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Black Ice Leggings  

Lore Item
Slot: LEGS
AC: 13
STR: +7
WT: 10.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Chain 2
Color (RGB):40, 40, 40
Merchant Value:45 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Azaar
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-12-30 13:46:45
Page Updated:Thu Oct 9th, 2008

Expansion: Scars of Velious Scars of Velious

Average Price: 400pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 44

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This item is found on creatures.

Velketor's Labyrinth
NPC Name
Errkak Icepaw
Ular Icepaw

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Velketor's Labyrinth

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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# Jul 17 2003 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
are these plate or chain?
Very nice.
# Apr 21 2002 at 2:55 AM Rating: Default
My group was camped at the village in Velks tonight on Erolissi Marr and these dropped off of Errkak Icepaw. No one needed so the 6 of us randomed for our alts. Wow, now I am probably the only enchie (level 55) with these. Can't decide to givee to my 6 Warrior, 11 Ranger. Just kidding, going to probably let a friend in my guild use. But, who knows, might look sexy on my 11 Shaman Kitty. Too bad my 37 Druid can't wear them.
# Mar 04 2002 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
Its black ry'gorr look, or velious chain
#Zaztik, Posted: Feb 03 2002 at 7:58 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I'm selling these legs on the Prexus server, send a tell to Zaztik. They have a really nice black chain look.
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:00 PM Rating: Default
Has anyone who put up a post on these, soloed the dude who drops them, If so please reply and tell me your lvl of soloing him/monster because i have a friend lvl 55 Outrider/Pathfinder/Ranger and i was gonna ask her if she could beat the bear that drops these and get me a pair, lvl 55 - remember that
Tazain 20 human ranger
RE: Solo?
# Sep 29 2002 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
627 posts
hehe this would be an ugly site. you have several dogs at the bottom once you pass through the trap hole (if you don't disarm it) so the ranger friend would be dead in a few seconds. At 55 they wouldn't be able to single pull the mob even if they somehow survived the drop down.

The mobs down in the pit aren't too bad; lvl 60 war, 59 cle, 57 chanter, 54 rogue, 53 pally, 48 druid for evac. A bit overkill but still good exp and loot.
RE: Solo?
# Mar 09 2002 at 1:17 PM Rating: Good
This mob would be way to hard to solo. It hits for 185 and has numerous hitpoints. If there were no healer then your ranger friend would be dead. Also when entering this area, the only way out is to evac and if he stuck in their he'd have to wait for another group to come get him. Also when you jump down pit, 2 kobolds are waiting there and usually one has the power to Complete heal, this can put a damper on any solo operation in here. There also is a trap so watch out for that, it dispells you.
RE: Solo?
# Aug 30 2005 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
You don't have to succor, gate, evac to get out of that area, it helps but if u walk slowly back down the path, and just drop off the ledge down to the area below you are back at that first icy jump . I have done this a few times on my toons.
RE: Solo?
# Mar 25 2002 at 12:09 AM Rating: Default
A dead Ranger? /gasp!
RE: Solo?
# Jan 22 2003 at 1:00 AM Rating: Default
45 posts
Poor rangers :( They are the Rodney Dangerfields of Everquest.
RE: Solo?
# Feb 02 2002 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
No. It would not only be impossible, but a 55 could not pull him w/o aggro.

I just took on this turkey (errak icepaw) this evening. Not difficult for a 5 or 6 man group of 55's ish pc's.

59 Knight
Sol Ro
# Dec 21 2001 at 10:33 AM Rating: Default
Ive been looking for these for a while now. I saw them for sale on RN yesterday, In the end I traded my Centi Longsword for it (which i payed 1kpp for). Just asking, good trade?
Black Ice Look
# May 01 2001 at 11:54 AM Rating: Default
they look like black rygorr armor
What drops them?
# Feb 23 2001 at 11:44 PM Rating: Default
anyone know what drops the legs and arms?
the legs
# Feb 08 2001 at 1:35 PM Rating: Default
they look like black panty hose on my male pally :P

Velketor's Labyrinth??
# Jan 08 2001 at 4:35 AM Rating: Default
I tryed to find Velketor's Labyrinth in the data base here, but the search came back with zero hits. Does this zone exist at all? If it does, can someone please tell me where it is.
RE: Velketor's Labyrinth??
# Jan 21 2002 at 11:10 PM Rating: Good
If you are familiar with the Kodiak Caves, Velks is Staright up over the hill above the one known as K-3
RE: Velketor's Labyrinth??
# Jan 08 2001 at 3:21 PM Rating: Default
The Lab is in the southwest edge of The Great Divide, near the Kodiak caves
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 22 2000 at 2:53 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE PICTURE???!?!?!?!!?
Are they really black?
# Dec 12 2000 at 1:58 AM Rating: Default
are these things proper black?, or some crappy dark grey?, looking for something to go with my Enamelled Black Chestplate.
RE: Are they really black?
# Feb 06 2001 at 7:33 PM Rating: Default
On a female DE they are black with a brown pinstripe down the front. Like a see thru scale leggin of some sort. I hear on a male they are black as well.
RE: Are they really black?
# Apr 04 2001 at 6:49 PM Rating: Default
They are black chain with brown pattern.
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 12 2000 at 1:57 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) are these things proper black?, or some crappy dark grey?, looking for something to go with my Enamelled Black Chestplate.
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 12 2000 at 1:55 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) are these things proper black?, or some crappy dark grey?, looking for something to go with my Enamelled Black Chestplate.
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