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Fine Steel Long Sword  

Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 28
DMG: 6 Dmg Bonus: 33
This item can be used in tradeskills.
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
WT: 5.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Type:1H Slashing
Merchant Value:6 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Hartos
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-01-17 09:59:31
Page Updated:Sun Apr 25th, 2021

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: 5pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 20

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This item is found on creatures.

Blackburrow: Reinforced Blackburrow (Level 80 - HH)
NPC Name
a burly gnoll
a gnoll
a gnoll archer
a gnoll brewer
a gnoll guardsman
a patrolling gnoll
a scrawny gnoll
an elite gnoll guard

Bloody Kithicor
NPC Name
a forest guardian
a forest ranger
a forest skirmisher
an Army of Light blademaster
an Army of Light champion
an Army of Light cleric
an Army of Light defender
an Army of Light disciple
an Army of Light enchanter
an Army of Light infiltrator
an Army of Light magician
an Army of Light naturalist
an Army of Light paladin
an Army of Light patroller
an Army of Light rogue
an Army of Light soldier
an Army of Light sorcerer
an Army of Light stormcaller
an Army of Light templar
an Army of Light windcaller
an Obliteration acolyte
an Obliteration agent
an Obliteration assassin
an Obliteration beastmaster
an Obliteration bruiser
an Obliteration conjurer
an Obliteration evoker
an Obliteration infiltrator
an Obliteration knight
an Obliteration lifestealer
an Obliteration nightblade
an Obliteration oracle
an Obliteration patroller
an Obliteration savagelord
an Obliteration sentinel
an Obliteration traitor
an Obliteration warlock
an Obliteration warlord
an Obliteration weaponmaster

Castle Mistmoore
NPC Name
a deathly harbinger
a deathly herald
a deathly usher
a ghastish ancille
a ghoulish ancille
a glyphed aegis
a glyphed ghoul
a glyphed guard
a glyphed sentry
a hemo enologist
a vampiric ancille
a will pillager
a will ravisher
a will sapper
an ancille cook

Cazic-Thule: Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule (Level 85 - HH)
NPC Name
a lizard broodling
a lizard champion
a lizard crusader
a lizard defender
a lizard fanatic
a lizard guard
a lizard protector
a lizard ritualist
a lizard sentinel
a lizard warder
a lizard warrior
a lizard zealot
a silvered guard

NPC Name
a Chokidai Fleshripper
a Chokidai Growler
a Chokidai Herbsniffer
a chokidai mangler
a Chokidai Rootdigger
a Chokidai Sniffer
a Chokidai Whelp

Clan RunnyEye
NPC Name
a Pickclaw mindripper

NPC Name
a hill giant
a nightfall giant
Guard Reskin
Guard Tolus
Sergeant Slate
Shadow Treebright
Sil Silverstar

Crescent Reach
NPC Name
a Mucktail gnoll
a mummified corpse

East Freeport
NPC Name
Sir Lucan D`Lere [Warrior Guildmaster]

East Karana
NPC Name
a hill giant
Tarbul Earthstrider
Theoris Bladespur

Estate of Unrest
NPC Name
a carrion ghoul
a greater dark bone
an undead knight of Unrest
mortuary fungus

Estate of Unrest: Greater Unrest (Level 85 - HH)
NPC Name
a barbed bone skeleton
a carrion ghoul
a dry bone skeleton
a ghoul
a greater dark bone
a greater skeleton
a jack o lantern
a lurking mummy
a priest of najena
dark boned skeleton
Jack o lantern

Everfrost Peaks
NPC Name
an ice giant
an icy orc

Field of Scale
NPC Name
a Sarnak conscript
an escaped sarnak footman
an escaped sarnak oracle

Firiona Vie
NPC Name
froglok shin warrior
froglok ton knight
froglok ton warrior
froglok tsu shaman

Frontier Mountains
NPC Name
a goblin adept
a goblin bodyguard
a goblin cavehunter
a goblin depredator
a goblin fanatic
a goblin flamedrowser
a goblin flashdrowser
a goblin soothsayer
a goblin taskmaster
a goblin whipcracker

