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45 - 65

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This is the home of the outcast Storm Giant Wizard, Velketor, and his minions. The icy, slippery catwalks which greet you upon entering are littered with crystal gargoyles and arachnids, some of which are invisible.

Past the catwalks is a small kobold village with a tunnel leading to the castle. Velketor's castle is guarded by numerous crystal gargoyles, golems, and tentactle terrors.

Velketor's throne room can be found in the basement, along with a prison with numerous Coldain captives. Beneath the castle is a twisting maze of kobolds, arachnids, spectres, tentacles, and traps.
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Inside the CastleVelketor's Throne RoomOutside the Castle EntranceJail Guardians
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Velketor's Labyrinth
# Nov 17 2015 at 6:54 AM Rating: Excellent
4,580 posts
Method's comment's from 2002 are some of the most useful:

Method wrote:

if you are below lvl 50, don't even show up. no one will want you. all the mobs in this zone are blue at lvl 60.

the camps,
corners and backroom camp can be handled without a cleric or chanter. as long as u got a nice shammy/druid or a few high lvl paladins to heal, you will be fine. The only loot in these camps is the common silks and velium blocks/bricks. and mabey 1 gem an hour. but never a diamond.

the safe-hall/fake-wall camp is easy.. and quite boring.. and u should have no problem holding it wihtout a chanter, since there are only a few mob spawns around this area u will find your tanks running around trying to pull from other parts of the ramps, thats where the adds can sometimes get nasty on the way back to your camp.. and cause a problem. Also u need to fight your way to this camp, invis backstabbing spiders can be a pain. I have been hunting in velks for 5 lvls now.. and i still cant manage running up the ramps backwards. so you will need to suck it up on the backstabs. the average is about 170 per stab. the loot here is about the same as the previous, except for the rare spawn crystal eyes, which can drop a few nice items. but it is possible to hunt for 4 hours and never see crystal eyes spawn.

the upper spider area. well the previous camps can be held with a balanced lvl 50 group, but US is different. Yes u can hold it, but to be productive, you should be pulling non stop, and pulling 2-3 at a time, so the cleric/chanter or high lvl bard is required. there are like 15 spawn points in this camp, and once you get the cycle down, you can roll this camp for constant exp for hours on end. Ocassionally u will fall off the ramps.. i have taken 600ish dmg from this.. but several folks have got killed via the 10K falling issue from here. just fyi. there are a few named mobs that can pop here, the frenzied velium brood, and crystal fang, and mabey 1 more i forgot the name. a shield, crystal chitin haste gloves, and other CC gear drops off of them. but once again.. u can go hours without seeing them pop... also the velium brood pops right up the top of the slippery ramp, that is near the safe-hall/fakewall camp. and since the spawns are slow down there.. that camp is known to try and steal that pop as soon as it spawns. this is my favorite camp. but its tough to get into due to the fact there is usually a waiting list.

the lower dogs/kobolds camp
this is a rough camp. to get here, you need to get to the fake wall, (safe hall/fake wall) and walk thru it. u will be in a large room, follow the ramp in front of you. it decend, start walking down it. when u get to the middle, just walk off the ramp and fall down. there are no mobs at this point. The problem is that there is a trap, that will dispell all your buffs. oh well. the next area has a large hole in the ground, u need to drop down again., but there can be a mob here if the group below has not cleared it yet. once you drop thru the hole, u are in the lower dogs/kobolds camp. u will see a small tunnel, go thru it, and this is the normal pull spot. against the wall is where u want to pull too. u will see several other tunnels, these are the spots where the kobolds spawn.
the kobolds are dam hard. and seem to give u the 'your target is out of range' message alot..if you are not right on top of them. there aggro range is average, and a chanter is pretty much required. as a 55 paladin they con blue to me. also i have noticed i can back them up quite easily, against the wall by using bash.
they have a large loot table, spells.. gems..spiderfur items.. and other decent goodies.
also if u can not gate or port, there is no way to get out. BUT there is an interesting camp trick.. u can push yourself as far into the wall as u can go, then camp. come back and u should be stuck about half way into the wall, sit and camp again, usually after the 2nd or 3rd try u will then be on the entrance ramp right near the zone entrance when u log on. kinda cheating.. but i have never seen it fail., personally i use the thurgadin gate potions, i got tons of the components for it..since i frequent velks so often. but for those that dont have another option.. that camp trick is kinda cool.

the other camps.. lower spiders and upper dogs/kobolds are really lvl 55+ camps.. and normally all lvl 60's or dam close to it. I have not go into those camps yet.

hope this helps.
have fun

Method wrote:
Ok a little bit of an update
i am a level 58 paladin now.
and i have explored the upper dogs/kobolds camp many times, now.

