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Part of the frigid plains of northern Antonica, the Everfrost Peaks are the barbarians' gateway into Norrath. Everfrost is divided into two areas:

In the west are the snow gorges, located outside the entrances to Halas in the North and BlackBurrow in the South, and home to many wandering low level goblins, polar bears, and wolves.

East of the gorges are the plains. Mammoths, leopards, orcs, undead, and spiders wander this area; creature levels increasing the further east you go. At the eastern edge of the plains is the stronghold of Permafrost, guarded by Lady Vox's ice giants.

A frozen river provides cover over a hidden entrance to an underground cave system. Should you choose to venture here, watch for the aggressive lich Miragul, the host of icebone skeletons, and massive glacier bears which occupy the caves.

Frequented by blinding snowsqualls and traversed by aggressive goblins, orcs, undead, and wildlife, Everfrost provides one of the more challenging experiences for new adventurers.
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A bewildered artisan
# Jun 22 2016 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
Found a new NPC in the peaks area of EP, called "a bewildered artisan" tis a barbarian dressed in black, wanders from Blackburrow north to the Halas entrance, then past the book and out onto the tundra, goes to a goblin camp, then turns around and meanders thru ever crook and cranny back to BB. Followed him for over an hour. Does not respond to hails, but does give an emote about bandits. Tried to follow the bandits line and it did not advance the conversation.
Twas a red con to me, but since I am level 12 atm, most NPCs are red to me, called in a 105 rogue, it was a red con to him as well. It can not be attacked. Tried hailing him with a tradeskill trophy in hand and nothing. No idea of what it is for, but found iit today, right after the 6-22-16 patch
I did get a screenshot of it, but I don't know how to attach it to this post.
A bewildered artisan
# Jun 22 2016 at 7:18 PM Rating: Good
scuba wrote:
Found a new NPC in the peaks area of EP, called "a bewildered artisan" tis a barbarian dressed in black, wanders from Blackburrow north to the Halas entrance, then past the book and out onto the tundra, goes to a goblin camp, then turns around and meanders thru ever crook and cranny back to BB. Followed him for over an hour. Does not respond to hails, but does give an emote about bandits. Tried to follow the bandits line and it did not advance the conversation.
Twas a red con to me, but since I am level 12 atm, most NPCs are red to me, called in a 105 rogue, it was a red con to him as well. It can not be attacked. Tried hailing him with a tradeskill trophy in hand and nothing. No idea of what it is for, but found iit today, right after the 6-22-16 patch
I did get a screenshot of it, but I don't know how to attach it to this post.

Thanks, added the NPC to the zone. You can find it at a bewildered artisan.

If you have any info on a bewildered artisan, post there and upload your screenshot of it there.
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Underwatter caves
# Feb 23 2006 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
Hi i have noticed something odd, there is an underwatter cave near the ldon close to the wayfearers, i went in but it is empety other than maybe 6 skeles in a room and 3-4 walking around and maybe 5 gobolins but it seems that there should be something more in that cave is this an old zone or is it not finished or what all the mobs in ther suck they must not be more than level 5 or so, what is the deal with it is it for a quest, anyone know?
RE: Underwatter caves
# Mar 30 2006 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, this is where you do the paladin epic and get miragul's head and robe. You give miragul, miragul's phylactery (?) and turns him into his real form, then the pally kills him to get the items for the epic.
# Oct 13 2005 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
With a 35 druid with KEI (has not been nerfed on mac server), I can solo the IG's, which is crazy plat to the extreme. Like 50pp per kill. Not sure what it is on the PC servers, but whatever.

Root, snare, Drones of Doom, immolate, sit until root breaks, then run out of the castle, root, sit until root breaks, refresh dots, etc. It's a long time but faster money than HG's, and not bad exp.
Baby Beast
# Nov 13 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
Sick of LFG Friday nite and running my lvl 13 bst around EF getting decent xp and some tailoring drops. All is good until I get asked to help someone reach a camp. On our way I fall into the river and get hung under the ice. Swam forever until I drowned in frustration. Will my bod pop anywhere? Definitely not swimming around under there looking for it :)
Baby Beast
# Apr 30 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
Your body will pop up in Shadowrest once your timer expires, you can also seek the assistance of a SK to summon your corpse for you so you don't have to drown again looking.
I have a question.....
# Oct 10 2003 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
I am a 14 cleric and need to know where i can xp really good because i need to get to level 15?