Goru`kar Mesa
NPC Name
a Tuffein guard
a Tuffein medic
a Tuffein satyr

Greater Faydark
NPC Name
Guard Briarstorm
Guard Brookrock
Guard Dayblaze
Guard Eaglesong
Guard Fayfear
Guard Fayfield
Guard Fireblight
Guard Frostfallen [Task Master]
Guard Marshmoor
Guard Moonwind
Guard Nitegazer
Guard Noonshadow
Guard Oakwillow
Guard Orcflayer [Task Master]
Guard Pinebramble [Parcels and Noble Exchange]
Guard Pineshade
Guard Rainstrider
Guard Starstrike
Guard Streamtree
Guard Sunblaze
Guard Sunweaver [Task Master]
Guard Tangleroot
Guard Treestrider
Guard Valewatcher
Lieutenant Leafstalker

NPC Name
Guardian Of Xalgoz
Minion Of Xalgoz
reaver of Xalgoz
skeletal guardian
skeletal minion
Skeletal Warder
spectral guardian
spectral librarian
warder of Xalgoz

Karnor's Castle
NPC Name
a drolvarg sentry

Kithicor Forest
NPC Name
decaying healer
skeleton infantry
Skeleton Officer
skeleton private
Skeleton Squad Leader
undead mendicant
zombie advisor
zombie trooper

Korascian Warrens
NPC Name
a Darkhammer miner
a Darkhammer paladin
a Darkhammer prospector
a Darkhammer rowdy
a Darkhammer stonemaster
a Darkhammer thane
a Disciple of Zek
a Korascian thrall
a Rallosian archer
a Rallosian artillery chief
a Rallosian catapult loader
a Rallosian Dakkilon warrior
a Rallosian fodderling
a Rallosian guard
a Rallosian guardsman
a Rallosian invader
a Rallosian lifetaker
a Rallosian marauder
a Rallosian messcook
a Rallosian provost
a Rallosian salvebringer
a Rallosian scout
a Rallosian shirker
a Rallosian shocktrooper
a Rallosian skirmisher
a Rallosian soldier
an earthen warden

Kurn's Tower
NPC Name
a skeletal cook

Lesser Faydark
NPC Name
a faerie guard
a fairy guard
Dragoon Szorn
Teir`Dal Elite

Loping Plains
NPC Name
a Bloodmoon assassin
a Bloodmoon brawler
a Bloodmoon mystic
a Bloodmoon necromancer
a Bloodmoon rogue
a Bloodmoon shaman
a Bloodmoon warlock
a Bloodmoon warrior
a Drangol miner
a Drangol rogue
a Drangol shaman
a Drangol sifter
a Drangol warrior
a Drangol worker
a Nightwalker bandit
a Nightwalker mystic
a Nightwalker sentry
a Nightwalker warrior
a plague-ridden Nightwalker
Orrel the Blood Mystic

Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
NPC Name
a mechanic - gnome

Nagafen's Lair
NPC Name
A Greater Kobold
a greater kobold shaman
fire giant warrior
fire giant wizard
greater kobold
Warlord Skarlon

North Ro
NPC Name
a sand giant
a sand giant elite

Ocean of Tears
NPC Name

Oceangreen Hills
NPC Name
a poacher

Oceangreen Village
NPC Name
a Bertoxxulian cultist
Jarlin the Scarred

Oceangreen Village: Stop the Contamination
NPC Name
Zeralin the Diverge

NPC Name
Bouncer Praag

Old Blackburrow (SoD)
NPC Name
a burly gnoll
a gnoll ravager
a gnoll shaman
a Wrext Mal shaman
an enraged gnoll
an enraged gnoll berserker
an enraged gnoll brewmaster
an enraged gnoll butcher
an enraged gnoll commander
an enraged gnoll high commander
an enraged gnoll high shaman
an enraged gnoll mystic
an enraged gnoll reaver
an enraged gnoll slavemaster
an enraged gnoll slaver
an enraged gnoll thief
an enraged scrawny gnoll
an enraged snake handler

Old Commonlands
NPC Name
an Army of Light blademaster
an Army of Light defender
an Army of Light sorceror
an Army of Light stormcaller
an Army of Light templar
an Obliteration acolyte
an Obliteration assassin
an Obliteration conjurer
an Obliteration evoker
an Obliteration knight
an Obliteration lifestealer
an Obliteration nightblade
an Obliteration oracle
an Obliteration soldier
an Obliteration summoner
an Obliteration warlock
an Obliteration warlord
an Obliteration weaponmaster
Illusionist V`Shal