1st of all to answer the question about the lower kobolds area, and the option of just walking out. Remember that this map u are looking at is 1 dimensional. the way velks is setup is a 3-d environment.. thus u go up ramps.. etc. so although it appears to have a connection.. its not physically possible to traverse some areas. So yes, if u are in the lower dogs camp u need to gate/evac/port out. One other trick is to Duel, and have someone cast gravity-glux on you, that can possibly get you killed.. but it might get u out. i suggest don't enter that lower area, unless u know u can get back out.
But on a side note, there is a thurgadin gate potion that can be mabe with a potterty skill of about 120, and all the pieces u need are found in velks. silks, velium pieces..etc. so i usualy keep on handy for just such an escape.

Now on to the upper dogs/kobolds camp.
This is kinda hard to explain, on how u get there.. but i will do my best.
1st, u get to the safe hall/fake wall room. and walk thru the wall (same as u go towards the lower dogs camp)

As u walk down the little ramp (the one u usuaualy fall off of, to go to lower dogs) this time, keep following it, and eventually u will get to a ledge. There are no mobs here, so unless u fall.. u are perfectly safe, so turn off run and move slowly, some of the spots are quite icy.

Now once u are onto the ledge, u follow it along the wall to the left. eventually u come to a landing, and a small ramp will lead down off of the landing, this is the icy section. move with caution, and traverse the little twisting ramp.. it will do a sort of elongated 'S' shaped curve, once u get to the top, u will walk thru another fake wall, and be in the Upper dogs/kobolds area. You will see several little huts, and about a dozen kobolds standing around.
(assuming no one has broken the camp yet) Also be advised that there are several dogs inside, or behind the huts, and will not be clearly in view.

My pulling tactics here, are to start on the far right corner, amd begin to pull one at a time, in a counter clockwise rotation.

Sometimes u will get 2 mobs at once. A good group can handle it. If u pull 3 or more. DO no pull back to the group. Just suck it up and die. U can easily wipe up here.

Realize that there are several mobs that can completely heal, also u will find that some of the healers will cast heals on your engaged mob from a distance.

ALWAYS kill he healing mobs "Prophets" are the CH'ers the priests don't cast CH. mez the others and do your self the favor and kill the prophets if u get more then 1. I have had times where we had to kill the same mob 3 times.. due to it being CH'd over and over.

A few named mobs pop up here, Gregendek Icepaw and Tpos Icepaw, Tpos drops the barbed ringmail, also a lot of spider fur stuff drops here, belt and collar, for sure. Some spells.. and a **** load of Silver. u will be destroying silver before long.. if u plan on hunting here for any length of time.

Also, an observation, several of the spiders now cast a nasty DOT poison spell on you.. it appears to be a save vs cold effect.. even though its called a posion... go figure.

But it also seems that the spawn time on the upper spiders named mobs,
frenzied velium brood, crystal fang, and the velium stalker seems to be a lil bit faster now.

hope this helps.

Yalammar Doh
Paladin on Quellious
Eternal Honor Legion

named ph
# Oct 02 2014 at 7:08 PM Rating: Good
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something i have observed while exploring this zone is that the kobolds whos second name begins with a capital letter is a placeholder (ph) for the actual named kobolds. examples:

an Icepaw champion (trash mob)
an Icepaw Champion (named ph)


an Icepaw prophet (trash mob)
an Icepaw Prophet (named ph)

the trash mobs and ph are the same levels and difficulty, however the ph's obviously spawn in the same spots every time. oh and only Prophet's and Champion's are place holders. this is probably useless information seeing as the zone is generally deserted and over 10 years old...

Edited, Oct 3rd 2014 5:01pm by Zaztik
named ph
# Jul 12 2019 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
64 posts
Hahaha, deserted? Yes, but every once in a while, some yutz thinks it would be fun to re-live the old days and fires up his or her old character to run through Norrath. I found it helpful, thanks. :)
60 exp
# Jan 06 2010 at 3:36 PM Rating: Good
Level 60 monk with tank merc I get about 5 to 7% of AA xp per mob and I can solo everything in the zone except Lord Bob or Velketor himself.