RE: I have a question.....
# Oct 30 2003 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
go to black burrow and get in a green room group or commander room grop, or hell just get in a full well balanced group and camp both rooms
Best newbe zone for Warrior's
# Jul 06 2003 at 11:48 PM Rating: Decent
I have found this to be the best Newbe zone for warrior's, mostly becasue there bear's are just a little higher lvl that the other creature, giving you more XP per kill
KOS Cure?
# Sep 28 2002 at 3:46 PM Rating: Good
I must ask.

If a foolish Halfling Druid used bad judgement to level about 10 levels and gain about 100 plat by (ahem) injuring (um) Ulrich and Einhorst McMannus in West Karana for (oh) about a month, would there be any way to make it up to the fine residents of Halas?
RE: KOS Cure?
# Feb 23 2006 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
I have seen on numerous ocasions that the barbarians there kill the snow leapords, maybe you would be able to get your faction up by killing them and also there are a group of high level orcs that should help your faction i belive he is a necro or shadownight and you will need a full group to take him and his minions down they are hard to beat even for me at level 40 and my pet cant hold em 4 ever. i forgot the name of em tho sorry
RE: KOS Cure?
# Mar 16 2003 at 3:06 AM Rating: Default
LMFAO... i loved the way that was written... jeez it sounds bad...
RE: KOS Cure?
# Sep 28 2002 at 5:35 PM Rating: Excellent
58 posts
Wow, it's going to be a project to recover from KOS after all that. Smiley: oyvey

Since you're a druid, though, I'd give you decent chances to succeed. If you're persistent enough, heh heh.

There are a couple of dark elves you can kill: Giz Dinree in East Freeport or Molon T`plth in the Maiden's Fancy in Neriak Third Gate. Both are mid teens in level. I've read a report from an iksar who started out KOS to Halas guards, and after killing Molon 60 times he was still KOS to Halas guards. So it may take a while.


Get as many empty backpacks as you can, go to the 3 igloos in Everfrost, and kill baby bears. You want to collect as many WHITE polar bear skins as you can carry.

You can get into Halas Smiley: sly with invis. Get wolf form once you're inside. Re invis to cross the lake and get past the guards at the dock and on patrol around the city. Go see Cindl in Mac's Kilts on the east side of town. You should be OK if you make sure to close the door before you drop invis. If you hand her bear pelts, one at a time, you'll get plus faction with the Halas guards (Wolves of the North).

This may not work, if you're too KOS: Cindl may just take your bearskin and diss you off. Smiley: banghead

In that case, you can still do it if you team up with a friend who can invis you. Start to give your polar bear skin to Cindl: have your friend cast invis on you after you've got the trade window open and your pelt placed in the trade window, but before you click the TRADE button. That's going to be very boring for your friend, though, so that's kind of a last resort.

It's going to take a lot of faction hits to atone for the errors of your youth, my friend, and make yourself welcome again in Halas, the Queen City of the North. Good luck. Smiley: smile

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Edited, Sat Sep 28 18:26:28 2002
# Aug 20 2002 at 10:08 PM Rating: Default
where should a level 15 human monk hunt in this zone and what should i persue and what gives good cash also i never did barbarian faction work should i be able to roam here
Blind in the Dark in the tunnel to Blackburrow
# Aug 11 2002 at 6:40 PM Rating: Excellent
58 posts
For barbarians and all other humans who can't see in the dark: when you're on a corpse run with no light source, how do you find your way through that pitch black tunnel?

From the top, it's easy.

1. Walk toward the first torch.
2. Walk past the torch.
3. Turn around and walk backwards away from the torch.
4. At some point your back starts to slide along the curve of a wall, and eventually you are around a corner and cannot see that torch any longer.
5. Now turn around. You'll see another torch. Walk toward that torch.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 seven times.
7. After the seventh torch fades around the corner, you are at the Blackburrow zone: turn 90 degrees to your left, and zone in.