Qeynos Catacombs
NPC Name
Azibelle Spavin

Rathe Council Chambers
NPC Name
a Rathe Council protector

Sanctus Seru
NPC Name
a Lictor of the Heart
a Praetorian Pius
a Signiferi of the Hand
Pecuniosus Kezzlek

Solteris, the Throne of Ro
NPC Name
Ur-Floxiz Lochmaul

South Karana
NPC Name
a Rosch Val Gnoll
a Tesch Mas Gnoll

South Ro
NPC Name
a deepwater goblin
a sand giant
a sand giant elite
Sandgiant Husam

Steamfont Mountains
NPC Name
Watchman Dreeb
Watchman Grep

Suncrest Isle: Sunstone Savages
NPC Name
King Vigdos

Swamp of No Hope
NPC Name
froglok krup guard

Temple of Bertoxxulous
NPC Name
a malignant student
a plagued ritualist
a putrid lector

The Buried Sea
NPC Name
a Sunstone acolyte
a Sunstone flame warden
a Sunstone pyranist
a Sunstone reaver
a Tidewater acolyte
a Tidewater defender
a Tidewater elementalist
a Tidewater knight
a Tidewater oracle

The Feerrott
NPC Name
a Tae Ew crusader
a Tae Ew defender
a Tae Ew sentinel
a Tae Ew zealot
Bouncer Hurd

The Rathe Mountains
NPC Name
a barbed bone skeleton
a hill giant

NPC Name
a dwarven slave
a gnomish slave
a goblin ambusher
a Rallosian barker
a Rallosian blade
a Rallosian bloodblade
a Rallosian bruiser
a Rallosian champion
a Rallosian darklancer
a Rallosian gladiator
a Rallosian Guardian
a Rallosian mystic
a Rallosian namekeeper
a Rallosian seer
a Rallosian sentinel
a Rallosian shinsplitter
a Rallosian slaver
a Rallosian slayer
a Rallosian tactician
a Rallosian trooper
a Rallosian warlord
a Shivstalker thief
a Toskirakk ward sergeant
an elven slave

Toskirakk: Cruel Overseers
NPC Name
a Rallosian overseer

Trakanon's Teeth
NPC Name
froglok shin knight
froglok shin warrior
froglok tal shaman
froglok urd shaman
froglok vis knight
froglok wan knight
froglok yun shaman

Warsliks Wood
NPC Name
Warlord Vyzer

West Karana
NPC Name
a hill giant
Einhorst McMannus
Thrackin Griften
Ulrich McMannus

Used in 2 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.


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Drop Info
# Nov 02 2009 at 12:58 PM Rating: Good
63 posts
HQ ore from FS weapon
# Apr 10 2004 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
Hey all, here's that conversion: 1 fine steel weapon & 1 water flask in a forge yield 1 small brick of high quality ore. Note: 1 fine steel 2-hander will yield 2 small bricks. Not sure of trivial.
# Jan 27 2004 at 4:57 PM Rating: Good
How Do You Turn These Into Ore?
Also in Guk
# Nov 04 2003 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
2,342 posts
Fine Steel weapons also drop in Guk, though I can't remember what the exact name of the warrior frog mobs was.

Ktok Th'Rooks
Leader of Portent of Luclin
Firiona Vie
RE: Also in Guk
# Jan 26 2004 at 9:12 PM Rating: Decent
Wan Ghoul Knights, Zol Ghoul Knights, Dar Ghoul Knights, Bok Ghoul Knights.. etc.

