can take three steps and be out of the zone. If you plan on having many pulls I'd suggest a druid for harmony but it's your butt to risk so do what ya want. Tanks or a couple pets and a good hard nuking wizzie are required cause these guys hit fast and hard, I suggest tanks.

Get everyone's buffs up and send your druid and your tank out to pull (never let a druid pull, they get big heads). The first pull will probably be the roamer who comes into the tunnel occasionaly make sure to snare him so he won't run and have at it. The second and most of the rest of your pulls will be coming from a tower with about five bouncers in it, this is where harmony comes in. Harmonize them and have a tank pull with an arrow, if you have a caster pulling do NOT pull with snare type spells. Drag them back to zone, rinse, repeat.

One word of caution, there is a merchant just outside the zone tunnel so have everyone con him to make sure they're not KOS before you go chasing a runner past him, if you're not KOS he will not assist. That's basicly it to this zone, easy eh?
RE: Oggok
# Aug 16 2003 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
Okie just for the bouncer hunting, try to get a ranger instead of the tank and druid going out together, now only having the 5 bouncers in the tower is squat, when i played my ranger i was able to pull from almost anywhere in the zone. Simple to do even without harmony. After clearing the mobs in the tower, to the right of the tower there is a hill and exterminator glug (sp) don't pull him, if your not KOS to the merchants its rather easy to pull. Pull with bow and make sure you march the bouncer right behind you along the wall opposite the exterminator. Using this method i was able to keep an almost chain pulling group. GREAT GREAT XP! These mobs really aren't that hard for their level as u can get good xp on these upto like 46-47, my group consisted of me (ranger), a tank, a rogue, a shaman and a druid, it was really easy taking them out with just DPS and no nukes, but we let the druid do some nuking aswell :) Now, just don't go too deep venteuring into the tunnels, as i was onced chased out by what i think was the GM shaman =/, just pull around the exterminator and is super xp! (we even handedled 4 bouncers at once with root / snaring em and could easily take 2 out with me tanking one and the warrior taking another one, GL all you Ogre bashers!! this is almost the perfect place to go after xp slows in Keasora around like 44.
RE: Oggok
# Mar 05 2001 at 8:03 PM Rating: Default
Good advice, great quote. Muglug
RE: Oggok
# Jan 06 2001 at 2:58 PM Rating: Good
390 posts
Actaully, bouncers DO hit as hard as hill giants, but they don't have as many HP. I thinked you mixed it up. In any case its not worth hunting in here since they upgraded the guards a while back.
RE: Oggok
# Jan 26 2002 at 10:57 AM Rating: Good
85 posts
Never said it was particularly worth hunting here but I think you misread what I said. I said they hit like hill giants but don't have quite as many hitpoints. They're about 35thish for the person who asked and they weren't buffed inside, just outside.
RE: Oggok
# Apr 06 2001 at 4:49 PM Rating: Default
Didn't they update th outside guards more than the inner? I just watched a tank and a druid killing them like crazy a couple weeks back. BTW what lvl are these things? I'd like to get a good exp group together if possible
RE: Oggok
# Sep 11 2001 at 9:36 PM Rating: Decent
I was running through this area back when I was about 50 (cleric) going to ferrott. i WOULD have died if i wasn't with a druid and sow. this bouncer was resisting my roots like crazy and he just aggroed me from no where. i'm not sure if it was just a normal one in the forest but i'm pretty sure it had a name or something but not totally sure. there are so many better places to hunt if you want exp.
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