Going up from Blackburrow is a little trickier, because you can't see the first torch when you zone in. But simply go forward just a little, turn to your left, and you will see it. Follow the same procedure as above, and you will come out into the snow
Cloak of the Ice Bear
# Jul 20 2002 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
First of all, can i still do this quest? If i can, what item do i need? Who do i need to give them to and how much money do i need to give them?
RE: Cloak of the Ice Bear
# Jan 18 2003 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
You get Cloak Of the Ice Bear off of Martar Icebear, its not a quest. He likes to walk around Mammoth Ramp and IG fort. I have accasionaly seen him near Bandl too.
shawman in search of good exp
# May 29 2002 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
What is your advice to gain good exp for a level 11 shawman in everfrost? Mammoth Calves?
eichvul any quest?
# Apr 23 2002 at 4:05 PM Rating: Decent
i kill ncp name eichvul in a tower near permafrost and it loot 2 no drop item:
-suplier head
-sealed letter
do someone know what there are use for please?

Kelinea 18 ranger savryn
Guide to the Everfrost Canyons
# Mar 20 2002 at 1:36 PM Rating: Excellent
58 posts
Macnair's Guide to Western Everfrost: starting out in the canyons, level 1 through 7

In Brief. Everfrost Peaks has an excellent and fast newbie area up to level 3, good spots to advance to level 5, and a couple of places to move you up to level 7. Young barbarians have a good range of quests available to them. Surprisingly good money can be made. This guide looks at the western half of Everfrost Peaks; the other guide looks at the Tundra area to the east. Get the map.

The mobs. There are five basic types of critters here: wolves, bear cubs, skeletons, gnolls, and goblins. Almost all of them are wanderers, randomly bunching up from time to time. Almost all of them are level 1 and 2. There are several places with igloos, with ice goblins up to about level 5. There are three famous wandering skeletons, part of a minor Halas quest.

The Halas ramp area. The typical beginning player has an experience like this. You go down the ramp, past those two strong-looking guards, out onto the snow, and arrive at a T intersection. You look around, you see a single enemy, perhaps a gnoll pup, and you think, "I can handle that one." You go over and attack it. You're getting hit, but you're doing OK: you're winning the fight. Suddenly there are three gnoll pups and a couple of ice goblin whelps beating on you, and you are reading these famous words: LOADING PLEASE WAIT. There is a lesson in this. The Halas ramp is as good a place as any to learn that if you fight where the mobs can gang up on you, you are dead meat: so you must pull them to a place where you can fight them on your own terms. So: you learn to pull. You can pull from a short distance away, by casting a spell or shooting an arrow. Or by running up, tagging a mob, and running back to the edge or up the ramp a few steps. Don't fight in the middle of the main road: pull your target to a safer spot, dispatch it there, and then pull the next one.

The three igloos. In the southwestern part the zone, this is the most open area within the canyon half of Everfrost. There are three igloos here (hmm, I wonder if that's why they call this spot the three igloos? more research is needed on this point ... ). Unlike some of the other igloos here, nothing lives inside. Instead, you find lots and lots of the five wandering low level mobs. By level 3 you're tougher than any of them (ok, a few spiderlings may still con even), but they will still kill you, if you let enough of them get into the fight. In addition, this is where the vengeful skeletons spawn: Vengeful Composer (about level 8), Vengeful Lyricist (about level 10), and Vengeful Soloist (about level 12). They look just like a decaying skeleton. Pay attention when you see a skeleton heading your way. Run for the ramp. Oh, and as you autorun, /shout "vengeful to ramp from 3 igloos."

Underused pull spots. Most of the newbies hang out in the area from the Halas ramp to the three igloos. There are some other locations that are very good. My favorite is at the four-corner intersection east of the Halas ramp. There is a dead end going northeast, the road back to Halas goes west, the road to the tundra runs southeast, and a narrow canyon heads mostly south. Set up under the tree on the north side of the road (+2600, -500), just east of the intersection, facing that narrow southbound canyon. (This is as good a time as any to say, make a Sense Heading hotkey, and keep on tapping it, and make your Sense Heading skill improve. Also make a /loc hotkey, so you can touch one key and know where you are. You will be thankful that you did both of these things.) From this spot you can watch mobs coming by all day long, pick out the one you want, single pull it over to where you are, defeat it, and go on to the next one. Almost as good is the open triangular intersection a short distance west of Bandl (+700, -700). Press up against the wall on the east side of the clearing, face west, and pull from the many mobs that go marching by.