Lots of good vendor, tribute and spell drops here also. Lute of the howler is probably the biggest cash item in the zone.
# Aug 15 2004 at 1:00 AM Rating: Excellent
As a 65 cleric, I farm the named spiders in the main spider room of Velks. I park myself around the corner from where 'a deadly blizzard hunter' spawns.

The Spot

You face toward the ledge camp and can pull the 'A Frenzied Velium Broodling', 'A Frenzied Velium Stalker', 'Crystal Eyes', 'Crystal Fang', 'a fierce blizzard hunter' and also the ' a deadly blizzard hunter' all from that general area.

The Named

'A Frenzied Velium Broodling' spawns directly in front of the big pillar between my camp and ledge. His ph can be any crystalline spider (watchers, devourers, and hunters). He is level 47, max hits for 155, and has roughly 10k hp. He drops Silver Chitin Hand Wraps as his common drop and Silver Chitin Wristbands as his rare drop. The Wristband seems to drop once in every 5 or so spawns.

'A Frenzied Velium Stalker' spawns on the right walkway (relative to camp) close to the large group of spiders directly above the ledge. His ph can be any crystalline spider. He is also level 47 and has a max hit of 155 and around 10k hp. He drops Ring of the Frost Spiders and Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood. The axe seems to be the more common of the two. You can know which he's carrying by whether he slashes or not, and also by the weapon's proc (Poisonous Chill, 85dd Poison).

'Crystal Eyes' spawns down next to 'Safe Hall' where there are 3 spiders. It always spawns in the middle of the 3. The ph can be any crystalline spider. It is level 47 and has a max hit of 135, with a little less hp that the Frenzied mobs. It drops Crystal Spider Eyes as it's common drop and Crystal Chitin Gauntlets as it's rare drop.

'Crystal Fang' spawns in the cluster of spiders just above the ledge camp. He is in the middle and closest to the wall. The ph can be any crystalline spider. It is also level 47, with a max hit of 140 and about the same amount of hp as 'Crystal Eyes'. It drops Crystalline Spider Fang as it's common drop and Crystal Chitin Shield as it's rare drop.

'a deadly blizzard hunter' spawns right next to camp, which again, is on the opposite side of the ledge, on the shelf. He is in the corner and you can't miss him if you look down the ramp from the back part of the shelf. His ph is always 'a Blizzard Hunter'. It is level 52 and max hits for 205 with roughly 20k hp. He hits fairly fast and summons. It drops either 2 Gilded Broach of the North or 1 Broach and 1 Priceless Ice Fetish.

'a fierce blizzard hunter' spawns in the corner of the "Back Wall" camp. His ph is always 'a Blizzard Hunter'. He is somewhat hard to pull from my camp, but it can be done. You stand on the very edge of the ledge not far down from the deadly hunter spawn point and look down. You might have to adjust your view a little, but he can be pulled from that spot. On occasion, he summons on the pull, which can be a pain, but rarely a problem. If you stay put when you're summoned, you won't get adds. He is level 52 with a max hit of 205 and roughly 20k hp. He drops either a Velium Etched Helm or an extremely rare Forgotten Ebony Earring. A very nice earring considering the difficulty of the mob.


ALL of the named mentioned here are on a 20 minute spawn timer.

I wouldn't recommend pulling this way if the average spider is dark blue or higher, you will get lots and lots of adds. If you're in a group, that's normally fine, but solo it can be a pain.

For clerics, you should be able to pull with DS and just heal your way through the fight. With KEI or better, you can nuke at will. Although the blizzard hunters tend to interrupt nukes a lot.

On my server, the zone is normally empty with the exception of maybe a couple twinks. I almost always have my choice of mobs to pull.

Anyway, hope this helps, it's been the most effective way of farming that part of the zone for me. I usually end up with tons of velium along with several decent trinkets after a solid camp. Good Luck!

Kindbuddz, 65th Cleric of Brell
Erollisi Marr

Edited, Fri Aug 20 12:23:09 2004
# Mar 25 2004 at 12:02 PM Rating: Good
Is there a good map of this zone anywhere? Regardless, how does one zone out after entering the Kobold area and is this the route to the castle? We're doing a little scouting for raids, but I realy don't want to get anyone stuck in an odd place.
RE: Where?
# Aug 17 2004 at 7:12 AM Rating: Good
There are 2 paths to the castle, one is through the Kobold Village and the other is through the caves below it.

