Lesser Faydark  

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Level Range:
10 - 35

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Sandwiched between two fairly soft zones (the Greater Faydark and Steamfont Mountains),
the Lesser Faydark is the site of many-a-newbie deaths as this can be a rather treacherous area.
The most noteable threats to travellers are the undead, shadowed men, brownie guards, and Equestrielle the Corrupted --
all of which can make quick work of low level gnomes and elves who are misfortuned enough to happen upon them.

Those same dangers can make for decent experience to the more seasoned adventurers, as can the notorious dungeon,
Mistmoore's Castle, which is located in the southwestern part of this zone.

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Missing mob
# Feb 28 2010 at 1:12 AM Rating: Decent
1,738 posts
"a skeleton" seems to be missing from the mob list. Perhaps they are spawned only if you are on the "Brittle Bones" task from Ak Anon? Anyway, one dropped a Crude Defiant Cloth Robe. And another dropped a Crude Defiant Axe.

Edited, Feb 28th 2010 2:15am by Oxgoad
Missing mob
# Apr 18 2011 at 6:49 PM Rating: Good
1,738 posts
I see "a skeleton" got added. :-)

It looks like its additional drops didn't get added, though.

While doing mage epic...
# Oct 22 2006 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
found one not listed.

a faerie royal guard
Somewhere heckling Fleven about updating quest info lol...
A Dark Elf Courier
# Aug 14 2006 at 2:42 PM Rating: Default
Came across this guy running towards DE camp. He has about 450hp.

He dropped...

Tier'Dal Couriers Head, Lore Item, No Trade, WT 0.4, Size: Small, Class: ALL, Race: ALL


Tier'Dal Crate, Lore Item, No Trade, WT: 2.5, Size: Medium, Class: ALL, Race: All

I'll try and find what the quest is.
Unlisted NPC - tainted brownie
# Jan 02 2006 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
I ran into this guy over the weekend near the North wall about half way across the zone. He conned RED to my L43 warrior. He seemed to be a warrior as well since he didnt cast any spells but maybe I was just lucky. I didnt stick around for a battle since I was ungrouped and had no HP buffs. I hope this helps someone.
a pixie merchant
# Nov 15 2005 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
1 post

Went into L Fay the day to kill some brownies for brownie parts for my baking and saw some new mobs on track.
They are in the top of the Pixie Tower by the brownie camp,, 7 a pixie merchants and they were DB to my lvl 60 and they all sold different spells for different class, I saw from cleric to necro spells on them which were there in shop items.
low level task mob???
# Jul 24 2005 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
Looking deperately for Tera Farkeep. Have a level 10 task, and have to do turn in.. nothing on bestiary, and no one I have spoken to has ever seen her. Please let me know if you have any info. thank!

Xarra Honorblade.... Fennin ro server
RE: low level task mob???
# Aug 14 2005 at 11:23 AM Rating: Decent
222 posts
She is in the SW corner, with "A wayfarer" group. the wayfarers conned red to a 58, she was dk blue. She is standings a short distance away from the tents the wayfarers have.
The group is near the sw corner, a short distance from the catacombs entrance
a thought corrupter
# Feb 12 2005 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
saw a new mob that isnt in the database currently.

"a thought corrupter"

looks like the bath wenches and blue to a 36, guessing about 30-35 range.
Ground Spawn
# Feb 10 2005 at 2:04 PM Rating: Excellent
303 posts
Leatherbound Journal (176.76, 312.11, -2.41)
Journal of Dominitri Vaga

Entry One
Oh how I yearn for the day my people will no longer have an association with the monster who calls himself Mayong Mistmoore! The ore shipment that was sent from my people to the Lavastorm Mountians has arrived. I admit that the ore mined by the Firepeak goblins truely is exceptional, but Lord Mayong has no right to force a band of gypsies to stay iin such an inhospitable place for long.

Entry Two
Mayong informed me this evening what I am to craft with the goblin ore and I am even further enraged than before! There is no end to the vampire's foppish vanity! I am to craft ornate chainmail for the hordes of vampires who prowl the halls of Castle Mistmoore!