The Blackburrow ramp. By the time you're level 5 you won't be getting much experience from the wandering mobs. You can do ok with the ice goblins at (+1300, -1100) or (-1000, -1600). But most people head for Blackburrow (-1500, -300). There are two gnolls that guard at the top of the cave, another that guards at the second right angle bend, and a fourth that is hiding behind a rock waiting to ambush you. Bring a good light source; it's dark down that corridor. You might want a partner at level 5; by level 6 and 7 you can get pretty decent solo experience, killing these four gnolls in a continuous rotation. At level 7, certainly at level 8, you need to head into Blackburrow, or form a group of folks to start to pull the low level animals from the eastern half of the zone (see the post down below: Macnair's Guide to Eastern Everfrost: owning the tundra).

Loot. If you're in the early levels of your first character, you see people running around in awesome armor, and you think, "I want some of that." You go into a store and check prices, and things cost lots of plats, and you've got 6 silver and 9 copper to your name. How do you get some money?

First, kill decaying skeletons every chance you get. Especially look for ones with weapons. Some of the rusty weapons sell to the merchants for several gold: if you get a cracked staff, that will sell for almost a plat.

Second, collect all the bone chips you can. Never sell them to merchants. As soon as you have enough small coins to buy a box, get one, and keep saving up bone chips. Soon you will have a stack or two. Start auctioning them: /auc WTS bone chips. There will be a standard price on your server: 2 plat a stack seems to be the most common, but 5 plat is not unusual. You may not sell them today or tomorrow, but you will sell them, and for far more than the merchants will give you.

Third, collect spiderling silks and wolf / cat / bear pelts. Never sell them to merchants. In order of preference you want:
1.  High Quality Bear Pelts, which you will sell to  
    high level Tailors for 15 to 40 plat, 
    depending on your server's standard price; 
2.  Polar Bear Skins, which you will give to Cindl  
    at Mac's Kilts in Halas, for faction, money,  
    and rawhide armor which you can either wear  
    or sell right back to her for more money; 
3.  Low Quality / Medium Quality pelts, which you  
    may be able to sell directly to very high  
    level Smiths; but you will sell them for  
    sure if you decide to learn  tailoring  
    yourself and turn them into stacks of Leather  
    Padding, selling for 100 to 200 plat per stack,  
    again at your server's standard price;  
4.  Spiderling Silks, which you can sell to tailors  
    or smiths by the stack at your standard  
    server price, or use yourself to make those  
    Leather Paddings; 
5.  Ruined pelts, which you can use to make your  
    own patchwork armor to sell or wear, or sell  
    to other beginning tailors.  

Of course, you'll get more ruined pelts than HQ ones (you knew that, didn't you?). And again, you may not sell these items today or tomorrow, but you will sell them: and when you have sold a couple of HQ bear pelts or a stack of leather padding, you will be on your way.

There are twinks out there, level 4 characters wearing level 30 hand-me-down equipment from someone's level 50 main character. If you're on your first character, that won't be you: so you have to just accept that you'll look like a level 4 character wearing level 4 equipment. Nevertheless, by the time you reach level 7 or 8, that can be very different: you can easily have earned enough money off the loot that you have collected in the canyons of Everfrost to be in full banded armor by then.

Edited, Wed Mar 20 13:49:09 2002
Guide to the Everfrost Tundra
# Mar 20 2002 at 1:26 PM Rating: Excellent
58 posts
Macnair's Guide to Eastern Everfrost: owning the tundra, levels 11 through 27 (doable, with a group, from level 8)

In Brief. The Everfrost Peaks tundra area can be worked by the solo player, but it is especially strong as a place for groups. As you go farther east, it gets harder in regular intervals, providing reliable experience and loot for groups of low teens, high teens, and twenties. Good money can be made. This guide looks at the eastern half of Everfrost Peaks; the other guide looks at the Canyon area to the west. Get the map .

Edge of the Tundra. As Bandl's canyon opens out onto the tundra (+700, -2100), you look out across a large ditch to the open spaces further east. There are almost always a couple of groups setting up here. At the ******* levels you'll pull snow leopards, spiders, and polar bears: but soon you will be after those wonderful mammoth calfs. They have what seemed to me to be enormous loot, as a young barbarian: small mammoth tusks that sell to vendors for two and a half gold: a quarter of a plat, all in one drop! Plus the occasional mammoth hide, which young rogues want for their armor quest: they will buy them from you for 1 plat.

West of the River. As your group gets more adventurous, you will work farther to the east. Directly across from Bandl's canyon is a plateau where a group or two will set up: a shorter pull to get the mobs, a little longer run to Bandl if things go bad. Southeast from this plateau is South Tower (-800, -3900); northeast is Megan's Tower (+2100, -3800): both of these are good spots for a group in their late teens to begin to hunt mama Mammoths. Wandering snow orcs and skeletons will aggro onto the group, and snow cougars will aggro onto casters sitting to meditate.

