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Giant Scalemail Tunic  

AC: 18
HP: +40
WT: 20.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL except DWF HFL GNM
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Color (RGB):40, 40, 40
Merchant Value:4 pp 4 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2022-01-03 22:35:50
Page Updated:Wed Oct 12th, 2011

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 45

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Bvellos' Bounty
Coldain Skulls


This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Kael Drakkel

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Also drops off:
# Jul 07 2008 at 5:39 PM Rating: Good
633 posts
Veteran Icecaller
i got a deal
# Oct 05 2002 at 12:53 AM Rating: Decent
picked this up in wc at at hut by the lake for 26pp and some change its great protection for my pally at a low price i love it and the way it looks

Airraid 23rd season pally
how it look??
# Sep 05 2002 at 6:37 AM Rating: Decent
How it look on a Welf Ranger with Luclin expension ??? color, Mail or plate and does it look nice ??
RE: how it look??
# Sep 29 2002 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
This uses the banded armour texture with black tint overlay, just like blackened alloy/iron or even the banded orc vest.
# Aug 01 2002 at 2:54 AM Rating: Decent
i have this on my war its the best! at least considerin im low on money when i get higher up will buy better i also have the cloak so for my lvl 27 war the hp bonus kicks butt lookin to buy better weapon by the way =) my swords ac right noq is 23 lf 2h pls

send tell to me i have better im on the rathe server - talelana
Got lucky
# Apr 10 2002 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
I bought this from a vendor in Neriak Commons for 26pp. I am on Morrel-Thule and am looking to sell it.

level 7 DE SK
Morrel Thule
such a burden
# Apr 08 2002 at 10:23 PM Rating: Default
so far ive been given 2 of these for free. i really dont like the weight tho. im a scrawny de elf with only 94 str (sigh) but i started with 80 so i aint complaining. but ya as i was saying 20 weight added to all my 500 copper and 500 silver and 200 gold doesnt really help =/ (im to cheap and poor to throw it out)
# Dec 14 2001 at 1:34 PM Rating: Default
it looks just like the BA mail on me...sweet
I have this
# Nov 20 2001 at 9:44 AM Rating: Default
its really great I love it! Its on my warrior and my lvl 15 shaman friend has 411 HP and I got 456
probly cause I got a SSB and a sivery mask they are all good!
Will purchase
# Oct 20 2001 at 12:14 PM Rating: Default
Hi, I am in Lake of ill Omen and would like to purchase.
RE: Will purchase
# Apr 08 2002 at 10:16 PM Rating: Default
remeber to put the server and name ... just a reminder
I love HP
# Oct 05 2001 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah, Yeah, the weight is fairly crippling, but theres enough strength gear in this game for anything. I picked this up from shady for 23p(Not too shabby). I have combined this with the boots of ro(+35hp) and two of those rings(10AC 110hp together), thats 185 extra HP! Hooray! This is also an excellent item because it has a high er AC than bronze, which is hard to come by in lower levels.

BTW, whats with all this crippling downside stuff, anyway? Look at the crustacean shell shield and this armor and you'll kind of get what I'm talking magic shield..why I oughta..

Broor Arathsun, Paladin of Mithaniel Marr
# Aug 29 2001 at 2:05 AM Rating: Default

Blackened Alloy BP only weighs like 5.5 pounds and has only one or so less AC. Sure the 40hp are nice...but useless if you can't run =P

Just a thought

"Some guy" in *some guild* on "some server"
Dropped off a Goblin in BBM
# May 02 2001 at 4:39 PM Rating: Default
I am on tunare server and killed a goblin in Butcherblock mountains and this was on it. WOnder how it got there. He also had a drachnid leg tip on him. Think i got lucky there
RE: Dropped off a Goblin in BBM
# May 28 2001 at 12:01 AM Rating: Default
Methinks someone was bored and gave this to the goblin. =) Definately very lucky.

I've given rats and such 20 or 30 pp in newbie zones from time to time.. Always funny to hear a level 2's response to finding that much money.. =)
I see this becomeing the new Twink Armor for those of us who
# Mar 27 2001 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
I know the price
# Feb 09 2001 at 6:29 PM Rating: Default
I bought one of these about 2 months ago in EC for 40pp Good deal I think. I would say it should go for around 250 to 300pp though
# Feb 09 2001 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
a dark elf wearing a giant scalemail tunic ROFLMAO at the thought of what it would look like
# Feb 09 2001 at 7:04 PM Rating: Default
It would look like black chainmail.. just like the other pieces of giant scalemail. Fail to see the humor in that, but I wasn't with you when you thought to post. ;>)
# Feb 09 2001 at 7:14 PM Rating: Default
umm me thinks he means if a giant can wear it it would be HUGE and a DE is very small
This would be a great twink item
# Feb 09 2001 at 12:15 AM Rating: Decent
Even moreso on the Tallon Zek/Vallon Zek :)
RE: This would be a great twink item
# Feb 09 2001 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
Heavy! Way too heavy! No self-respecting High Elf would wear this.
RE: This would be a great twink item
# Apr 04 2001 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
Well I don't see of any reason a High Elf should be self-respecting unless they're proud of being pansies.
Angstful Ogre
RE: This would be a great twink item
# Feb 09 2001 at 4:49 AM Rating: Default
Well tis a giants tunic and i think thay would consider it to be light weight casual wear maybe something to go on a leusirely jog with on a chilly morning
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