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Ninalilai- my wonderful clr. main char. , started her life out with knowing nothing of online RPG i was always asking questions and begging at the beggining i didnt know how to make my melee work so i begged for the lvl.1 atk. spell strike! i have been playing ever sense a week after easter . until the beggining of august due to money problems but i should be back byt the end of this month (october) i am a lvl.32 high elf female clr. with no expansitions it is hard to find a palce to lvl. now i was headed to sol B before i stopped playing now i am at wiz. 167 working piece by piece i figure ill do quests like gem inlaid gaunlets staff of the observers and sein of moggok quest when i get back on to solve my money problems with trying to get to 200 wiz and on top of that having to buy spells my lvl. 10 alt char. zambezian the male warrior troll ogre is lvl. 10 i picked a mail cause they look better than the females! he has fully loaded banded except a bronze tunic i expect to have in full by lvl. 12 and in full crafted by lvl. 20! he is very strong able to solo one red legionaire in CB without any interfearences! the other 2 chars are my cousins chars. if i had more room in my 2,000 char max to put more info in i whould need about 10,000!