Mammoth spots. Still farther to the east, the most popular spot to hunt mammoths is the penninsula between the two branches of the river, either at the north end at the Mammoth ruins (+2800, -5200), or the south end where the two branches join (+1200, -4700). Also popular is the Perma Tower (+2800, -6300), in the northeast corner between the main entrance to Permafrost and the small tunnel in the north wall that also leads to Permafrost.

Underused pull spots. The south end of the river, on the eastern bank, is a good place (-1000, -4700). Many mammoths come out of the valley east of here, and others spawn on the hill and in the area south of Redwind's temple north of here. Also, the area directly west of Starn Bearjumper's ruins (+3000, -3000) is empty. Set up here, run just a bit south, tag a wandering animal, and pull back north.

Redwind and the icy orcs. A group in their mid-twenties can pull fast experience from the orcs at the temple east of the river, at (+1000, -5300). The spawn is challenging to break. The orcs are strong fighters, and they come at you with an attitude. They drop some decent loot, but fighting these orcs is mostly about fast experience.

Tundra Money. In addition to the small mammoth tusks and mammoth hides mentioned above, the big loot is mammoth tusks. These sell to the merchants for 8 plat with terrible faction and charisma, for 10 plat with good faction and charisma. These tusks weigh a lot, and they don't fit in a backback: you need a sewing kit or toolbox to hold them. With a good group, it's not unusual to have to go sell twice in an evening, and have earned close to 200 plat by the time you log off.

Quest mobs. There are quite a few quests available in Everfrost. Especially worth noting are the brothers Karg and Martar Icebear. I'll note that I've probably seen Martar 20 times, and Karg just once. Karg's the one everyone wants, but his life expectancy is very short. The one time I saw him, someone shouted his loc, I ran there immediately to finish the quest, and got to where he was 45 seconds later, just as a high level player finished killing him.

Edited, Wed Mar 20 13:31:38 2002
RE: Guide to the Everfrost Tundra
# Sep 12 2002 at 10:17 AM Rating: Default
With the many updates to Everquest I have noticed that The south end of the river, on the eastern bank(-1000, -4700) does not spawn as many Orcs and Mammoth Calfs. The primary targets found here now are Leapards and spiders. The snow orc can still be found, but not in as many numbers, Beware of the Orc Shamans they cast many debuff spells, and will ROOT you in place, not allowing you to run away if you suffer in the battle. One saving grace is that not as many IceBone Skellies swawn here either now. It's still a good spot to camp, but you used to be able to pull a lot more, a lot faster, from not as far away. This all translates to slower EXP and less loot from this camp site.

For the most part this zone is still very good for lower level charactors with frequest spawns, and good loot. It is also one of the only zones I have found in my journeys that you can buy the Large Sewing Kit, and Large Patterns for tailoring, including the backpack and fleeting quiver patterns. Not to mention the number of skins you can buy from players that are hunting those bears and spiderling/spider silk from spiderlings and spiders hunted here.

Babas Heartwood, Tunare Ranger 24 (LOIO)
Varquil, Tunare Shaman 12 (BB/EF)
Nablab, Tunare Chanter 5 (SFM)
New NPC?
# Mar 05 2002 at 10:46 PM Rating: Decent
I just killed some Dark Elf named Evulac, or something like that.He was in a tower, forget which one (I'll check and make sure later). He dropped 3pp, a Supplier's Head (DE head) NO DROP LORE, and a Sealed note LORE. He conned lt. blue to a 32 Druid. Never seen or heard of him. Anybody else? He also appears to be a Wizard or Mage. Not for sure, he dropped real quick.
RE: New NPC?
# Mar 06 2002 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
Edit: His name is Eichvul and he summons a Goblin Lackey or two or defend him, when attacked. I checked Allakhazam and the Beastiary, he doesn't show up. Not even the items he drops seem to be known. Heh, oh well.
Bears And Such
# Mar 05 2002 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
I've got a question, not sure if it's already been answered or not if so, forgive me. I have a lev 5 barb warrior, who has been killing those polar bears and a few wolves. What does this do to her chances of crossing through QHills with that Holly (Windstalker or something) are you kos to her because of it? Also what is the best way to get from the guards at Everfrost to Blackburrow and at what level should she try to make the journey? Thank you *waves*
RE: Bears And Such
# Apr 19 2003 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
As far as I know, unless you get a message saying "Your faction standing with ______ got worse," after you kill someone or something, you don't have anything to worry about.
RE: Bears And Such
# Mar 05 2002 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
Killing regular bears and wolves doesn't effect faction at all. Some NPC's in QHills will attack you if they see you killing an animal, but only if you are attacking one at the time they walk by. You might try BB at your current level, or at least be able to kill the gnoll guards by the entrance. Be careful though, there can be some high level skeletons up on the way there.