Entry Three
Today I begin construstion of the chainmail. I was led to a small room with only a forge, a crate of silver bars, a stack of chainmail patterns, the crates of high quality ore, flasks of water, a file, and a smithy hammer. The hours of smithing ore into rings then linking the rings into the shapes dictated by the patterns seem to never end, and the scent of the molten silver with which I decorate the chains makes my head spin with madness.


Leatherboud Journal
The Book is closed.
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL

Item Lore: Leatherbound Journal
This item appears to be written in Combine Tongue.
# Feb 02 2005 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
I have been working on trying to figure out where the popular mistmoore mobs spawn and this is what I have so far:

The once 'undead' spire now only has one skeleton spawn, and is surrounded on a perimeter by various initiate/pledge familiars. In close on or by the pedestal you will find Enyti, a hemo enologist, an ***'t librarian, a librarian, a fallen noble.. i believe that is it... i may have to repost if i see more.

Oh and the Black Dire mob can be found north and west of the undead spire. I've seen it up for quite some time being here (on track)

The orc camp at loc 250, 375, contains many other spawns: Maid Issis, a cloaked damphyre, an advisor, Butler Syncal, Princess Cherista, Garton Viswin, an avenging caitiff, Lasna Cheroon. Of these mobs i saw at this camp only the cloaked damphyre have i seen only once, the others are somewhat common. My guess is that Xicotl will spawn at this camp, but that is only a guess. i'm going to continue killing here to see.

The third orc camp that is east and south from the prior camp contains gypsies/werewolves and that is all I've seen there. Hope this helps people but the only thing i'm really looking for is Xicotl for my pally... very frustrating

Edited, Wed Feb 2 14:57:14 2005
RE: Revamp
# Feb 10 2005 at 4:31 PM Rating: Excellent
303 posts
The skeleton spawn at the undead spire is PH for:
Larik Z`Vole
as part of the Tunare Disciple quest

RE: Revamp
# Feb 03 2005 at 8:59 AM Rating: Decent
Just adding a bit, at the orc camp at 250, 375, there are 8 spawn points i think, 2 in two of the tents, one in one tent, and 3 around the fire. Two of the pawns around the fire are on the same time as the rest of the camp but the third has a longer spawn time and i have never seen anything else than the advisor there so could he be a place holder for xicotl perhaps? anyways, the avenging caitiff always spawns in the tent with one spawn point and i've seen the cloaked damphyre twice now and it's always been in the northern most tent.
black dire
# Jan 31 2005 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
I'm looking for the Black Dire it is a wolf it is part of the shawman epic any help woild be great.
Troll SK
# Jan 30 2005 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
Does anyone know where in Lesser Fay that Xicoti spawns and if he has a PH? This is for the Glowing sword Hilt for the pally Epic. Please and thanks.
# Jan 27 2005 at 7:15 PM Rating: Decent
201 posts
Running through this zone after the jan 26th patch I found 3 MM mob camps:

Undead spire [location 8 on eqatlas]: Dark Librarian Assistant, familiars, will pillager, Entyi. Large social aggro range as I sent in my pet (51 sk) first after the Assistant everything turned and aggroed on me even tho they were all green.

Orc Camp [location 6 on eqatlas]: near the road you'll find a camp that still has (or at least it does as I post this before the re-patch) an orc sentry. In the camp is the advisor and the avenging catiff along with several other mobs. Got a little too close to one hut and a will pillager ran out thru the back and attacked (darn see-invis mobs). Nothing else aggroed tho and it was an easy fight.

Temple [location 12 on eqatlas]: south of the shadowed men the gypsies have taken up residence. Since I found this will my 26 druid instead of my sk I kept my distance. Tracked gypsy ambassador and dancer to that spot.
New LFay Mobs
# Jan 26 2005 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
New mobs with patch of Jan 26, 2005:

A pledge familiar (green & lt blue to lvl 33)
A will pillager (dk blue to lvl 33)

Located at the Undead area in LFay.

Wynar Bottellar
55 Enchanter of Erudin
New mobs
# Nov 16 2004 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
I don't know that anyone mentioned what these are for...