The village route is the safest as you can invis past most (not all) of the kobolds there and also the gargoyles directly behind the village.

The other path is through the caves and more dangerous. There is a steam geyser (for lack of a better term) that will shoot you up to the castle. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't give you good directions to it.

If you plan on raiding, the most efficient way is to set up a CotH behind the Kobold Village and set up there.
Need Help to UD
# Oct 24 2003 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
Hey Guys,

Guild wants to go to UD and after hunting spiders in this zone forever I have no clue how to get there. Have been to all the spider camps just don't know where UD is. Would love some directions?

Aythatos Alussionary
62 Enchanter
RE: Need Help to UD
# Nov 30 2003 at 6:25 PM Rating: Good
Get to "Safehall", on the way to upper spiders. There is a false wall there, and another one further up. Go through the wall.

Turn run OFF. Go down the ramp, and you'll see a ledge with a large ball or stone drop off onto that and go up the other ramp leading from the ball/stone.

You'll see a path/lege that winds around and comes back over the ball to the other side. Take this ledge/path and you'll see an entrance/wall. This is the entrance.

Just walk carefully/slowly is the key. Otherwise, you fall in the pit, and you will have to gate out if you get in there or be TP'ed out by a wiz.

RE: Need Help to UD
# Oct 25 2003 at 1:14 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
What exactly is UD? Some of these abbreviations seem to be server specific.

If its the Kobolds, on RN, thats UK.

Anyhow, if you head up to, and then past US (upper spiders) there is a false wall you have to go thru, then a series of slippery walkways that you have to cross. A mage would help here to CoH people to the camp, as falling can be a problem.
RE: Need Help to UD
# Jun 07 2004 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
It means Upper Dogs, which, as you guessed, was the upper kobold camps.

-Forzz, 49 DE Cleric, <evil legions> Drinal
RE: Need Help to UD
# Jun 07 2004 at 9:58 PM Rating: Excellent
150 posts
This thread reminded me of a very irritating nite. I was grouped in Velks with a group not familiar to zone, finally convinced them to leave the entrance area so called for a camp check. UD, UK, Tents or whatever ya wanna call it seemed to be open so we head there and took awhile, is a pain in the *** to get there anyway then have some that have never been before just added to it. So we get to UD only to find a group there when asked why they didn't answer camp check they said on our home server its called UK, didn't know what you call it here. Uggg, I guess my server is so shallow minded we wouldn't be able to figure out what they meant.
# Sep 20 2003 at 11:09 AM Rating: Decent
Is it possible for a 53 Necro to solo here without getting trained? If so directions to a decent spot would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
RE: Solo
# Oct 28 2003 at 11:06 AM Rating: Decent
38 posts
It would be very hard. You should get a small group because you need a 60+ puller to get single pulls. If you really want to though I would suggest second floor camp. Mobs are spread out more, and its close to zout in case of train. Good luck and happy hunting.
quick question
# May 14 2003 at 12:32 PM Rating: Excellent
Hello,i had a quick question about this zone if anyone can help i would be most greatful.Could a duo of a 51 mage(me)and a 51 druid(wife)be able to handle the entry mobs such as the spiders in this zone or would we get a lot of adds or be overpowerd by a single mob?We're stating to work on aa and was trying to find somewhere we could come for a while and stay there wihtout moving around to much.Also I hear this zone is crowded is that still true now that pop is out.And if so could anyone recommend a good zone where we could go that is not very crowded yet doable by us thanks a lot
RE: quick question
# May 19 2003 at 2:40 PM Rating: Excellent
3,212 posts
Yes you could duo here. In the front left or right. The problem would be crowd control with adds. It still has folks in it on Morrell thule cant speak for your server.
For Truth, Justice, and the Norrathian Way!
Tinkering is a trade skill which will not prevent the mobs from hitting you.
Camp List for Velks
# Dec 04 2002 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
heyas, new going to velks as I need threads for my shawl quest.

So far the only camps I know of are:

the Floor (by the entrance)
SH (Safe Hall, right above the floor, by a fake wall)
US (Upper spider, up a ramp from SH)
FW ?
LK ?

Curious as to what the other camps are (and their locs) so when Im fighting and someone calls for a camp check I know what I'm talking about.