Edited, Fri Mar 22 03:07:05 2002
Moving In
# Feb 07 2002 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
I'm working on getting to Lvl 15 in the east side of Antonica atm but when I started my Human Warrior in Qeynos, I visited Everfrost at lvl 7-8 but the Soloists kicked me out. I'm planning a permanent return there and to Permafrost and was curious on potential feedback on this option.

Why? I like winter and snow*lol* My other char, a lvl 26 DE SK, well I'll be sending him to Velious in a few lvls >)

Edited, Thu Feb 7 11:03:27 2002
Word of warning for evil
# Jan 09 2002 at 4:11 AM Rating: Decent
You're most likely KOS to these guys, admittedly I'm the most extreme example of KOS out there (troll SK cazik thule) but the big problem is that the only ways you can get faction with the stinkin barbarians is to kill various dark elves.

It would appear that the most low impact (faction wise) kill is to take out the chick who takes Bait Masterson's place at night. She's apparently dark elf rogue faction, so if you don't have to deal with those guys or hang around thier pad you should be fine.

Bigger problem is that from what I've researched she will only spawn four times throughout the course of an EQ night, so unless you get mad faction gains from whacking her (and folks have reported 20+ kills with little to no gain) then that means an obscene amount of time spent sitting on that stretch of land working on your fishing while wasting her butt.
RE: Word of warning for evil
# Jan 23 2002 at 7:33 AM Rating: Decent
thanks for the info! i was wiping out the whole zone of blackburrow yesterday cause i thought that was gettin me faction there! but then i saw it was all to the qeynos area! and not halas i had wasted 2 hours there so now i havent checked but im probbaly amiable there) but where is this dark chic? i need to kill her! and i dont care how long it takes cause the money u can make off of those mammys is unbelievable!
Death in the search for Mammoth Spawns
# Nov 27 2001 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
80 posts
Two points here. If you happen to be a druid who has wolf form, this is NOT the area to use it in. I made that mistake my first time through and ended up getting killed by a named barbarian and a big friggin' polar bear named Iceberg. Just a FYI.

Second, are there any specific places that are good for hunting mammoths? Im standing near the middle of the zone and I can't seem to get anything to pop up on track. Any advice?

RE: Death in the search for Mammoth Spawns
# Jun 03 2002 at 5:22 PM Rating: Decent
674 posts
Thats TUNDRAJACK and his loyal big white friend... I actually see him all over. I forget its name. But if you were KOS to him, that bear would be difficult to miss, its huge.

I see all these posts about faction. why not just turn in the polar bear skins? it seems to increase faction.

Edited, Mon Jun 3 18:12:27 2002
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RE: Death in the search for Mammoth Spawns
# Jan 15 2003 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
The big huge white friend is a polarbear named Iceberg!He is part of the the lion meat quest and langseax quest.
Give him the lion delight u get from the lion quest and get a sweaty shirt u need for the next quest.

Tamail Shaman of the 11th season
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RE: Death in the search for Mammoth Spawns
# Jan 23 2002 at 7:30 AM Rating: Decent
find out where the mammy ruins are there quite easy to find if u go all the way left to the zone wall as u come out of the peaks of everfrost from halas u wll go across one set of the river then when u see the big hill its just over that and it is just east of the north tower if u wfind that and go there i think its east may be west )
need xp
# Nov 07 2001 at 7:34 AM Rating: Default

GHOAR is the name and killing is my game. I just recently hit lv 15 with my barb shammy and I was wondering where a good spot to hunt would be. I have hunted in WC for willo's and wore that out, I also hunted in EF for baby Mam's, wore that out. what is the next step. I would look for Ice orc's but when I attack one, I usually get attacked by 2 or 3, and let me tell you, the orc shammy suck when your melee'ing with an orc mountaineer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

RE: need xp
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Go to Paluadal caverns and slit open as many bandits u see.Good Loot,good exp and much people to group with.

