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My first character was a Dwarf Paladin (Aaraminn), as I wanted to experience the game as a "heroic" type, and I thought the heals would come in handy. I have only created several alts, mainly because I think that the best way to get a feel for how other classes play is to create one yourself. So I then created a Dark Elf Necro (Ashurbanipal) to an idea how the other side of the good/evil coin works, and this character is a lot of fun. Later yet, after reading through a hint guide and seeing all the merits, I created a Halfling Druid (Aiddanna). This one is somewhat fun to play as well. Lastly, I created a Wood Elf Ranger (Evanescence), to explore how tracking and archery work well. This one is quite a bit a fun as well. This will probably be it for me, as I don't have much playing time to manage all of the characters. If anything, I would maybe create one more char out of the "norm" as most of my chars fit into the easiest race/class combos for their class. I have found that all of the other classes I have contain advantages when soloing when compared to the Paladin that allow them to tackle higher level mobs. The druid has snares, dots, nukes, and pets. The necro has a pet and nasty spells. The ranger even has snares and is wicked with a bow--he seems to be faster too. Yes, the Paladin has heals and LoH, but I still don't remember killing whites and yellows (necro even takes out reds fairly easily) with him like I do with the others. In spite of this, he is still my favorite.