Been XPing through the 30s and 40s there for nearly five years, not about to stop now! That zone never gets old to me. =)
# Dec 29 2002 at 6:58 PM Rating: Default
these are some nice weapons if you ask me. especially for anyone 35 and under. My warrior is 37 and these still do me good but thinking of upgrading sometime soon. But a great deal for the value. I used rusty weps until this guy was selling two of these for 50pp a piece and i couldnt refuse. I was lvl 28 then so I was really a twink then. hmm does anyone have any suggestions of what weps to upgrade to next? maybe giant militia longsword, i think thats what they are callled, those a way nice. it would last me till prolly 50 or so. then i will upgrade to a centi shortsword and a shaded blade, although at 50 these will seem like the best weps in the game. I will hopefully have enough money for them
Ore conversion
# Dec 03 2002 at 2:31 AM Rating: Decent
385 posts
Remember that all fine steel weapons can be converted to ore -- very handy for smiths, and often cheaper or easier to obtain. Sure, they're crappy weapons for high-end players -- but they're loaded with oh-so-good metal. =)
Sir KyrosKrane Sylvanblade
Luclin (Veeshan) Server
Lord, Lightbringer, and Redeemer in the service of Erollisi Marr
Master Artisan (300 + GM Trophy in All)
Master Fisherman (200 + 5%) and maybe Master Drunk (2xx + 20%, too drunk to tell!)
RE: Ore conversion
# Dec 03 2002 at 3:42 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Very true,

Ironically, this was not the case yet, when I posted the message below. This was EXACTLY the kind of change I was referring to, when I said Verant (SOE, now) might implement some new recipe, although I'll have to admit, I wasn't expecting ore conversion.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 27 2002 at 11:20 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) As of this writing i found out the item has been updated. Not to offend but i find it pointless to update what mobs drop this weapon. I dont think anyone visits this site to find out what mobs drop this and when i saw it under updated items i nearly fell over.
RE: Update
# May 16 2002 at 8:26 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Accurate information is never pointless. With all the new smithing recipes coming out, who's to say they won't put in weapons that require one of these as a component. I know the Ogre Cultural weapons call for some old world weapons as components (sharkbone warhammer, for example). IF that were to happen, it would certainly be nice to see that this fine site has kept the info updated.

Thanks Allakhazam, for the thorough work, even if it is not always appreciated!
RE: Update
# Apr 04 2002 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
I respectfully disagree. When I was a newbie what MOB dropped what stuff was important as I didn't have a lot of cash and not a lot of opportunities for even slight twinking. (Of course at that time I could of gotten any FS weapoms anyway, but it was nice to know where I could look for it in the future.) BTW, a big thanks to all of the strangers who were kind enough to give my new characters stuff along the way.
# Dec 25 2001 at 10:45 AM Rating: Decent
If someone is greedy enough to actually charge a newby with a rusty weapon anything for these is a greedy ****. Truth is these suck quite bad. mEven a giant malitia long sword is way better andthey are commen as hell in velius and can be purchused at vendors in Turg for 15 pp and are there quite often.
# May 16 2002 at 8:22 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Yeah, but how's a level 5 melee gonna survive long enough in velious to find a merchant? When I started my warrior, nearly a year ago, this was the third weapon he ever had. First was the newbie sword, second a tarnished shortsword. It did the job until I could get high enough level to hunt stuff that dropped loot better than 9cp whiskers and such. Once he could kill bears and lions, his finances improved vastly, but until that point, this beat the heck out of what he had.
Good for newbs
# Dec 16 2001 at 2:45 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
I looted one of these as a lvl 9 off of a blue Blyle Bundin in BBM. Better than a tarnished weapon & cheaper than buying something from a merchant in Kaladim.
These Are Not All That
# Dec 09 2001 at 9:27 PM Rating: Default
Ok, guys im sorry but these are not that great! You can loot one yaknow...I sell mine cause they suck!.... No offence but you do what you want to do
Tazain 17,humna ranger
Kurns Tower
# Jul 18 2001 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
I got one of these off of the Skeleton Cook in Kurns Tower. Never seen him respawn that quickly either!
Fine stell long swords
# Jul 08 2001 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
3,705 posts
If you run across someone camping the druids in East Commons, you can get them cheap. I got mine for 5pp, which is the same they were getting from the vendor.
buy it at a vender
# Jun 13 2001 at 7:43 AM Rating: Default
You can buy these off a vendor for about 70pp so instead of contaacting this guy just go to a vendor for a bargain basement price (in comparison)
price jaking
# May 21 2001 at 8:12 PM Rating: Decent
these are great starter weapons but i've seen them go up to 100pp which is really F&^%ed up.i get them off of gnolls though. it's best to just sell these to vendors
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