RE: Camp List for Velks
# Dec 04 2002 at 3:08 PM Rating: Excellent
Well dear each server is different in the naming of camps. I can only offer a few tidbits from how Drinal breaks it out

In the Velks heydays (pre-luclin/PoP)
The floor was broken into MR-LR-RR and entrance. These were Middle room, Left room, Right room and entrance. Usually these were done by solo artists and by level 50 groups.

Upper shelf (US) was all spiders on the camping ledge located on the same level as the frenzied, and one level below the top most shelf.

Safe Hall (SH) was the level where Crystal Eyes pops and generally also had the 3 spiders that pop in front of castle.

Middle Spiders (MS) was the level underneath SH and picked up all the spiders between the floor camps and the Safe Hall.

However dear, since the advent of AA abilities, a 60 ranger and chanter could easily duo all the spiders in US and Safe Hall, a couple more solo artisits can easily clean out all the middle spiders, and another duo can do the floor area, if they have the proper levels, equipment, and knowledge of the area. Six top end level 60 players can easily take care of all the spiders in velks. (many of these people have left though -- working past 61 in Velks spiders is silly ...) This should allow you the ability to find a good group to hunt for your threads.

Since you only need 75 of them, without any faliures on your combines, it does not take too terribly long in order to collect them.

Your best bet is to find the Upper shelf/Upper spiders group and join them. They tend to be the better equipped, and higher level group, killing the most number of spiders. As most people who want to do this quest have already completed or like me have opted not to do it for a while, there iis not too much compitition for the threads.

Happy hunting and questing

Middle spiders were all the
Hunting the money men in Velks
# Oct 22 2002 at 1:40 PM Rating: Excellent
Aloha and well met

This is one of the "money men" in Velks lab that can be hunted for his drops by your standard post 56 well balanced group.

Ensure your group contains a warrior (with defensive disc up), a mez class, and a post 56 cleric, with 3 other members (most often melee) to form the castle group. If your base crew is higher in level, you can get away with a few lower levels in your group. If your group is new to the hunt here, or is a tad shy on DPS, it would prove to your benifit to have a succor class in your group. Personally, I like my fav group of 60 Ranger(me!), cleric/torpor shammy, chanter/shammy/bard, warrior, rogue/second MA type, GG class/FD puller and you can clear nearly all of the spawns in castle camp (counting the underneath portion and the ones in the tower, prior to repop). With a lower level group, expect your lower DPS to clear a proportionantly smaller section of the castle.

I personally like to move my group through the tunnel infront of the Upper dog camp area, through the 2 garg and 4 garg pops, and then mve through the caslle mobs by going around the castle in a counter clock wise progression. There is a trab loacted near the end of the hall as you reach the first set sents in the back. Once you kil the first pair of sents, it is always a good idea to turn off all traps. This one is a particualarily nasty one, AOE 4 slot dispel :-(

There are two main types of mobs in the castle area: Gargs and Sents. Crystal and cystalline gargs have a small chance to respawn as Icy watchurs, or a tougher version of mr flappy wings. There is even a smaller chance that the garg will be one of the named varieties Til or Mej. Ensure that everyone is assisting to kill the most difficult mobs first (Order of killing: Named, Icy, crystal, and crystaline) The Sents have a similar progression: Crytaline and crystal sents are the easiest, followed by the crystal destroyers, and then the named Failed Experiment, Kerdlb, Bledrek. Use the same method of killing the highest mob first to give your group the best chance for survival.

All of the mobs to my memory can be shammy slowed, however the higher level ones Enrage at 20% health (turn on all frontal attacks as they are all riposted). The named sents FE and VE also rampage (the second tank for rampage damage is a good idea) None of the mobs are especially MR, but I don't see much chance of an AoE castle group forming up in the near future ...

In moving through the castle area, it is generally best to move as a group through the main floor and through the tower, following the puller as he selects pairs of mobs to kill. Having an FD puller will help as the higher versions of the mobs (CDs and Icy watchurs and all the named) have a good chance of resisting or being immune to your mez. On the off chance that you do not have an FD puller, be prepared to split tank up to 1 named and 1 CD at the same time. Once you have cleared the external main floor around the castle, have the tracker in your group confirm what is on track. Many groups find that killing the 10 mobs around the castle, and the 3 terrors in the castle lawn are about all they can handle, and return to the point where they started (the 2 sents by the AOE trap) and restart the 30 minute cycle again.