Right before the north LDoN entrance, there is an orc camp that people sometimes go through. Now it was taken over by mobs named "A Wayfarer" which con red to me (lvl 51 paladin). Probably level 70 mobs.

Also in the same camp is another mob named "Taskmaster Mirot", who also cons red to me. Probably also level 70. When i hailed him:

Taskmaster Mirot says 'I am sorry, we don't currently have any work available. We are still setting up, and cleaning up the orcish filth from this area. Return later, I should have some work available.'
RE: New mobs
# Nov 19 2004 at 6:27 PM Rating: Decent
Mobs for Epic Cleric fight .
Second Fragment of Igok
# Jul 20 2004 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
Hi, saw one of these bad boys when I was setting up for Faelin Bloodbriar epic camp. Didn't take a /loc, but it did raise Protectors of Gukta faction, dropped no loot or faction, low level as posted previously. Hopefully this helps someone.

*Edit* Actually in G Fay not Lesser, Sorry for the mispost.

Edited, Wed Jul 21 08:27:23 2004
Second Fragment.
# Jun 09 2004 at 8:01 AM Rating: Decent
I saw it too. I killed it, and my faction with the Protectors Of Gukta went up. It didnt drop anything. Green to Level 15. I found it in Greater Faydark.
Second fragment of Igok
# Jan 05 2004 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
Found this mob today... Second fragment of Igok. Was green to a level 32. Looked like a miniature froglok and gave positive faction to Protectors of Gukta.
# Nov 14 2003 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
umm wich is the easyest to find and to beet at 30? o and im a necro so im trying to get hhk faction up fast so anything will help
# Nov 14 2003 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
umm wich is the easyest to find and to beet at 30? o and im a necro so im trying to get hhk faction up fast so anything will help
# Nov 06 2003 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
I saw something weird in Lesser Fay the night before last. I had been camping the Nybright sisters for quite a while and was on my way to the Merchant hut to sell off. When I got in sight of the huts, I noticed lots of spells being cast and I thought maybe a high level group was taking out all the wood elves that hang around the huts. When I got closer, I realized that it wasn't a high level group, it was the Teir'Dal. They were slaughtering the entire camp of high elves. I was the next one slaughtered when a Prophet hit me once from behind. I've never seen that before and was wondering if anyone else had. By the time I got back to retrieve my body, the Teir'Dal were back at their camp and all of the wood elves and the merchant were gone.
leader of the shadows
# Oct 30 2003 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
Hello i just killed a (Shadow man leader) is there any info on the loot he drops
A true warrior is always armed with three things: the radiant sword of pacification; the mirror of bravery, wisdom, and friendship; and the precious jewel of enlightenment.
Aikido is the principle of non-resistance. Because it is non-resistant, it is victorious from the beginning. Those with evil intentions or contentious thoughts are instantly vanquished. Aikido is invincible because it contends with nothing.
# Oct 15 2003 at 7:28 AM Rating: Default
OMG!!! Chicken Fu!?!
Shadow Leader
# Oct 08 2003 at 2:56 AM Rating: Decent
found something called "Shadowed Leader" killed it no problem at all at 52.


Shadowed Code Book

Can not find anything on this book, any ideas?
RE: Shadow Leader
# Oct 11 2003 at 4:19 PM Rating: Excellent
Here ya go, me friend:
Low-level quest for a weapon that falls somewhat short of spectacular...I did it merely for the roleplaying aspect of the thing.
fae drake emperor
# Jul 17 2003 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
i killed the fae drake emperor once in lfay. never seen him again. is he a very rare spawn? did he stop spawning? why isnt he on the bestairy?
new mob
# Mar 04 2003 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
167 posts
Was running thru getting my spells and ran across a new mob named "Elder Sardor von One Eye" He was a human with an eyepatch. Looked like a monk. Was red to me at 49 and conned indifferent.

He ran away before I could hail him at the SFM zone and I didn't want to follow him through LF.

RE: new mob
# May 26 2003 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
I saw him too. Then a something mist runner popped. There were some high levels in at the time, so I imagine they were doing some quest and whacked these two.
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