Good Hunt

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RE: need xp
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i know a Great place for 15 to 20! go to high pass hold u gte from 15 to 20 then move in to the keep which u can get all the way up to 35! but if u want the great stories go somewhere else cause i dont have time )
RE: need xp
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Well the most popular zones at your level are Oasis and LOIO.
lvl up
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will someone please help me out i am a shaman that just turned lvl 4 could someone plz tell me what and where i should fight to lvl up

RE: lvl up
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i got 2 words for u Qeynos Hills till u get to lvl. 5-8 then go to bb at the edge there pups and scrawny's a little farther away u can get some plain gnolls after at lvl. 11-13 u can fight the snakes on the ledge at bb after that go up the ramp and fight the gnoll guardsman the at lvl. 15-16 go to the bridge area and fight the elite gnolls once u out grow the pull a few from the elite room or commander room and bam ur at lvl. 20 or so permafrost is the place

if u want u can get a marp it proved very helpful for me just on the side of the screen click on Antonica the cities and zones bb. then just click on the map from dogoth the dwarf or the other one
RE: lvl up
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I have had no other characters but barbarians. They are my favorite class. From lvls 1-4 just fight creatures running around front of gaurded cave in EF, lvls 5-7 fight the gnoll guards right outside of Blackburrow. lvl 8-9 fight gnolls outside Blackburrow on qeynos hills side. Lvls 10-12 fight the giant snakes inside blackburrow. Whenyou hit lvl 13 you should be able to get into a bandit group in West commons. Hope this helps
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RE: lvl up
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What you could do witch someone named Ofna did with me is try to get lucky and get in a lv 7-8 group near the band in EF and pull a few leapords and orcs and polar bears, and what is good they will get good exp and youll get great exp!
RE: lvl up
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At level four i'd try to group up and hit Black burrow. That's just me though. The three igloos spot would probably be cool for you, but you need to watch out, the Vengeful trio starts there spawn there or close by..
RE: lvl up
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At level 4 you can find the goblin huts/igloos around the caverns or just outside the caverns in EF and camp there. If I were you, I would make sure you have tailored yourself a complete set of patchwork before you think about heading out to the tundra and try to take on those crits. At 5 you can barely survive out there but it is possible. Just remember where the guards are, mainly the single guard. )
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I read that killing wolves drops your faction in some places, causing wolves to attack. Is there a way that I can reverse this?

RE: Wolves
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You could try druid quests in Surefall and the like, but I believe there is an unsaid "wolf" faction, (i.e. If you kill wolves alot early on, the harder ones later will hate you for it.)
Don't know if it's possible to reverse.
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I'm a Barb Shaman that just turned lvl 5 and was wondering where should I be hunting at and what I should be hunting (pref. solo). I haven't moved far from the newbie area by the ramp to Halas yet (I keep running into a skele that cons red to me at lvl 5). Any suggestions are welcome.

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RE: Hunting
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Well when you are at 5 you are in a tough spot, you cant hunt things near ramp anymore and you are not high enough to go out and kill in Tundra. I suggest you take the journey to Blackburrow and hunt there for a few levels, stay at the top level and watch out for adds. It shouldnt be too dangerous because the zones are pretty close. Once you get to 9 you should go back to Everfrost and hunt near Bandl. That what I did, happy hunting =)
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Can I get past the guards, on my way to Permafrost?
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I am a Lvl 23 Ogar Warrior, I need to get to Permafrost for the Crafted Boots quest. I see on the map only 2 trails that will lead to Permafrost, coming from Qynos Hills and Both have Barbarian Guards. HOW DO I GET PAST THEM OR IS THERE ANOTHER TRAIL I CAN TAKE? ALSO IS THERE ANY WHERE I CAN BIND AT TO HUNT IN PERMAFROST?
Ice Giants
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Beware friends... Don't think that you can go to the Entrance to Permafrost and jsut mooch loot from the hunters there. Beware not to show up during a fight - especially if lowbie druids are hunting there... their snair kiting usually runs the ice giants all over the tundra before their dots finish them off. In other words steer clear of this area until you are in your upper teens or low 20's. I say this because if an Ice Giant hits you... and they will even when in combat with another player, you will get squished in the first round and never have a chance to run away... all you will be seeing on your screen is the famous
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