If you have a higher DPS, and want more, now is the time to move into the castle proper. Open the door and go down one level in the stairwell. Establish your camp at the base of the stairs and begin pulling that floor. Take heed though: The evil Velks the Sorcerer is just down the hall and through the door to the right. If he is on vacation at the moment, some people like to go down there and take a picture of themselves sitting in his throne. Behind his throne is a secret passage that will dump you off in the Safe Hall camp. Should you aggro VtS many people will run down this hall, VtS in tow, in a mad attempt to make it to zone. These attempts usually fail ... He also has two guardians, that if VtS is not up, can easily be killed for exp.

On a side note, the evil VtS conducts many experiments on the local dorfs and giants in the area (Killing VtS gives a nice little plus Tormax faction hit with no neg coldain or dragon hit. Thus it is theoretically possible to be Ally with all 3 of the Velious kings, but their underlings will still hold different opinions of you...) Well, on the side note, there are a half dozen dorf captives located in cells just around the corner. Sadly, I have not found a method to set them free, and hailing them will give you a wide variety of replies. /em shrugs as she is not wise enough to solve these quests if there even is one.

When I said camping for the money men, I am always pleased when we complete a trip through this area. The named sents drop a set of SK/War only droppable armour called Blood runed, which to this day, remains some of the best dropable and attainable armour that you can get for these classes, and is highly prized amoung "twinkers" and people who want to improve their own personal gear. Each item generally sells for 3-9k depending on the item dropped. All of the more difficult mobs (Icy Watchurs, CDs and named) all have a decent chance of dropping a BP Gem for the velious quest armours. Some of the named drop some nice pre-epic type weapons that are no drop. Plan ahead for these drops by reffering to the equipment drop list.

As I ding level 61, I find that my favorite camp, Uper dogs, is begining to give diminishing returns, and my friends the kobalbs are starting to turn light blue :-( This camp, although it does require higher levels to do, much like a CT or SSRA group, will continue to provide solid exp gains. On my server, Velks Lab continues to be the place where a small guild ranger can still pretty readily find a group or solo for exp, where as CT is a "come with your own group" or SSRA is a "come with your own guild" affair.

I hope this short post helps you and yours a bit as you hunt this fine zone.
Velketor Guide
# Aug 23 2002 at 4:03 PM Rating: Excellent
So u want to kill velketor ?
ok head to the upper dogs / kobold tents area
at the opposite side of the camp are, is a tunnel.
u need to clear the kobolds 1st, then pull the gargs and icy watchers outt the tunnel.

then keep going down the tunnel, a few more mobs might pop out at ya.. with the opprotunity of some named gargs.

once you come out of the tunnel u are in a little courtyard area. There is a door to the right, head into this door. There will be a few more mobs, usually gargs.

U will see a small set of staris leading Down. this is the path to velketors lair. There is usually a mob in this hall, and when you pull velk you will get up to 2 gargs as well.

U can actually get into his lair and take care of business in about 15 mins. its a quick kill and the casters love his loot.

have fun.
great post
# Apr 21 2002 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
I have posted a lot on thid zone before, but never the castle stuff. excellent !!

quite a while ago, i had the chance to take a cool screen shot, of a guild that couldn't handle there raid.. and ended up training Velkator and several castle mobs to the zone. Enjoy

Why do i hunt here?
# Apr 16 2002 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
The question seems to have evolved to:
Why does one hunt in velks?
Lothaine really had a good post, about it.
Most of the camps can be held even with a mish-mash group. The lower dogs/kobolds can also, its just that the corpse run is so Nasty ... that u really don't want to head down there unless u KNOW u can hold that camp.

If i had to sum it up, i hunt in velks because:

1: Its close to town (thurgadin)

2: U if u zone into a train, u can zone back out unlike seb and chardok.

3: The gems are useful for quest armor

4: The items for gate potions drop here

5: The higher level camps, can yield lewts in the 5K+ range, CC gaunts, barbed ringmail etc.

6: Until recently the spiders were direct melee, now some of them have a poision cast. but for the most part its hack and slash.

7: traversing the zone is easy, u can drop to lower levels, to pull a mob in view.. or quickly escape a mob on your butt.

8: Its easy to learn the zone, go in when its busy, like 40+ people the ramps will be cleared of mobs.. and u can roam freely from the entrance all the way to the upper spiders camp.. or thru the wall on to the kobold camps. Unlike, chardok or seb or even guk, u can learn your way to all the major camps in this zone in about 30 mins. and if a mob jumps you, just fal off the side of the ramps and zone out. Then try again.

Yalammar Doh

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